Is there an equivalent to greek or roman culture in golarion?

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well is there?

Well, not in the Inner Sea that I know of.

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Flavor-wise, I'm not so sure. The Azlanti have a sort of "Atlantean" feel to them, which is close. Also, linguistically speaking, ancient Azlanti had an effect on modern languages in a way similar to Latin.

From what I understand, Taldor had a few similarities to the Roman empire in that it had a vast empire which eventually split into a number of smaller states.

That's all I've got off the top of my head, but I'm sure some other folks can fill in the gaps. :)

(I wonder what Cyclopean culture was like.)

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To me, Golarion as a whole feels more of a High Middle Ages feel versus a Classical Age feel. Taldor seems to be the close equivalent, though, the crumbling remains of a once continent spanning empire (Roman), barely getting by while another decadent empire (Cheliax) has its own problems (Holy Roman).

Also, Taldor's proximity to Qadira & Kelesh gives it enough of a Western Roman Empire (Byzantium) feel being right next door to the Persian culture equivalent.

According to James Jacobs, the country of Iblydos is an ancient Greek analogue, sort of. tions-Here#3046

Jistka was also in certain ways similar to ancient Rome, though there's little published yet. Lost Kingdoms will have more information on it.


What Hogarth and Jeff said.

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What about a Roman/Pict/Spanish analog?

My fighter is a falcata master, and I'd like to model him after the Ibizans who wielded falcatas.

The falcata is a traditional weapon in Taldor. They also have a special fighting style, the Rondolero, i believe, that combines falcata and buckler.

Perfect! That's exactly what he's using, as a matter of fact. Thanks for the info.

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But I see Iblydos as Grecian circa 1800 BCE to 800 BCE or so.

As far as Golden Age Greece, I see Hermea as the perfect culture -- just, with a Gold Dragon.

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roman culture-(byzantine?) very much feels like taldoran

We know that "Roman" numerals are from Jistka.

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