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Any more mythic advice? :)

Hi hi :)

John Napier 698 wrote:
A continual Death Ward field centered on the Horse with a diameter equal to 5 feet per Horse HD.

Oh. Yes, that's fantastic thank you. So more of a defensive nature of the offense of like the apocalypse horse? Would there be any option for a sort of divine offensive capability similar to energy drain?

Hi hi

Hi. I would like to have my players adventure to capture the apocapylse horses (bestiary 6) and then convert them into holy versions. But can't decide what to do about the energy drain that seems to be pretty vital to their power. Any advice on what would be fitting or any other ideas for a holy apocalypse horse? A Genesis horse maybe?

So is the human build better than Aasimar? And why crusader instead of theologian specifically? Also, perhaps with such a high AC, using snake style instead of crane style would be good? extra AoOs galore

Btw, I will be using Prototype's guide:

But just wondering if anything worthwhile has changed or been added over the last couple years. Thanks! :-)

Coming back to pathfinder after a 3 year break. Would like to make a holy Irori PRC monk. Any changes or additions to the game since then that I should know about to add into the mix/take out of The mix? Level 13 25pt, 140k gear.

Thanks in advance for your help :)

Ok Thanks.



I feel like "effectively" is sort of RAI, and perhaps that's necessary in this case. One of them has to be increased by the resonating. If it's the epic, and I get hit by an epic weapon, then I would only get the DR - value. If it's the DR - value however that gets increased, then I would still get the resonating DR buff and take lesson damage.

The problem is that it says "any DR the wearer has is increased.." etc. Strange.

Some weird mythic rules stuff:

When Guardian path uses Absorb Blow, they get DR/Epic X

This DR stacks with other DR, like an Invuln Rager Barb DR / -

So when an armor has the resonating armor enchantment (mythic stuff)

It says that when using a mythic power, any DR that the character has is increased by 5

Would this mean that his DR EPic and DR - are both increased by 5, and since they stack, that would net a +10?

Jehova wrote:

Alright, presenting The Vacuum. He's pretty damn squishy, but as best I can tell he can take down each of the big bads, one after another, with absolutely no rest, even assuming all of the bad guys get 15s on their rolls, and he gets 5s. He took some work, and there were several places where I may have made mistakes, so please give feedback. This might not be entirely in the spirit of the competition, but I think by the RAW of this challenge, The Vacuum succeeds.

** spoiler omitted **...

What is the +2 to DC from school power coming from?

Thanks again.

Professor Qs guide that is linked to in the guides sticky post is coming up alllll messed up for me...anyone else having the same issue?! It takes forever to load, and then the formatting is all jacked and everything is Striken through...

Thanks. So throwing falcata at guy mythic guy who casts within 30 feet by spending 2 mythic points is possible? Also, maybe some wrist sheaths with daggers in them would be good for this?

Is it just me or is the complete wizard by professor Q all messed up?

The whole thing reads as a strike through and all the formatting is messed up for me...

If I throw a one handed sword, is it a ranged attack? Is the sword a ranged weapon for that attack? Curious on what the details are here. (for purposes of Mythic Spellbreaker feat)

klevis69 wrote:

Hi guys

Been on about a 10 month break from our Wrath of the Righteous campaign. Am going through with a Stalwart High DR build Barbarian, currently 11Barb 1Ftr 4Mythic(guardian). Just checking to see if there has been any new stuff released in the last year or so that is worth taking a look at picking up? (feats, items, (other class dips?))


Hi guys
Been on about a 10 month break from our Wrath of the Righteous campaign. Am going through with a Stalwart High DR build Barbarian, currently 11Barb 1Ftr 4Mythic(guardian). Just checking to see if there has been any new stuff released in the last year or so that is worth taking a look at picking up? (feats, items, (other class dips?))

XMorsX is real.

Super thanks. Could you point me to the exact rule on how to?

Hi Everyone
I have been reading the mass combat rules and haven't found anywhere on how to *build* an army. In downtime too, there seems to be no rules for that. Like, what does it cost to train 500 3rd level fighters for instance. I'm hoping someone can link me or explain to me the proper mechanics for building an army (to fight demons in Wrath of Righteous).

Hello all. We recently decided to redeem Marhevok, this barbarian tribe leader guy, instead of killing him. Since the atonement, it seems he can either become a fighter or a paladin, since he's lawful now, through retraining. He seems to excel at unarmed combat though, so figured some type of brawler. Could anyone give me any advice on how to rebuild him as one of those classes? Wish the Irori PRC would work, but can't have him as a god ;)(I'd have like to just keep him barbarian, but DM says no) Thanks ;)

I think this suits what you seem to be going for.


Got it nice. Wow.

I feel a little lost because I'm not understanding the stacking from terrain dominance and favored enemy to get +30 to hit etc. Please help? ;)

Touch of rage with mythic. Amazing initiative gives you an extra standard action.

KainPen wrote:
Touch rage is good when you have absolute nothing you can do, but you can't use it on your self so that why I say it is semi useless.

Why can't you use on self?

Hi JJ.

What do you think is meant by the Undetectable property of a Legendary Item? "utterly undetectable"

Undetectable: This grants its bonded user the ability to become utterly undetectable while invisible. While invisible and in physical contact with this item, the bonded creature can't be detected or scryed by any method.

Seems pretty all encompassing.

KainPen wrote:

I would never bother with sunder as feats, busting up the treasure is just bad lol. just keep Eldritch heritage in the back of your head. It something I would take at the later levels. +9 because that when it became effect also retraining to it would not be bad either. it gives time to see if gm goes mythic and if he does it will only cost you two feats for all the powers and only cha of 13 which you could buy a tome to increase you cha if you don't tank it completely. You can get retrain sunder and toughness. ...

3 total feats right? Skill Focus, Eldritch, and Mythic Eldritch.?

Major_Blackhart wrote:
What's an example of a debuffer barb then?

Here you go: Debuffer Barb

Wiggz wrote:
Major_Blackhart wrote:

You're talking about the ultimate tank barbarian?

I've seen those, not bad, and good as soaking up damage.
Any good variation on it that can help with this build?


LOL - not bad? Its one of the best builds I've ever made or seen. Thanks.

Yeah, Wiggz build is boss. Wiggz have you considered using dragon totem in your build for even MORE dr? ;P

It sounds like you'd be better off with a CAGM/debuffer barb if you want defense to be secondary. In this case, your offense helps to buff your defense a little.

Hm. If you just got dropped into negative, and you have to use your action to drink a potion, you're probably about to right back into negative. If not deeper.

Good stuff

Yah. 26 dr. Could easily finish at like DR 29 by no?

Seems pretty straight forward. This DR increases. Would have been easy to just say This resistance increases. But it doesn't.

Well, yeah beast totem is the balls. But Dragon, bossier than I originally had noticed. With stalwart stuff you're running like DR 26/- and resist (blank) 52? cray.

The DR 6 from dragon totem seems pretty straight forward. Pretty boss.

Yes. Quite vague :(

Well. Maybe they didn't want to include more item creation rules.

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Do these work together like it seems they do? I can't figure out what would actually detect them. Seems invis purge would negate, true seeing yes? But all perception checks to figure out where they are seem to fail? Seems unsure how they'd work together as 'detection' isn't a defined term.

So no way to make an actual +6 then.

These two together seem to work together to gain the undetectable-ness of the Ninja (but can still be revealed, unlike the ninja).

Yes/no? What the heck is "detected" as a term anyway? Seems to be something basically requiring a perception check.

Yeah, it's a bit confusing now. Seems that they should just be something like, If total enhancement is under +5, then only the actual enhancement bonus counts for beating different types of DR. Once the weapon is at at least +6 total, it can defeat all.

Or DR epic should require a weapon with at least a +6 total, and at least a +5 actual.

Beyond Morality path from Mythic can do it for you.

Are there rules for adding up to +6?

Is this overcome by a weapon who's total enhancement value is +6? Like +2 and brilliant energy or something. Or does the actual enhancement bonus have to be +6?

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