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Some weird mythic rules stuff:

When Guardian path uses Absorb Blow, they get DR/Epic X

This DR stacks with other DR, like an Invuln Rager Barb DR / -

So when an armor has the resonating armor enchantment (mythic stuff)

It says that when using a mythic power, any DR that the character has is increased by 5

Would this mean that his DR EPic and DR - are both increased by 5, and since they stack, that would net a +10?

That's a rues question more than advice

Anyway - since they stack then they're effectively one set of DR and that single total DR gets boosted. Once.

I feel like "effectively" is sort of RAI, and perhaps that's necessary in this case. One of them has to be increased by the resonating. If it's the epic, and I get hit by an epic weapon, then I would only get the DR - value. If it's the DR - value however that gets increased, then I would still get the resonating DR buff and take lesson damage.

The problem is that it says "any DR the wearer has is increased.." etc. Strange.



I'd say that the bonus is just added once. DR doesn't stack normaly, so this is what most rules regarding DR will refer to. However, I'd say that it's added to the most beneficial DR in any given situation (it's still added to the DR/- if they can by-pass the DR/epic).

You only have one DR and thats the DR you are getting from Rager. Both of these bonuses are treated as being stacked onto them. So it would just be the normal extra 5 DR. So your DR should look like this. DR5+0.5RagerLevel/- + DR X/Epic. Both of these are stacked onto your normal Barbarian DR.

Ok Thanks.

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