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is the pdf version getting updated with the new dcs?

guys for pawns storage have you see this
Insert for "Pathfinder Pawns", standees BOX

too bad i can't afford a 3d printer.i would be printing too many things like this out

while we wait for it here's a link for free ship counters

Traveller ship counters

or search drivethrurpg for some

one of my players hates ship combat she feels that some of the actions requiring to be higher level doesn't make sense. here a example

Target System
You can use your starship’s sensors to target a specific system
on an enemy starship. no real requirement.

Lock On
If you have at least 6 ranks in Computers, you can lock your
starship’s targeting system on to one enemy vessel. You must
spend 1 Resolve Point and attempt a Computers check.

the two should be reverse its should be easier to lock on the ship then to target specific systems.

new sailor "sorry sir i cann't lock on to that battleship, i am new sir but i can target their turrets tho sir"

so does the serpent laser do have 40 charges and use 20 per shot?

well i am Gm my sunday group right now they think they are playing Harnmaster roleplaying system. but at the end of dead suns part 1,(I got they felt they didn't like starfinder. but found out they just didn't care for ship combat) so when we switch systems i just secertly had their characters hit with sleeping gas while they sleep and put them into a matrix like state. an one of the character finally woke up. thats where i left it last sunday

i like earthdawn's spell system where you have the spells you learn you can cast them all day but you have to use a what is called a spell matrix which you have few of or you could risk casting with raw magic which can cause horrors to notice you and you take feedback damage base on the level of taint in the area

you could do this instead of feats at 1st level,5th level, 9th level, 13th level,and 17th level.

you have at 1st
1 Heritage feat
4 others that are not heritage

so for ex. a dwarf would have

ok last game session we had a talk if the group like playing starfinder.
they said when they are not on the ship its fine but ship combat they feel somewhat out gun by other ships.

which i find kinda funny is that the APs are geared for 4 players but ship combat looks geared for 6 players.

my group is only 4 players when they have ship combat where some ships can fire multiple guns do to 2+ gunners they can on;y fire one due to that minor crew action cann't be taken if someone went in that phase.

ok i running Incident on Absalom Station my group has done

caught in the crossfire says the exp is 600
they did some investigation and found out the kings and 21 crew
were hired that nets 400 exp * 2

then they hit the fusion queen and wipe out the guards and the vesk and boss lady and that nets 400*2 for each set of guards and 400 for bosses

so there total exp is 2800 is that each pc or divided among them i have 4 pcs in the group

Gary Bush wrote:
So how do you divide the healing if it is a single 2d8?

you roll 2d8 and lets say you rolled a total 5 then everyone is healed 5 points.

its the same if you hit 6 people with a fireball you roll once for damage and apply to everyone

is it possable to get the artwork broken into 4 pages trying to figure out how to print it on only 4 pages

is the info on Absalom Station in the dead suns ap on pages 38-49 readable by the players if you search the station infosphere

or do the galaxy quest where the shield is part of the armor.
in the movie the captain says put all power to the armor

guy what do you think about my pc first ship

BP Costs: Explorer (12) + Pulse Gray (100 PCU) (10) + M4 thrusters (2) + Mk 1 armor (3) + mk 2 duonode (8) + Mk 1 defenses (2) + Signal Basic (75 PCU min.) (6) + budget short-range sensors (+0) (2) + basic shields 40 (5) + gyrolaser (3) + light laser cannon (2) = 55/55
PCU Costs: M4 thrusters (40) + mk 2 duonode (15) + Mk 1 defenses (1) + basic shields 40 (15) + gyrolaser (10) + light laser cannon (5) = 86/100

Medium Explorer
Speed 4 Maneuverability Good (turn 1) Drift 1
AC 11 TL 11
HP 55 DT - CT 11
Shields basic shields 40 (forward 10, port 10, starboard 10, aft 10)
Attack (Forward) gyrolaser (1d8)
Attack (Port) empty light mount
Attack (Starboard) empty light mount

Attack (Turret) light laser cannon (2d4)
Power Core Pulse Gray (100 PCU)
Drift Engine Signal Basic (75 PCU min.)
Systems budget short-range sensors (+0), Crew Quarters (Common), Mk 1 armor, Mk 1 defenses, mk 2 duonode (tier 1 computer)
Expansion Bays cargo hold (4)
Modifiers +2 to any 2 checks per round, +0 Computers, +3 Piloting
Complement 1-6

i have old traveller, bablyon 5 wars and full thrust ship minis

guys should some ship be limited to a max tier like fighters and such?
as fighters tend to be encountered in a groups 2 to 6.
fooling around i built this

BP Costs: Fighter (8) + Pulse Red (175 PCU) (17) + T14 thrusters (7) +
Mk 7 armor (12) + mk 4 duonode (32) + Mk 6 defenses (11) + advanced medium-range sensors (+4) (8) + heavy shields 280 (25)
+ light plasma cannon (12)
+ light plasma torpedo launcher (5) + chain cannon (15) + light laser cannon (2) = 154/155
PCU Costs: T14 thrusters (40) + mk 4 duonode (25) + Mk 6 defenses (5) + heavy shields 280 (60) + light plasma cannon (10)
+ light plasma torpedo launcher (5) + chain cannon (15) + light laser cannon (5) = 165/175

Tiny Fighter
Speed 4 Maneuverability Good (turn 1) Drift 0
AC 20 TL 18 without pilot ranks
HP 40 DT - CT 8
Shields heavy shields 280 (forward 70, port 70, starboard 70, aft 70)
Attack (Forward) light plasma cannon (2d12), light plasma torpedo launcher (3d8)

Attack (Aft) chain cannon (6d4)
Attack (Turret) light laser cannon (2d4)
Power Core Pulse Red (175 PCU)
Drift Engine N/A
Systems advanced medium-range sensors (+4), Crew Quarters (Good), Mk 7 armor, Mk 6 defenses, mk 4 duonode (tier 3 computer)
Expansion Bays N/A
Modifiers +4 to any 2 checks per round, +4 Computers, -1 Piloting
Complement 1-2

i started making my own galaxy. i 'll make star systems when my players need to go to them

galaxy map

they left the credit cost out so you do have to do stuff like this

Mortgage 101,573 cr
Life Support:36,000 cr Staterooms
Life Support:800 cr Low Berths
Crew Salaries 22,000 cr
Jump Fuel 33,000 cr per jump
Maintenace 8126 cr

is per month

Guys i think of add gunnery skill to the game.
so the Gunnery Check = 1d20 + the ranks in the Gunnery skill + the gunner’s
Dexterity modifier + bonuses from computer systems
+ bonuses from the captain and science officers +
range penalty.

what do you guys think

my binding started going today too
sent a email today. at least i can use my pdf copy for the time being

here one i am working on
galaxy map

traveller stuff doesn't have how to figure how long a day or year is.

just wondering how they came up with theirs

ok not sure where to post this but any advice or rules for creating planet's stats like size, gravity and day and years and such?

how about a option for a white background so its not a ink killer
and maybe putting just the pack worlds system in

in my games my players gotten used to weapon restricts. in harn you cann't walk around with weapons and armor in towns. i input those rules in my d&d games too. i am currently running a traveller game waiting till the alein book comes out before starting a starfinder game. i will bring traveller law levels into the game in some form.

the question here is would the pc have the tools and the cargo for all that salvage and more important the time to do it

what do you mean?

Well you could do what spycraft does have HP and wounds. hps you gain per level but wounds = con score. in that system if you get crit the damage comes off wounds. you go neg con you die. so if you have let say 112 hp and 22 con so that 22 wounds
you get hit with a gun that does 3d10 comes off hp if you get hit with a crit then 6d10 comes off wounds. so basicly higher chance of pc deaths as is more realistic

Ok so the pack worlds are in the same solar system. and then there is near space and vast space. are they going to make a galaxy map to show basicly
where they layout in the galaxy? kinda like how traveller has sector maps and such

what i do if inside i use a grid for ease of drawing. outdoor i use hexes

remember the terrain you in effects how far u can see

Stealth and Detection in a Forest
In a sparse forest, the maximum distance at which a creature can
succeed at a Perception check to detect the presence of others is
3d6×10 feet. In a medium forest, this distance is 2d8×10 feet, and
in a dense forest it is 2d6×10 feet.

what would be nice if there was a option to have the mats ship rolled instead of folded so there wouldn't any ceases in it

yes it was wow!
I might dig out my spycraft book and start working on a campain use it as a baseline for it