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I am THRILLED that I can now get tank tops.

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I have already fallen in love with this book.

I would love to see more from Rahadoum! My primary PFS character is a Pure Legion Enforcer and I would love to build another one in PF2.


The link to the slack channel is inactive or has expired. Would someone from Organized Play please update accordingly or send me an invite link?


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Please make sure that all boxes a GM needs to fill out on the chronicle sheet are highlighted (reputation, xp, gp, etc.) I don't see the gp default settings on the sheet. Does this mean they will be in the scenario?

And lastly, please for the love of sanity, make it crystal clear how the reputation line should be completed. It was a huge complication in Starfinder, and I can easily see it being confusing for PFS GMs and players. Faction Name: +xx Reputation Earned for scenario|=xx Total Faction Reputation Earned.

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Who else read the final line in Doug Bradley's Pinhead voice? ;)


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Hurrah for returning to Rahadoum!

I'm having this problem as well. Most of the classes of creature knowledge from PF1 seem easily ported over to PF2. Dragons > Arcana, Dryads > Nature, Aberrations > Occult, Zombies > Religion, Gnolls > Society. But where do Elementals fit? Are they Occult or Arcana because they're inner planar creatures? If they're Nature, then why aren't they in the Primal summoning spell? Are they open to everything but Nature? It's totally unclear.

I'm fine with having the trait box lead to corresponding knowledges. We did that before we can do it again, just need to know which knowledge is the best.

Also, in looking at the rarity related to the skill check table, that's TOTALLY fine with me. In fact it seems like a good enough mechanic to afford extra recollections as you hit higher DCs on the table.

I think that out of 4d20's you'd almost always crit, and while that's fun for a while I don't think it's sustainable.

Perhaps something like they use for the Investigator where you have an Expertise die. Maybe you start out with an additional d6 for your expert level, a d8 for master and a d10 (or d12) for legendary. I mean d12's gotta be good for something other than greataxes.

Then again, doing this would completely wreck the low-digit DC rating chart that they're using now and would provide too wide a range of success variables to make things balanced.

Maybe I'm just a forgetful (and blind) GM, but I'm used to using the chronicle sheets from PFS quests as a crutch to remember to throw the players the benefits they've unlocked through game play. I know that it's literally printed on the page where Wennel appears, but damn if I didn't just gloss right over those and go straight to the stat block for the creatures. I know we'll have chronicle sheets with checkboxes to unlock benefits in the future, but just wanted to share that not having that page, and not making a reminder to myself I just completely forgot it. I'd bet other GM's might too.

Thankfully all my players were hardcore and just slew everything fairly handily.


We ran four tables of Rose Street Revenge at our local retail convention. I've got the appropriate number of points on my account but 2 other GM's are only showing 3 points. Also, one of my players who played all four parts and completed the survey and is only showing 2 points when he should have 4.

Did I report something wrong? Is there a glitch or something?

We have 4 GM's running full tables of Rose Street Revenge on Saturday evening. We need to get these ASAP.

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I am very very happy with this. I've always felt it was too much of a judgment call when a GM is trying to determine the base DC for knowledge checks on everything: monsters, potions, enchanted items. I find myself going through every page of the document and hand writing in DC's for knowledge and spellcraft checks. This makes a huge difference to me if I know it's base 5, 10, or 15 based on tagged rarity and add the level of the thing. So much more useful and faster to determine on the fly.

I'm seconding the question about pre-gens. If we're running his soon after it drops do the players have to play 5th level pre-gens or must they build a 5th level character to play it? This is kind of important for promoting this for our event.

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I am excited for the inclusions of Goblins as a playable ancestry. I've never felt comfortable with the idea that certain creatures are always inherently evil. If every other playable race has the capacity to be anywhere on the alignment spectrum we shouldn't assume that monstrous creatures are all going to be evil aligned. Some of my most wonderful experiences in game have been when the party is confronted with a moral quandary that challenges their preconceived notions about a monster. I think this will be a thought provoking addition to the game and I'm looking forward to it.


I'm prepping this session for Friday, and I'm wondering if something that's printed is correct...

Kemendu's statblock for tier 6-7 includes the pinpoint targeting feat, but it doesn't look like he qualifies for it at all. His feats don't include improved precise shot, his base stats only go up to DEX 16 (only when he's buffed does he have DEX 20), and his BAB is only 10. How does he have this feat?

I jumped with excitement when I saw that we are going into Boali! This was one of the most fun pieces that I added to our Skull and Shackles campaign. Can't wait!

John Mechalas wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

And the continental landmasses of Arcadia through Casmaron could probably shift a whole block west to expand the ocean between Tian Xian and Arcadia a bit more.


In fact, the actual shape of Casmaron is still quite a bit weird/off from the final intended shape. It should look a bit more like Asia plus an exaggerated India type peninsula overall, with the inland sea in the middle taking up the heart of the continent.

Aha. This makes sense. I am not even a lousy artist so we are at the limits of my ability here, but I think I can do this.

Just yesterday I was looking for some kind of guidelines on the time difference between Bloodcove and the Shaguang Desert. This is EXTREMELY helpful.