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I am THRILLED that I can now get tank tops.

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I have already fallen in love with this book.


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Please make sure that all boxes a GM needs to fill out on the chronicle sheet are highlighted (reputation, xp, gp, etc.) I don't see the gp default settings on the sheet. Does this mean they will be in the scenario?

And lastly, please for the love of sanity, make it crystal clear how the reputation line should be completed. It was a huge complication in Starfinder, and I can easily see it being confusing for PFS GMs and players. Faction Name: +xx Reputation Earned for scenario|=xx Total Faction Reputation Earned.

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Who else read the final line in Doug Bradley's Pinhead voice? ;)


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Hurrah for returning to Rahadoum!

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I am very very happy with this. I've always felt it was too much of a judgment call when a GM is trying to determine the base DC for knowledge checks on everything: monsters, potions, enchanted items. I find myself going through every page of the document and hand writing in DC's for knowledge and spellcraft checks. This makes a huge difference to me if I know it's base 5, 10, or 15 based on tagged rarity and add the level of the thing. So much more useful and faster to determine on the fly.

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I am excited for the inclusions of Goblins as a playable ancestry. I've never felt comfortable with the idea that certain creatures are always inherently evil. If every other playable race has the capacity to be anywhere on the alignment spectrum we shouldn't assume that monstrous creatures are all going to be evil aligned. Some of my most wonderful experiences in game have been when the party is confronted with a moral quandary that challenges their preconceived notions about a monster. I think this will be a thought provoking addition to the game and I'm looking forward to it.

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I picked up the Heroes and Villains set, and I LOVE the artwork. But I also hear what everyone else is saying about not being able to sort and index them. So, I started putting together a spreadsheet of the pawns in the set and cross referencing the artwork back to original source material. I'm far from complete in this task, and if you have comments or suggestions on which source these items were culled from I would be happy to incorporate it.

I've kept the sheets in the order in which they were packaged, so I numbered the pages 1-8. Each sheet is sorted into numbered rows and lettered columns. I've tried to use the title of the character from the source material as best as I could, but in the absence of any identifying name or generic title I've added a descriptive phrase based on the surrounding text or the image itself.

Here's what I've been able to pull together so far.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1z8uhFe6sq9zjLnozKb9G8ozJ7e91vw-rGrr zTbvcrvM/edit?usp=sharing

Further comments and sources are appreciated!