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Maybe I'm just a forgetful (and blind) GM, but I'm used to using the chronicle sheets from PFS quests as a crutch to remember to throw the players the benefits they've unlocked through game play. I know that it's literally printed on the page where Wennel appears, but damn if I didn't just gloss right over those and go straight to the stat block for the creatures. I know we'll have chronicle sheets with checkboxes to unlock benefits in the future, but just wanted to share that not having that page, and not making a reminder to myself I just completely forgot it. I'd bet other GM's might too.

Thankfully all my players were hardcore and just slew everything fairly handily.


We ran four tables of Rose Street Revenge at our local retail convention. I've got the appropriate number of points on my account but 2 other GM's are only showing 3 points. Also, one of my players who played all four parts and completed the survey and is only showing 2 points when he should have 4.

Did I report something wrong? Is there a glitch or something?


I'm prepping this session for Friday, and I'm wondering if something that's printed is correct...

Kemendu's statblock for tier 6-7 includes the pinpoint targeting feat, but it doesn't look like he qualifies for it at all. His feats don't include improved precise shot, his base stats only go up to DEX 16 (only when he's buffed does he have DEX 20), and his BAB is only 10. How does he have this feat?