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I'd be interested in 1-13 or the 1-09 1-23 sequence.

(I've played more with you on Discord as Arthog)

I'd certainly be interested; while I have played a good number of scenarios I have not done many bounties... mostly because of the lack of time to build relationships with other characters in that short format. Doing a bunch of bounties with a single group would be a great way to experience them.

Character-wise, I'd propose the Tengu Storm Druid Ratisk:

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@sazen: If your Heal is the standard divine spell, it's healing 2d8+16 at level 2, I think.

Happy new year!

I'd like to submit as my entry Davina Sorel, the Aberrant Sorceress.

It's a first draft... I'd be happy to make changes to better complement the chosen party. For her dedication, I am considering Rogue; but that could also change depending on who is playing.


1. Full Name: Davina Sorel

2. Age: 24

3. Gender: Female

4. Place of Birth: Breachill

5. Current Residence and how to contact you (for payment purposes): Cayden's Keg

6. Faith (you may choose not to share this information): Cayden Cailean

7. Current employment (please state if not applicable): Waitress

8. Details of your next of kin and how to contact them (in case of emergency - adventuring is dangerous):
Marina Sorel (Mother); Sorel Farm, Breachill

9. How did you first hear about the Call for Heroes?
I was born here... hard not to hear about it, ain't it?

10. Why should we select you to aid in our call? What are your greatest strengths?
I spent a year traveling the Darklands. Definitely learned a thing or two about adventuring there. Dangerous place, yeah. I know magic, too. Can make the fiercest foe piss their pants, with a spell or a look. Better than fighting them straight up, most of the time, I swear.

11. Tell us about a time when you made a mistake. What did you do to solve it?
I came back and tried to get a normal job. And now I'm applying here to get out of it.

12. What do you like to do outside of your official responsibilities?
Big reader, believe it or not. Especially anything that describes far-away places.

13. Is there anything else you would like us to know before the Call for Heroes?
Oh please help me get out of this dreadful drudgery... I can't spend another year working for tips here.


Davina had always felt a little... out of place, in Breachill. Born and raised on the Sorel farm, daughter of a respectable Breachill family, she could have had a fairly comfortable – and respectable -- life in town. The idea never really appealed to her. There is so much more to the world than Breachill. So when a strange voice in her head began encouraging her to pack her things and run away for a life of adventure, she didn't hesitate long. It didn't hurt that the voice promised extraordinary powers in reward. While the voice delivered (somewhat) as far as powers were concerned, the adventuring turned out to be more of a letdown. Guided by her mysterious influencer to the upper reaches of the Darkland, Davina quickly realized that wandering these dangerous regions alone was not as fun and exciting as she had initially thought. A year on, she had spent more time hiding from anything living there than performing high deeds of heroism. Somewhat miffed at being so misled, she tuned out the voice for a bit, and contritely came back to Breachill. As a devotee of the Accidental God, an avid consumer of traveler's tales, and a young adult with a steadfast reluctance to enter the family business, Davina applied to work at Cayden's Keg. That was three months ago. Under the continued influence of her inner voice, and the realization that she spends more time cleaning up after drunkards than hearing entertaining stories from afar, Davina has now once more soured on her current life. The strange look that often comes into her eyes, the shadowy tentacles that occasionally extend from her arms, and her habit of talking to some unknown entity have additionally slowly alienated her from most of her coworker. As a result, Dalina feels a renewed need to heed the call for adventure. She hopes that the Call for Heroes can provide her with a better structure for her ambitions than her ill-advised foray underground.


Davila Sorel
CG, Human (Versatile Heritage)

Class: Sorcerer (Aberrant bloodline)
Background: Reputation Seeker (Darklands)
Languages: Common, Undercommon, Dwarven, Draconic

Stats: Str +0, Dex +3, Con +1, Int +1, Wis +0, Cha +4
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +5;
Perception: +3
HP: 15/15; AC: 16 (17 with Shield)

Skills: Intimidation +7, Lore: Darklands +4, Occultism +4, Stealth +6, Survival +3, Thievery +6

Intimidating Glare (Versatile Heritage)
Adapted Cantrip: Gouging Claw (Ancestry)
Terrain Expertise: Underground (Background)

Sorcerer's kit, Thieves Tools, Replacement Picks (x2), 9.08gp

Cantrips: Telekinetic Projectile, Shield, Light, Gouging Claw, Daze
Level 1: Fear, Spider Sting, Soothe
Focus Spells: Tentacular Limbs

Thank you all for the game!

Just to double check; critting with a melee weapon doesn't auto-kill the shambler?

Well, Doc already used her hero point to avoid butchering ZakZak so... this one I can't reroll...

Damn it this is hard. ZakZak made it look so easy!
Balance on a rope: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (11) + 9 = 20

Hero point :
Treat Wounds: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21

Doc can use either Treat Wounds or Battle Medicine on anyone who wants to (depending on how much time we want to spend healing instead of acting...)

It will look even cooler if she rolls above a 4 :-)

I haven't played with guns or attached weapons before though, so I might certainly have gotten it wrong...

Aren't both of my guns melee and range weapons? On my sheet they are both (bayonet for one and reinforced stock for the other).

[I also kinda assumed that the Drifter pregen was given weapons that worked with their assumed fighting style, i.e. combination of melee and guns]

To clarify a bit the action economy of Doc's turn, as I was on mobile earlier:
* Into the Fray let's her draw her 2 weapons and stride as a free action
* 2 actions to shoot once with each pistol
* 1 action to Stride
and she is left with two empty guns at the end of her turn.

Yes, I had two different pistols though.

Not sure how you'd prefer we deal with fatal weapons; I rolled the normal and crit damage together with the strike in this post.

For someone with strong connections to First World magic, coming of age in Alkenstar would at least be a good motivation to go out adventuring, given that the region is not the most hospitable to magic users...

That'd work great for me. Is there any region that'd be particularly appropriate for Niven as our home? Does he need to have spend time around Alkenstar for his gunslinging?

Of those two I'd prefer Doc.

I see a common father more easily, I guess, for a half-gnome?

For the age... would it fit Niven's character to have a little brother slightly out-of-touch with reality, who may have benefited from protection and a (relatively...) more grounded influence growing up?
Or do you not see Niven as the responsible type in any way? In the latter case, they could have constantly gotten each other into trouble.

Niven Steeldrake wrote:
I'm up for this. How about being brothers? (technically half-brothers, but Niven wouldn't focus on the half part)

I'd certainly be game for that; there could be a fun odd-duo dynamics between the two, given their... let's say, fairly distinct physicality, and refusal to acknowledge it (if that's how Niven presents his half-gnome heritage).

All the pregens look interesting, but I think I'd have a preference for Doc or Booker.

Hello! Apparently accidentally checked in within the Gameplay thread, sorry about that. Also looking forward to trying a gunslinger!

I signed up as Neera Shin on RPG Chronicles.

Thanks for running this, looking forward to it!
(Arthog/Neera Shin)

Here is a draft for Quisillo Monta, Gnome Bard.

I see him as particularly interested in the occult and mystical, which would make him interested in investigating the mansion.
He has a deep well of knowledge of magic and esoterica, but is a little disconnected from the material world.

Mechanically, he would help with buffs (Inspire Courage), heals (Soothe), recall knowledge, debuffs (fear, ill omen) and maybe some illusions.

I'd be interested; looking at the current party, I am thinking that I could bring a gnome bard (Enigma muse), for knowledge and magical support.

I have been both playing and DMing PF2 for about half a year, mostly play-by-post on Discord (as Arthog, if you are on either Cayden's Keg or Find the Path). I typically like playing characters with good support abilities (wizard and cleric are my most advanced PF2 characters).