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Hey Everyone - I am trying to play Season of Wrath, but instead of organized play, its with my wife and we are looking to just play it normally.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to pass out things like skill feats, power feats, card feats, and roles?

COVID19 has paused my campaign, but I am REALLY wanting to play again. Has anyone done a remote play of PACG, or is there anything like roll20 for it?

And yes, I know of the App version from a few years ago. But I have played that into the ground. I really want something new

Longshot11 wrote:
ferris.valyn wrote:

I know this could affect other things as well - for example, would that kill the Emerald of Dexterity?
IIRC, Emerald et al only change the *DIE* you're throwing, not the skill you're using, so you can rest easy in that regard.

That raises a question that my group and I have argued constantly. I know it's been answered somewhere.

Let's say you have a character with the following traits - Dex is D10 +3, and Wisdom is D6+1. You are doing a Wisdom check, and you use the Emerald of Dexterity, which of the following options is correct ?

1). You roll a D10, and add 3
2). You roll a D10, and add 2
3). Something else which I did not include?

So, I am starting to read through the new rules book (ok, skim may be the better phrase), while I was also setting up for playing the first scenario of Dragon's Demand. I haven't played with Rivani, and I REALLY want to, so I am adding the Occult Adventures stuff as well as the Core for DD.

However, I noticed the following line in the Core Set Rulebook

"Powers that also determine the type of check may not be played freely"

That would seem to kill one of Rivani's powers

"For your Perception or Ranged check, you may recharge a card to use your Knowledge skill instead"

I know this could affect other things as well - for example, would that kill the Emerald of Dexterity? Or am I being overly harsh?

So, as I’ve mentioned in a few other threads, I have had a few home homebrew ideas floating around. I am posting them in a public google drive.

Here is the link to that drive


My first big unveil - The Plunder Island Adventure. This started as just a single scenario idea I had floating around in my head. Then I thought of a 2nd scenario, and so forth. Now, this is still pretty rough, so I would LOVE some real feedback on it. I would like to make the story a little more robust, I am not sure about the locations, and so forth. So, please share any comments you have.

Other projects I am working on

Holy Gunslinger - a character that is somewhere between a cleric and a gunslinger (I’ve changed it a lot since the first iteration. This is my next unveil)

Arcane Gunslinger - If you are going to have a Divine gunslinger, you should have an arcane caster that also uses guns :D. This is still in the early concept stages,

Arcadia Adventure path - I have an idea for an adventure path that is built around a group of adventures going to Arcadia, and getting caught in between some local natives and a Chelix invasion.

If anyone wants to help, please let me know. I would love to collaborate on some of these ideas

Here is my other question with regard to this power

Is the power better as a character power, OR would it be better to have this as an added option for a particular weapon (like how some weapons can be used for diplomacy or other feats)?

So, I had an idea a while ago for trying to create a firearms/gunslinger who could also heal (http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2tabw?Working-on-a-new-character-Holy-Gunsling er for the idea). If you have any ideas/suggestions on it, please let me know (I still don’t think the primary power is overpowered). I want to do some work on it again, to try and finish it, (because like the 1 shot adventure I created, it’s only partially done).

However, I had a few other ideas develop, and I am trying to tease out how best to use them

1) If you are going to have a divine caster who uses firearms, shouldn’t you have an arcane caster who uses firearms? My idea was to incorporate the firearm into using/gaining the arcane skill (ie something like “reveal a weapon with the firearm trait to gain the skill arcane....”
2) I like the idea of using a firearm to “shoot” a spell to someone. Most likely it could be some form of when playing a spell, reveal a firearm to replace “at your location” with “at any location.” But should this be built around a weapon, or built as a power feat for a character?

Doppelschwert - I am confused by some of Tactical Retreat.

1) In it, I assume that, although we are dealing 3 times the number of cards in Marketplace, it's still a single location, rather than 3 marketplace locations. Correct?

2) I am struggling to understand HOW you win. Since this is a little dependent upon group size, I am going to state that my group has 3 players, so according to the "may condition", if there are 17 blessings (8+3*3 = 17) in the discard pile, we may win. Is this effectively an "autowin" condition IE - if we get this many blessings, we can end with a win, or keep playing? Or am I missing something?

BTW - as an asside, We are modifying it slightly. I am currently using my Wraith Deck for Season of Wraith, but a couple of friends really want to play this one. So, we are using the boons JUST from Hell's Vengence 1 & 2 and Pathfinder Tales, and using the banes from Wraith, modified as required. I'll let you know how this works

Brother Tyler wrote:
Well then, you should take a gander at Doppelschwert's Revenge of the Wicked AP. You'll still need Wrath of the Righteous, but it looks like a great place to let your dark side shine through.

It does look awesome. The prob is that my copy of Wrath is spoken for (and I don't think buying another copy of Wrath is cheaper than just a bunch of custom banes

Brother Tyler wrote:

All of the custom APs I've seen might have some custom banes (and even boons) that might be printed via DTC, but they all use many/most of the banes and boons that are in the respective official APs.

Besides, unless some proxy method was in use (e.g., this here barrier is Proxy Barrier #5, representing a Chinese Finger Trap for AD1, but also representing a Tiresome Political Debate in AD4 - those are hypothetical examples ;) ), using DTC for all of the cards in a completely custom DIY AP would be really freaking expensive.

I use the Pathfinder Adventures game on my phone when I need my PACG fix but don't have other resources (time, other players) available. Granted, you're limited to Rise of the Runelords, We Be Goblins, and now Valeros' adventure (which I'm stuck in a bar fighting thugs in). Still, it's a fun diversion (and I have to admit that I've learned a lot from playing it).

I have Pathfinder Adventures - finished Runelords and We be Goblins and Valeros adventure (including the Legendary difficulty levels )

And part of me REALLY wants to try all the evil characters I have now from Hell's Vengence

So I am looking to play a new adventure path, but I kind of have some limitations on it.

I have all of the current published paths, but they are either in use (and some of the players are unavailable for a few months - grumble grumble) or I've loaned em to a friend who wanted to try them. So I have no easily accessible adventure paths. However, I do have a BUNCH of unused character decks. So, I was wondering - is there a completed adventure path with custom banes out there, that can be printed vis-a-vie drivethru cards?

Frencois wrote:
And you cannot use it at all for a combat check against something that isn't a monster (army, barrier, ally that you could aquire by combat, whatever...)

I am not sure that follows, given Vic's comment (and please feel free to correct me if I've read you wrong, Vic)

Let's parse this out so we have all possible questions, at least (and then Vic or others can step in)

1) What BFA events does it cancel? (I think it's probably agreed that it is monsters, and only monsters, but feel free to correct)

2) Can it be used in combat against monsters? (Yes) Can it be used in combat against Henchmen or Villains? (Vic's comments seem to suggest yes)Can it be used in combat against non-monsters?

Am I missing any other situations?

Oh, the difference a comma or period can make ;D

So, I just recently got the Thousand stings whip. And I have a question, based on the text

It says "When you encounter a monster, reveal this card to ignore any powers on a non-villain, non-henchman monster that happen before you act, then for your combat check, use your Strength or Melee skill +1d8+1...."

Does this mean that it can only be used on non-henchmen/non-villain monsters? Or that the the ignore powers only applies to non-henchman/non-villain monsters, but you can still use the other weapons abilities against henchman and villians?

Hey everyone - having just got the Hell's Vengeance deck, I am really excited to try it out. However, I don't have any open games I could play it with. I do have 2 friends interested in doing a one shot, but we all want to try the characters at higher levels. Does anyone have any suggested options for setting up a one shot, and being able to use more advanced characters? The one idea we talked about was playing like an adventure 3-4 scenario, and then rolling a D6 for each card type, and taking that many non-basic cards randomly for the group
(example - for weapons, we roll a d6, get a 5, and randomly choose 5 non-basic weapons that we could use)

Any ideas?

Any word on when we'll see Magus and Reepazo sheets?

Any word on when we'll get Magus character sheets and also a character sheet for Reepazo?

Hey everyone,

Was starting a new play of S&S this evening, and one of my regulars wanted to play Rooboo, and so we set up, and started to play.

She and I both thought Rooboo seems to play incredibly weak, at least when it comes to combat, and we were wondering if we were missing something.

I know she has the
"For your combat check, you may reveal a weapon to use your Dexterity skill + 1d6 (□ 1d8) plus the weapon’s adventure deck number; you may additionally discard that weapon to add another 1d6 and the weapon’s traits."
ability, but if you use that, you can't use weapons as well, can you?

Are we missing something, or is that actually balanced enough so the power grows? Otherwise, it seems like you are very limited with her when it comes to fighting.

I guess I always thought damage was part of the "apply any effects that happen after you act" part of the encounter.

That just seems really weird to me, that damage is part of the encounter (and it makes a lot of armor that you could use during combat not very useful for combat)

Ok, this comes up in the context of Pathfinder Adventures, but it would also apply to card version.

Was playing Sajan, and he was fighting a plague zombie, and using amulets of mighty fists. Unfortunately, he rolled ****, and lost (come on Sajan, you can do better), and so has to take damage. Now, he also had the bracers of protection, so I planned to use those to absorb some of the damage, but the game wouldn't let me, and someone claimed that this was because you are playing 2 items on a single check. But I always thought the act of the roll was the actual "check"

So, could you not use bracers of protection to absorb damage if you used amulet of mighty fist?

Ron Lundeen wrote:
Doppelschwert wrote:
The only one I can think of is the very recent God Callers of Sarkoris, but only a couple of cards are shared between boxes.

Hey, there are more than 100 S&S cards added to WotR! :-)

My advice is that you not consider just mixing *cards*, but consider what to do when you're adding and subtracting *rules*. For example, I didn't want anything with mythic charges in my last adventure path, so I had to carefully review all the cards and omit those that made reference to that rule. I didn't want too few cards to play the game, so I added back in cards from another set. In short, think about the rules first and then have the cards follow.

Also, it's much easier to add cards from another set if you're only adding villains, henchmen, and locations. Doing so can give a lot of new flavor to an existing set.

Right now, I am more interested in creating the story and system for the adventure - as I said, I see it a bit as a clash between Lawful Evil (Cheliax) Neutral/Good Alliance (some indigenous Arcadia and another group - maybe Andoran) and a Chaotic Evil (a separate group of native Arcadians). The basic plot line is the Andorans arrive, and strike up trade and peaceful interactions with the native Arcadia, the Cheliax arrive and try to take over and impose their will (including the will of Asmodeus), and a group of native Arcadians respond by calling up Rovagug - hence the 3 way split.

I did talk a little with a friend who is also a fellow player, and the one idea she and I sorta came up with together, for a rules change, would be more about actually using alignments. Basically, the team/characters could choose which of the sides they wanted to support. But I am not certain I can figure how to make that work, and really just want to create the adventure path.

If someone has ideas, or wants to offer comment, please feel free.

In the meantime, I def want to check out God Callers.... Looks way cool

I've got an idea for a new adventure path, but as I think through it, it might require pulling cards from multiple decks. The basic idea of the the path is based around the idea of a clash of cultures between an aboriginal culture, and some invading cultures (maybe the Cheliax, and an indigounous culture of Arcadia, and a 3rd group).

Anyway, has anyone ever made an adventure path that mixes a few different decks? How did it work out for you? Or can someone point me towards a path that has done that?

I ask this knowing that my group is only through adventure 2 of Mummy's Mask, and we are just beginning to look at organized play (ok, it'll be slightly modified, but anyway), and a small group REALLY wants to get into the goblin game (trying to figure out how to plan/schedule that).

The class deck's aren't restarting till August, and there isn't currently any new base decks known.

When do people think we might see something new, and what would people like to see? I've not been paying too close attention to the forums or the blog, so it's possible I missed something

If I were picking, I'd be interested in seeing Shattered Star, something with an Asian theme (I wanna use the Ninja character), or something that sets up a clash of cultures, maybe between the Inner Sea region and Arcadia.

Anyway, other thoughts? Or maybe some news?

So, my group has been wanting to try the organized play adventures, and people have their various class decks, but for a variety of reasons, we have all struggled with the unique rules of organized play. We are considering trying to play the organized play adventure, but not using the specialized organized play rules.

Has anyone looked at how you could do that? The big question in my mind is the various rewards, because otherwise it should just play like a normal adventure path.

ShannonA wrote:
Irgy wrote:

This makes no logical sense. Even in the mathematical best-value case (which I believe is changing d4 for 5 into 3d4 for 5, unless there's some secondary bonus) you're giving up 1 explore to gain 15/16ths of an explore. In a more typical case it's generally giving up 1 explore for roughly half an explore. That's not a profit, that's a loss.

The strategy only works if you follow some of my earlier suggestions and are pushing your cards aggressively back into your deck with Cures or other healing. But, if you are, there's a good chance you'll see the blessing again, which is what I mention. So you could easily be giving up an explore for 30/16th of an explore. Or maybe just 22/16th of an explore.

Of course, your individual play strategy will tell you more about the odds of seeing that card again. (As well as where you are in the game.)

I can give 2 good examples to back this up - Seelah and/or Kyra in Runelords. When I've played them, I usually have them start in the Temple, and their goal is to get as many of the blessings as possible. Kyra's ability to spend blessings and then heal on the next turn, so that she can pound out 3 or 4 cards from a location on her turn makes getting more and more blessings in her deck a definite plus. And with Seelah, using her power of top card blessing recharge means I can use that more often if I have more blessings, without a penalty.

ShannonA wrote:
Irgy wrote:

This makes no logical sense. Even in the mathematical best-value case (which I believe is changing d4 for 5 into 3d4 for 5, unless there's some secondary bonus) you're giving up 1 explore to gain 15/16ths of an explore. In a more typical case it's generally giving up 1 explore for roughly half an explore. That's not a profit, that's a loss.

The strategy only works if you follow some of my earlier suggestions and are pushing your cards aggressively back into your deck with Cures or other healing. But, if you are, there's a good chance you'll see the blessing again, which is what I mention. So you could easily be giving up an explore for 30/16th of an explore. Or maybe just 22/16th of an explore.

Of course, your individual play strategy will tell you more about the odds of seeing that card again. (As well as where you are in the game.)

I think part of that is driven by your character powers. If you are a character that cycles their deck A LOT, but there are limitations on cards you are likely to cycle (ex - Kyra in WotR or Alahazra in S&S), deck pollution can be a problem. Hit points really aren't worth it if they take up space in your hand.

The flip side is right now I am playing Zhadim in MM, and his look ahead ability with any card means getting extra boons is usually good (except when I come across a trigger trait, at which point there will be substantial swearing.

Hannibal_pjv wrote:

And it should be like other healers, instead of explore you may discard a FireArm or blessing to...

Yep too powerfull!

I have 3 issues with doing it that way

1) I want this to be a remote heal IE NOT at the same location. Awarding a 1D4 heal to someone at another location I think is too powerful

2) Giving up first explore and a discard to heal 2 points for someone else (whoc can't heal you) seems a hefty price to pay.

3) I kind of want a different card play to provide a heal (although I do want it balanced)

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
The issue is more that this is a Gunslinger first and healer second. This power is almost as powerful as a cleric and far overpowers the Paladin's heal. So yes, it isn't enough of a limit.

Would adding the "at the beginning of your turn" be enough? Or do you think there needs to be a discard in there?

I worry that adding in a discard will make it almost worthless - you can never use it to heal yourself, (unlike the Cleric or warpriest)

(I should note - I haven't commented on the righteous bulletstormer - got to get the base balanced first)

My thinking was that, while powerful, with a small hand size, it actually can't be used that often ( for example, early in the game you would then be exploring with 2 cards in your hand, which can be risky)

Or is that not enough of a limit?

Hey Everyone

My group is going to do another run through, probably of S&S, but we have to make our own characters, and they need to be a little weird (one of them is going to be a goblin paladin...)

Anyway, my character is going to be a half-orc holy gunslinger. I want someone who has healing ability, but is built around ranged combat, preferably firearms.

Here is what I have so far - I am struggling very much with the role cards (I feel like I should do something with blessings). I welcome feedback and suggestions.

Strength D10 [] [] [] Ranged +2
Dexterity D6 [] []
Constitution d8 [] [] [] [] Fort +2
Intelligence d6 []
Wisdom d8 [] [] [] [] Divine +2
Charisma d4

Hand size 4-5 or 5-6
Proficent with weapons light armor

When you play a weapon that has the Firearm trait, if you would bury it or shuffle it into your deck, you may keep it and instead perform the required action with another card

Recharge ([]or reveal) a weapon with the firearm trait ([]or ranged) and recharge a blessing to allow 1 character at another location to recharge 2 ([]3) cards from their discard

After you play a spell that has the Attack trait, banish it

Card list - Favored Card type : weapon or blessing
weapon 4 []5 []6
spells 2 []3 []4
armor 2 []3
Item 2 []3 []4
ally - 0
Blessing 5 []6 []7 []8

Role - Righteous Bulletstormer ("It's quantity that will win in the end")

When you play a weapon that has the Firearm trait, if you would bury it or shuffle it into your deck, you may keep it and instead perform the required action with another card

After you play a spell that has the Attack trait, banish it

Recharge ([]or reveal) a weapon with the firearm trait ([]or ranged) and recharge a blessing to allow 1 character at another location to recharge 2 ([]3) cards from their discard([]reveal another weapon card to allow another character at another location to recharge 2 cards)

[]you may play 2 weapons during a combat if they both are a 1-handed weapon

Role - Sanctified Sniper (“One bullet can mean the difference between winning or losing a war”)
When you play a weapon that has the Firearm trait, if you would bury it or shuffle it into your deck, you may keep it and instead perform the required action with another card

Recharge ([]or reveal) a weapon with the firearm trait ([]or ranged) and recharge a blessing to allow 1 character at another location to recharge 2 ([]3) cards from their discard

After you play a spell that has the Attack trait, banish it

[]Recharge a weapon to add 1D4 to a check against a bane by another character at another location

[]If you bury a card with the firearm trait, recharge 1d4 cards from your discard pile

[]If your combat check has the 2 handed trait, you may add Poison or Fire or acid or cold or electriccity or mental trait

Is there a template of these available for character creations?

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Ok, I will admit, this is very stupid, but my first reaction - when did Enora bleach her hair? I know that sounds stupid, but I just always gathered that her hair was a darker blond.

Still, these do look good.

One other item - dont' be afraid to embrace the roleplaying aspect, don't feel the need to go overboard either. A couple of examples

- We always read the adventure and scenario flavor texts before beginning
- Dice roles and cards always present opportunities. There is the time where you can only fail if you roll all ones, and then you do - the discussion becomes whether he was drunk, or distracted or what. Or when we had the card Barroom brawl come up, it becomes a discussion of who got drunk and started the fight.
- One of our players has embraced her character to the point that you need to call her by character name, or she might forget you are talking to her.

You don't have to do this all the time, by any stretch. But it can be a lot of fun, particularly when you've actually beat the villian, to imagine how you squashed him (and in great detail.... :D )

A few items

1) Have the first game basically ready to go (in terms of the location decks and the like). The game can take a little while to setup, particularly if you've never done it before

2) Try and have them pick out their characters before they come. You can have them download the character sheets, or provide descriptions (I had a lot of fun with that when we started - I referred to Seelah and Imrijak as the "female buddy cop team"), which will get them interested in who the can play

3) As a general rule, which is important to understand - some characters deck cycle, and some do not. That will change your play style dramatically. Everyone should get that. Usually it's spellcasters that deck cycle, and fighter that don't (although not always). Later on, deck cycling becomes much more prevelant in other characters.

4) If RotR is like S&S or WotR, on the back cover of the rules book is a quick turn description/easilyl forgetable rules. If you can print off a copy for each player, that is helpful for them to look at. If you can use the character sheets instead of the cards, that also is helpful.

5) If you have access to some sort of rotating table or turntable - use that to hold your locations. Then, you aren't getting up and moving around - makes gameplay much easier. If you dont' have one, don't worry about it. But if they like the game, and want to continue, you can find cheap ones witout too much difficulty.

If wall of blades is displayed at a location, can the character who played wall of blades play a seperate spell card during an encounter, and wall of blades still gets used?

For example - suppose Lini displays wall of blades at her location. She explores and encounters a monster. Can she then play a seperate attack spell and also recharge 2 cards for the 2D8? Or has she already "played her spell" that is allowed during the encounter?

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Had to share this.

Tonight, our group of Lini, Daimel, and Alahazra were playing Red Rum (I think it was Red Rum - we also played Feast of Spoils), which of course has Shark Island in it. Through careful use of potion of flying, and Dimension Leap, I would go to Shark Island, and then leave before I actually began my turn there. So I never ended up fighting a Hammerhead shark. Of course, this started the comments about "I don't see why this really isn't more of a tourist attraction" and other comments. I'd say I burned through 3-6 cards.

Anyway, then Lini was forced to move, and Shark island was the best choice. And someone made the comment "I wonder if we won't "find" any sharks at shark island." We basically said no, so unlikely....

And the card she pulled was the villain. We dispatched the villain with due haste, and thus closed shark island without finding any sharks.

And then we started emptying the deck, and, and our Alahazra player stated “well, now we know why there weren’t any sharks”, and proceeded to hold up one of the enemy cards that remained in the deck……

The shark-eating crab.

Invasive species have come to the Shackles......

Xexyz wrote:

@ferris - why does your friend think she's overpowered?

I am unsure - I suspect its due to the fact that WotR seems harder than S&S (this person is in both my S&S group and my WOTR). WOTR is a much steeper battle than S&S (we've never REALLY had anyone in danger of dying in S&S, whereas we've had 2 deaths that we only survived due to the mythic paths we have)

Within WOTR - I do believe she is a heavy hitter, personally. But with the loss of the corruption abilities, those are no longer useful, you are right.

Am playing S&S last night, and I mentioned to my fellow shashbucklers that I would be interested in playing Arueshalae in S&S if we were to play again when we finish.

One of my fellow players argued that she was significantly overpowered, particularly with her cohort, Arueshalae's gift. We went back and forth on this, with me agreeing that removing the gift would probably be needed, but that she wouldn't be overpowered (until we got a thrown a cyclops giant which we really weren't ready for).

Anyway, I am interested in other people's comments - is Arueshalae too powerful to play in either S&S or RotR?

The_Napier wrote:
Bill Racicot wrote:

This sounds legal to me, too, but maybe not so productive. In most cases when you don't actually defeat the bane, it gets shuffled back into the location deck, so eventually you'll need to fight something, or the blessings deck will run out before you complete your scenario.

Except Ekkie shuffles it into a random location deck, so - especially in larger groups where there are more location decks to scatter these cards between - she certainly should be able to rummage through one at least one location, ignoring what she doesn't fancy until she finds a henchman / villain to kill

Ekkie would shuffle a summoned monster into a location?

Ekkie's card says "For your check that has or is against a card that has the Animal or Basic trait, add 1d4 to your check"

So, if Ekkie is playing a weapon with the Basic trait, against a monster that is non-Basic, does she get to roll an additional 1d4? Or would she only get to roll that if the monster itself was Basic?

Any suggestions on where to hunt for Arueshalae? Most places have "out of stock"

Did a little looking on ebay, was not impressed with the selection/quality (the one I saw looked kinda beaten up...)

So, I broke down and started buying the Iconic Heroes miniatures, to use instead of the cards, and I can tell that they will be way cool when my groups start up in Jan (holiday break and all that). However, I have a problem, well actually 3 – Ekkie, Raznak, and Arueshalae. All my other characters will be available by Jan sometime (Oloch is the last of the iconic heroes I formally need). But I have an Ekkie and Arueshalae for WotR (and I want a Raznak, as I intend to have a Raznak in my next playthrough).

I know they aren’t iconics, so we won’t see them in that set. I hope we see a future set, but no data on whether that will happen. Given that, does anyone have any suggestions on what to use in place, besides the cards? I know there are some goblin miniatures, and I think I might be able to modify one without too much difficulty for Raznak (although I’ve NEVER worked with minis before, so this may be a recipe for disaster). But I’d welcome other suggestions or ideas….

Been playing through this, and our group has just finished 1-C. However, I have a question and a comment/suggestion

Question - In 1-A and 1-B (and maybe others) you conceivably force a villain into a location with another villain. At a later point in the game, you would fight and defeat one of those villains, and that would force the location to close. However, there is another villain in that location. How should one resolve this issue? (Our group decided to treat the other villain as having “escaped” also, and did the blessings and villain deck option that would be done with only a single villain escaping)

Comment – there are a lot of cards that are only useful when you are on a ship. Plus, some locations only really make sense to be at if you are on a ship. Therefore, there should be some way to access those abilities other than simply being “at the ship location.” The idea we came up with is that any location that is not a “connected location” (IE you have to go to the ship first, or you have to be a lycanthroupe) you treat as being on a ship (Ranzak and Jirelle really started complaining about this, since they picked up the Astrolab and the Svingli’s eye)

Ron Lundeen wrote:
ferris.valyn wrote:
Im wondering - is there a way to utilize characters who made it through S&S, and have them run through Bloodlust without it seeming like a cakewalk?

No more so than having characters who've run through S&S, then having them run through S&S again without it seeming like a cakewalk. It's intended for starting characters. Perhaps you could switch out to other characters, and start over with them?

If you're looking for post-AP play, my Mhar of Leng is designed to slot in after Rise of the Runelords; there was also a blog post about dropping post-AP characters into the last couple chapters of Wrath of the Righteous.

Yea, I saw the using wrath as a post S&S - unfortunately, my S&S group is likely to finish before my wrath group is likely to be finished.

And I don't have RotR (although I did look at Mhar of Leng, and that is cool).

Oh well - may suggest the start over option then. Or hope someone comes up with adventures for S&S after it is completed

Im wondering - is there a way to utilize characters who made it through S&S, and have them run through Bloodlust without it seeming like a cakewalk?

So, having just read this thread, I now have some ideas as to how to play Shadra. I had already indentified that Shadra really wants to be co-located with someone, so I've tried to do that, but it usually hasn't been successful or helpful, but I have some better ideas now.

Anyway, my question - who should I buddy up with for Shadra? We have a 5 person team. Other than Shadra, it includes


My initial thought had been to buddy with Seelah, but that never seemed to produce anything of use. I've tried Kyra, and had a little better luck.

Any strong suggestions

So, I've started to develop a series of scenarios that may grow into a full adventure (if I can come up with 3 more scenarios). So far, we have 2 scenarios - Hunt on Plunder Island, and Escape from Plunder Island

(Yea, yea, I know - it's cliche. I am spending my creativity points on a good scenario)

Escape from Plunder island
(Before I begin - we have playtested this 2 times, with only slightly changed rules, but fairly different outcomes. So there may be some balance issues that need to be resolved - I do want this scenario to feel like a "high risk/high rewards scenario")

Concept - you are attempting to recover treasure from a mysterious island, during a hurricane. Should you succeed, you will have your choice of treasure. But the hurricane is strong, and will test your ability to survive. And you aren't alone in trying to recover the treasure

(I have not decided which locations make sense for 1 character vs 6 characters)
Fog Bank
Mangrove Swamp
Raker Shoals
Rocky Cliff
Sea Caves

For this scenario, locations cannot be closed until there are no cards in the location deck. All locations close automatically when they are empty.

Villain and Henchman
No villian
Henchmen - Enemy ships
When you defeat an enemy ship card, set it next to the scenario card.

Blessing deck modification
Shuffle all Hurricane Winds henchmen into the blessing deck (you'll have 36 turns, in effect).


When a Hurricane Winds henchman appears in the blessing discard pile, remove it and create a pile next to the scenario card. Count the number of Hurricane wind cards and the number Enemy ship cards. Roll the dice that corresponds with 2*(# of Hurricane winds cards), and then subtract the total number of enemy ship henchmen cards that you have defeated. Banish that amount of plunder cards. If you would banish more cards than are in the plunder deck, banish the remaining cards from any players hand.

(Example - on your turn, you draw a Hurricane winds card. Prior to this turn, you've draw 2 other Hurricane winds cards, and have defeated 2 enemy ship henchmen cards. You then role a D6, which rolls a 6. You then would then banish 4 plunder cards. However, there are only 2 cards in the plunder deck. Your team then has to banish an addition 2 cards, from someone's hand)

When you defeat a monster, examine the location deck until you find a boon - instantly encounter and succeed at aquiring that boon.

When you aquire a boon, you can either place the boon in your hand, or you can place the card in your plunder deck.

All the plunder cards you have recieved (just to stress - if you lose the scenario, you lose all your plunder cards). If you have 3 of a particular type of cards (3 items, 3 weapons, etc), you can exchange that for 1 card of that type of your choice (IE you turn in 3 random plunder weapons, and you get to choose a weapon from the box as your reward).


We've play tested this 2 times, with some slight modifications between the 2 play throughs. Originally, you would remove a number of plunder cards equal to the total number of Hurricane winds cards you have, but it was suggested that adding a random element would be useful. Also, instead of defeating a monster, we added in Buccaneers to each location (so each location had 2 henchmen), and when you defeated the Buccaneers, the 2 cards under that card would be considered a successful encounter.

Our first play through, we used Valeros, Feiya, and Damiel. We ended up with 6-8 cards in the plunder deck, and were able to do the exchange with weapons cards.

Our second play through we used Oloch, Lini, Alahazra, and Damiel. We ended up with like 20+ cards in the plunder deck (although I will hasten to add that we had a number of get treasure barriers, and had VERY good rolls for losing plunders [we rolled a 2 on the D12]) so that may just be a very lucky run, and not a balance issue.

Each time, we almost always ran out of turns (5 turns on the first playthrough, 3 turns on second)

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On the Sandara Quinn card it says "If you fail a combat check, you may reveal this card to immediately recharge a card"

I don't quite get the point of this - Is she suppose to act as a damage modifier (for example, if you take 3 damage, you can use her power, and you negate the damage), or is there something else going on that I don't understand?