How do I find balanced PFS modules for a non-PFS game?

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I'm sure this has been asked somewhere before but I couldn't find a clear answer with my internet searching.

How do I find a well-balanced Pathfinder Society module to add to my home, non-PFS, PF1E, Adventure Path? I'd like to use some modules to pad out the story for an Adventure Path.

I see the modules are listed as being for certain tiers - is a tier the same as a level? Is tier 5 balanced for PCs at level 5? Also, how many PCs do they intend to do one module, for balance purposes? Four? Six? I feel like I've seen both.

(Specifically, I'm looking to give my players some quest "options" in an open-ended segment of Skulls and Shackles - so if people specifically can think of good pirate adventures/adventures in the Shackles I'd also be interested in those recommendations - but that is a bit of a different question).

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Most pfs1 scenarios will list a five level range (e.g. 1-5, 3-7, 5-9, etc) with internal scaling for a low or high version, based on the APL (average party level). Additionally they have #of player scaling instructions for 4-6. I think, but am not certain that the default varied at least once between 4 and 6, so you need to read a little carefully.

For PFS2, most scenarios will have a four level span (1-4, 3-6, etc), all default to 4 players. A Challenge Point system based on character levels is used to scale across the level range and number of characters between 4-6.

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