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Go to link to Kickstarter.

Thanks for your endeavor, Sharaya!

Paizo's customer service is the best I have ever encountered!

Thanks for your answer, but isn't it possible to just declare them as maps? So there is still a chance that customs will see them for what they are.

Customs Declaration Request
I have just received the Kickstarter reward and I have a request:
The Pathfinder Flip-Mat: The Emerald Spire Superdungeon Multi-Pack has been declared on the Customs Declaration Form as Dice/Accessories. In the EU you have to pay 10% customs fee for books and 20% for toys (as dice).

In my opinion flip mats are printed matter not toys.

So my request: Can maps be declared as printed matter (Edit: which they are) so the next time I have to pay customs it will be just the 10% and not 20% I had to pay this time?

I have just received the order but there were two items mixed up.
I have ordered
Dungeon Crawl Classics #80 and
Dungeon Crawl Classics #81
Instead of the two missing Goodman Games books I have received Paizos AP #80 and #81, which I have already because I am an AP subscriber.

DCC #78 is also missing, got the AP#78 instead.

Look what I have just found:
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/judgesguild/city-state-of-the-invincib le-overlord?ref=discovery

Shem wrote:
My suggestions to those that did not get the information about this kickstarter except by accident. Read the FFG blog from time to time and subscribe to the Rana reader at their website. You will be well informed of all the goings on with the Frogs.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I am a subscriber to the Rana Reader. But since all the other folks who are doing a second or third Kickstarter use this option I think it will sure inform more people and hopefully potential backers.

Bill, Skeeter and all you Frogs - I would recommend sending out an update from the older FFG projects that SoA has started - I was hoping for a notification myself so it was just luck that I have stumbled over the new Kickstarter, 11 hours later.

Justin Riddler wrote:

It looks like the Gen Con cover has gone into backorder, which set it to your sidecart. I have altered the price for the 2 Reta figures in your pending order. You can verify this change from your Order History page.

If you meant to order only 1 Reta & 1 Comic, please let me know and I will update the quantities.

~Justin Riddler
Customer Service

No, I really want two comics and two Reta's - thanks for fixing the price.

I hope that the comic will also be available.


Dear Customer Service,
I have ordered Pathfinder: Goblins! #1 (GenCon 2013 Exclusive) with Pathfinder Battles—2013 Promotional Figure: Reta's Bridesmaid twice. I just got the notice, that Reta’s Bridesmaid will ship next week, but the Comic is still pending – am I supposed to get the reduced price or have you canceled the discount on the miniature in combination with the comic?

Thanks for your service,

Dear Customer Service,

please can you set the
Pathfinder Battles—Builder Series: Undead Horde
from my order #2624761 to instant shipping - if it is not possible, please cancel it and I will order it again,

daemonslye wrote:

Thanks for the comments and thanks to Dreaming Psion and dafaddu for the editing help. Documents have been updated to V1.3.


No thanks at all, thank you for giving a superb piece of work away for free!

Here’s a shout out to all who are interested in a great module for FREE!
Just send an email to daemonslye (see first post) for the download link.

(I am doing this because I would like to see Book Two of the Temple of Nightmares, so show daemonslye that his work is highly appreciated and ask for the module!)

Dear Customer Service,
please switch my preorder for Dark Waters Rising HC from the standard cover to the Paizo exclusive cover.

Steve Geddes wrote:
It's pretty good that they have a "hold my international subscription while we sort out postage issues" option. Looks like it's free, but you can guarantee yourself the first few issues in case it takes a while to sort out.

They really have an excellent customer service – I actually commented on this in my mail to their Community Manager and *flash* the option is available.

I am glad that they also want to do business with the rest of the world :).

Good news for international gamers: I just got an answer from the Community Manager of Gygax magazine:

"Yes, We are currently working to bring the magazine to our international readers at an affordable price. We recognize that the shipping rates are excessive and we are doing our best to find an alternative to USPS. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue."

...the waiting begins...

sanwah68 wrote:
I must admit, I am hoping for Paizo to pick this up. I was going to do a year subscription, but it was $35 for the 4 magazines, and $72 postage to Australia....I don't think so.

Me too. Although I live in the country that sounds similar but has no Kangaroos (except in the Zoo) it is $63 shipping.

dafaddu wrote:

Will do, thanks again for your excellent service!


It has arrived!!!!


Will do, thanks again for your excellent service!

Dear Customer Service,

I need your help with this order!
It has been shipped on Dec 12th via USPS Priority Mail with an estimated 6 to 10 business days in transit.

With Christmas and New Year Holidays I waited a while for the delivery, but till today I haven't received the order.

Does USPS Priority Mail has a tracking system?

Thanks in advance,

Sara Marie wrote:

I'm so sorry about the error! We will stick the missing book in with you upcoming October subscription shipment.

sara marie

No problem, I have full confident in the excellent Paizo CS,


Hallo, I have just received this package and the shipment information states that it should contain IMPGMG5070 Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game Hardcover standard edition, but it is not in the box :(

Chuck Wright wrote:
All of them were finished and handed over at the same time, if it's not there it should be coming soon.

It is funny that all other files were delivered already but CD1 for PF.

Please can you look at my order #1949325 and tell me why it is still pending, thanks!

As the header says - thanks in advance,

Nicolas Logue wrote:

Ebon Shroud is a definite cancellation. AGC might happen someday but not through Sinister so please, please, please contact Lou about a refund for those two at the least.

Thanks for the kind sentiments though - you and everyone else - I am ill deserving of such (that goes without saying).

Nic, thanks for the answer - sorry to hear, tough!

Wish you all the best in the future,

I have preordered RC, Ebon Shroud and the Anarchist Gamemaster Cookbook.

And: I don't want my money back, I still want the books!

Have I told you, that I am patient! :)

Erik Keith wrote:
dafaddu wrote:

Dear Customer Service,

would you be so kind and remove the Zobeck Gazetteer from my order (now in the sidecart), I wanted to order the print/pdf bundle, but something got wrong.

I have manually changed your Zobeck Gazetteer from the print edition to the Print/PDF Bundle, the price has been adjusted accordingly by $0.85 and you should now be able to find the PDF in your My Downloads page on the Paizo website.

- Erik K

Great, thanks!

Dear Customer Service,
would you be so kind and remove the Zobeck Gazetteer from my order (now in the sidecart), I wanted to order the print/pdf bundle, but something got wrong.

There's also a free version of Hexographer .

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Kthulhu wrote:
Hmmm...now to decide...which system version should I get my free prize Black Monastery for? Decisions decision decisions!

I've asked myself the same question, I think the answer is: BOTH! :)

Endzeitgeist wrote:
Ohhh...I'm looking forward to seeing what additional benefits you'll come up with for us $50+ backers... :)

copied from the kickstarter comments page:

Open Design about 22 hours ago

Correct, print poster is already in there. Here's the complete current status:

$10 PDF everything
$25 print book, PDF everything else
$50 print book, print poster, print pirate booklet, and printed handouts
$150 hardcover book, plus all print items above
$250 as above, plus the private game at PaizoCon
$500 3 copies of the print hardcover book, print magazine, gazetteer, full-size signed poster, etc

silverhair2008 wrote:
So I presume if you do not have any of the modules you cannot get the downloads?

That's correct. The only thing you can download is the Special "R2-47" Download for Rappan Athuk . The password is on the support page on the end of RAI.

silverhair2008 wrote:
I went to the Necromancer website to attempt to download some of the free stuff but was asked for a download password. Anyone know what that would be?

The passwords for opening the pdfs of the supplemental stuff are on side 1 of the modules right under the credits.

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
Contribute Today!


Cosmo wrote:

Your shirts have been switched!


Great, thanks Cosmo!

Dear Customer service,

would you be so kind and switch the T-shirt I have ordered from medium size to large!


Gareth-Michael Skarka wrote:

I'm going to be contacting the pre-order customers and asking if they would like refunds (in which case, if a majority say yes, I give up and just cancel the project), or if they're willing to wait a bit longer (I have an offer from a trusted freelancer to come in and pick up the slack).

I have voted for waiting a little bit longer ...

Gareth-Michael Skarka wrote:
In related news, we're just waiting for the Paizo Uploader to be finished with maintenance, so that I can upload the PDF for sale here.

Will the preorder for the print also be possible on Paizo?

sanwah68 wrote:
I reread Pathways 1, and have the following question: Is there anywhere I can find more information on Black Monastery?

There's a bit: Necro Forum

And here also: mythmere`s blog

Liz Courts wrote:
The PDF has been updated—if you purchased this previously, you should have received an email notification about it.

Sorry Liz, it seems my post hasn’t been clear. I have ordered via the Adamant Entertainment Store Site and have received my pdf from them. My question was for Mr Skarka, but thanks nonetheless!

Gareth-Michael Skarka wrote:
The upload has been completed, now only waiting for Paizo to approve it.

What about those, who (like me) ordered directly via Adamant? Do we also get the corrected pdf?

Brekkil wrote:

One locations has been named... but there is still many more that needs to be named!

Thanks Axel, just dl the maps. They are really looking fine.

Looking forward to more Mor Aldenn!!

galvatron42 wrote:

1: where to set the camp and the desolation?

Copied from the Kiss the Frog - thread:

Greg wrote:

Basically the setting and background are too sweeping ot fit neatly into Golarion as is. The Worldwound, as mentione3d, is a good idea, though. What I did, htough, was to ask for a little bit of the world just off the edge of the map where I could play at my leisure and make stuff fit.

My primary attempt was placing it all just off the map to the east of Taldor's Fog Peaks, on the cusp of Casmaron. I made the Battle of Tsar take place about 700 years previously (longer than my originally envisioned 300 years) and tied it into the ultimate downfall of the Taldan hegemony.

The other option that I had just started playing with when I received the final "no thank you" was to place it in southern Garund just off the map. This would have involved a significant change in flavor from its current Eastern Euoprean feel, but I was really getting excited about some of the stuff that could be done with regards to things like the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, a book like Nyambe, and the concept of a once-powerful and sophisticated Garundi empire south of the jungles where most folks think of nothing but savages. I was going to go a little more Robert E Howard with it, but ultimately it too got shelved befoer I really developed much of anything.

So suffice it to say, while I had some ideas, I had no good answers to the question in regards tot he existing Inner Sea Region map.

Liada the Corpse Yard Whore

To be honest, her background story did it!

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