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The Mechanic player in my group is looking hard at multi-classing into Biohacker, he was a bit surprised I would be ok with it.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Lissala is called out as the Scion of Seven ad the patron goddess of the Azlanti Star Empire on page 493 of the Core Rulebook.

Thank you!

So who do they worship? Abadar? A cult of Aroden? Someone else? The emperor as an ascended deity?

I'd imagine Absalom Station would have an interest in limiting things that could blow a hole in the statiin's hull at least in the more affluent parts.

I also imagine what weapons were allowed would depend a lot on status as well aslocation. A noble with a mono-molecular dueling sword would cause fewer heads to turn than a peasant with an assult rifle.

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The Raven Black wrote:

Have to wonder why NO ONE talked about them in PFRPG lore. That makes 10 000 years without coming back to check on their home planet

I wait eagerly for the explanation :-)

"Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. I mean you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space."

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams

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I've toyed with the idea of the PCs being the cast of a reality show about bounty hunters. As the campaign progresses the network gets tired of them as the protagonists and involuntarily recasts them as the quarry. Bigger campaign goal to figure out the why of their change of role.

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So as always I love the setting info dropped in the iconic write-up. The Gray Shakes got me thinking about it as a deliberate act. Testing a bioweapon on the Shirren for later use on The Swarm. Maybe by persons that see no difference between Shirren and the hive they split from. Yeah I'm well on my way to a robust headcanon.

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mechaPoet wrote:
ConanTheGrammarian wrote:
May I interject to say that the oft-heated rhetoric around grammar arguments suggests that perhaps something more than grammar is being argued about?

Nay, thou art a villain for e'en suggesting such a thing. Ere now, grammar has been unassailable and fixèd. The way we speak (especially regarding pronouns, as I'm sure thou art aware) has ne'er shifted even as our cultures have changed.

MageHunter wrote:

I'll just be honest and say, that made up words can come off as a bigsilly. I see no problem with they. A direct change just seems too difficult and unnatural.

Or we could all switch to Finnish. :p

Boy, do I have some news for you thou about which words are made up.

No, Finnish please! My Dad only taught me phrases that would get me kicked/banned.

Lanitril wrote:
If a party member has a loan against their corpse, they die, and someone uses resurrection on them, will the party be wanted for theft?

Or if not a party member a close friend or family member, sound like the seeds of a good adventure avoiding the Ex corpse repo crews and flee in the system.

The writeup on Iseph mentions planetary info-spheres, sounds like planets have their own networks at the very least.

A lot will depend on what characters are brought to the table. I have a couple of general adventure ideas.

1. The Heist: The crew must steal so e sort of shiny object from the asteroid stronghold of some criminal or wealthy individual. With lots of room for hard and soft methods in.

2. Space zombies! The crew's ship breaks down on a planet in the middle of an undead uprising or run into a chuck of a world in THE DRIFT in the middle of such an event

My biggest questions are setting and tech based as I am already putting together story ideas. Communications tech is my big question. Is there FL radio and can you communicate with ships in the drift?

How long has it been between The Gap and the development of Drift travel and did Triune appear to people's all over the galaxy creating multiple interstellar cultures.

Oh and can ship sensors generate accurate enough image for a reliable teleport spell (space pirates!)

EltonJ wrote:
Is a product like Gamemastery for Pathfinder going to be available?

I believe a series of flip mats is in the works, as well as a condition card deck.

There is a definite lack of sci fi gamme maps etc I the world

I would stay away from a formal trials, the PC's should not know its a trial, look for epic moments with in the game the function as a trial. In my last game they triumphed over arch devils in a battle of wits. It was very much worthy as a trial towards the next mythic tier.

Hey not sure if you have found a group yet but my current game looks like it is going to have a bit of player turnover after a yea and a half so we may be up for adding a new player

Nope not their own ship. It was escorting another ship that they wanted to capture for plot reasons.

So my players managed via out side the box think to sink a sailing ship in a single round. So should I award xp based on the whole crew complement of the vessel or is there another way other GMs would suggest?

So I am trying to come up with an interesting flying mount for hobgoblins. Wyverns are hitting the level of cliche. I haf pondered giant vultures or giant wasps. So anyone else have any clever ideas?

Samsung Galaxy S 2

So how would the church come down on the question of slavery, at least in a nation where it was leagal? Any thoughts?

I would suspect the tone of voice with the verbal component along with any obvious spell effect would determine the reaction. i cant imagine casting a fire ball on a packed street in Absalom would make you many friends

Hi folks,
I am looking to start a new gaming group to play Pathfinder. Frequency would be every other Sunday afternoon at either The Source or Fantasy Flight Games.

I tend to run a more RP heavy game, but combat will happen, no worries there, also I like building a game around hooks in a PCs back ground.

Numbers wise attributes will be point buy with a 20 point base. All classes from the Core and Advanced players guide are allowed, and I will be using the traits system, but give me a heads up as to traits and how they fit into the character back ground.

If anyone is interested give me a shout here on the message boards.

The source is still around(its where I got my copy of the rules). I am thinking about putting something up on their board although my attempts at using the board to find people for starting games before have been epic fails, Pathfinder I think will get a better response.

I am in St Paul proper.

Hi folks,
I am looking for some folks who might be interested in starting a Pathfinder group in my area. I just purchased the path finder rules and have been busily consuming them and would really like to find some others to play the game with. I like to run games that have a good amount of plot and character stuff to go along with the action.


Hi folks,
I am looking for some folks who might be interested in starting a Pathfinder group in my area. I just purchased the path finder rules and have been busily consuming them and would really like to find some others to play the game with. I like to run games that have a good amount of plot and character stuff to go along with the action.