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Kenneth Medland - Ministorum Priest: Rector Erudite BS22 WS24 S24 A24 T30 Int35 Will33 Fel52 Per23 Wounds6/15 Fate0/0

23 -20(untrained) +20 vs 23: 1d100 ⇒ 28 Let's use a fate point here for +10, this seems imporant

Kenneth shakes his head. Sure our own Pathfinder is not present but we have plenty of locals to ask for advice...
Luckily as not the one in command he does not have to uphold the dignity of the leader and thus can ask them freely
"Friends and loyal subjects of the Emperor, his majesties Angels have ordered us to go to the tube station as fast as possible. This place was once your home - do you perhaps know the best way there despite all the damage around us?"

Fate 1/1 -> 0/1

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Kenneth Medland - Ministorum Priest: Rector Erudite BS22 WS24 S24 A24 T30 Int35 Will33 Fel52 Per23 Wounds6/15 Fate0/0

The horrific amalgamation of flesh and metal rips into Kenneth thoughts like a vision of all the evil incarnations he has ever read about and he starts to tremble. No! His majesty the emperor protects! He sent us here because we are his chosen instruments and he knows we will succeed! concentrating on his faith in the emperor allows him to calm down somewhat but as the rending voice starts booming the shaking starts once more.
Well why not? We never had a chance at this to begin with... If we return then we can come back and try again... but as those dark thoughts are about to overwhelm him memories start to stir. Memories of a happier time but of grimmer tidings.
He is a bookworm through and through and thus has no own history with the traitors but he has lived through thousands of livetimes through his books and as he immersed himself into them he could feel the wrath of betrayal of each and every one. And he remembers that NONE of them ever had a happy outcome from accepting the enemies "grace" no matter how good and generous it sounded at the time.
And thus the old feeling stirs, a feeling he thought would only existed for him in the realm of stories - the hatred of all the traitors that ruined his majesties original plan and even now try to impede him on guiding humanity to its manifest destiny.

Keneth stands up, the feeling up hatred burning in his chest as he proclaims:
"Traitor! Your promises are as empty as the vows you once swore to his majesty! We are here in his majesties name to purge your filthy existence and we shall not waver in it!
Take heart! His majesty is with us this day and this moment!"

Command+10 vs 62 snap out of it: 1d100 ⇒ 6 6DoS
Command+10 vs 62 Inspire!: 1d100 ⇒ 49 2DoS

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Lynn Edward Female Weapon Specialist BS54 WS26 S31 A40 T35 Int26 Will31 Fel29 Per31 Wounds5/11 Fate1/1 Ammo: 25/40 Hunting Rifle is currently Unreliable

Lynn barely hears the Officers' orders - being waaaay too busy with already doing just what they are trying to tell her to do to listen to anyone except Honey.
She's in her own happy little world, humming "if you happy and you know it kill a man" BANG clack-clack
"if you happy and you know it kill a man" BANG clack
"if you're happy and you know it" shunk-click-click
"And you really want to show it" SNAP
"Kill a man" BANG. clack-clack

Cinematic: 1d100 ⇒ 42

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Lynn Edward Female Weapon Specialist BS54 WS26 S31 A40 T35 Int26 Will31 Fel29 Per31 Wounds5/11 Fate1/1 Ammo: 25/40 Hunting Rifle is currently Unreliable

The shot goes wide and Lynn chokes.
"Hoooneeey! How dare you! You know you're not supposed to buck that way! Look at that mess! NO RED STUFF!"
She sniffles and a tiny tear escapes her right eye but the show must go - and so she get to work reloading honey

half action - finish called shot
half action - first half of full reload action

Ammo 34/40

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Lynn Edward Female Weapon Specialist BS54 WS26 S31 A40 T35 Int26 Will31 Fel29 Per31 Wounds5/11 Fate1/1 Ammo: 25/40 Hunting Rifle is currently Unreliable

The troopers eyes light up at that plan. And she starts bouncing up and down a litlte.
"Weeeee. Can I shoot the cannon gunner? Can I? Can I? Can I? Honey here waaaants to kill. The heavier the gun they carry the better!"
She clicks the guns barrel back into place and craddles the big and heavy gun in a loving embrace, rubbing her cheek against it.

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Commissar BS28 WS44 S41 A31 T43 I26 Will44 Fel27 Per32 Hp-2/15 Fate0/0 Ins6 Cor0 Bolt Pistol + Power Fist - no backup

Impact Crit 10+ meters: 1d10 ⇒ 6
With Yetas vague orders(or is it just a threat?) coupled with Sizzles bad luck in executing them the nudge actually takes the berserk man away form Yetas swing - but not even close to far away for Yetas fist to miss. The fist is aimed dead center on the man and the swing disregards any defensive move someone in a fight would usually want to make.
The fist resounds with a satisfying CRUNCH and the discharging energy course through the berserk man - making his eyes roll back in their sockets even if it is just for an instant. The Commissar however is not satissfied with the feel of that hit - the man just injured one of the guard, not to mention his very heretical existence is an affront to the Commissars sense of piety. And so he lets the rightous rage boil and uses the rebound of the savage hit to gain enough distance to once more hammer the fist into the man.
And so he does. With a vengeance. Hitting the man dead center the fist burries into his back for a centimeter before unleasing the powerfield with a thunderous CLAP. The impact crushes flesh and bones with a sound like stepping on a long dead leaf and then launches the man straight away from the Commissar - embedding him into the side of the Chimera. The stickyness of his own blood keeps him pinned to it for a moment before he starts sliding down and into the mud.

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

Leni goes from one adrenaline burst to another - sure killing greenskins is nice but patching up her own guys is her REAL calling.

Being back in her element she dusts off her shoulders. Who needs pain when you can stitch troopers back together? Her body does wince. Not that she notices it...

"Sarge! Thud is a MESS, I REALLY need Krish for this!"
She steps out of the dust and looks around for a place that is not dusted up and demolished beyond salvation. Eying the far right corner of the room she starts getting out the field hospital. She sets it up and washes the worst dust off of herself with disinfectant.

Medicae +10
Medikit +20
Field Hospital +15
Help(Krish, if Sarge permits it) +10
Critical 5 -50
= 63

1d100 ⇒ 9 6DoS for 11 wounds restored

As Thud arrives Leni is already preparing what looks like... everything. And
she's not done with just that ONE medikit.
"Okay big'un. Gimmeh metal box. From back. Now stand." She takes the medikit from Thuds belt and unceremoniously empties half of the disinfectant from that kit over Thudd. "Yes. Hurts. But better hurt than dead! Now down! Lie! Flat!" The burning ember in her eyes won't take no for an answer and eventually she gets Thudd to lie down and be still.
Finally having free reign over her patient she dumps the content of this medikit into the one she usually carries - except for the largest part of the kit, a hydraulic kind of scissors, ment to cut off metal stuck inside a trooper. She starts getting to work - in this case meaning she cuts the second medikit to Ribbons. As her own strength fails at the thicker corners she calls over Krish "Yeah don't ask stuff now, just help me cut this down!"
As they finally have one medkit, cut into metal 'sleeves' the REAL work starts. They disinfect the sleeves because the outside of the kit was by now a lot of things, but not sterile. Then they start wrapping the metal around Thuds thick, but cleavered up muscles. Not over the wounds mind you, but close to them. Then both of them pull with all their might to close each gaping muscle close enough so Leni can now start working on them in a more 'usual' manor.
"Thud, this gon HURT! You stay! Stay much much still!"
Thinking for a moment she takes Krish along and grabs Thuds new oversized sword. Trying to disinfect this thing is thing is a wasted effort but Leni at least tries. She then makes sure it is firmly switched 'OFF' before she wrapping a thick layer of gauze around part of it. Prepared like this she gets Krish to haul it back to the lying Thudd, at which point she tells him.
"Your sword! take white in mouth! Bite down! HARD!"
True - despite her best efforts it is unhygenic and looks crazy but at this moment Leni can't think of a single thing that might otherwise withstand the bite of this tortured Orgryn to prevent him from biting off his own tounge in the coming pain.
And so they start. Disinfecting wounds, stappling them, stitching them. Cutting to get to embedded solid rounds, puling them out with pliers before re-disinfecting and closing back up. Every now and again Leni takes a moment to wipe off Thuds sweat and gently running a hand over his thick orgryn cheek but as suddenly as those moments come they are already over again as she disinfects her hands again and gets back to work.
It's a hard piece of work but with every passing moment Thud starts to look more and more like a single living being again and at the end of it he seems almost... healthy. Not as healthy as the ox of an Orgryn he is, but stable. And able to walk on his own without looking like he'll apart any moment now.

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

From way back then:

Special Reward:
- Commissar Lind: Good Reputation [Imperial Guard]
- Anatoly Dashkov: Forb. Knowledge [Xeno-Tech]
- Operator MacVyger: Forb. Lore [Xeno-Tech]
- Medic Liam: Scrutiny (increase by one step)
- Storm Trooper Aurius: Increase your wounds by 2 permanently
- Father Bolus: Personal wargear: Pete's Sacrifice, Weapon Training: Melta

Looking at the last one I'd say we know exactly where it is.

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

More like fixing previous amputations, but I'll take it
No numbers for amputees in need of fixing their wound so I'll go with 4 for now

Getting back to the hospital Leni is quite impressed with Krish's preparations.
"Nice! Haven't had help this good since Aubray got Ork'd. Come to think of it even she wasn't that dedicated. Sure she filed away the implements by size due to her ocd but getting the stuff ready like this? Naaah"
She gives Krish a thumbs up and a smile before turning to the crowd.
"Okay guys 'n gals. This is where things turn a little bloody. As I said I'll take care of these guys first, because they need it if they ever want a chance of a new limb. So unless you have a strong stomach OR plan to clean up after yourself make some room. I'll get to you all in due time."
With that she gathers the amputees to inform them what is about to happen.
"Alright. I don't think it's a mystery to you by what criteria i picked you. What you want to know is why I plan to do something about it.
See, your amputations were not treated after the limb was lost. This means a: your nerves clusters are dead and detoriating inside that stump and b: your severed bones are barely covered by that bit of skin that grew over it. Even if you never get the chance to receive a cybernetic limp it'll hurt like a b&~&! whenever anything touches the stump. Or it gets cold. Or hot. Yeah you get the picture.
So what we, that is my capable Assistant Krish right here and plain old I, are going to do is fix up your stumps so they won't hinder you in daily life and they will even be able to receive cybernetics. That is if you can persuade someone that you qualify for them. But THAT is your own problem. We'll just make sure you get the chance.
No complaints? Good. Didn't think so.
Now I don't mind who goes first, draw lots or send a volunteer. I don't care."

Doing a quick survey of the Krishs preparations gives the amputees enough time to decide who wants to try their luck first.
They lay down the patient, then actually for this operation do the old routine of 'does this cloth smell like chloroform to you?' except that only works in movies - chloroform still takes a good few minutes to take effect.
Leni takes that time to show Krish how to hook the patient to the lifesign monitor and how to adjust the dosage according to the ups and downs the monitor shows.
Once the patient is out they start working. It starts of careful, applying a pressure bandage further up the limb, then opening the wound carefully. But that's where the kid gloves come off. Leni takes a long sharp knife and cuts a good 20cm left and right of the bone. She then peels back the flesh, disinfects everything and inserts very small metal spheres at certain places. "Those are for nerve stimulation, they keep the nerves from dying due to disuse."
She then gets out the bone saw and saws through the bone as far up as she can without accidently cutting into the flesh.
This done she once more disinfects everything and puts the previously peeled back flesh back together and sews it together.
Wiping of the sweat Leni straightens up from the field hospital
"Alright, that's that. Now we just slowly lower the sedative dosage until he wakes back up."
It takes a few more minutes before the patient is back up
"All done. You are now the proud owner of an actually properly treated stump. Everything went well so I don't expect any problems but I'd suggest you stay in earshot somewhere if something unexpected happens."
With that the rest of the patients are treated one by one, nothing new and exciting with each procedure. Just a precise and careful application of the above.

Int 58
Medical +10
Master Surgeon +10
Field Hospital +15
Trained Assistant +10
Medkit +20
Hard -20
= 103 (fix Amputation)
= 113 (Stop bleedin)

1d100 ⇒ 84
1d100 ⇒ 57

1d100 ⇒ 85
1d100 ⇒ 85

1d100 ⇒ 26
1d100 ⇒ 45

1d100 ⇒ 6
1d100 ⇒ 74
No fumbles, so all of them are successful

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

Finally getting relieved from 'train duty' without the train going anywhere she goes off to leave once more - patting Lucky on the bit just hard enough for it to be incomfortable.
Out of the train she takes a moment to watch Sarges departure before rounding up Krish - then going straight over to Thudd of all people.

"Hey Big Guy. Can I get just a moment of your preaching time?"

Thudd agrees:

"Come with" she says gesticulating for him to follow her - into the center of the makeshift... base? settlement?
"Me up! Shoulder!" she says, grabbing one of his oversized hands and pointing at herself, then to Thudds right shoulder with her other hand.
Getting half lifted up, half climbing the mountain of a person that is the Orgryn she gets onto his right shoulder and sits down on it. "Thanks Big Guy! Now turn plesae!" she keeps drawing a circle in front of Thudds face, hoping he'll get the message.
Slowly turning around while sitting on Thudds shoulder she makes sure her medic batch is on full display

Thudd is too busy with his new friends:

"'kay Big one, we manage. You do preaching. Talk with emperor important."
Sighing to herself she heads off to the center of the... base? settlement? Expecing Krish to follow.
Muttering to herself: "Well, let's try this the hard way. They should be starved for medical attention anyway. Not like they'll refuse"
Getting to the center she lets out a loud yell of 'Heeeeeelloooo EVERYONE' and slowly starts a 360 degree turn while making sure her medic badge is on full display.

"Alright, got everyones attention? Good. As I hope you can see Emperors' day came early and you know what that means: presents. Today that is an ACTUAL medic, here JUST to sew you sorry mess back together."
She stops turning, or tries to get Thudd to stop. At this point - or after a full 360 degree turn
"So where the Capt'n has been your Papa for a while - ignore the gender, it's called a metaphor - I'll be your Momma for today. That's actually important because we're not getting through this without you showing me a little love as you won't like the next bit."
She pulls off her backpack and starts rummaging in its very depth, drawing out a small sack of yellow-ish pills.
"Every soldier here has these pills down your backpack. And don't lie to me about having used them or lost them somewhere. You and I both know you didn't. These pills are known among soldiers as 'rat piss pills' because they pretty much taste exactly like that. No idea who ACTUALLY confirmed that part but I know for a fact the Mechanicum has added the truth of that statment to medical records so they really DO. Maybe they are also made from rat piss, you never know with that bloody Munitorum issue stuff but anyway I digress. What I want from you is for EVERY... SINGLE... ONE of you to take one of them. That is unless your skin for some reasons looks more like this" she points towards the black-ish burnt skin on her face. "Than THIS" now pointing to the eerily white part of her face.
"Alright alright I know you won't do that for me without a good reason. So here you go: Those are actually Vit D suplement pills, issued by the Munitorum to every soldier going into hive warefare to combat sunlight withdrawl. Which - looking at ever one of you - you guys haven't seen the sun in a while.
So bite down the disgust and get them down your throat. For once I even allow you to down them with a swig of alcohol if you find that one person in camp who somehow still has some stashed away. Don't be fooled be the confused looks around you, there is always at least ONE. So while it's usually not a good idea to mix alcohol and drugs it's more important that you get it down.
That's all for now, I'll get to everyone in turn. Oh, no pill or alcohol for YOU, YOU and YOU, I need you on as sober as stomach as possible."

She points at those with severed limps, those with the worst amputations visible from her position first.

Thudd helped:

"Thanks Big Guy! Much help! Down please."

Rubbing her hands together Leni finally has time to actually give Krish a little heads up what is about to happen.
"Alright. Next up amputations. Looking at this bunch they've had a few 'impropto' ones that did not get properly treated. It might sound counter productive but we'll have to open them back up. First of all infection and gangreen can and will kill some of them if not treated and even those who survive won't be able live without pain because of the bone basically having just a thin layer of skin over it. Let's not talk about the chances to graft a prosthethic to that stump.
So we'll have to open the stumps back up, remove the gangreenous flesh, disenfect the heck out of it and finally cut a bit deeper and remove the bone, using the 'extra' flesh we cut into to seal the stump properly."

More than enough for one post..

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

Back when treating Sarge:

Leni looks up from Sarge, giving Krish a quick once over.
"That'll work. My current assistent is a little indisposed" she nods towards Monia.
"Well well we won't have time for a proper lesson here but lets work with 'exhibition on display'.
Sarge here got hurt by blunt trauma. Doesn't matter whether thats from the attempted free-flight Sarge did or from an Ork wielding a mace like weapon. The treatment is always the same. The imidially obvious injury is the compression of the flesh which bursts vessels and causes internal bleeding - usually called a bruise. Bigger problems include cracked or broken bones. Those are are b!tch because they are gonna stick with the patient for a long time. Biggest problem of them all is ruptured organs.
Bruises are best treated with guard issue anti-bruise. You'll find that in a well stocked medkit. Best used with a syringe directly into te bruise but that hurts like a b#$%&. The other way to do it is to apply it in salve form but obviously that has to permate through the skin so its slower and less potent. It used to be made from saliva from terran 'leeches' but I'm pretty sure we don't want to know where the guard gets the stuff. Haven't seen a leech farm in my life.
Next up: Broken bones. Those have to be supported. For one so they will heal back together the way they actually belong together. Also it hurts like a b&#!& when the bones is not where it belongs so that's a bit of a hinderance for the devoted soldier trying to wressle with green skins and heretics. To do that we use a support like a simple stick or one of those plastek sticks in the medkit and bandage it very tightly so it'll stop the broken bone from moving simply by being there.
Ruptured Organs... Is not something I'll be able to teach you how to treat. Best thing you can do in that case is hand me the stuff I ask the moment I ask them of you. Ah, to make that a smooth process you should probably study the tool names printed in the medkit some time."

Watching Sarge reset his dislocated arm she winces, then continues to explain.
"And there's that. Dislocated bones. Not as bad as a broken bone but still hurts like hell. Sarge basically showed you how to treat those. Except usually you tell them to relax as much as possible then count down from like 5. They'll tense up at 1 going to 0 so pick a number before that to actually pull on the dislocated limb. They'll b%!++ about it but it'll hurt a lot less than what Sarge is feeling right now."
Scratching her chin she adds "Ah, if you don't have a medkit around the best thing you can do is simply cushion the hurt places as best as you can so the soldiers gear won't rest directly on the bruises and treat bones with sticks and scraps of cloth. Best not to use your own sweat drenched fatiques if there are open wounds but that's still better than nothing. We should probably make it a rule that everyone carries around a clean piece of cloth for emergencies."

Treating Simmins:

"Ah, now lets take a look at 'exhibit B'. Sim got shot by a solid round. One of the most common injuries you'll see
Solid round wounds are always open injuries so what we need to do is keep it from bleeding out and keep it from being infected. To keep it from being infected we have to make sure we don't shove up a ton of bacteria in there so first order is to thoroughly sterilize your hands and tools. Next is removing any and all foreign objects. The worst thing in a gunshot wound is usually the soldiers own clothes or shrapnel which broke off from the projectile. When we got everything out its time to remove the projectile if it is still in there. That'll cause some more bleeding because the projectile plucks the blood flow. After its out disinfect again and stitch the bleeding where necessary.
Yeah stitching is not something you'll start out doing any time soon so lets go over the emergency measures. The priorities are disinfecting, stopping the bleeding and stopping infections from that point on.
So clean out the wound as mentioned before, disinfect it and put a pressure bandage over it. Use one of the bandages wrapped in plastek since they are the sterile ones. Not thought that they start getting swarmed with bacteria the moment you expose them to air so don't dilly dally once you ripped the plastek"

Disclaimer: I'm not medical personal there's probably plenty wrong with those descriptions, don't use those at home xP

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- CmdKeen & Lurch >> Chapter Masters >> Lightning Claws & Blood Angels

NOW they've done it. The Blood Ravens finally stole the identity of a first founding chapter...

I did a quick search for 'admiral' in recruitment and discussion and I don't think we ever had a volunteer for that position

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

Like we're letting anyone leave that easy muhahaha. Let Monia take a break for a
bit but always remember - the guard knows your number now. And it will remember
forever =D
Anyway - good luck in whatever is keeping you.

Not going to venture a guess who's coming back. As I said I expect ALL of them
to come back. Patience my friend, patience.

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

"Thank you Sarge. Monia is a great help when she's not causing weird voices to promise you totaly unrealistic stuff. 10 Minutes before Meg can move on her own but I'm pretty sure we can ask Thud to carry her SUPER gently so she won't have any broken bones from the experience. After that make sure to keep her on the outside of the group and have someone keep an eye on her lasgun that it's always pointed outwards. For an hour or so."

Turning to the group she ask loudly: "Anyone else before I pack this stuff away?"

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

As I mentioned before if it is okay with you Choon then she DID try to let Thudd help. Once. Holding someone down when pain suppressant went low. Then had to fix 2 more broken bones.
I'd tend towards giving Monia the medic training. First it is really helpful to have someone cauterize a wound with the flick of a finger when necessary. Second I'm pretty sure the story for that is something along those lines of: "You effing burnt one of OUR guys? AGAIN?!?!? YOU'RE COMING WITH ME. NO, YOU'RE HELPING! SHUT IT! NO IS _NOT_ AN ANSWER!"

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Valens Psi WS28 BS35 S37 T38 AG34 I50 Per31 WP34 FEL32 Wounds 13/13 FP0/1 Salvus Main Gunner

What happened to his old shield? Celephix made him one mid page 20.

Getting asked... nicely:

Psi is rather displeased with the interruption and shows it by turning away the ogre finger... with his manipulator claw
str: 1d100 ⇒ 88 Not even close to anything despite +20 from the claw

which feels like shoving a tree, and with the same success too.

Seeing how trying to strong-arm anything here is doomed to fail he falls back to his other way of showing people his displeasure. By using the "my ears are murdering me" setting on the vox machines that double as his vocal cords.

"A handle on the inside of an armor plate is illogical. It will be weldet to a tank which will mean the handle will be in the way of the compounding process. Even if circumvented the handle will still be between armor plates, far outside of reach for any personal that is not of liquid or gasous state. In which case said personal would not gain anything from reaching said handle because said state would make them unable to grasp it. I cannot accede to such an illogical request."
The so-called voice sounds like a headgehog being draped across a blackboard. Your ears WANT to start bleeding after the first sentence but as it still is only sound they can't. Poor them.

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

Frak it, I'm getting hyped to play Leni again.

New stuff she learned, to be approved:
50ep leftover Mission 1(already approved)

Awareness trained (2Apt, 100ep)
Dodge trained (1Apt, 200ep)
Commerce Known(100)

250 Ep
Stealth 100
Navigate(Surface) 100

The story to this is rather straightforward.
After she encountered battlefield wounds she couldn't treat in the first mission she went ahead and advanced her medical training by helping out in the rearward field hospitals during their supposed R&R (Medicae +10) and after getting on their good sides with a bit of flirting now and again got the head chirugeon to let her play the part of assistant as long as she stayed (Master Chirurgeon)
Seeing as stayin in battlefield ready shape is mandatory she also focused on the other thing a medic needs - fast legs. Focusing on getting to patients as fast as possible(and also away from trouble if necessary but hey, no need to hide that sentiment but also no need to rub it in people's faces) (Sprint)

Now thinking about things she had a good chance to get to people in time - and with the camo cloak she bartered for the stuff from last mission she could probably hide. At least from orks. But that was not exactly a good thing yet - not being seen by them also means they won't shout their lungs out in joy of a target... So after a medical pick up almost went wrong she went over to the scouts and got herself several days of lectures on what to focus on when trying to notice things that are not as they should be(Awareness trained.)
They even had a _very_ useful hint for her: spotting stuff and getting your backside out of there is useful, but it's even better if you can stay in one piece while doing it, by getting out of the way of incoming projectiles(Dodge trained)

Having learned this and having 'time on her hands' when not busy in the field hosptal she lurked around the Munitorum. Since she wouldn't have anything to barter until she returned from the next life threatening trip she focused on how other people got good deals without resorting to shady rat men sitting on piles of loot (Commerce known)

Being the intelligent woman she was she then turned her newfound expirence in spotting things and hiding with her camo cloak both inside out - by trying to 'spot' herself with the camo cloak in her own mind, thus removing one sign after another of her presence(Stealth known)
Now back in the vehicles towards the action she did what preparations she could - that is taking the 'window seat' and crossreferencing what she saw with the map she got when directing the artillery to build a picture of the surrounding area in her mind(Navigate(Surface) Known)

As for medicae auxilia:
If possible I'd prefer to keep it like in mission 1 - Leni tought the squaddies enough to aid her in treatments where she needs more hands than she has available(to date still 2, not likely to change.) instead of having a specific NPC for it(and kinda going back to Comrades?). She probably tought everyone by now - except Thudd. She did try that once when they lacked pain supressant so she asked Thudd to hold down a struggling Trooper - and in the end had to treat 2 additional broken bones(if Choon agrees that it happend of course)

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Valens Psi WS28 BS35 S37 T38 AG34 I50 Per31 WP34 FEL32 Wounds 13/13 FP0/1 Salvus Main Gunner

"Sir. I am having trouble implementing your instructions. Beacon strength is ranged from 0 to 255. Default strength ranges, depending on unit, between 120 and 195. We are currently set at 143. Instruction clearly states to 'turn it up' to 11, yet setting it to specficied integer would not be setting it 'up' but down."

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Valens Psi WS28 BS35 S37 T38 AG34 I50 Per31 WP34 FEL32 Wounds 13/13 FP0/1 Salvus Main Gunner

I think it might be superfluous to say at this point but Valens has no social grace to speak of. He will say whatever his logic calculates in his cogitator enhanced(or some may say scrambled) brain =D

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Valens Psi WS28 BS35 S37 T38 AG34 I50 Per31 WP34 FEL32 Wounds 13/13 FP0/1 Salvus Main Gunner

"That indeed is an insight new to me, Miss Buck. The fact that you publicaly anounced the fact that you are beating suitors _away_ seemed to disprove a theory that you are in fact beating him for his enjoyment. However to have such deep insight in his mating habit, I shall enter your relationship state in the appropriate databases. Thought it is not quite as common in the cold logic of the mechanicus there ARE procedures for the joining of two cogs which are usually offered to menials in the service but not far inside the light of the machine god. I will have to confer with the magos but I believe the offer could be extended."
Valens seems utterly unexcited making this offer. In fact he calmy closes the hatch to the tanks extranous systems and starts muttering a prayer of maintenance.

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Valens Psi WS28 BS35 S37 T38 AG34 I50 Per31 WP34 FEL32 Wounds 13/13 FP0/1 Salvus Main Gunner

The Enginseer looks up and returns the... salute... in a time efficient manner and is already halfway turned towards his work again as he answers.
"Greetings, Leutenant.
May the Omnissiah have blessed your atrociously long and horrendously inefficent rest period with insight on how much more effecient you could become by striving towards his mechanical perfection.
I advise against active attempts to engender interest from the opposite sex. It is unlikely for interested members of the oposite sex to be present who have not already seen each of you in your non-optimized states and any attempts to improve uppon it in the time remaining is insufficient for achieving notable results, if at all possible."

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Valens Psi WS28 BS35 S37 T38 AG34 I50 Per31 WP34 FEL32 Wounds 13/13 FP0/1 Salvus Main Gunner

Valens finally feels anoyed enough at those meatbags to secure the auto-lifter and disengage from it to step forward.

From underneath his red robe blares a voice like an unoiled tank engine running full force while being flattened in a compactor
"Who dares interrupt my Leutenant and I from returning with the spoils the Omnissiah has deigned to grant us through his wayward meatservants in the munitorum?
I rejoice in the thought of attaching these mighty works of the Omnissiah to his blessed tank machines, integrating his holy machinery with nothing but the force inherent in this true limb he has given me and in his infinite Wisdom and the flame of the welding torch, creating a new and intricate work of perfect efficiency."

His gaze, having wandered upwards while recounting about the joys of his comming work, snaps back to the leading soldier.
"Do you wish for me to improve uppon your worthless meatsack form before I start my grand work? I am a busy servant of the Omnissiah but I could be persuaded to test some theories about the interaction of power lifter claws and unaugmented flesh with your help."
His manipulator infurls and twists and clicks like stretching a limb that fell asleep

Intimidate(Str) vs 37+20(Manip Mechadendrite)-20(Unlearned): 1d100 ⇒ 27 2 DoS

Let's see if I can still pull off the crazy mechanicus priest

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Lind Ansley BS37 WS32 S30 A30 T31(T29 2 hours) In28 Wp41 Fel42 Per21 Fate 0/1 Ins18 Wound3/17,Crispy 13/40 +2Clips

The Commissar listens to the Medic speaking quitely, then instead of answering turns to address the squad.
"Squad halt. "
Then taps his combead.
"Enginseer... Enginseer respond. Enginseer confirm receiving...
Is Auspex available?
Inquisitor Sanquinius... Adeptus Ultra Sanquinius Psyker Emperor X-Terminatus... Adeptus Victory Adeptus Inquisitor LemanRuss Adeptus Brave LemanRuss Emperor"

We should probably come up with a proper 'nato' alphabet for the 41st millenium in the discussion thread xD

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Lind Ansley BS37 WS32 S30 A30 T31(T29 2 hours) In28 Wp41 Fel42 Per21 Fate 0/1 Ins18 Wound3/17,Crispy 13/40 +2Clips

From the medium amount of 40k books I've read most writers of said books seem to have only a nodding acquaintance with cold logic =3

But thankfully both cold logic and not-so-cold-I-need-a-villain-so-logic-dictates-evil-actions logic agree on the fact that it is better not to get summarily executed ~

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Lind Ansley BS37 WS32 S30 A30 T31(T29 2 hours) In28 Wp41 Fel42 Per21 Fate 0/1 Ins18 Wound3/17,Crispy 13/40 +2Clips

And for the off-topic part:
What GoW was hinting at is that as for sunday I am now father to a healthy little baby boy so while I might not be as well rested as before I _should_ have enough time to post while watching over him while my wife is asleep. We'll see if I can actually manage it tho

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare


"This.. IS F@%*ING BAD. Just put the hospital down right away, we need to get
started with this. Remember to disinfect thoroughly or we will kill him instead
of helping"

She losens her water flask and cleans off all the blood, then applying
disinfectant spray before wiping it clean with sterile wipes - all from the
medkit of course.
She takes a deep breath and makes sure Phix disinfects as well.
"Well, nothing to it but giving it our damn frakking best, he's not going to
stay with us unless we do this. Lets do this."

Int 58
Medkit +20
Assistant +10
Field Hospital +15
Fate point +10
6 Crit: -60
Penalty: -20
= 33

First Aid: 1d100 ⇒ 17 2DoS for 7 wounds returned

Taking her place next to the patient she puts the tranq she orginally intended
for sarge next to the patient - no point in shooting down his circulation any
more like this but having him stir during the process would be bad.
She directs Phix like before.
"Okay, the internal bleeding is a problem - the one from the artery is
stopped for now but I can't close it with blood coming from everywhere. Now,
what I need you to do is give me sight on what I'm doing. Soak up the blood so I
can stitch the smaller lacerations before we move on to the big problem. Here

She gets to work stitching much like she would've done for an external wound
just with much tighter stitching. At first she has to stop between each
stitching to let Phix soak up the blood but each one she closes stems the flow
of blood more, letting her do more than one before Phix has to help. Eventually
everything but the artery is as stable as she can make it.
"I... think we're doing this. Nice work so far! Don't slack off tho, the big
one is coming now. I'll have to remove the clamp to work on it so disinfect
THOROUGHLY, you'll have to hold it shut for me. No joke, just pinch it between
your fingers. Yes like that. Okay I'm removing the clamp now. Pinch a little
more there's still blood coming through. Alright. I'll need the two ends
together, I have the other end. Alright that should do. Now hold steady, this is
the hard part."

As the two of them old the ends of the artery together she starts stitching the
walls together, careful to only stitch the side she's currently on, not going
through the other side as it would block the blood from going through. Her
breathing steady by sheer force of will but hitches every now and again when her
concentration slips and she sounds like she's been running a marathon for a
second before forcing it back under control.
Slowly the artery is fixed to its counterpart and soon 'Phix can let go and only
as to observe. After a few more minutes Leni is satisfied and straightens up,
wiping away a torrent of sweat from her forehead with her forearm and looking at
what she just did.
"Still leaks a bit, better close it up with some self-disolving spray for
now. He'll have to see a proper chirurgeon soon, but he'll have the time to
actually do so now. Just closing up..."

She applies a wound closing spray around the cut where the two sides of the
artery meet so no blood escapes through the stitches, then closes up the
"Phix. I think we did it. 5 Minutes break... I think"
She sits down by lettings herself fall flat on her ass and leans completly
against the sides of the inflatable field-hospital.
Letting go the force of will that was holding her steady her fingers start to
shake violently, then her hands, arms until she's shaking all over. Her breath
coming in almost hysteric rasping sounds, mixed with hiccups.
Burying her head in her arms to steady the shaking she taps her combead.
"Any... *hic* anyone else critical *hic* or *hic* can I take a break? *hic*"

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

Logic(untrained)+40-20 vs 78: 1d100 ⇒ 48 4DoS

"Don't give up that easily." Leni gets out the map and the coordinate
tool and lights it up using the rechargeable flashlight from her guardsman kit
"So if we take these coordinates from Ashora and add the range she gave
that should be this point. Now heading straight east is this line. Okay now
take the scale of the map into account means that much of the line is one km and
they take... oh f!#@ lemme write that down..."

Using 40 here since 40-50 km was given and Ashora gave a more exact number,
replace with exact number in you head ^^

She writes down:
40 / 60 = 0 0 r40
400 /60 = 6 360 r40
400 /60 = 6

"0.6 repeating klicks per minute, so if the point the line starts is 2
minutes ago when Ashora gave the numbers then they are 1.3 klicks along that
line and adding a marker every 0.66 klicks on that line makes a nice ruler to tell the
artillery boys where to shoot at"

Feel free to add, ask or correct her on those equations, spoiler is for
after we talked this through


Command Channel: "Command, this is Serenus 1st southern approach reporting.
Large motorized orkish warband spotted at coordinates xx,xx heading east,
proceeding to call in artillery strike from local command, please confirm."

Unless no confirmation - or an order to abort - is given:
Local artillery command channel: "Artillery command this is Serenus First
southern approach. Large motorized orkish warband spotted at xx,xx at 0312(insert
current time) hours heading 0,+1 at 40km/h or 0.6 repeating clicks per minute. Requesting artillery
support under authorization Serenus 1st #89-A. current target yy,yy before
adjustmen for shell travel time. Please confirm."

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

Sorry Monia, since you don't have your current status bellow the character
name I just scrolled up till I saw crit damage, probably took the wrong one
^^" that means only -30 instead of -40 for the rolls

"Actually 'Phix you wanted to know about medicine right? Leave the vox work
to Ren'shaw and assist me once you came up with something. I'll be the practical
Good morning Monia, you missed your own fireworks show. I'll take care of your
wounds in a few moments, after that I can't stand to see those rotting monsters
anymore, so take some of the prometheum and burn them to cinders."


"Alright some basics first. Probably going to be the easiest if you think
about the body as a machine. We need food, drink and oxygen for fuel. Most
importantly we need it for our brain, that's like a machine spirit - if that
dies then the rest of the body will follow because it's no longer maintained.
The rest of the body works to maintain itself so it can maintain the brain.
Think about the organs as auxiliary systems - the most important one is the
heart. It pumps the blood through the body to distribute the fuel - most
importantly oxygen to the brain but also everything else. A few seconds without
fresh oxygen to the brain is enough for the patient to black out. 3 or 4 minutes
without fresh oxygen and the patient will suffer brain damage even if rescued
later on.
So, why are injuries so bad unless they destroy organs outright? First of course
is blood loss. Both external, but also internal. If the blood is no longer
within its 'pipes' it no longer carries fuel to the destination and it's
slightly acidic and actually damages organs - or prevent them from working by
its presence. The other point is the skin. It's actually the biggest organ we
have and its most important job is to keep bad stuff out. Even now as we breath
we inhalte millions of poisons, illnesses and probably some ork bits too. Our
lung - and especially our nose - filters the air and tries to only retrieve the
important oxygen. The skin keeps all the bad stuff from entering through other
places. So if our skin is broken through an injury all the bad stuff comes in.
So basically what we do is we make sure WE are sterilized - meaning free of illness
etc - when we work on patients. Then we make sure nothing is in the wound that
doesn't belong there - meaning disinfect it so the illnesses and poisons get out
and actually look inside and remove anything that's still loged in there like
bullets or ork cleaver chips.
I'll do all the hard parts, you make sure your hands and the tools stay clean
and be ready to assist me. And keep your eyes open if I miss anything in the
wounds. "

Medicae explanation +10 vs 68: 1d100 ⇒ 15 6DoS
"Now for the practical demonstration" - she sheds her body armor and gets
out the pliers and counter septic, then points out her old wounds. "See
those? They are wounds but they are already closing and they are not turning red
- no illness or poison got into them. So we can ignore those."
She pulls out
a piece of shrapnel without much of a wince but quite the grimace. "Now
THIS is a fresh wound. We need to remove the shrapnel because it's dirty and get
everything out of the wound that's already inside, like this."
she sprays
the counter-septics over it, then washes it away with a piece of cotton.
"This one is not actually too large, so we could just slap a patch on it, but
for the sake of education we're going to sew it with a few stitches"
grabs a needle and thread from the first aid kit, disinfects them and stitches
the shrapnel wound with gritted teeth.
"Now if we do that to anyone else we give them something to bite on so they
don't bite their togue off but I can hardly tell you about it with something in
my mouth can I? The reason this thread is not seen as foreign object by the body
is because its manufactured artificial sinew - a substance natural to the body"
She finishes the stitching, then lets 'Phix do a few, correcting her every
now and again and reminding her to disinfect often, then after a few more
fragments she takes over and finishes with practiced hands.
Medicae +Assistant +Medkit vs 88: 1d100 ⇒ 93 1DoF, looks like the practical demo wasn't as succesful as the explanation but only 2 damage are healable anyway, the others already count as treated
"Now, any questions?"

Of course she puts the armor back on after finishing the demonstration

First RP post up, more treatment posts coming after I get some reactions to the ones so far ^^

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare

"Will they just bloody f%%#ing die already?"
Leni aims at the ork on top of doombringer and fires a single high powered beam

+10 Aim
+10 Single shot
+10 close range

Single shot overload vs 62: 1d100 ⇒ 50 50 -> 05 Hit location: head
Damage: 1d10 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15 Pen 2, rightous fury!
RF: 1d5 ⇒ 4

Ammo: 18/60 4spare

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Leni Tivnan Medic BS32 WS25 S29 A28 T25 I63 Will32 Fel30 Per26 Hp15/15 Fate2/2+1 Ins0 Cor7 30/30 4spare
Ashora Kail wrote:
Also: can I get that bonus for having a braced weapon? The longlas doesn't have a bipod or anything but the I put some care into that nest...

Check the bracing rules in the campaign info:

Battle Reference wrote:

Bracing a Weapon:

..Half Action to brace the weapon. Remains braced until moved. Shooting a heavy weapon without bracing is @-30BS.
..A braced weapon increases the BS:
....+5: Assuming a more stable stand / crouch
....+10: Using solid objects, laying prone: sandbags, trenches, usually ALWAYS if you have cover
....+15: Using dedicated tools: weapon mounting, fire slits, three- or bipods

So probably +10?

And since we're on the rule questions: just noticed I have the jaded talent since the start, so I guess I can scratch the insanity points?

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Tech Priest Magos Explorator WS41 BS36 S43 T41 A32 I51 Per37 Wil35 Fel37 Wounds: 12/12 Fate: 3/3

Iota was rarely seen after the console was replaced, keeping to himself in the small storage space near the enginarium which is off limits for anyone even of the cult, housing his private experiments. He only emerged twice to reconsecrate plasma conduits. Being the veins of the ship only he himself has the clearance to take such important matters in his hands.


His current project is a structure for a geller field weapon - a portable platform on which he wants to engineer a minimized geller field generator which generates only a very small field comparatively but one that extends outwards from the weapon muzzle for 20-30 metres.
The theory behind this is that a generator building a static portable field would be too unwieldy to carry, but a weapon firing bolts of 'reinforced reality' might be enough to banish the warp spawned abominations he encountered during field failures on the Occurance Border.

Would that be tech use or a trade roll for the platform? I'd takle this as ongoing project - trying to appropriate geller field components then attempting to downsize them and lastly fitting them on the platform.

He arrives on the bridge moments after the Rex exits the warp in fulll expedition gear - a Bolter slung under his Robes and an Axe openly at his belt. He communes with his junior tech priests in binary through the ship systems, handing them a list of items to appropriate after landing - mainly replacement spare parts for those that had been used during the journey but also including any geller field components they can acquire.
He follows the lord-captain to the shuttle and onto the station while his junior tech priests find a place long before the senior officers arrive.
He sets his Auger systems to full scans, overlaying a map of lifesigns onto his memorance implant visual.

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Tech Priest Magos Explorator WS41 BS36 S43 T41 A32 I51 Per37 Wil35 Fel37 Wounds: 12/12 Fate: 3/3

The doors to the bridge of the Victus Rex open once more exactly 30 minutes after entering the system, revealing Iota accompanied by an acolyte in rust red waving a censer. He strides directly towards the system control console only pausing to nod a greeting to the lord captain.
A short flash can be seen from his Hands before he places them on the console.

tech use: interface with control console: 1d100 ⇒ 100
And gets thrown back a step with a burst of frustrated binary, sparks arcing between the console and his hands.
It takes a moment for him to recompose himself, then he motions the acolyte forward to douse the console in the holy smoke. A chatter of binary(prayer to the Omnissiah) can be heard as he applies sacred oils.

tech use: fixing that mess: 1d100 ⇒ 100
Making more sparks fly and the console itself starts to smoke.

Sigh, this is going to take a while to fix. while bringing up a Communication channel to the enginarium, another red robed acolyte answering him.
The Omnissiah decreed that the maintenance rituals for the system control console have been insufficent. Bring up the spare parts and send E498 through E503 equiped for replacement rituals.

After a few minutes more tech acolytes show up with servitors in tow carrying machine parts. They get to work on the console immediately, directed by Iota.
Extended Tech Use: Replacing the console: 1d100 ⇒ 8
Testing against Int 46, +10 for combi tools, Unnat(int) reducing the difficulty by 1, and having more than 2 helpers for another reduction of difficulty

Sigh, totaly needed that to start the campaign ~