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If an intelligent item is destroyed can you cast reincarnate on its remains?

So im wondering the worm that walks template states...

"A worm that walks loses any natural attacks the base creature had, but gains a slam attack that deals damage based on its size. This slam has the grab ability and affects creatures up to one size larger than the worm that walks. A worm that walks retains any weapon proficiencies the base creature had."

Does this mean each natural attack is replaced with a different slam? Or do they get just the one slam?

So i was thinking a cool alchemist archetype would be some sort of brew-master but besides the concept of magical booze i cant think of any cool special ability to swap out for.

Bombs don't seem appropriate for the archetype so those would be changed but that's as far as i got so far.

Any ideas?

Can an alchemist under the effects of one of his own Infusions transfer said infusion into a Reservoir tattoo?

Can you use the spell storing armor ability to place a beneficial touch spell and than at some point touch yourself giving yourself the benefits of that spell?

Can an intelligent magical item have class levels?

I want to cook up a home brew alchemist that mastered the ability to craft hybrid animals. Think owlbears and Duckbunnies and the like, Both of which were created by mad magic user types. Anyway im haveing a hard time coming up with a starting point.

My initial thought would be an animal companion + summoner evolutions or something like that.

Any idea would be helpfull.

looking for a little help.

I cant choose tiamats last 3 feats. so far she has.

Feats Cleave, Critical Focus, Empower Spell, Greater Vital Strike, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Initiative, Improved Iron Will, Improved Vital Strike, Iron Will, Multiattack, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Stunning Critical, Vital Strike, Wingover

Any ideas?

Ok so an awakened animal that gets a class level become proficient in lets say a longsword he weilds it in his mouth. (Think Repede from Tales of vesperia or Sif the great grey wolf from Dark souls.)

Soo if the animal were to take levels in free hand fighter could they benefit from the archtype ?

is this unbalanced?

Allot of people i play with are barking for a Int based cleric so i thought a magic subdomain might do the trick. Does this seem balanced or potentialy game breaking?

Magic Subdomain: Thaumaturgy

Thaumaturgist(ex): Through the teachings of your deity you learn to apply the trappings of magic and reason into your religious studies. Unlike most Clerics, whose godly magic is powered by empathy and wisdom, you use your intellect to understand and master your Divine spells. You use your Intelligence, rather than your wisdom, to determine spellcasting ability in your Cleric class, such as bonus spells per day, the maximum spell level you can cast, the save DCs of your spells. You gain a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft checks.

Replacement Domain Spells: 1st level—magic aura, 4th level - arcane eye, 6th—analyze dweomer.

Name that Creature!.

I am making a blog showcasing new free pathfinder monsters each week. Every year i'm gonna put together a pdf which I will sell somewhere on the cheap (drivethrough RPG and the like) containing all the monsters from the blog and new ones.

Every now and than i'm going to have a little contest like this where i ask for a name. The person who's name idea i use will get a free copy of the yearly monster PDF.

Anyway here is the first entry.

And extra-planar shark with a swordlike snout and spikes down its back. As it moves through the water its spines vibrate causing sonic damage and confusing prey.

Ok so lets say your GM adopted the ultimate campaign rule of retraining.
What kind of trade off would you give classes that have it as a class feature (fighters and Sorcerer) sense they basically no get nothing special from it.

Ok i was looking at Improved Eldritch Heritage. And thought that a Lvl 1 sorcerer already has all the Benefits of its Prerequisites Eldritch Heritage just as class features. No assuming he had the Proper Skill focus as per the Eldritch heritage feat Would he qualify for Improved eldrich heritage feat assuming he multiclassed into something else and stopped advancing as a sorcerer?

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I was looking at the spellfire wielder feat and the spellfire adept class and thought that sense someone is born with the ability to weild it it would make a great sorcerer bloodline.

anyway i am hitting some roadblocks here is what i have so far, Any help would be great.

Spellfire Weilder


Class Skill:

Bonus Spells: (3rd), (5th), (7th), (9th), (11th), (13th), (15th), (17th), (19th)

Bonus Feats: Arcane blast, Weapon Focus ray

Bloodline Arcana:

Bloodline Powers: Your magic benefits from the latent , growing more potent as you gain levels.

Arcane resiorvior (Su) - At 1st level, you gain the ability to supress the magic of magic items for 24 hours. Make a touch attack agains an item the items weilder may make a will save (dc 10 + charisma mod + 1/2 caster level) to resist the train. Upon a failed save the magical item ceases working for 24 hours, Only a single function of your choosing is supressed objects with multiple functions require an aditional use of this power.

Upon reaching 3rd level when you drain an item you can store the drained energy within yourself an ammount equal to 3 + your charisma modifier. This pooled energy may be used to 'recharge" uses of your sorcerer powers. You may replinish your uses of spellfire blast with the expendadure of 2 arcane resiorvior. You may expand 1 point to replinish one minute of your Spellfire wings.

This ability may be used 3+ charisma modifier times per day.

Spellfire Blast (Su) - At 3rd level, you can fire a ray of spellfire. this does nontyped damage 1d6 +1 per 2 sorc levels. This has a 30 ft range. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. by expending a use of spellfire blast Characters with the Arcane blast feat may add this damage to that of their arcane blast as well.

At 15th level you may create a 20 ft burst (reflex for 1/2 damage) and may use your arcan blast feat to further augment the damage.

Spellfire Wings (Su): At 9th level, you can sprout wings of flame and fly for a number of minutes per day equal to your sorcerer level, with a speed of 60 feet and good maneuverability. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be used in 1 minute increments.

(Ex, Sp, Su) - At 15th level, you can

Crown of spellfire (Ex) At 20th level spellfire sufuses you, you may sheath yourself in a cloak of spellfire as a free action. While this cloak is active you give off light as a daylight spell, Gain SR equal to 10 + Sorc levels, Dr 10/magic, Any weapon striking you that has a hardness less than half your sorcorer levels gains the broken condition. a second strike renders the item destroyed.

Take the name of something from pop culture and make it into something in pathfinder.


Sharknado (level 9 spell)
Creates tornado forced winds and summons 1d4+1 Large air elementals that take the form of sharks.

An artifact that when wound renders you immortal (ageless and immune to death effects) for a random amount of time Anywhere from (1 d 20 years )each time you die you are resurrected via a true resurrection spell on the night of the next blood moon.

However when your times up 1d6 demons are summoned every round and attack you until you are dead. If your killed this way no form of Resurrection short of devine intervention can restore your life.

If someone else should find the dethklok and wind it themselves, your time is instantly up.

So im makeing a Wide area non lethal damage spell. Think fireball but non lethal. I am thinking its going to be a third level force evocation But how much damage should it do? same damage as fireball seems under powers sense it can do no real damage. What would be a good number? Double that of fireball?

Ok so i want to rework the oracle slightly.
the idea is oracles can come about by any curse. Even a simple bestow curse spell. the oracle learns to cultivate the curse into innate magic.
As such i want to build oracle curses around other types of curses other then the ones in the oracle class.

I'm just having an issues locating all the curses that can be visited upon you by all the types of creatures.

there are the spells with a curse descriptor.

Mummy rot is a curse and a disease.

Linnorm can curse

What else can Curse you?

I Used to have a program that aided in designing new spells. This program had a fill in the blank interface and automatically format the information into a spell stat block. For the life of me i cant seem to find the program again. Any one know of anything like this and where i might find it?

Thank you all for your time.

So im wondering sense these spells came out after the cor rules and they thematically fit with form of the dragon and animal shapes do these spells also get folded into shapechange sense the idea is that shapechange lets you turn into pretty much anything??

I am creating a demonlord who is the Demonlord (lady) oF violence with the gun.

Vistereid Demonlord of violence by the gun.

Im picturing her at an outlaw among even the lawless demons. A sadistic demonic gunslinger who travels the lower planes committing violent crimes. Robbing hellish convoys, Waylaying angelic peacekeepers. Murder and debauchery across the outer planes. She has no realm of her own but does have a gang of outlaw monsters she travels with to do her crimes.

Anyway im having issues thinking of special abilities. Figuring she has some minor artifact pepperbox guns. (+5 Unholy, chaotic, speed, shocking burst) She is in love with the gun and vice versa. she often talks to it and it seems to reply to her. Some say it Is intelligent and houses the soul of a mortal Gunslinging serial killer.

Some ideas i have been kicking around.

Use a ranged SLA as a swift action when she scores a critical hit.

Give any gun the scatter quality.

Some grit powers.

Anyone have any other ideas?

Her possie includes

A gunslinging Grave Knight.

Rides around on a skeletal champion Dragonhorse.

A hezrou demon alchemist

couple other i haven't thought up yet.

Just what the title says. I came up with an arcana that i feel fits. does this seem balanced?

Arcane evasion (Ex)

Prerequisite: None

Benefit: By expending one point of her arcane pool the magus gains evasion for one Minute. If she already posesses evasion she instead gains improved evasion. A Magus over 10th level may spend an aditional point of her arcane pool in order to gain improved evasion.

So i got a copy of Bestiary 4 and though hey now is the time too cook up lolth and send her back to her demon lord roots. I did a fairly straight forward conversion, she has most of the lolthy powers she used to have backed up by being CR 27

so far

SLA caster level 27
Constant-detect good, detect law, detect magic freedom of movement, Read Magic
speak with animals (Spiders only), true seeing, Spider Climb, unholy aura (DC 28)

At will-astral projection, blasphemy (DC 25), Clairaudience-Clairvoyance, dancing lights, Deeper Darkness, faerie fire, feather fall, greater dispel magic, greater teleport,levitate, shapechange, Spit Venom (DC 25) telekinesis (DC 23), Tongues, unhallow, unholy blight' (DC 22), Vermine shape II

3/day- Creeping Doom, Dominate, Hungry Darkness,Phase Door, Polymorph any object, summon demons,Summon spiders, Symbol of insanity, divine favor, suggestion

1/day-time stop, Gate

Light Blindness: Abrupt exposure to bright light blinds
Lolth for 1 round; on subsequent rounds, she is dazzled
as long as she remains in the affected
Poison Use (Ex) Lolth is skilled in the use of poison and never
risk accidentally poisoning Herself.

Poison Webs (ex): web-contact; save Fort DC 40; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d6 Str damage; cure 3 consecutive saves. See rules for poison stacking as the character is poisoned with a dose of poison webs each round he is entangled.

Poison Bite (ex): Poison (Ex) Bite; save Fort DC 40; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d6 Con drain and staggered for 1d6 rounds.; cure 3 consecutive saves.

Takes double damage from holy water.

Chaos destruction evil trickery

+5 adamantine ghost touch unholy chaotic dagger

+5 unholy, wounding, vishous Scorpion whip.

she still seems lacking so I guess im looking for more Lolthy Special abilities.

ANy ideas?

I was thinking maybe a drider curse or something.

I know there are some bloodlines that thematicaly fit with certain schools of magic (undead bloodline fitting well eanough with necromancy) but has anyone developed bloodlines with each school of magic in mind. Such as an Illusion bloodline or a conjuration bloodline?

I am converting the regions to pathfinder. My idea is to take the old 3.0 forgotten realms handbook and replace region feats with thematically similar traits. However i cant find allot of the equivalents. Anyone willing to help tackle this would be greatly appreciated.

This is how i plan on doing it.

The area in question.

Additional languages added to the characters list of bonus languages.

Traits common to that area.

Common Equipment
Equipment and weapons common to the area. People from that area treat exotic weapons in this category as martial weapons. (same idea as race based exotic weapons)

Any help or idea would be much loved.

What kind of god is Höðr All he ever did in myths was get tricked by loki and Kill Baldr and also was blind. I want to make an after Ragnarok campaign but for the life of me I can figure what what Höðr's domains and godly influence might be.

so far all i have is (As far as i can figure these gods are the only Ragnarok survivors.)

Balder (Light)
Höðr (the blind god)
Honir (Made man)
Vidar (Vengeance)
Vali ( son of loki got turned into a Wolf)
Modi (Berserkers)
Magni (Strength)
Njord (Wind and seas)
Asphodel (Godess of the sun)
Mani (God of the Moon)
Skoll (Treachery)
Hati (Hate)

Anyway any help would be helpful.

Is it against the rules to animate a dead body using animate object? If yes how would you stat such a creature. Medium animated object or Just swap the zombie over to the construct type?

Here is a Ring gun.

I saw this pic and instantly it thought gunslingers and steampunk and magical item.

Any ideas what kind of stats it might have? Any ideas?

Ok so i cooked up a smurf race Based off the original comics and cartoon.

Schtroumpf Racial Traits

Abilities: Schtroumpf are varried in their abilities +2 to any one attribute -2 to strength

Speedy: A schtroumpf is faster than other creatures of its size and has a base speed is 30 feet.
Size: Schtroumpf are Tiny sized.+2 Ac and attack, -2 to CMD and CMB. +4 fly skill and +8 to stealth.
Nitch: schtroumpf may pick any one skill, this skill becomes a class skill. The schtroumpf also gains skill focus in that skill as a bonus feat.
Team Work: Schtroumpf, Despite their highly individualistic natures work well in teams, Whenever someone uses an aid another action on a Schtroumpf it gains an aditional +1 on top of the normal +2 bonus.

Any ideas what kind of class(es) Papa Smurf would be? (Alchemist/Wizard/Sorc/Druid) all seem like viable options.

ALso i was wondering what kind of class gargamel might be. (Wizard seems best but maybe alchemist also)

I making a new base class the expert. he is the ultimate skill monkey and his schtick is skill tricks. Things he can do with skill above and beyond normal joe schmoe with a skill.

for example a Expert with a high enough Perception might be able to spot secret or hidden doors like and elf. Or one with a high enough Craft Alchemy might render himself immune to any poison below x Save dc (His skill ranks or something)

Anyway the Skill tricks are set apart in 3 Tiers.

Skill Trick (lower lvl stuff)
Advanced Skull trick (lv 10 ish)
Ultimate Skill trick (capstone Powers)

My problem is i cant think of much along the way of skill tricks. basically so far im emulating a bunch of class features from other classes. Trackless step as a stealth talent, Hide in plain sight.

Anyone have any ideas for this badboy to make him playable versatile and interesting?

Ok i want to stat up a Monster (Aranea to be precise) that has innate sorcerous abilities. i also want to give her some Arcane Blood Sorcerer levels. Does this bump up the caster levels she already has or does she have two different separately tracked sorcerer spells per day?

Dwarf genesis

In the beginning there were the giants in a land befittingly called the kingdom of giants. all manner of giant animals lived and thrived and all sought to the protection of and to protect the giantheart an ancient elemental forest throbbing with the very pulse of creation, things were wild and savage in this primordial world but the giants ruled and protected it.

Storm Giants with domains over thunder and lightning lived in the thunderous peeks.

The calm cloud Giants with domain over Rain and air lived upon the very winds upon their cloudhomes.

Hill Giants with domains over the barren hills and animals lived in their Hilly homes running wild and savage

Fire giants with domains over flames and lava sang and clashed in their volcanoes

Frost Giants with domains over the ridged cold and ice ruled a kingdom in their glacial home.

Mountain giants with domain over earthquakes and the unforgiving mountains thrived in their cruel mountainous castles

and the stone giants with their domains of caves and earth lived in the such places.

One day though the Stone giants in their cavernous homes came across the shiny metals in the rock. golds and silvers and platnums and showed brothers what they had found. all but the Mountain giants who were more concerned with their cruelties were in awe of the lovely things. Still further the stone dwarves dug and found Onyx and diamonds and emeralds. and These too were coveted and beheld by the other giants.

Frost Giants pulled pearls from the ocean.

Fire giants called forth rubies from their volcanic homes.

Cloud giants wove clouds into fabulous garments.

Storm giants forged weapons of lightning and thunder.

Hill giants being simple creatures slew the animals and made their bones into great works.

All the while the mountain giants laughed.

The stone giants grew rich and the other giants grew jealous and fighting broke out. But still the stone giants Dig their tunnels hungry for even greater wealth. They found only death. Within the reaches of the earth the primordial balancer slept. a being trapped long ago. but still it slept the giants greed still took hold of their hearts for the creatures had skin of shiny smooth metal with the hardness of a diamond it was beautiful and terrible to behold the stone giants hauled the wondrous creature from the deep mines to show its brothers. a great congress was called and the richest of all the giants came to see this new treasure, save of course for the mountain giants.

It is said the ancient energy of the giantheart lulled the torpid beast from its slumber. The giants battled but had grown soft with their greed and were almost nearly destroyed. as was the giantheart only the savage warlike mountain giants had the strength to battle the creature back down into the earth and bury it again.

What energy the wildheart had left turned away from the giants as the giants had turned from it and from that point on the children of such were small and puny dubbed dwarves were enslaved the the greedy giants and for a time lived under the yolk of their brutish ancestors until the great revolt the dwarves learned their lessons well and fought back against their giantish ancestors . The fallen giants wishing to regain the favor of the wildheart were cruel and warred with these dwarves but the dwarves learned how to fight back but were still thrown from their homes.

The other giants eventually died off save the few remaining mountain giants. But the dwarves lived on wandering the cold hard lands of the world finding shelter wherever they could. still they lived on and in their own ways thrived and prospered. their hearts still having a portion of the greed they built their homes where their fortunes might be found.

Storm Dwarves

Passionate and proud. these dwarves have thunderous voices like the storms they live about.

Fire dwarves

Fiery and creative the fire dwarves live in volcanoes wielding flames like other wield tools and weapons. Pyromaniacs and anarchists they personify the chaos of fire.

Frost Dwarves

Cold and dispassionate. these dwarves hearts are as bitter and cold as the glaciers they call home.

Warf Dwarves

Ocean dwelling cousins of frost dwarves these dwarves call the frigged waters home and craft cities out of long dead coral mountains on the bottom of the ocean.

Hill Dwarves

Wild and savage the Hilldwarves are a barbaric people surviving on raiding and pillaging as much as agricultural practices.

Stone Dwarves

The most common of the dwarves the stone dwarves carve great homes out of their stony domains and work metal. pretty much what one might expect a dwarf to be like.

Blackstone Dwarves

Similar to Stonedwarves only driven from their underground home by an undead plague they are adapted and have come to embrace living on the surface world.

(Any ideas for alternate racial traits?)

Ok i wanna make a lv 20 Half elf summoner (maybe a synthasist not sure) and i want his Eidolon to be modeled after the tarrasque. However im not to handy wit summoners. Anyone wanna give me some advice or help me out?

Ok i have this idea for an Oracle/Sorcerer/Mystic Theurge build.

The idea is to pump out as many damage causing AOE spells as possible and work off the synergy of the charisma main stat.

So basically Sorcerer 5 oracle 5 and mystic theurge 10.

Ideas i had were Flame mystery and red dragon bloodline. (Maybe efreet or elemental)

Maybe a half orc for the bonus fire damage favored class bonus for Sorc.

Anyone have any other ideas?

No non piazo third party stuff please.

So i had this idea that might put some life into Prestige classes. Would it be unbalanced to give, at lv 20 a capstone ability equivalent to a capstone ability of a normal 20 level class to someone whom has all the levels of a prestige class?

For example someone who is an arcane archer with 10 levels and none levels in something else can instead get an 11th level of arcane archer and score a more useful capstone power, something onpar with say a rangers lv 20 power.

Anyone ever convert the base classes into something playable and versatile?


Expert: Skill monkey with skill trick kind of like rogue talents but based around skills allowing them to use skills in new and exciting ways.. also would gain a bunch of bonus feats.

Noble: A Spell less bard variant probably.

Warrior: Um fighter or something

Adept: Kinda witch flavored to me already so yeah witch

Pesant: Not sure here.

Anyone ever do any conversions like this.

Under the loremaster PrClasss it says each secret can only be selected one time. Does this apply to the Applicable knowledge or instant mastery Secrets?

Seems weird that it would sense Pathfinder is all about the versatility.

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bonnacon CR 8

XP 4,800
N Large magical beast (Fire)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Perception +17

AC 20, touch 9, flat-footed 20 (+11 natural, –1 size)
hp 100 (8d10+56)
Fort +13, Ref +6, Will +7

Speed 30 ft.
[b]Melee gore +14 (2d8+7), 2 hooves +9 (1d6+3)
Space[/b] 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Deathly Emissions, Death Throws, trample (2d8+10, DC 21)

[b]Str 24, Dex 10, Con 24, Int 2, Wis 16, Cha 9
Base Atk[/b] +8; CMB +16; CMD 26
Feats Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Perception +17

Deathley Emissions (Su): ANy Square a bonnacon moves through Ignites as though a wall of fire had sprung up there. This if from the creatures Highly flaming elemental Offal.

Death Throws (Su): When a bonnacon Is slain the Poo in it intestines flares up and explodes Covering all squares within 50 ft with its flaming Offal. Creatures must roll fortitude saves or be nauseated for 1d6 rounds.


This variant of the Bonnacon lacks the deathly emissions ability but instead of Flaming Offal can actually fire a cone of flame and ash from its rear (Its burned Poo in reality) This functions as a breath weapon useable every 3 rounds (30 ft cone 6d6 Fire damage + nauseated for a round, Dc 21 reflex for 1/2 damage and avoids nauseating effect.)

Anyone ever do any work converting the gem dragons from Mystara?

Located here.

Alienist Focus School (summoner)

Pseudo Summons: In addition to normal summoning creature an alienist can also summon Pesudonatural versions of any creature that normally would gain either the celestial or fiendish template. This replaces Acid dart.

Extra Summoning: At 8th level the Alienist can prepare two summon monster spells with her bonus conjuration slot each level. This replaces Dimensional Steps.

Wizard arcane Discoveries That Complement Alienists.

Immortality, Multimorph, True Name

I recall there being an article that had rules for living spells as an improved familiar. Anyone know anything about this or have converted such thing?

Hello, Im wanting to homebrew some spells. I recall a spell formating program somewhere. You just type your info into each potion of the spell statblock and it auto formats it for you. the only problem is i cant seem to find the program anymore. Anyone have any ideas where it might be?

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Im trying to make a balanced hagspawn conversion more inline with the other races in Pathfinder. Though i am drawing inspiration from the forgotten realms version this will be more for a Scarred lands setting though should be playable in either setting.

The original hagspawn have the following traits..

Hagspawn have the following abilities and characteristics.
• +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, –2 Charisma: Hagspawn are
strong and hardy, but are sullen and ill-tempered.
• Medium-size.
• Land speed 30 feet.
• Monstrous Humanoid: Hagspawn are not subject to spells
or effects that affect only humanoids, such as charm person
or dominate person.
• Darkvision: Hagspawn can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
• Natural Armor: +2 natural armor bonus.
• Spell resistance of 11 + character level.
• Automatic Languages: Common, Giant. Bonus Languages:
By character region.

Proposed changes

+2 Str, +2 (some mental stat) -2 Charisma

Type: Humanoid (hag)

Natural Armor: reduced to +1

Spell Resistance: 5 + Character level

That puts them on par i think with Commoner drow.

Any other suggestions?

Anybody know of a kabuki bard or rogue archtype?

What Archtypes roughly correspond to various Scarred lands prestige classes?

For example A golden Knight is the rough equivalent to the Hospitilar paladin archtype.

Any other Ideas on rough equivalents?

does anybody know if there is a flying cavalier archetype out there? I.e. a cavalier that uses a flying mount instead of a land mount?

I had this idea for wizards whom more specificaly specialized in certain areas of their Primary school.

I was thinking this could be done by the introduction of wizard discoveries. there might be arch necromancer discoveries or arch Conjuror. Things like that, they would have prerequisites that you need to be a specialist wizard in a certain school.

Any ideas on a specific one?

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