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There is a good deathknight here.

If an intelligent item is destroyed can you cast reincarnate on its remains?

Umm free hand fighter comes to mind.

Thats just something demonlords in previous editions can do. Doesn't seem to be a thing in pathfinder, You can just magic wand it in there if you want, I know i will in my game however im leaving it out to make it more in line with the other demonlords.

Valkyn Highwind wrote:
I honestly didn't know his first name, and he is one of my favorite orcs from that universe.

The more you know [insert shooting star], Shouldnt be to hard, wise, Middle aged orc with all the cleave feats.

Or the greatest orc ever Varok Saurfang!

wow spells

Ice Block

School evocation [cold]; Level sorcerer/wizard 2

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, M (a piece of quartz or rock crystal)

Range medium Personal

Effect Self and adjacent squares

Duration 1 round/level

Saving Throw none; see text; Spell Resistance no

The Barrier takes the form of a hemisphere, filling the squares adjacent to the caster Providing Full cover. Creatures and objects in the area of the forming barrier are pushed unharmed into unoccupied squares.

The barrier has 5 hit points per caster level. Creatures can hit the wall automatically. If a creature tries to break through the wall with a single attack, the DC for the Strength check is 15 + caster level.

Might need some tweaking but seems fairly close to the witcher.

Looks really good.

Make Spell secret a Discovery. Having a free meta-magic applied to one spell can be pretty handy.

As for taboos just roleplay them if they are part of the mage society the character comes from.

*Thumbs up*

Blade dhampir slayer as he doesn't have all the nature stuff.

cliff is fine

Set wrote:

Impaling Spikes, on page 44 of the document, is misspelled 'Impailing Spikes.' I have no idea if it's misspelled or not, but the spells are converted by 'clff rice.' Should that be Cliff?

acording to google, impaleing or impailment seems to be the right.

Arakhor wrote:
There's no place like them.


Valkyn Highwind wrote:

After more than a month missing we bring you an enemy from the frozen depth of Nothrend.

“I was cast out by my comrades. Exiled. Forced to wander the frozen wastes...but I was not alone. Not entirely. The voice, now my only companion, guided me to my destination. Strange, nightmarish creatures awaited me at the entrance. I felt my blood run cold, as cold as Icecrown itself.
Inside, I bore witness to horrific acts, demonstrations of power, power that could be mine for the asking. Terrified, I ran...but did not get far. All too soon, my choice was made. Too late did I realize that such power does not come...without a price.
Now, the world shall pay a far greater toll, for I have returned.
I am Kel’Thuzad...
Your curiosity will be the death of you.”

- Kel’Thuzad

World of Warcraft for Pathfinder (Main File)

GREAT WORK! The summon horror spells actually allow for the summoning of undead and cthulhu (i.e. Old god) like monsters. might want to add a "If you have heroes of horror" side bar.

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tinker gnomes are the only cool gnome.

Zedth wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Cherlindrea and Bavmorda are wizards.
I've never read the novel(s) but I always interpreted Cherlindrea to be a sort of high-level fey, not a wizardess. Maybe an archdryad or something?

My point was that the world had very high magic showings Bavmorda didn't have the want when she pigged the army.

I didn't mean to imply that willow was an uber mage just that uber mages were a thing.

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KainPen wrote:

yeah unlike other literary character, like Conan ect. that have tons of books about them and they doing all sort of crazy things. Willow is fairly simple I would say Willow fall into the lower level range. with Willow being level 3 or 4 character, I say two levels commoner, 1 level rogue or ending level 1 wizard.

Madmartigain being level 6 or 7. The bad guy knight level 5.

Willow has some very high magical showings. Shape-shifting a troll into a colossal Hydra/dragon whatever and poly-morphing a whole army into pigs come to mind.

They just handed out magic items willy nilley. Here willow have some acorns that can turn anyone to stone meaning a single shot magical item that casts a 6th level wizard spell. Willow is firmly set into high fantasy at least in the transmutation department..Love powder ect ect ect.

willow himself Halfling Wizard with a dip into rogue or something with good sleight of hand skills. 1 level in each by the time willow is over.

By the end of the shadow war saga Willow is probably like rogue 1/wizard 12.

magus with words of power alternate castery thingy. Maybe Skald?

Uuuuummmm.... how about Mew Two?

Go to hehehehe.

I guess a PR class makes some sense.

I guess i can kinda see that template but not to sure. Is imbued weapon like runes blades or Like One of the DK strikes. They can animate dead but Where are the death Coils and the death and decays and the death grips and ice strikes and the other ability's?

Are the symbol spells supposed to be rune forging?

A DK magus can have allot of the DK signature ability's retooled into spells.

Abti paladin dk already has all the armor Profs and allot of the ability's that can be reskinned. Fiendish boon can get you a rune weapon (though all dk should get them anyway, Maybe swap out Smite with something like a weapon fiendish boon.) and it can also emulate having an undead minion if we use summon horror instead of summon monster.

Adding a few ice spells to the Paladins spell list would fluff out some stuff.

Deathknights need their own anti paladin archtype.

Not sure if its more of a magus or anti paladin kinda thing though.

I was kinda thinking magus because arthas while he was a paladin at one point and anti paladin kinda fits the bill thematically, however almost none of an anti paladins abilities really mirrors those of a death-knight and arthas doesn't seem to be following another power, he is after his own ends.

Machanicaly DK seems closer to Magus. a warrior also versed in (Necromantic) magic.

Ideas? Thoughts?


ok just thought i would throw it out there to help. I'm kinda handy with Photoshop i can color a black and white pic if you need me to. Just PM me a link.

the burnt world of athas has 3.0 conversions for pretty much all of the monsters might save some work on the ones you have left to do.


How complete do you want your monster list?

Meh just watch tutorials. Ive taken an in design class and the tutorials are just as informative. YouTube is your friend.

Looks pretty cool. I like the cavalier changes. Seems like it would go well the order of Gol'Kosh.

But where is the cool picture i linked?

just a tweaked order of the warrior now with 200% more orcish flavor.

"By Gol'Kosh, Make them Bleed!"

Gol'kosh is a word that mean "By My Axe" So this order could be called the order of the axe.

Order of Gol'kosh
Cavaliers belonging to the order of Gol'kosh are dedicated to Upholding the old ways of honorable combat, Strengthening their allies and protection of the horde.

Edicts: The cavalier must strive to protect those too weak to protect themselves. One must demand loyalty for such protection, such favors are not free. Victory is the greatest honor. Respect those stronger than you, Obey worthy leaders, depose Those that are unworthy. Look an enemy straight in the eye and fight him on his own level, to win by anything more than your own skill and strength is dishonorable. Always be truthful as deception is the tool of the weak.

Challenge: Whenever an order of Gol'kosh Cavalier declares a challenge, he receives damage reduction 1/— against attacks made by the target of his challenge. This DR increases by +1 for every four levels the cavalier possesses.

Skills: An order of Gol'kosh cavalier adds Heal (Wis) and Knowledge (Engineering) (Int) to his list of class skills. An order of Gol'kosh cavalier can add his strength bonus instead of his charisma bonus to intimidate checks.

Order Abilities: A cavalier belonging to the order of Gol'kosh gains the following abilities as he increases in level.

Honor in All Things (Ex)
At 2nd level, the order of Gol'kosh cavalier draws strength from his sense of honor. Whenever the cavalier makes a skill check or saving throw, he can call upon his sense of honor as a free action to grant him a +4 morale bonus on the roll. He can use this ability once per day at 2nd level, plus one additional time per day for every four levels beyond 2nd (maximum of five times per day at 18th level).

Way of the Warrior (Ex)
At 8th level, the order of Gol'kosh cavalier’s sense of honor and loyalty drives him to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. The cavalier can, as a standard action, focus his mind and will. Once during the next minute, he can choose to roll an attack roll, skill check, or saving throw three times and take the best result. He must decide to use this ability before the roll is made. Using this ability expends one daily use of his Tactician.

Strike True (Ex)
At 15th level, the order of the warrior cavalier can use his years of training and focus to make the perfect strike. When he uses this ability, the cavalier makes an attack as normal. If the attack hits, it is a critical threat. The cavalier must roll to confirm the critical as normal. The attack deals the maximum amount of damage, although additional dice from weapon qualities, sneak attack, and additional dice from a critical hit are rolled normally. The damage from this attack ignores any damage reduction the target might have and also causes the target to become blinded, deafened, sickened, or staggered for 1d4 rounds (the cavalier’s choice). Making this attack is a standard action. The cavalier can use this ability once per day.

Valkyn Highwind wrote:

Glad you like it, clff. :)

You have credit for Marrowgar and the two spells in the collected file.

Thankie :)

For play balance you should either craft them as intelligent magical items or Just stat them up. The stats as presented should work fine. the math might be a little off but as people will be wearing them most of the time i don't think this will be much of an issue. Give them a SLA that roughly mimics the quality. A strong arm carapace can cast Bulls strength on its wearer at will for example.

Valkyn Highwind wrote:

"BBOONNEESSTTOORRMM!!!!" - Lord Marrowgar

Impaling Spikes & Impaling Spikes (Mass)

These are courtesy of clff rice. Thanks for letting us include your material!

*thumbs up*

True and nothing stopping him from full attacking with his slam anyway.

thats what i was afraid of. Oh well kinda makes the template worthless for a spellcasting critter that has lots of natural attacks like a dragon.
Thanks Cwethan.

So im wondering the worm that walks template states...

"A worm that walks loses any natural attacks the base creature had, but gains a slam attack that deals damage based on its size. This slam has the grab ability and affects creatures up to one size larger than the worm that walks. A worm that walks retains any weapon proficiencies the base creature had."

Does this mean each natural attack is replaced with a different slam? Or do they get just the one slam?

Valkyn Highwind wrote:
clff rice wrote:

Impailing Spikes

School Conjuration ; Level Magus 2, Witch 3, sorcerer/wizard 3
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, F (A sharp bone)
Range Touch, Short (25 ft + 5 ft. 2/level),
Target One creature
Effect One creature
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Reflex negates; Spell Resistance no
This spell causes a spike 6 feet long to erupt from the ground potentialy skiewering a creature that failes a reflex save. Those that fail are considered grappled and take 1d8 +1 per 2 caster levels peircing damage. The spike can maintain the grapples as if it had a CMB of the casters level + the caster primary casting attribute. The spike has a hardness of 5 and has 2 hitpoints per caster level.

Impailing spikes, Mass
Level Magus 4, Witch 5, sorcerer/wizard 5
As per impailing spikes but it effects 1 creature per 4 caster levels that are within the spells range.a creature cannot be spiked by more than one spike per casting of this spell.

Lord Marrowgar
<breif description>
Name CR 22
XP 615,000
NE Huge Undead

Quote trimmed by Valkyn.

Forgot I had seen this before today. Have you done anything more with this, Cliff? Both Maverick898 and I like what you'd started here.

Only other wow thing i've converted was a Blood elf death knight. I have the basic stats for a Non uber Bone wraiths somewhere but i cant seem to locate them at the moment.

smashing good work.

So i was thinking a cool alchemist archetype would be some sort of brew-master but besides the concept of magical booze i cant think of any cool special ability to swap out for.

Bombs don't seem appropriate for the archetype so those would be changed but that's as far as i got so far.

Any ideas?

Double dealer

Oh i feel dum i didn't see the link. Its looks pretty spot in Good work.

looking forward to it.

thanks for your input but I'm having trouble picking his last 3 feats.

Papa Smurf so far.

pap is built with elite array. having trouble picking his last 3 feats and magical items. I'm thinking his hat might boost Int or charisma because in the comics its a symbol of authority.

Any ideas?

Papa Smurf
Tiny fey
Neutral good middle aged Schtroumpf Level 14 Spell sage Wizard.

Str 5 (-3)
Dex 11 (+0)
Con 11 (+0)
Int 21 (+5)
Wis 15 (+2)
Cha 14 (+2)

Movement: 30ft

HP (14d6) 51
AC (+0 dex, + Armor, + dodge, +2 size)
CMD 15(+7 bab, +0 dex, -3 strength,)

BAB +7/+2
CMB +4 (+7 bab, -3 Strength)

Fort +4 (+4 base, + Con)
Reflex +4 (+4 base, + Dex)
Will +11 (+9 base, +2 Wis)

ATTACK (+2 size) + to hit 1d+ damage x crit

7 + , 2 wizard bonus feats
Scribe scroll (b), Brew Potion, Craft Wonderous Item, Quicken spell, Extend Spell, Widen spell, Still spell, Skill focus perception (b)

Special Abilitys: Team Work, Speak with animals 1/day (Cl 14), Low light vision

Class Abilitys: Spell study 3/day, Focus Spell 2/day

Skills 98 skill points Appraise (Int) 12, Craft Alchemy (Int) 19 , Stealth +8, Knowledge Arcana 19, Knowledge Engineering 13, Knowledge Geography 12, Knowledge History 14, Knowledge Nature 16, Knowledge Nobility 12, Knowledge Planes 14, Linguistics (Int) 16, Perception (wis) 22, Profession (Wis) 11, and Spellcraft (Int) 19.
+8 size bonus to stealth


Maverick898 wrote:

This member of the Burning Legion may be tiny, but that doesn't stop him.

"Small in size, HUGE in Evil"


Also here is the fearsome Fel Stalker. The mage bane hunter of the Burning Legion


hehe love it.

What specs are represented by which feats/archtypes.

What feats and talents might a subtlety rogue have?
What Archtype is a Holy paladin?
How would you build a Arcane mage?

I am curious to hear peoples theories.

whatever number of years it takes for a dwarf to become an adult.

Can an alchemist under the effects of one of his own Infusions transfer said infusion into a Reservoir tattoo?

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