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It is the fourth of Neth, with the winter winds just beginning to blow, and it is once again time for the town of Kassen's annual tradition: sending out aspiring young adventurers to light a beacon from the Crypt of the Everflame, the tomb of the town's founder. You are part of this annual quest, and eagerly await your chance to prove yourself!


I'm opening recruitment for my first game as a GM. I'm looking for 4-6 players for a fast-moving game that should go from level 1-3. So, without further ado, here's the guidelines:

Character Creation:

Alignment: No Evil.
Ability Scores: 20 point buy
Races: Core only.
Classes: Any other than Occult. I'm just not very familiar with them.
Sources: Anything from Paizo that you can link to.
Third Party: None. No, not even Spheres of Power or Dreamscarred press. Yes, I'm sure.
Traits: Two, with the option to take a drawback for a third.

Background skills are in use, start with average gold for your class (but don't worry about standard adventuring gear), and make sure I can understand your character sheet.


So, I expect backgrounds that explain the following:

How you came to be part of the quest, and why you were selected. If you come from outside the town, explain why you want to be a part of the mission and how you managed to join the group.

That is all that you have to include. I do like a good background, but you're still only first level. You haven't killed any dragons, defended a city from invaders, or anything like that. You're fresh out of training, and your background should indicate that.


I am fairly new to Pathfinder in general, and my first time GMing. As such, please be patient with me if I mess up with a rule or do something wrong.

I expect players to be consistently posting, at least once a day on weekdays (weekends I know can be a bit harder), even if it's just a check-in post in discussion. I personally will post daily, and often times more, especially in combat. If you have not posted for 24 hours while we are in combat, I will bot you and we will move on. However, RL is a thing, and just let me know if you'll be busy or otherwise unavailable. I do want to keep the game moving quickly, so the more you can post, the better.

I will roll passive perception checks for you, and initiative as well, to keep things moving along. We will also be using block initiative, with your posting order being the same order you will actually act.

Recruitment will be open until I find enough players, minimum until Saturday. Let me know if you have any questions.


I'd be down if you don't mind me previously having GMed this one.

Not a problem, as long as you can separate IC from OOC knowledge.

I'm an experienced player of Pathfinder in the PbP format, but I've never actually played this one. I'll draft up a battle cleric acolyte to submit.

I am think Hunter or Ranger, though Alchemist could work.

Character Background:

Sitting outside the walls of the sleepy town of Kassen and admist the outskirts of the Southern Fangwood there is a cozy little hut surrounded by all manner of gardens. A constant stream of traffic from Kassen and surrounding hamlets travels to the hut. An injured man, a pregnant woman, parents with their sickly child, each knock and are allowed entry. Within the hut they find not a hunched old witch, but a beautiful elven woman of an age indeterminate to the people of Kassen. They know she has resided there since before they were born and will likely be there long after they die. Some say she was once the companion of Ekat Kassen himself, though she has never confirmed or denied such rumours. Her remedies and cures are reknowned and she in turn makes a tidy profit to keep her gardens and stores well stocked.

That Elven Hedgewitch is my mother. I grew up in that hut, tending its gardens and assisting in the healing of the weary. My mother wishes nothing more than for me to learn her trade and become a curer of ails, but I have my mind set on other things. Dangerous adventures and exotic places. Many an argument has begun with my mother finding me daydreaming when I should be -in her opinion- working and learning. I know not what my mother has against adventurers, but her only patrons to which she is ever rude are those who live such a lif. She keeps her secrets close to her chest and speaks little of her past to me. I know that she has a small ornate box she keeps under her bed. I have spied her pouring over it in the night, eyes filled with tears.

Elves live a long life and I have heard it said that if that life becomes one filled with regrets it can become a slow death instead. I want my mother to be able to be happy again, but somehow I don't believe staying here in Kassen and living the same life as her would make her so. At first when I began to train with the local hunters and trackers she was exasperated, but I have seen a pride in her eyes when I took to it like a fish to water. As much as she wants to keep me safe, I think she knows I have found my calling.

My mother has always disparaged the Everflame ceremony, called it hackneyed and complained of it filling the young people of Kassen's heads with arrogance over their own prowess. So naturally when the Mayor announced the ceremony's return after a four year absence I jumped at the chance to join in despite my mother's protests.

Here is my submission: Brother Phineas the Red, of Kassen. Just saw that Loup is also working up a cleric, so I can change concepts if necessary. You'll note that Phineas has very druid like leanings and is more of a ranged character in combat, keeping with the tradition of Erastil.

Phineas' family is from the Kassen area, his father, a veteran of the wars at Lastwall, was seriously injured. With 5 other siblings to care for, and unable to farm effectively, his family gave up young Phineas to the church of Erastil, where he was raised. The lonely orphaned boy grew a strong affinity for animals, spending much time tending the herds and flocks of the church. Having spent many years in quiet reflection, the church priest has decided it is time for Phineas' coming of age, and he has been chosen to represent the town in the annual rite. The youth faces his choice with the same quiet stoicism that he has lived and learned during his time wiht the church.

Brother Phineas "the Red"
Male human cleric of Erastil 1
LG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses Perception +3
AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 8 (1d8)
Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +5
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)
Melee dagger +0 (1d4/19-20) or
quarterstaff +0 (1d6)
Ranged longbow +3 (1d8/×3)
Special Attacks channel positive energy 7/day (DC 12, 1d6)
Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +4)
At will—speak with animals (4 rounds/day)
6/day—touch of good (+1)
Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +4)
1st—bless, calm animals[D] (DC 14), detect evil
0 (at will)—detect magic, guidance, light
D Domain spell; Domains Animal, Good
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 14
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 13
Feats Extra Channel, Point-Blank Shot
Traits deadeye bowman, friend to animals
Skills Acrobatics +0 (-4 to jump), Handle Animal +7, Heal +7, Knowledge (nature) +4, Knowledge (religion) +4, Ride +1
Languages Common
Other Gear studded leather, arrows (40), dagger, longbow, quarterstaff, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, candle (10), flint and steel, hemp rope (50 ft.), holy text (Parables of Erastil)[UE], spell component pouch, trail rations (5), waterskin, wooden holy symbol of Erastil, 32 gp, 12 sp, 10 cp
Special Abilities
Cleric Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (7/day, DC 12) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.
Cleric Domain (Animal) Granted Powers: You can speak with and befriend animals with ease. In addition, you treat Knowledge (nature) as a class skill.
Cleric Domain (Good) Granted Powers: You have pledged your life and soul to goodness and purity.
Point-Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Speak with Animals (4 rounds/day) (Sp) You can use speak with animals as a spell-like ability.
Touch of Good +1 (6/day) (Sp) Grant +1 to skill checks, ability checks and saving throws for 1 rd.

Just a note- I am going to try and fill each of the traditional roles- Arcane, Divine, Melee/Tank, and Skill. However, this isn't hard and fast, so submit what you want to play, not what will fill the final role.

I am interested if you have room.
I will submit a character soon.
Name: Gideon Devros
Race: Half Elf
Class: Sorcerer 1

This alias is my WiP submission.

mishima here, crunch done and in this alias. Background and inventory to come.

Unchained Rogue

Also can I ask what you mean by standard adventuring gear? Ignore rope and chalk and stuff?

The scenario hands out rations, rope, and other camping gear, but feel free to bring extras if you want. Basically, focus your starting gear more on what your class needs to function, and less on what you need to survive in the wilds.

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Daedalus is an excellent player and I am sure will be an excellent DM.

I may toss a PC in here if I have time as I am woefully behind on games I DM due to the Goblins chewing through the wires hosting the server for Paizo the last week...

Homeless beggar, thief, pickpocket, hidden strength

Some say he was born with a chronic illness, and of course look what that does to a man's ambition. Other's claim that statue on south street is his father, petrified by a medusa while he was just a babe. Still more offer his personal philosophy is akin to monkhood, living a certain minimalistic existance in reverence of cherished ideals. He always seems to leave a mark, but Blacklock himself just knows a life without opportunity: a monotonous struggle against his most primal desires.

He sat navel deep in the mud, a torrential downpour scattering the townsfolk early one morn. Adorning a strange connection of leather and cloth straps, he had the appearance of a totally inept squire. Always carrying an absurd stock iron rod, some blacksmith's pointless charity perhaps.

"Gods Blacklock, you're as immobile as the temple cornerstone. Why don't you wallow elsewhere tomorrow, I'm damn bored of that stare." gruffed a passerby, flicking a few coppers in his direction. Blacklock patiently retrieved the coin, strong fingers digging deep into his home.

What Blacklock didn't know was this same gentleman put up his name in a jest to be part of the year's torch lighting party. Sometimes opportunity was just hard to see.

Loup Blanc's mechanical submission here, background to come. Since someone else posted a more healing and ranged cleric, I turned mine into a tanky warpriest type.

Well, twice I tried in these very forums to play through this lovely adventurw. First we didn't even get to the start, the game dying during a child age adventure to set the tone...
The last we got three rooms in...

So believe me when I say I want in!

I would love to fill the melee route, my usual favored role and one for which I got a concept: the blacksmith's apprentice, who decided fixing barrels and forging horseshoes isn't what he desires after he had to sharpen a traveller's sword. Now he wants to forge a weapon worthy of a hero and became one.

The man, not a particularly attractive human, dressed in furs and smelled of ale gone bad, watched from his hiding place as the elf maid frolicked in the meadow. He had watcher her several times before but this time was different. The week prior he had visited the old crone that lived up Bramble Way and paid her a large sum for the cord. This cord, the witch told him, would bind the young girl’s heart to his hands and once the cord was placed around her neck, she would be his. He was a trapper by trade so laying the trap was easy. The elf maid saw the shiny object just in the pool and when she leaned to look in she had inadvertently put her head through a noose. The trapper yanked in the cord and caught him a she elf. As soon as the cord was tight around her skin it became ethereal and bound her to her human captor.
A year and 5 months later she gave the foul human a son.
With the birth of Gideon, the trapper forced the naming to be his, the elf stopped trying to find a way to escape and dedicated herself to raising her child. As Gideon grew she taught him elven language, lore, how to be silent, how to steal, and eventually, when the oaf of a father wasn’t there, taught Gideon weapons skill. Gideon grew and learned much.
The day Gideon turned 16 his mother came to him, told him she was leaving and he would have to make his own way in this world. That night the trapper returned to their small hovel, drunk and stinking and the elf confronted him. With a swift stroke of an elven blade she curt off the hand that her heart was tied to, breaking the spell and winning herself her freedom. She kissed Gideon goodbye and was off into the night. The next day the witch on Bramble Way was found with two arrows in her heart and Gideon realized he had never called her anything but mother.
Gideon stayed with his father for two years, with no real place to go. It was a night, 3 months after his mother’s disappearance, Gideon saw his first wizard. Thom Dancy and Jules Miller, both local drunks, picked a fight with a traveler. The traveler lifted his hand and said some words and missiles leaped from his fingers and hit close to the 2 drunks who jumped and yelled and fled like screaming girls. Gideon went home and practiced all night and suddenly he could do the same as the wizard. Proud of himself, Gideon rushed to the village, found the wizard and showed him what he could do. It wasn’t the response he had expected. The wizard was at first annoyed, telling Gideon he shouldn’t dabble in things he has no understanding of nor training in. The wizard became enraged when Gideon asked to be taught and Gideon had to leave in a rush, not before Gideon lifted a scroll from him.
It took Gideon months to work out a few more spells but, has learned how magic worked, at least to his mind. The one thing Gideon learned about himself was that he wanted more. Gideon took a bit of gold from his father, sold a couple of things his mother had left behind, packed his short bow and has set out to learn more of the world, learn more magic and increase his power.

I may have to adjust her history a bit, but would a gnome sorceress be good?

Paji Bettorque wrote:
I may have to adjust her history a bit, but would a gnome sorceress be good?

I have no problems with her, however most of your foes will be immune to mind-affecting, just so you know.

This is still open, and I think I'll extend the deadline for one more week for anyone who still wants to submit a character.

Just an FYI, I will be leaving for a week at the beach tomorrow, returning next Saturday. While I may be able to check in or comment from time to time, my availability will be less than usual.

If you need something from me, it may take just a bit longer to respond.

Have a great week to all!

Human Cleric or Dwarf Fighter?

I'll decide by Sunday.

Ugh boards have been brutal. I decided on a Human Cleric will get him up if the boards are working tonight!

I'd like to submit a character I thought maybe an alchemist would be good. Here is the background I worked up.


When she was a young girl Cira would would constantly bemuse her townsfolk. Always organized and meticulous her idea of playing was to carry around a small journal in which she constantly made notes tracking the town's supply of iron ingots. She would count every ingot that came into town and inventory the blacksmith twice a week, tracking the final destination of every ingot. Then She started counting logs, lamp oil, and rope. Eventually she began conduct experiments. She obtained a length of rope and cut it into section, recording how long segments would take to rot when left out in different places, she would test how flammable the rope was, it's strength under different conditions.

It was exasperating at times, but tolerated. Her strange preoccupations were noticed by the eccentric local wizard Holgast, who decided he could put them to good use. When she was a tween Holgast offered to employ her as an assistant. Her parents were glad to take him up on it no matter how strange the wizard might be. They had long realized that their daughter was too intelligent and strange to fit in to any of the normal occupations in the town. At least the wizard promised to give her an education she could not get anywhere else.

So she began to help him organize his spell components, judging and recording the quality of each sample. Pretty soon she was helping him to brew potions. Holgast rewarded her with access to his books on alchemy and mechanics, a number of which he himself hadn't read.

Even though she is inarguably strange Cira is appreciated in town. The presence of a talented alchemist could be a great boon and she has already proved helpful in improving the towns supply of helpful alchemical substances. Her parents and friends are happy to see the strange young woman finding her niche in life. She's been selected for the ceremony in part to bind her closer to the town, and help feel the odd girl accepted.

Cira for her part isn't so sure. Nobody really was interested in her before she started making useful things, and it seems a little like an attempt at manipulation to her. Still, she understands the importance of what she's doing and doesn't want to feel like an outsider forever, she'd just rather be accepted for who she is rather than what she can do.

I'll do the crunch as soon as I can.

Storyteller Shadow wrote:
Ugh boards have been brutal. I decided on a Human Cleric will get him up if the boards are working tonight!

Sorry, I think I'll need to withdraw as I just got into two more campaigns and I am stretched thin as it is.

So, due to general lack of interest, I'm afraid I'm just going to have to close this recruitment. Thanks to everyone who submitted a character, I may try again in a few months.

Darn, I thought it was going to happen since you had complete submissions:

Brother Phineas - Cleric
Mistel Ysafiel - Hunter
Blacklock - Rogue
Cira Merena - Alchemist

That would have been a cool party, especially since I was in it. ;) Also some nearly complete subs too.

Sorry to hear this, but understandable. Thanks.

Yeah I would have liked to have done this. I actually spent a while thinking about a character that would jive with the setting and be fun to play. Ah, well I can keep her around for future opportunities.

Well, IF I get a submission in by tomorrow you'll have 5. Would you run then D?

If Daedalus can't run, I will take it on and run it. will have to withdraw Phineas, but someone else can take the cleric spot. Four is okay to run this with.

I was a multi-table PBP GM but have taken a few months off with a new job responsiblity. Ready to get back in that water and was already scheming for a new thread when I applied for this one.

Just let me know either way.

By my count, I had the following complete submissions:
Brother Phineas
Mistel Ysafiel

The WIP submissions included Leon, Paji, and Cira.

If you can get in a fourth, Shadow, I can totally run it. It's just without at least four (complete) submissions, I just feel like it's cutting it a bit short.

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Alright. Tomorrow night I'll get my submission in. Would hate to see this not happen and I always wanted to play it ;-)

Stat block added.

Just a bit more time and I'll be done. Probably 100% finished by tomorrow...

Looking at the potential table I changed Cira from being a mindchemist to a generalist alchemist, since it's all 3/4 BAB characters mutagen might be called for. I purchased gear with the idea she would be able to craft her own alchemical weapons. If that's not the case I'll redo those.

Great! I'll get the gameplay thread up in the morning, and then we can start!


Gameplay and Discussion are up!

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