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I have played male and female characters:
I once had a romantic swashbuckler who foolishly lost his life to the deceptive ploy of a succubus; a couple of kisses and he was undone.

I also had a female 2nd ed Psionicist back in the nineties with life discipline thing, animal affinity power, claws, natural armor, frenzied fighting, regeneration, Strength boost, sense enhancing powers: survival, tracking, some sort of stealth non weapon proficiency, two weapon fighting...

I rolled a 1 on an activation check and the rules of the power stated character was Stuck in hybrid form. Nothing like a 6'4" 200 lbs were-cheetah to scare people, NPCs were often horrified and formed mobs to hunt my character down. I found myself relieved and grateful when my fellow adventures rallied around my character and protected her. I do not know if the character's appearance being assumed to look like Brittany Diggers from Antarctic press' Gold Digger comics by Fred Perry had anything to do with all the attention my character was getting: positive and negative.

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Kalindlara wrote:
Necroocultist archetype...
Speaking of this acrhetype, could anyone give us a bit more info on it? Namely how it fares as a party necromancer. My GM allows evil characters so I might just play one if it's good with undead as the name might suggest.

Indeed, this Necro occultist could be quite interesting to use as a vile villain! I can just imagine a Necro-kinetic..

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Kalindlara wrote:

Undercasting only exists for specific spells, of which telekinesis is not one.

Does that make sense?

Yes, I understand under-casting now. "I are disappoint" that aside from magical approximations: unseen servant, floating disk, levitate, fly, mage hand, etc. there isn't a lower level version of the T.K. spell.

at 3 XP a month(generally one month of PFS sessions for me) to earn tenth level is ten months. That can be a really long time to wait before I can do "X-y-Z of awesome. oh well, them is the rules.

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okay, now. in the same vein as my last question;
what is an under-cast spell?

would this enable the use of a weaker T.K. spell at a lower character level or a weaker version of it as a lower spell level once you have learned T.K.?

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Wayne Reynolds wrote:
chad hale 637 wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
The art is ordered well before the rules are finalised, and if Wayne Reynolds draws your iconic with something that ultimately isn't 100% rules as written, you just roll with it. Why? Because he's gorramn Wayne Reynolds, that's why. ;)
For good or ill; this may be the only answer.

A levitating character with multiple items floating around her head were specifically mentioned in the art description for this Iconic. Your statement that I aim to misbehave is incorrect.

I follow my art briefs and give the client the artwork that they've asked for.

Hey, love your work. No offense was intended.

The whole "Aims to misbehave" is just a phrase from "Firefly" to show that I understood Gorbacz. that is all.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
According to the magic chapter, redirecting an active spell, when the action isn't specified, is a move action, so still works while concentrating on another spell.


Unseen servant
Mage hand

Some of these work together to contribute to a combo that does everything depicted in the art. Cool with me, PFS doable too. that resolves my concern.

I wonder if there are other rules, feats, and traits that contribute to such psychic effects. For example, While your unseen servant is in your space it moves as fast as you do because it is holding on to you.

maybe a question for another time.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
yeah, the lots of stuff floating near her seems like unseen servant to me.

okay, unseen servant

the servant is undoubtly handy, but... has a movement rate of 15, can't perform detailed skills (DC 10 or higher) and can't attack. So no crossbow aiming. however, the unseen servant can hold the bolts and reload the crossbow, which would be held by Rivani's T.K.
Hrmm. Rivani doesn't know Unseen servant at 1st,4th,7th - has to be sometime after 7th.

as for Unseen servant, there isn't a list for how many limbs it has and thus it could hold multiple objects at different locations in its reach up to its weight limit (Strength 2, 20 lbs).

in terms of action economy, what does it take to command an unseen servant, the text of the spell doesn't say. if it is a free action (talking) no worries.

SO; one, cast unseen servant for the halo of stuffs and minor task doing.
Two cast T.K. for the halo of stuffs, one hand fine manipulation, and thrusting.

oh yeah, normally cary about a few books and other bits, and some five daggers (maybe)... to try to pull this off.

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Milo v3 wrote:
Telekinesis wouldn't explain how she's manipulating all those objects at once. Best answer I'd have from a mechanical standpoint is enchanting all the items with an Ioun enchantment, allowing them to orbit the owner.

it isn't on the 1,4, or 7 iconic sheet. so it has to be done at a higher level. telekinesis does allow you to control multiple objects and to make a violent thrust. I didn't see any unseen servant on her list of spells.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
If you want the lowest-level spells that take care of it, looks like levitate and unseen servant to me. But remember, the art depicts no particular level, so it could just as easily be a much higher level spell like telekinesis.

Wow, thanks for responding to this!

So let's look at T.K. : T.K.

Wiz/sorc 5th spell level (i.e. at 10 level?)
Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Target or Targets see text
Duration concentration (up to 1 round/level) or instantaneous; see text

An object can be telekinetically manipulated as if with one hand. For example, a lever or rope can be pulled, a key can be turned, an object rotated, and so on, if the force required is within the weight limitation. You might even be able to untie simple knots, though delicate activities such as these require DC 15 Intelligence checks.

Okay, some of this passes the smell test. Durations of Concentration cost a standard action. if all the above artwork examples is a single use of the T.K. spell...
She can not use Mage hand to hold the crossbow, because you can not cast a spell while concentrating to maintain another.
T.K. can hold the crossbow with one hand but to reload would be "Two hands" even if the G.M. allowed it to coun as one of these "Delicate" DC 15 int checks - for INT 20 Rivani the odds of fail is 50%.

So, for a player to have this Halo of stuff - you need to be 10th level. for a player to reload a crossbow with t.k. you have to find a way to get that "Second Hand" or a G.M. who don't care about needing two hands.

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Brew Bird wrote:
Is this about the pre-gen characters released today? Or is there no Psychic levitation ability in the Occult Adventures book?

uhm, not really. the concern is that I want to know how this:

Rivani floating and orbited by stuff.
Is doable in the rules.

and what she is doing here:
swirling cloud of books, one open for reading with the lamp is floating in a spot to illuminate her reading, and she seems to be doing some sort of "Zap-on-the-run" on top of all these actions.

And here:
does bi-location explain how she is controlling all those knives? not really. Are those knifes real, are they in her listed equipment? Check her Iconic sheet.

How is she doing all this stuff?

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Gorbacz wrote:
The art is ordered well before the rules are finalised, and if Wayne Reynolds draws your iconic with something that ultimately isn't 100% rules as written, you just roll with it. Why? Because he's gorramn Wayne Reynolds, that's why. ;)

For good or ill; this may be the only answer. yeah, we know he aims to misbehave.

Still, it would be nice to emulate somehow. the book cover mock up appears to have several tomes orbiting Rivani as well; Heck, one book is in position and open for her to read and her lamp is floating in a perfect spot to illuminate her reading. If I were to try to pull this off with my PFS D.M. ugh. nope.

Everyone; this question isn't about when she learns what spell; it is about how does she do what she is doing in the artwork...

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Milo v3 wrote:
My only assumption was that Rivani was originally an aetherkineticist or something.

I do not have any details on any of that; all I have is the Iconic pre-gen and we can see that it does not say anything of the sort. My assumption is that the artwork is mistakenly portraying an ability that NO ONE can have. That the artwork is Not even representative of the character's abilities at levels higher than 7th.

Fly, levitate? sure now She's airborne.
Stuff floating about her head? A "Display"(Pukes)? maybe, but this would be a display with multiple beneficial game effects (holding things as you want them to be held, etc. Her lamp isn't spilling oil everywhere, crossbow bolts poised to reload, so forth.) multiple casting of levitate one per object would be up and down only, very wasteful, and multiple uses of mage hand is not possible. A crossbow floating, aiming, with multiple bolts ready to reload: nope. nothing I read covers that.

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I are a tad confused...

The Playtest of Rivani has artwork of her floating with stuff orbiting her person, and looking through her spell list I find:
as a 1st level psychic - Mage hand, TK projectile, both are 0 level.
as the 4th level psychic - I do not see any additional TK spells.
At 7th - Rivani has levitate and fly.

So, how is Rivani doing what she does in the artwork?
The first level through fourth level versions can not levitate, I will assume that levitate could have been on the list as a (third?) fourth level psychic.

I look up the spell description of mage hand, and levitate:
Mage hand

The target of Levitate is ONE (you, someone else, one object, Period).
The description of mage hand can move 5 lbs, but does not mention any digits, fine manipulation, or the ability to hold at separate locations multiple objects up to the 5lbs limit. Also, concentrating to maintain the spell is a standard action. Trying to maintain multiple spells with a duration of concentration is not possible in the rules as you can not cast spells if you are concentrating to maintain one...

So, multiple instances of mage hand just do not solve this question: no fine manipulation, only one at a time. (*I do not know the feats, items and other spells, but I would tend to imagine that "cast and/or maintain concentration on as many spells as you want as a Non-action" would not be allowed.*) Multiple instances of levitation do not enable horizontal movement and would be absurdly wasteful...
Some sort of "Psychic display" (vomit) should have no viable effect on game play; I do not know about you but using a crossbow and reloading it seems pretty dang viable to me!
Edit: I had missed "fly" earlier. Still "Fly" doesn't enable you to hang your stuff in the air around you, and certainly doesn't aim/reload a crossbow.

Was this artistic license, or can Rivani actually somehow able do what she is doing in the artwork?

Should I be angry at the people involved with the occult book for in essence lying to all of us, or not?

Eric, mark, artist for rivani, etc... what do you guys have to say for yourselves?

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Try the brawler class, read over its features. the only issue you may have is the lack of spell casting. In my opinion though, a brawler brings so much more to the table than a pure fighter class.

The brawler can really bring the pain with the close weapon group. Also, it's not MAD as some other classes tend to be. Technically a double +2 stat human could start with:
ST 18, Dx 18, Co 12, In 10, Ws 12, Ca 7 (assuming a 20 point build)
Grab a pair of daggers and with these stats; you don't need finesse, slashing grace, agile maneuvers. No feat hole to climb out of!
you can grab weapon focus feat. take the talent "Signature moves" for two Masterwork daggers, and RIVER RAT for a +1 trait bonus to damage with daggers. at first level, one attack +7 to hit, 1d4+5 damage (range: 6-9) at second level you can Flurry: Two attacks at, +6 to hit and 1d4+5 damage.

This idea isn't a spell casting Drow, but it still rocks quite nicely.

Option 2: Unchained rogue is really good for Two weapon fighting...
typically, ST13, Dx18, Co10, In14, Ws10, Ca13 for an elf rogue.
Why? unchained rogue starts with weapon finesse for free and at 3rd gets "Dex-to-damage" also free. 1st level two weapon fighting. again - River rat and Signature moves traits for the +1 trait damage with daggers and starting with two Masterwork daggers.
1st level, Two attacks at +3 to hit and 1d4+2 damage each (range 3-6) at 3rd, you pick up weapon focus feat. this is now two attacks, +6 to hit, and 1d4+5 damage.
Let us not forget sneak attack.

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chad hale 637 wrote:
I just grabed the "Subscription" and placed the order for the book; when should I expect to see the PDF and how can I get it.

because I shall be with my local PFS group on the morrow at noon, and very very sad If I can not create a 1st level mindblade-magus and discuss the character with my G.M. (*noting that a character isn't finalized until they reach level 2, meaning I can use a Pre-gen until the 29th.*)

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Claxon wrote:
in Golarion its option A

So then...

this topic is moot, if your in Golarion.
Yet, Totally doable if you homebrew.

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ONE QUESTION) is faith all one needs to perform clerical casting, or is a Deity required?

A. If a deity has to dole out daily spells and such - then a deity is the sole factor.

B. If faith is all you need, then any sufficiently strong faith is the sole factor.

Option A, means that Atheism will not benefit you in any shape or form.
Option B, means that you still have to have sufficiently strong enough faith.

Option c, If a deity has to gather faith from masses of devout followers - then a Lone person who just has an opinion won't have the juice to cast even a single orison.

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Arachnofiend wrote:
there are plenty of atheists out there who are devout enough to turn Atheism into an ideology unto itself. You can usually identify them because they can recite the definition of a bunch of different fallacies but use them anyways without realizing it.

Yep, I know the type.

Arachnofiend wrote:
A Cleric who believes so strongly in the falsehood of the gods that he becomes evidence of it (due to having divine spellcasting without any connection to a god) sounds like a viable character concept to me.

wait... this isn't snarky sarcasm?

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GM Lamplighter wrote:
Seriously, at the risk of being branded a "conservative" (first time THAT has ever happened!) not everyone likes tech.

I personally do not mix Fantasy Adventure with Sci-Fi.

I took part in one tech adventure - trial by machine.
I role played my character as best I could.
Movie plot spoiler:
Kalhan marveled at the metal dungeon and later on my character was truly out of his depth and terrified by the few contraptions he had encountered. He wrapped a few odd bits and ends in his cloak and gingerly carried the roll back to the group so that someone else could deal with them.

I knew that these weren't crafted from stone, bone, horn, amber, leather, or anything else I was familiar with. I was actually unsettled by the presence of the alien materials. When a hologram showed up, I must admit that I had my own "Gazebo" moment. Fearing a surprise attack from an unkown ghostly terror.

For me the encounter with Tech was disturbing, immersion breaking, and severely tested my ability to role play. In hindsight- This was actually something of a plus for me.

I was actually tempted to try a Rogue - Numerian scavenger. The character would have a techy looking shield and long sword and "Parade armor" like something He'd salvaged. I was also looking at the Pathfinder Novel "City of the Fallen Sky" so that I could definitely have the background.
Something like this image.

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is there a PFS related boon with this book?

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So, can we build an Excel sheet with: Book title, boons, items?
Seems to be a logical step to me.

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Berti Blackfoot wrote:

My players are complaining i'm too easy on them.

Part of it is mechanical (they are min maxed and use good tactics), but part of it is me. It is just hard for me to "let loose" and go after them.

Do you remember the game "Dungeon Keeper"? the idea was you were the hidden power behind the building of an underground lair. you created monsters and traps Specifically to defeat heroes. Prepare a one-shot from that angle; be ready to say "them are the breaks" when a favorite PC is lost. Be the Bad guy and have fun doing it!

One rule; do not assault a character's hook/lynch pin. if someone is a fey bloodline sorceress with a 20 charisma, Don't have her get grappled for the express purpose of immediately making half-orcs. Certainly, do not use curses with ability drain to "ruin" the character's valued beauty. Ultimately, if "it" is absolutely central to the character do not mess with it!

Another way of being a HARD D.M. is to use the environment as a weapon against the PC's; Have the PC's chasing a Halfling acrobat who uses boots of leaping and striding to jump across a dry creek. The creek bed could be quick-sand with steep crumbling dirt walls on either side. World war II - "Third man on a match"; Normal darkness with hidden dark vision enemies attacking from range, anyone with a light source draws attention from a mile away alerting enemies to their presence and making the soon-to-be archery target quite easy to spot. Conditions such as "Difficult terrain" due to the stone ruins being, well, ruins... can make it impossible to 5 foot step, charge, even move 10 feet in armor.

Use conditions to impair the group; daze, stun, sleep, dazzle, blind, deafen, paralyze, diseased, poisoned, the game world is much bigger than dice rolling to kill foes, and much more than saving throws. In some rare situations the entire party might be exposed to something...

Good for the heroes, good for the bad guys; Give your bad guys alchemical devices, scrolls, wands, potions and make the bad guys USE THEM!
In one adventure I ran a group against Brainy spider-monsters that could disguise themselves as people. They used tangle-foot bags to snare melee characters or the web spell where the spider-folk had no problems before closing in on squishy casters...

It is Human to err, Your player's are human; Don't force failures with dice rolls! let a player's distraction, confusion, and fear be your ally. When the player's make mistakes and accidentally; poison, disease, slime, trap, themselves - what happens next IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Have a dungeon crisscrossed with small troughs of "Something nasty" (but harmless if the player's take time to avoid it) with a few rooms with a few small doses of the cure. when player's round a corner and face a powerful fear spell, or are obviously facing a foe too deadly, the player's may forget the small little detail of avoiding the traps/troughs as they flee pell-mell.

Never run an adventure that does not include action, challenges, and foes that deserve a solid trouncing. if you have an "Intrigue adventure" where player's are supposed to keep the peace and prevent a revolt as they gather information... you may as well tuck them in. ZZZZZZ.

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In the artwork depicting Rivani; she always seems to be floating with objects orbiting her person.

is this a spell or power available to occult characters?
What is it called?

I imagine that fine control over multiple items and floating two feet above the ground would be a rather spectacular feat.

Also, I found it odd that in the "Meet the Iconics -Rivani" that she appears to be using this ability again, but is using telekinesis to support a few other things along with a Crossbow and Several bolts...

why would she need a crossbow? isn't that a tad bit redundant for someone with telekinetic power able to hold aloft a 130 lbs person?

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Ashram wrote:
That's actually pretty awesome. Maybe we can reverse engineer this for the spellblade to make it suck less. :)

... Tell me about it. Spellblade magus loses Spellstrike, and then still has to sacrifice precious spell slots to make a temporary dagger in their off hand. Why didn't they abandon the physical weapon and create a spontaneous casting sorcerous magus with an "instant weapon" bloodline from first level and then add Kensai flavored bits?

I mean, just change the magus from fighter+wizard parent classes to Brawler+Sorcerer... or something.

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chad hale 637 wrote:
chad hale 637 wrote:

Different set of questions...

a. I know the monk got some stuff, but Did the Brawler get anything?

c. Players seem to love the Universalist wizard trick, "Hand of the Apprentice", is there something like this for Occult characters?

anybody, please.

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the xiao wrote:
Lost Dimension playstation game?


1. PC > consoles
2. Anime series are everywhere. The sheer plethora of them tends to make them "all" a bit obscure (no offense).
3. if you are married, have a job, classes to take, kids, etc. Cartoons are just not a part of the program, no matter how cool.
3. Much of anime is either out-of-bounds for one reason or another; or seen through a tremendously biased lens (Freezing, queens blade, Blue (anything), ultimate teacher, etc).
4. those of us who write our own stories tend to see writer gimmicks and plots over a continent away and experience considerable ire when faced with poor story-telling, or overtly obvious oppsies.

besides, x-1999 by clamp was so much better...
despite the fact that;
1. EVERYTHING had to happen in japan (to include all the omens and destruction required for the end of the ENTIRE world).
2. American characters were depicted as perverted to duplicitous.
3. You were supposed to get "some stuff" just because.

Actually no. There isn't much anime that isn't a weird fetish or Micro-niche and that makes me run screaming just as fast as a cliché nosebleed.

I just really miss my childhood awe that I felt when watching ROBOTECH; Now, I can't believe how badly done it was...

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If I may; You want to be a terror when fighting and a bit of a clever know it all as a duelist of some sort. I have some ideas;

1. Swashbuckler- St10 Dx18 Co10 In13 Ws10 Ca15 (+2 on Dex)
Feats: Slashing grace. Traits: Signature moves, Reactionary.

a. Dex to damage is a priority.
b. Sig-moves gives you a MW weapon (+1 to hit) to start with and when you flaunt your stuff, you get a bonus to bluff and intimidate.
c. Reactionary, +2 initiative.
d. Follow up feats: Combat feats, darn well nearly anything.

Option 2. Humans only.
If you really want to go for the extreme Know-it-all like "Fleming, Ian Fleming" try these feats; Fast learner, improvisation, and improved improvisation. These give you an effective +4 (+stats and other modifiers) on every skill that you have NO skill ranks in and *EVERY* skill can be used un-trained.
To optimize this idea: St14, Dx14, Co10, In13, Ws14, Ca14. How did I do this? 20 point build wise you went 14,14,14,12,10,10. Applied your +2 to the 12 score, and changing a 10 to 13 with the remainder. As you only need 13 int for combat expertise. Well, this gives you a minimum TAKE 10 and meeting or beating DC 15...

On E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G

For those few skills that you want to be REALLY good at, invest your skill ranks.

I wanted to play a duelist too, but Mundane moogle friends just can't compare to finger wagglers. I am experimenting with ideas with;
A. Human-Magus-Kensai, Aldori dueling mastery at 3rd...
B. Elf-Magus-Spelldancer.

A. because having an insane unarmored AC, unreal initiative, Critical threat and Critical confirm... (Mr. Burns, really slowly saying "Excellent"). As an added plus, if you are stripped of all your gear (*bonekeep, etc.) just lean back on "spell Mastery" which has been okayed for Magus use, the spell "Instant weapon" and you will never be crippled by a vindictive D.M.
B. because Fly-1 round, free- is chock full of all kinds of awesome.
A really high Clif or castle wall? Fly.
Sinking in quicksand? FLY.
Absurdly difficult terrain? FLY.
(Maybe) Paralyzed? FLY.

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Shisumo wrote:
chad hale 637 wrote:

1. are the mind blades summoned at level 1?


chad hale 637 wrote:
2. could I assign their form as say... Starknives?


chad hale 637 wrote:
4. What level can you start duel wielding mindblades?


Well, I hope there is a feat or Arcanum or something that allows one to dual wield mindblades at a lower level, or something. Hmmm

For example: the standard magus spell list includes the 2nd spell level, "Instant Weapon", and can cast it at 4th; would this still be open to two weapon fighting to dual wield with the Mindblade Magus?

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chad hale 637 wrote:

Different set of questions...

a. I know the monk got some stuff, but Did the Brawler get anything?
b. How about an unarmored cavalier, the Jed Ivan Knights of Order as opposed to say the Sibilant theocracy of Dominance?
c. Players seem to love the Universalist wizard trick, "Hand of the Apprentice", is there something like this for Occult characters?


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Oh, and the Iconic psychic, I forgot her name. Ahh, yes RIVANI! Anywho, in her character art She is shown "floating" with several objects orbiting her person.

1. What power is that pray tell? is that available to "Psychics" because I couldn't find it on the list of powers/psychic spells?

2. Again that guy, Captain redundant man is again redundant - or, if She's using telekinesis of some kind
....Why does she need a crossbow?

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I would like to know more about the Mindblade magus;
1. are the mind blades summoned at level 1?
2. could I assign their form as say... Starknives?
3. do they increase their damage out as you level, if so what levels?
4. What level can you start duel wielding mindblades?
5. Does the mindblade get any bonus feats?
6. What did the magus class lose to gain the mindblade archetype?
7. Can other archetypes be blended with it (Kensai, or Elven SpellDancer, for example)?

Different set of questions...
a. I know the monk got some stuff, but Did the Brawler get anything?
b. How about an unarmored cavalier, the Jed Ivan Knights of Order as opposed to say the Sibilant theocracy of Dominance?
c. Players seem to love the Universalist wizard trick, "Hand of the Apprentice", is there something like this for Occult characters?

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John Compton wrote:
Here's a link to the Additional Resources page, which is also accessible from the main Pathfinder Society page near the top right corner. The additional Resources page lists all of the books that allow Pathfinder Society material as well as links along the right-hand side that begin pdf downloads of any of the Chronicle sheets for the novels and sanctioned modules.

the list has two for Pathfinder online; I downloaded both of them as I am subscribe to PFO and have been playing for quite some time.

One of the two has an adventure attached, SO I assume that one must be played to get the benefit.

the other, has no adventure only chronicle sheets with boons. How do I get that?

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is there a list of these book Boons? what are they?
which book grants what?

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I just grabed the "Subscription" and placed the order for the book; when should I expect to see the PDF and how can I get it.

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I have posted a number of race ideas built not on the premise of breeding hybrids, but magical infusion. what I would like to know is if they would WORK in play without breaking game balance?

1. The Hidden - A village of Halflings who fled Slavers by agreeing to a Mass Permanent Reduce person effect. Previously, 32 inches tall, now only 16...
At tiny size they have a -4 strength, meaning that the strongest among them would be a 14; yet their strength is not that of a house cat, but comparable to a person! With a strength score range of 3 to 14, many of these tiny halflings can still fight against other player races who tower over them!
Or, can they?

The Generations to follow the children born to them continue to be the same tiny size. How might they adapt to the game world?

2. Giant-kin - a tribe of barbarians is trapped in a mountain pass by a blizzard; the long winter has been hard on everyone who lives in these mountains. A horde of half-giants besiege the barbarian camp during breaks in the storm. The Barbarians know that they are loosing and accept a mass permanent enlarge person to help even the odds. Long after coming down from the mountains, their descendants continue to be large sized. How might the 13 foot tall 1,000 lbs barbarians adapt to live among the other races?

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Okay, I am looking at the novels now. I am Selecting pathfinder novels that include a chronicle and state Authorized for PFS. I know chronicle sheets have to be printed; that's a given.

Rather than carrying the books everywhere, can't I just show the Personalized water mark and the full book page numbers of the PDF's own on my Laptop?

That is how I have all my pathfinder books audited. I open all the Single file, Lite PDFs for each volume and let the D.M. take notes if needed. My laptop is small enough to use at the table and large enough that I am not going to pass it around like a flimsy I-pad or something.

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Mark Seifter wrote:


I would like to make a few wishes for the future:
a. a quick and dirty way to submit ideas for review.

1. Star-knife battle-dancer. Along the lines of a monk with a variation on the elf magus spell-dancer archetype. The idea is that Starting from level one this monk channels their unarmed combat through their weapon strikes, with mobility and speed. Concept source; akin to the abilities of a Gypsy knife fighter from legend.

2. Half-Haft Spear master. A brawler archetype that can wield a spear as a monk/double weapon with brawler's furry. These bonuses do not apply when other features of the spear (or other pole-arm less than 8 feet in length) are used. I.e. Brace, reach, sunder, disarm, unhorse, etc. Concept source; Game of thrones, character Prince Oberyn Martel.

3. Harbinger. A brawler that uses Arm-blades or weapons with a reversed grip fighting style. This fighting style strikes as you move past your foe. Focusing on the use of acrobatics to move through an enemy space and emphasizing the AC bonus from dodge and mobility feats. Concept; a grim terrifying warrior who descends on you like an ill-omen.

4. Mangling Warrior. A psychic brawler archetype, You use kinetics to enable you to wield a weapon of ludicrous weight. Imagine a sword that weighs 40 lbs, or a great-sword that weighs 80 lbs. Such weapons deal damage not merely for their edge, but their absurd bulk. The issue is not merely one of burn, but of an increasing saving throw against fatigue for each round you are in combat. Concept source; Cloud Strife.

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well, Mark?

chad hale 637 wrote:

In terms of a Character design I had been racking the brains of the message boards as well as my own to make this:

... A varisian belly dancer armed with two starknives whirling through the battle field like a dervish ...

It just doesn't exist, it isn't available, Some archetype texts exclude anything other than the scimitar, other's exclude two weapon fighting, and a few archetypes don't even qualify as mobile or acrobatic combatants.

____Way back, in the early beginings of Pathfinder, ala Sandpointe and rise of the rune lords, I think I recall a featured artwork (or two) of a varisian woman dancing with one or two starknives. I think it is about time for this concept to become an archetype...

____Is there something in the occult playtest that would allow me to create the character I've envisioned?

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In terms of a Character design I had been racking the brains of the message boards as well as my own to make this:

... A varisian belly dancer armed with two starknives whirling through the battle field like a dervish ...

It just doesn't exist, it isn't available, Some archetype texts exclude anything other than the scimitar, other's exclude two weapon fighting, and a few archetypes don't even qualify as mobile or acrobatic combatants.

____Way back, in the early beginings of Pathfinder, ala Sandpointe and rise of the rune lords, I think I recall a featured artwork (or two) of a varisian woman dancing with one or two starknives. I think it is about time for this concept to become an archetype...

____Is there something in the occult playtest that would allow me to create the character I've envisioned?

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Skeld wrote:
Magus archetypes -Skeld

does the mindblade basically get a version of the spell "shadow blade", or "instant weapon" or something else?

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I heard that there are boons for certain purchases like the Physical ownership of a pathfinder character portfolio, granting one RE-Roll before the dice are rolled.

that's significant.

I was wondering what all the boons were if one had:
pathfinder novels,
and so forth.

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Is it PFS legal: elf magus kensai spell dancer?
I am not sure if there is some archetype overlap or not.
Especially when the Spell Dancer trades out the gained medium armor proficiency, while the Kensai has no armor...

what are your thoughts

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havoc xiii wrote:
It sounds like the occult adventures book will have a mindblade magus.

I sure do hope so.

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Dagr Han wrote:
How would this build use starknifes before level 4(without penalties)? Starknife is a martial weapon which rogues are not trained in using.

one idea: Tattooed mystic, Free prof with Starknives and bladed scarves.

I am sure that there are others.

Grand Lodge

Okay, Options with the rules as is:
1. Kensai, the third level Arcanum can be Spell Scars which works like Spell Mastery (note: PFS-Legal, spell mastery feat may be available to the magus class). You can "read" a spell scar to cast a spell as if from a scroll. as long as you do not, you can prepare your spells by reading your scars.

2. at 4th level you can learn the magus spell, instant weapon.
a standard action to cast, and you make your favored weapon; follow that up with enhancing it. Yes the action economy is terrible but there is no multi-classing and no rule tweaking shenanigans...

3. at sixth level if you feel the need exists, one could take blended spells Arcanum and learn the first level sorc/wizard spell Shadow blade (*not to be mistaken for Umbral weapon). this instant weapon is made of shadow/illusion and is subject to both disbelief and spell resistance. the reason why you can not do this at third is that the spell you learn must be one level lower than the highest you can cast.

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The idea,a varisian belly-dancer whirling like a dervish through combat with two starknives preferably with the damage ramping up to be effective at higher levels.

So far, the Unchained rogue Knife master archetype + fighter weapon master archetype concept by The Fox is the closest to my vision. I had even fancied the RIVER RAT trait to bump up the damage by +1 with Daggers; as starknives are just a ring of four daggers.

I'd gladly go with only three levels of rogue and delay the purchase of piranha strike, so as to get combat expertise and spring attack (*requires +4 bab) earlier. I imagined dumping the fighter as soon as possible to pursue some form of dervish dance, but at these higher levels is where I start to eat penalties to AC, bab, and damage.

starting with a d4 damage dice and becoming steadily less and less effective in combat is not conducive to one's survival.

...Can we get an official game designer in here to whip up a PFS sanctioned archetype?

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Nargemn wrote:
I assume you didn't find it, and it would require you to go Core Monk as opposed to Unchained (till they possibly update the archetypes?), and I honestly don't know if its legal for PFS and don't know where to find that out, but Harrow Warden couldn't fit what you're looking for better.

Actually, this was one of the first concept's I'd been trying.

Yes, the Harrow monk does treat starknives as monk weapons. this means the harrow monk can use star knives with flurry of blows, but again you end up with d4 straight. at higher levels this is *NOT* going to pass the smell test, especially as your unarmed damage continues to improve but your weapons ... do not.

The Far-strike monk does some stuff, but doesn't do starknives or melee.

If I start with 1st level Harrow monk and then MC and stay brawler...
I remain uncertain what features would apply/carry over. The Brawler doesn't improve starknives either, and even if she did close weapon mastery would only start at 5th Total levels and only bump the d4 to a d6.

A PFS character stuck with d4 damage until 6th? I may as well be a magic missile specialist sort of Sorc/wiz/arc, or something. it is a bit off putting that some of the features I do like about several classes, just do not allow/work with starknives.

I am considering an elf magus kensai-spelldancer, as that would cover the awesome movement I would like to have, but...

I would be limited to one weapon and that weapon Needs to have a much larger damage die and critical threat range to benefit the Magus at all.
The bladed scarf dancer archetype is full of awesome too; again doesn't use starknives and class features doesn't allow 2 two weapon style.

Is there a feat or other method I could use to meet my desired goal. it isn't just about the style - It needs to have substance too!

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The Fox wrote:
meeko wrote:
So if your willing to amend your idea, drop one of the star knives, so that your only welding one, other option open up to you. Such as a magus or swashbuckler.

There is a very nice magus archetype in the Varisia player companion.

Kapenia Dancer

She uses a bladed scarf, and can wield it one-handed.

I like this a lot! It doesn't dervish dance with a pair of starknife and ramp up the damage, but I really like this.

Perhaps all this could be circumvented if one of the Dervish types could weapons other than the scimitar, use the two weapon fighting feats, and ramp up the damage some.

...might make one heck of an archetype for the warpriest?

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Idle Champion wrote:

The move to spontaneous, charisma-based casting also puts this up against the already pretty lovable Arcane Duelist Bard.

First impression is 'underpowered' with the loss of armour proficiency and no defensive class feature. A mid-level start would let you have access to armour-boosting magic gear, but low-level starts don't look survivable.

The ability to summon the phantom blade and spontaneous spell casting means that you can never be stripped of "All" your abilities...

Well, as long as you have arcane pool and spell slots to cast or convert into more arcane pool points.(*phantom blade, and no metal = no rust monster fear.)

As Weirdo recommended above, I will change the duration of the phantom blade to: until dismissed, broken, or disarmed.
(*so you don't have to keep summoning it every few minutes and have to book-keep the rounds passing.*)

No armor does not mean absolutely no protection...
At lower levels if you are surprised, you are in trouble. So perhaps I will tweak the class skills to include perception and stealth?

On-the-other-hand, if you can prepare for a fight: Mage armor and shield, work rather nicely. as you advance, bracers of armor and a force shield ring may be available, if not - an extended duration shield spell can help a little.

instead of canny defense and increasing initiative and critical threat chance and a bonus to confirm critical Hits; I ramp up the bonus damage of the phantom blade and allow you to further enhance it according to the normal magus arcane pool enhancement options. to which I may add the ability add the properties of special materials (at specific levels) as a separate enhancement. the phantom blade will be able to counter DR

The bonus damage (re-visited) shown here stacks with that of the phantom weapon; 1st=+1d8, 5th=+2d8, 9th=+3d8, 13th=+4d8, 17th=+5d8. This damage is not affected by a critical hit.

The loss of the fighter training means no weapon specialization and critical feats (?) but that ought not to matter as the bonus damage dice, and charisma bonus damage, should be more than enough to keep the phantom blade on par with other melee class DPS.

Clearly I need to provide an entry for the phantom blade

let's say you make a variant human (No bonus feat, no skill rank, Get two +2 ability modifiers) and you go with:
St:10, Dx:18, Co:10, In:10, Ws:10, and Ca:18.
1st, weapon finesse, and a class bonus (*Counts as) Arcane strike, but only for the phantom blade.
I will add a bonus feat here: "weapon focus-phantom blade".
2nd, Spell strike.
3rd, you take slashing grace. a class bonus (counts as) quickdraw only for the phantom blade.

Hrmm, with just a 1 level dip everyone can have a phantom blade.
that's not good.

maybe I am doing this all wrong? I think I should have a level delay (say 3rd) and just make "instant weapon" spell as a magus Arcanum?
this way the Kensai can simply take learn the Arcanum and thus never be without his favored weapon...

Grand Lodge

Weirdo wrote:

Gains:10. 3 Extra bonus feats (limited to blade) plus improved fighter training.

Instant Weapon: Instead of enhancing a held weapon, the archetype summons a magical weapon.

  • Cons: Enhancement values of this weapon are the same as would be bestowed upon a held weapon, but the instant weapon has only those enhancements (no base enhancement) so overall power of weapon is lower. May not be wielded with two hands to deal additional strength damage. Vanishes if disarmed (no option to pick up, must re-summon).

    Giving up armour is a big deal for a character expected to spend time in melee, and unlike the Kensai the Swordsoul doesn't get an AC bonus to compensate. Diminished spellcasting is a similarly big disadvantage, and you add to that less significant disadvantages in terms of flexibility of weapon and spell selection.

  • 1. The bonus feats should have been "one every four levels thereafter". so 4th,8th,12th,16th,20th....

    2. Also, I had intended to allow the use of arcane pool to enhance the weapon as it states. you summon the weapon and enhance it separately.

    3. I may actually drop the "fighter training" option and go with Raising the weapon die size: 1st=1d8, 4th=1d10, 8th=1d12, 12th=2d8, 16th=3d6, 20th=4d6. Increased damage as a counter to the loss of armor, rather than a bonus AC.

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