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A bard wouldn't be bad to play, haven't played one yet. Should I go normal bard, or go with arrowsong minstrel?

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My friends and I got together to decide on a new campaign and everyone decided to play in a game where we are "pirates" operating on an acidic sea in an area like the underdark. It was decided by them to play a party of drow noble in a higher power game.

Other party members:

Sacred Fist Warpriest
Bladebound Magus
Cave Druid

I am having trouble trying to decide on what to play that would fit with the party. There are quite a few classes I would like to play but can't decide what I should do. My rolls were:


Help would be appreciated, party could use a cleric but I do not want them to regulate me to healbot

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Gencon 2017 Boon #7 Seasoned Archivist/Taldan Courtier
Gen Con 2017 Boon @10 Skillful Merchant
Gen Con 2017 Boon #4 Freedom's Champion/Argent Knight
Scarab 2017 Boon #5 Niche Specialist (Influence, Research, Swarm)
Scarab 2017 Boon #2 Martial Tradition
Scarab 2017 Boon #1 Fighting Off Corruption (Ghoul)
Scarab 2017 Boon #3 Alchemical Versatility
Scarab 2017 Boon #4 Genie Grudge x2
Gen Con 2017 Starfinder Boon #1 Emergency Resupply
Gen Con 2017 Starfinder Boon #3 Light Plasma Cannon Upgrade


Tiefling, Aasimar

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Got my badge, now to figure out how to play and run the ACG

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It's getting to the point where I don't even want to bother going to Gencon again.

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No badge still, dont yet have the money to buy one myself, not until Wednesday. Get to experience missing out on l5r tickets for the second time tomorrow

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Still haven't got my badge yet

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Also,i signed up for tier 4 but is it possible to be raised to tier 3? Would like to get whatever book is offered, and one more slot wouldnt hurt

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Ok, thank you for the information. Only my second time going so still not sure on how everthing works yet

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GuruGoblin wrote:
caex wrote:
If i buy a badge, is there a way to not get it refunded when my paizo badge does come?
Yeah there are several posts about it. I am not 100% on the process but GenCon's website is very user friendly.

Most of the posts I saw were people wanting a refund, i dont want one since i will just be buying this one for a friend and to get event tickets, so when i get the badge from paizo i dont want this one being taken away for a refund

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If i buy a badge, is there a way to not get it refunded when my paizo badge does come?

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No badge yet, l5r sold out which was why i was going in the first place. Should have just bought a badge

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Couldnt register since i havent gotten the badge from paizo yet and the one thing i am going to gencon for sold out

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Signed up to gm, hope I can do both that and whatever release tournament Fantasy Flight does for L5R

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Now have an extra Dhampire, would like to trade it for a tiefling

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I have two Grippli boons that I won't be using that I am hoping I can get a tiefling and or an Aasimar for

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Vincent Holiday wrote:


Have grippli, dhampir, extra trait, expeditions manager, research specialist

Want Vanaran. Want vanaran like real bad, cuz I'm from Cincinnati, and, ya know...

I have a Vanara boon that I don't plan on using that I would trade for the Dhampire

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Congratulations. I too will hit 10 thanks to Gencon, but not until the last game I run

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Because I am crazy, I will be running the following:

Slot 1, Thursday AM: 7-22 Bid for Alabastrine

Slot 2, Thursday MID: 7-22 Bid for Alabastrine

Slot 3, Thursday PM: OFF

Slot 4, Friday AM: 7-22 Bid for Alabastrine

Slot 5, Friday MID: 7-22 Bid for Alabastrine

Slot 6, Friday PM: Playing 8-00 Special: The Cosmic Captive

Slot 7, Saturday AM: 7-22 Bid for Alabastrine

Slot 8, Saturday MID: 7-22 Bid for Alabastrine

Slot 9, Saturday PM: 7-99 Special: Through Maelstrom Rift

Slot 10, Sunday AM: 7-18 Faithless and Forgotten part III: The Infernal Inheritance

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Gary Bush wrote:
caex wrote:
This is Nathan Hale, just in case my email was not seen, I recently received a schedule email and am confirming receipt on here, and I am male for the other email I received
Welcome to the wonderful world of volunteering!

Should be interesting, haven't been to Gencon before

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This is Nathan Hale, just in case my email was not seen, I recently received a schedule email and am confirming receipt on here, and I am male for the other email I received

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So, started my campaign for Rise of the Runelords, and we had our first session today.

Party consists of:

Cackle Stone - Gnoll Sacred Shield Paladin of Torag 1
Vincenzo Patchouli - Ratfolk Grenadier Alchemist 1
Antonio Patchouli - Ratfolk Waylayer Rogue 1
Isaac - Elf Wizard 1
Yume - Tengue Gunslinger 1

Most of the players made characters from the Varisian area, except the Gnoll Paladin who is from Irrisen.

Taking a page out of some of the other threads like this, I am allowing my players a reroll once per session if they post journals in character in this thread after each session.

Character creation was 20 pt buy with 3 traits, two regular and one campaign trait.

Started off on the morning of the Swallowtail Festival, with the PCs already in town.

Played a wheelbarrow game I found on here, and the fishing game from the same source, wheelbarrow game was interesting with some of the turns being hard to get past. Fishing game gave out a +1 weapon to a couple players who rolled really high on the d% roll.

1st fight against the goblins was easy as it should be, though it got harder as the fights moved on to the next two encounters, with a few of them being low in health and one being knocked unconsious during die dog die.

After the fights, I had the Father Zantus heal the players, and they met some of the npcs in town. Foxglove ended up focusing on the gunslinger due to being female, and also doing the most damage.

Some of them took Ameiko up on staying at the Rusty Dragon, though the two cousin ratfolk have a grandmother who lives in sandpoint, and they are in hiding from folks in Magnimar that are searching for them.

Next fight with the skeletons went a little long, due to a few rounds in a row of neither them nor I being able to hit, until the Gunslinger brought the last skeleton down.

Shayliss was able to lure the Gnoll Paladin to the shop, but he stuck to his convictions and did nothing to her, but rolled low on his diplomacy to simmer Van down. After a couple ineffectual attacks, the paladin left the shop.

Next, moved on to the boar hunt, which I did not run the fight, just had Foxglove talk to Yume to try to get on her goodside, though it of course didn't really work, but his obsession is growing. They decided to donate the boars they killed to the townsfolk, which endeared them to them some more, and further cementing them as heroes in Sandpoint

After being approached by the halfling bar maid, and finding out that Ameiko went to meet her brother, made their way to the Glassworks.

Once inside, they immediately found the room with the goblins, and started to battle them, using grease to cause some of them to fall. Isaac had multiple color spray spells prepared, and took out 3 of the goblins, with Yume and Cackle taking out more, with a couple being killed by Antonio and Vincenzo. One ran and called up Tsuto, who came and attacked the party. Due to low rolls on my point, he didn't do a whole lot of damage, doing only 2 or 3 at a time.

His hp was plinked away by alchemist splash damage, and Yume eventually brought him down due to hp damage and nonlethal damage.

Overall, it was a fun start, or at least I think so, and i look forward to our next session in two weeks.

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Vincenzo Patchouli - Ratfolk Alchemist (Grenadier) 1
Yume - Tengu Gunslinger (Musketmaster) 1
Isaac - Elf Wizard 1
Antonio Patchouli - Ratfolk Rogue (Waylayer Unchained)
Cackle Stone - Gnoll Paladin (Sacred Shield) 1

Started the campaign today, 1st session went pretty good, made it through the Glassworks and defeated Tsuto