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Looking to join a group for a Pathfinder or Star finder game,

have played Pathfinder, just not in a long time, and havn't tried star finder but am interested in giving it a try.

I generally live in the Kansas city area, but don't mine a drive if needed,

I'm looking for some advice on a char i've never played before and reading the rules, am not sure if it will do what i want to do,

A friend of mine wants to run a sci-fi pathfinder game, so everything pathfinder, but magic and other stuff get a sci-fi re-skin, (yes i get to use the tech guide too)

so I have a few ideas, but one was the summoner/synthesis with one level of gunslinger, Guns will be set to everywhere, so that gives dex to damage, and I wanted to use the creature you merge with as more of a power armor for defense type of thing and have it use hands to use my gun,

now with that in mind, the char I'm make was going to be a small race or less (if he lets me make like a faerie or pixie as a star-ship pilot)

the idea is small guy, with magical power-armor? or mass effect tech armor type of effect,

But for this exersie we will assume i use a human char,
all players start at level 8, with wealth by level so that's 30k,

so was thinking one level gunslinger, (not sure which one yet) and 7 of summoner/synthesis
And before any one asks, I'm not going for the multi arm routine so don't worry about that build, seen it, didn't entertain me enough in concept :D

So I get that it summons the being, merges and you can get evolutions to beef it up, but I would like some one to explains to me the best ways to raise things like dex and AC on this type of creature were it would be better then just buying magic gear for the char it self you know?

I read through the rules and I think I'm not just grasping it. I can see how to make it a mean melee as far as damage, but I want to use it more for an exo frame and for range combat with my guns,

Ideas, comments?

I have several other char idea's but this was the one that was getting in my way the most.

Monkeykibble wrote:

GM is allowing some of us in the party to change to another class/make modifications. I did have a fighter, but might change to a class thats useful in and out of combat.

I was considering Skald, Summoner or Bard. I know Summoner may take extra work (Summon Monster Stats/etc) but I'd be willing to put the effort in.

I have a knack for being a wordsmith, and the GM wanted me to have the option to play it out in-game.

My concern was being able to have the "WOW I'm a bad-ass!" in-combat moments that I did with the fighter, but not be useless out of combat either.

Any suggestions/builds/pointers are extremely appreciated~!

Extra info: Party consists of a War Priest(former cleric), Rogue, and two sorcerers, 1 is a MC'd barb and draconic bloodline sorc, other I believe is a nature sorc (has a bear companion)

How about a paly? With that party build you really should have some one to take a hit, maybe an inquisitor? Both are good me lees if built right and might give you your I'm the face moments.

the back story is cool, but to be honest, I'm not a fan of her hat, it looks like she mugged a wrestler for his championship belt and put it on her head, hehe

Bandw2 wrote:
thanks with the thug archetype and the realization that barbars totems can be useful beyond getting pounce(this is a joke, but I seriously have little knowledge on rage powers off the top of my head).

as little spell casting as possible?

have you considered filing a complaint with the targets neighbor hood association?

perhaps an IRS audit?

motherly look of disapprove?

its late, the jokes get worse :)

Ya, I have UMD changed to Int thanks to the trait, I have picked up some scrolls for utility use, but I didn't realize is was caster level, thanks for that.

and you know wands, they come in handy, :) got some good magic missile wands from a NPC we killed that came in handy already hehe.

Edit time,

I just looked at UMD, to desifer the scroll is caster level, to cast it is spell level,

But I guess i'll stick to the out of combat scrolls for the most part then, :)


just had a question for the advice section :D

So, I play a marshal class in my group, we are level 9 almost 10,

I normally am the range damage guy, and have a lot of UMD (+4 int)

so question is. scrolls, its a UMD roll of 20+ spell level if I'm right, to use the scroll and I've been looking at some of the higher level spells,

are spells like the spell that makes you into a huge dragon very effective when used in scroll form? (this is assuming i make the roll of-course,)

Team has no pure casters right now, closest is a druid.

a musket master gets better at level 5, then you have fast reload and dex to damage, of-course the alchemical carts help you load faster, as for magic items,

the 1500 magical bandoleer is good, (forget the name right now)
never forget weapon blanches, get some, pre blanch before leaving town, and the gun slinger now can many things to combat DR and resistances, oh and they are cheap,

lets see, oh, and enchanting the musket as well, I like going for distance, but reliable and lucky are good too if he is having a hard time with mis fires,

granted all this depends on the level, my current musket master is a lvl 8 musket-master lvl 1 urban barb, (rage dex boost is great)

and at this level, I can do a descent amount of ranged damage if the target dosn't have DR and I pump out alchemical carts, and I don't mis-fire, and I'm able to do a full round action, and...(man a lot of ands,)

also if he is having issues were he is only able to get one shot off a turn, I recommend highly vital shot for those moments.

Nefreet wrote:
Psst... This thread is 2 years old...

But info is info, and if its here, then some one might find what they need when using search,

it could happen,

stranger things after all.

Kudaku wrote:

The Weapon Cord has been FAQ'ed, so your situation is probably a bit different from what's outlined here.

That said, it would be useful to have a little more information. What level is the gunslinger in your game?

I also view it like this, how much does your gm let you talk as a free action? I ask becouse you have to think of how the actions work before it gets to the point of abuse, i play a musket master, i can get 3 shots off, 4 if i have haste at level 9, so thats viewed as in the realm of ok, but if i had a pepper box, firing 4-6 shots with out reload then stoping to reload them all as a free acton does seem a bit much,

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
go Mysterious Stranger archetype which lets you use Cha instead of Wis for Grit... then your high Cha will mesh well with UMD

little late for that sadly as i said i'm level 9, and my int is higher then my cha, so easyer to take the trait that lets me use int to use UMD, as well, currently I'm musketmaster (8) urban barb (1)

And I do agree with both of you, though as my group has no arcane caster scrolls and wands will have to do, for stats, and how i became the skill monkey we are doing shattered star and i got one of the mcguffins that added to my skills and int score, tossed another point in to help my int when i got one for leveling up,

stat wise i'm doing a human gunslinger,
so with gear, my wis and my int are both at +4
a stat of 18 each currently,

so I at least cover the stat requirement for a few things, and an ioun stone i have gives me a +2 insight bounus to skills, (scarlet/blue sphere)

So, skill wise, when i hit 9 if i dump my skill points into it, i'll max it for level, get a 15, with the +2 bringing it to a +17 on the die roll, not counting if i pick up skill focus on my next feat pick. which is tempting, ( I like gadgets)

so basicly that leads to start with +17 on a roll with a 18 stat on int and wis,

Hello fellow people that might know more then me :D

I have come seeking advise. Which explains the thread category,

Any who.

I am in a game were my char is about to hit level 9, I'm a martial class but I have descent int stats do to macguffins in the adventure path we are playing.

I am thinking of getting UMD and the trait that lets me use Int for this skill as other then damage my job is skill monkey of the group.

but I have never used UMD, I have some wands saved from past encounters, but I was looking for advise for any other things I could use with this, or what scrolls might be good to buy, (other then wish)

given the way the skill reads i'm assuming most of my use of it will be outside of combat, as I think its 3 rolls to do a scroll? and at least a full minute?

the spell casters in my group are all divine as well, (druid,inquis and a paly)

any advise is always welcome as my stats seem to out strip my experience :D

mmm, what to wear, well. i know your asking for magic stuff but I'm not sure of that one my self. for low levels at least, I'd advise Bandoleer!
two, they are cheap, and who doesn't love pockets!

same for the adventure outfit, become, it says pockets!

and Any-Tool is also good for well, anyone,

nighttree wrote:

I'll be GM for our next AP which will be shattered star...

We got together last weekend and rolled up characters, and I'm a bit concerned about our lack of a dedicated caster.
We have a Magus, Alchemist, Rogue, and Fighter.

Can the party make do with partial casters ?
Or are there going to be some problem area's I need to prepare for ?

My party is up to book 3 sofar, we have had a few deaths but are lvl 8 now, so I would think so, but make sure they understand teamwork and large cash investments in wands, potions and gear will be a must.

My group is
Inquisitor, awsome gnome barb, my musket master/batman., pally and Druid. Though a full healer would be super nice hehe

Chisami wrote:

So my group is playing WoTR and our wizard got ahold of a magic item that turns people Chaotic evil if they fail a save. He studied and adjusted the magic to make his own version that turns people neutral good. Our party has been pretty split on the item and my character the de facto leader took beyond morality and is only concerned with winning the war against the abyss and creating a utopia of sorts and has good out of his ways to bring people under his wing to redeem them through any method he can get ahold of which usually just means a Diplomacy check repeatedly. So the magic item was used for the first time tonight against a demon that rolled really bad and fell under the effect, it then started begging for death.

The group excluding myself and the followers I'd gathered killed him after about 15 minutes of bickering about it. My question is this, do you all consider this to be a good act?

It was suffering, you ended suffering,

technically its a good act in the realm that you relived suffering,

to think beyond that end in the whole, its a demon, does it deserve release ect ect ect, and down the slide we go in the wild Grey yonder of morality,

at best its good, at worst its neutral as you assisted a creature that requested help.

Well skipping the part with the blanches, because meh, I don't feel like dealing with it.

with the spell description I think the whole reasoning is you put bit of ammo in pouch, cast spell, now take ammo out and fire, the ammo your pulling is the cloned ammo. when the spell ends, only the real ammo is left,

at least that's my read on it.

seems so, thats what team work is all about, you startle the target, and the rogue knifed it :)

the kick-starter is awesome, already have my pledge in, :D

Mark Hoover wrote:
Yeah, places where they help you and others? Bahh...who wants that? Now somewhere where madmen eat flies, scream at all hours and crawl on the walls before exploding into hungering undead or tentacled horrors... that one's got legs...

depending on the country he's in, it might be the eating bugs type of place, :)

remember, aslymus helping people inside them, is a very new thing.

you can pretty much assume anything you believe is normal in the medical field as far as care goes, most likly only came up in the last 100-200 years,

like, surgeons washing there hands, very resent thing :)

For fairness and a chance to react I agree.

However a trained and disciplined military unit, firing arrows under a commanders command, they will aim, fire and loose at the same time.

Because like your's more effective.

(EDIT) - however...this will be on the commanders turn, and he will wait for them all to ready to fire. So they may hear the command to ready and see them preparing to pepper the mage, then there is a delay before they loose.

So you could warn them it's about to happen, and if they take not action to defend's not really your fault.


So from the above, I have to agree, in this situation,
but also there own intivite, So view the group like a group of players,

so from a mechanics point of view,

Unit command's turn if he goes before the archers he would hold his turn till all archers are ready,
then when archers are ready, he gives the order to fire,

same with archers, if they go before the commander, they would ready their action to fire at and when the command yells fire,

unless its one volley then fire at will.
at which point they are all on their own initiative,

that's how i would view it.

granted the moment the commander yells ready or fire, the ranged pcs will most likely target him as well.

though NPC's are not adventures, so unless the commander is imparting some form of mechanical buff or moral bonus, he's no more important then the archers,

in the end we have to remember we are dealing with a rule set more then what real life commanders would do,

I mean, in real life situations, the only thing to do ageist archers is to field more archers, or get a Calvary charge in to scatter them, which the other side ideally would have pike-men to dissuade that,

it escalates and gets messy pretty quick,. and again you have to take into account he resources of this force.

in normal logic if its a fort, any siege would require 10-1 odds in the players favor to crack it.

personally, i'd suggest the stealth approach, get close then fry the archers. but that's me.

I think Vital strike comes in handy but it depends on the build as many of pointed out,

For char's like a Gunslinger or Musket master it does come in handy for when you have to load normal shot instead of using an alchemical cart say because you need silver or cold iron, Mainly because at level 8 my char can do 3 shots with alchemical carts but for PFS rules I don't believe i can get those treated with weapon blanches or so.

As such there are times when i need to hit something with DR to something.

and as others have pointed out, when your ranged support gets ambushed or attacked, he might have to move ok, you moved, now you have a standard action only.

but again its one of those feats were its situational, my groups playing shattered star so I've run into a number of creatures that need to be hit with like cold iron or something, so for me its useful, for others? it will depend.

Buri wrote:

I give you a CR 1 swarm immune to weapon damage.


This set the tone really well for my Shattered Star group.

Tell me about it, my group is doing Shattered star now, we up to book three, but those swarms man, we lost the druid pet and a party member to those things when we were low level.

Old post, but I've had questions like it thought lower level, I'm only level 8 in my current musket master. But I belive a mithrel chain shirt thats enchanted for + what ever is better, its like 9k to get a +3? more ac then a lot of magic armor gunslingers could get

K177Y C47 wrote:
yeah, but the owlbear is a bit different then say... a Shoggoth...

Look at the mid and high level clockwork creatures, solders,dragons,ect. made by man, much higher CR then a human :)

I have a Musket Master in a game I'm playing in, its a home game but we are using PFS rules,

my self, I went point blank shot and percice shot, the snap shot feat is nice because you can threaten with your musket but I'm not a huge fan,

one thing to look into for later levels, vital strike. very handy when you have a target you can't use alchemical carts on, I also tend to carry some musket balls that I used blanches on, because silver and cold iron blanch is far cheaper then real silver or cold iron ammo,

reliability is a good enchantment for the musket, but for me, I just upend my wis to get more grit and instead added distance,

The above mentioned a breast plate, I'm not sure about that, because some of your defensive ability only work if you were light armor or no armor.

and for non-magic weapons, I'd say boarding axe is a nice back up melee weapon. for magic gear, you have two nice options for different slots, the beneficial bandoleer and the endless bandoleer. endless I believe is 1500, I like it my self, the beni can teleport one bit of ammo to your weapon though.

or get finece and get a rapier or spiked chain since your already dex based.

just my two cents

oh, if you think you might dip a level or two, wait till after level 5. dex to damage is so pretty :)

Just my own thing here, but. I've noticed people mentioning Trench fighter, but when I look at that arch type, it states it for the 20th century. I don't see how that would apply to a char using non advanced firearms,

Starting at 3rd level, a trench fighter can select one specific type of firearm (such as a machine gun, revolver, or rifle).

So I'm sure this is a good dip, but that would be up the guys GM of course,

my self, for my musket master I did urban barb for 1 level, and its been very effective with that +4 to my dex, :) but do it after level 5 so you get dex to damage

I'm playing with a group that is doing this,
we are unto book 3 now,

I am playing a human Musket Master, with a level of urban barb tossed in, with a tiny..ok, an over abundant enjoyment for alchemical items.

Background wise he is a former member of the Derexhi Famly (alabaster outcast)

Currently he is playing as the groups Ranged fire support and Batman. er, skill and nonmagical item monkey (we don't have a wizard or a rogue)

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What happened to just calling them adventurers?

I remember when back in the day they were called by the name, mercenary.

but I'm old fashioned,

137ben wrote:
Conman the Bardbarian wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:
Adamantine Dragon wrote:
Kthulthu, if you "revel in your murder-hoboness" you better be an evil character.
Not if you aim your murder-hobo at evil targets.
So now it's an improvised weapon discussion about the murder obo?
Hey, what do you have against murder oboes! One of my best friends is a concert oboist!

I Would just like to point out, that murdering some one with a oboe is very hard and requires a great deal of talent. (also, there are feats that will let you make, EL KABOMG!)

Now, for murder Hobo's that's different, granted even my good chars tend to be fairly mercenary or at least pragmatic, I mean, you find a fair maiden in distress, sure we will help, and even put a few swords in the evil witch, because its the right thing to do, but, That dragon terrorizing the village? well your village will need to pay, or we keep all the dragons horde, because well, its a dragon and I don't get eaten for free. Or, for free we will do the right and just thing, and ride to the lord of that land and say, Hey guy with army, you got a dragon problem,

Because even good guys need to eat, and have comfy beds, and reasonably priced hookers,

Granted right now I'm playing in a shattered star game, so my char is split between the poles of, he has alabaster bastard so, Got to show up the family that kicked him out :) and second, possible threat to his home city so, ya

still getting paid though,

Alfred Dumplepumpkin wrote:

Situation: Gunslinger lvl 5 with dex bonus to dmg on his gun uses a standard action to fire his double barreled musket, with both shots (at -4 per shot)

Musket, Double-Barreled
This musket has two parallel barrels; each barrel can be shot independently as a separate action, or both can be fired at once as the same attack.
If both barrels are fired at once, they must both target the same creature or object, and the gun becomes wildly inaccurate, taking a –4 penalty on each shot. Each barrel of a double-barreled musket uses either a bullet and a single dose of black powder or an alchemical cartridge as ammunition.

Does he get his dex bonus and other bonuses ( for example deadly aim) on both shots so dmg is 1d12 + dex + other / 1d12 + dex + other
or 2d12 + dex + other

From everything I've seen, the answer would be yes,

personal for my musket master I prefer single barrel muskets, but that's me,

I don't have enough wine to keep track of all the free actions to load more then one barrel at a time :)

blahpers wrote:
Light and one-handed bludgeoning weapons, spears, and arrowheads can all be made of stone.
A bullet is none of those things. No stone bullets for you, caddmus. : D

Well I mostly meant for silver,cold iron and so on, I'll admit for stone arrows, I got nada,

though my musket master does carry a sling as a back up :)

Volaticus wrote:

So, I was thinking about making a new character for a campaign that I'm in. We currently have plenty of utility to get by, but a lot of it is wasted because multiple PCs do the same things (2 wizards and a cleric isn't going great so far, and I'm one of the wizards.) While our utility is nice, we lack a lot of damage. It's a campaign with 6 characters, but so far only one of those does a good deal of damage so everything is going pretty slow. While I love my wizard, I was thinking about dropping him for a gunslinger. I've never had a gunslinger in any of my campaigns or any campaign I've played in, but they look interesting. I've also heard that they're really good at dealing damage but that's about it.

One thing that worries me is that I've heard that they're lackluster early on and later on, and only really shine in the mid-game. We level up pretty slowly, so if it takes me a long time to reach my prime we might not even be playing any more. Is there a way around this, or would it be better to pick a different class?

Thanks for reading, I appreciate any help.

I'm playing a gunslinger in my current game, (Musket master)

they are descent range damage, and get better once you get dex stat to damage, around level 6 or 7 I also like a 1 or 2 level dip to urban barbarian, which is fun.

Things to look out for, you can do goo damage with the right feat selection, I can get three shots a round off right now, but. even at the gunslinger discount, Ammo will account for a lot of your loot income, as well if you do get reloading to a free action for the rapid shots, that slows to one shot a round once you fight monsters that need a certain damage type, like cold iron or silver, even with blanches, its a move Acton to reload around level what is it 5 or 6? as you won't be using alchemical ammo for those mobs,

Havn't tried a pistol based gunslinger yet, and if you play a normal gunslinger, you can use all guys but guns are expensive,

Well, if its good or evil would depend on the back round of the char and its personal system of belief,

is slavery wrong? yes, but its an oger, it will kill, rape and slaughter, there is no reasoning with it what so ever, So, on the one hand, you kill the group of overs the giant sends you after because they will die at the hands of humans regardless as once they kill enough they will br a threat and hunted down like beasts, or, give it to the giant, at least it still has its life.

are either good good? no, but you can't treat the oger like a you would another human or other race that might you know, not kill and rape if given enough reason, like you know, death, profit, ext,

in the end I guess you have to look at the long view, it becomes a very grey area but I don't see it as evil as the giant is keep the area safe anyway,

in the end the ogre will kill helpless people and do horrible things, no matter what,

again, lots of grey area's that the aliment system is not set up to deal with, it is still D&D after all, and D&D was made to be a war-game at first :)

Azaelas Fayth wrote:
That is what Followers are for. But even if you do lose a few they are fairly cheap. I mean sheesh 3 for 1 GP + Special Material Cost if you craft them yourself. If you really are worried about price then make your normal bulk Arrows from Stone. 80 Stone Arrows for 1 GP Heck yes. Throw Weapon Blanches on those if necessary.

This, above, is the best, its saved my gunslinger a good amount of cash on spec to order ammo :)