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Inesha, human fighter/rogue
[needs a name], human inquisitor of Belial

We're starting at level 2 since there's only 2 PCs.

Spoiler for CotCT:
Both PCs are Gray Maidens. Well, they were young initiates, anyway, when Korvosa was liberated and the group was scattered. They seek allies, equipment, anything useful to aid them in retaking the city from the usurper King Arkona.

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I just started this campaign last Friday.

My group is:

female halfling witch with the elements patron and a weasel familiar
male halfling rogue(scout archetype)
male gnome oracle of life
male dwarf barbarian
male dwarf fighter(shielded fighter archetype)

They might be the shortest party I've ever been associated with...

The rogue is being played very much like a kender(incurably curious & vaguely childlike).
The gnome has chosen to live life with reckless abandon, trying everything: overeating, drinking, drug use, sex... a fat gnome w/ a penchant for hats who comes off kinda like a creepy, dirty old man type.
The barbarian appears impetuous & impatient, but will heed the fighter's directives.
The fighter seems to be the moral compass/most respectable member so far.

The witch hasn't really started to blossom, yet...

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I have a ton of ideas, but this is the most recent and I'm very excited about it!

Astrid Dvergdottir, female human Viking Fighter. Ulfen girl raised by dwarves of Janderhoff. Has all the manners of a dwarf with bravado and ethusiasm of humans. Very excited about seeing the world and killing things in battle. Not very smart, but dwarves have thought him patience and being aware of his surroundings. May or may not multiclass to ranger (deep stalker).

If I'm participating instead of running this, I'm hoping I'll get the chance to run this "in the setting's future" with the quarter elf son of my human ranger and an NPC half elf cleric of Shelyn from my own Rise of the Runelords game. He'd be a glaive specialized fighter with emphasis on bleed effects (from feats and weapon abilities) as well as crowd damage effects like cleave and cleaving finish (going Dynasty Warriors with this)

I'm playing with a group that is doing this,
we are unto book 3 now,

I am playing a human Musket Master, with a level of urban barb tossed in, with a tiny..ok, an over abundant enjoyment for alchemical items.

Background wise he is a former member of the Derexhi Famly (alabaster outcast)

Currently he is playing as the groups Ranged fire support and Batman. er, skill and nonmagical item monkey (we don't have a wizard or a rogue)

My group just finished up book one:

Me: Half Elf (with Drow Magic racial trait) Archaeologist Bard from Kaer Maga, wanted to be a pathfinder since he was a kid, finally managed to get out of minding his parent's shop and achieve his dream. (An adventurer with parents? That he likes? Blasphemy!)

Dwarven Gunslinger
Half Elf Reach Paladin
Half Orc Life Oracle
Gnome Illusion/Evocation Sorcerer

Sovereign Court

Our group consists of:

A female natural werewolf ranger.
A flamboyant human male sorcerer/bard
A male dhampir slayer (from the playtest)
A male dwarf cleric of Torag

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