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I painted her for my RotRL campaign. Comments and criticism welcome!

Nualia of Burnt Offerings

Not forever, mind you, as I love the product. Unfortunately, some unexpected medical emergencies dictate I curtail discretionary spending.

As such, I need to cancel all subscriptions for the present.

Now I need a waaaaaaaaambulance.

So I painted Reaper's Moor Hound as part of a mini exchange, and tried to match the colors of the Bestiary barghest as closely as possible. Whaddya think?

Barghest view 1
Barghest view 2
Barghest view 3

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After casting around in search of the right solution for battlemat condition markers, I realized that there wasn't anything out there that was both immediately legible and completely unobtrusive. I like the Litko markers, but I don't like that the text of them is hidden by the mini. I like the Dark Platypus magnetic flags, but it seems like a lot of rigmarole, and it puts more clutter on the map. I have no desire to use those stacking magnet rings I've seen used elsewhere, and the pipe cleaner/rubberband options just looked bad IMO.

Yeah, I'm picky. Your point?

So I fired up Photoshop and made my own, as I'm sure many before me have done.

As I am currently just getting into the WorldWorks Games paper terrain, cardstock was a natural choice. That said, I wanted something that could be used either as a flat cardstock tag to slide under a mini, or -- in the case of close melee -- in such a way as to show the condition without it being hidden under the bases of surrounding minis.

I made a page of counters to include all possible states (many of them only rarely needed, but hey, it's paper, and I had room). In fact, the only condition left off was "broken," because I couldn't foresee ever needing that on a map.

Here are a few pics of what I came up with: pics of Pathfinder Counters

Here's how they work:

1. Print the .pdf page on 80 lb cardstock or similar. Regular paper works fine, too, but if you want them to last longer than a session, cardstock is a nice choice. NOTE: make sure your print page is set to print at 100% size (no scaling).

2. Grab some scissors (or if you are a papercraft adept, reach for your cutting mat, steel ruler and snap-off blade).

3. Decide whether you want the counters to lie flat on the map, or for the colored tabs to stand up vertically.

3a. If you choose the former, cut just below the colored tabs.

3b. If you choose the latter, cut just above the colored tabs.

That's it! So have at it by clicking the link below: cheap as free, peeps:

Pathfinder Condition Markers

So my PCs just hit the briars outside of Thistletop in Burnt Offerings. I was unable to field a mini for Tangletooth, because I couldn't figure out how to paint her coat.

The best I could figure, she looks like a leopard with tiger markings tending toward a darker orange and black. But I couldn't quite escape the idea that maybe the red in her coat was actually a crimson. I couldn't find a picture of a firepelt anywhere.

So while I had a primed mini of Droogami from the Pathfinder minis line ready to paint(and actually based in red), I bailed on going any further.

Tangletooth was played by a small d6. A ferocious pouncing d6, but a d6 nonetheless.

Anybody know for sure what a firepelt looks like?