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Is my show back on this weekend?

"take my love... take my land... "

I'm still here. ;)


This is the just like firefly... boo! Hiss!
Every show I like gets canceled.

It's tough to get swamped Eben, good luck. I will save my book mark and keep an eye out for updates.

Yay! My show is back on!

I am working on the "Captain Cosmos" Character right now. I don't want to step on toes.
- A lot of what he is going to be able to do is support from his spaceship.
- Currently he has an AI sidekick that remote controls technology. If someone else wants that shtick, i'm happy to give it up.

@Tenro - I also have a brick idea, but from people's basic description I thought a couple people were suggesting Bricks.

@Jolly - In previous posts Xabulba mentioned slightly more advanced than today, with some orbital habitats for example. It might make sense to pitch what you want, this is supposed to be collaborative.

I can commit to playing, I will probably not have time to make the crunch for a character until Saturday.

At the moment, I am kicking around a few ideas. I would like to pick one that fits in with where you want the game to go. Nothing is worse than making a person who is just way off plot.

Here are the ideas so far:

She is a New Orleans based pulp hero from 1939 gets pulled through time by Mystical or Super Science forces, the process gives her the ability to fly, super-strength and toughness. Delilah "Barnstormer" Barnes finds herself needing to adjust to the modern world and make her place as a superhero. She has the additional complication that the more she draws on her powers the harder it is to remember the details of 2014.

ROLE: Barnstormer is a pretty straight forward flying brick, with a 30's pulp theme.

#2: CAPTAIN COSMIC (still working on Super name for this one.)
Pulled by a call he cannot explain, Benjamin Kane avid Superhero and sci-fi nut, made his way to South America where he located a crashed spacecraft.
Upon entering and sitting in the command chair, the spacecraft activates, revealing the AI that runs it, and informing him that he is the grandson of an alien warrior. That warrior, Captain Anniewaiaaane genetically engineered herself to pass as human to put a stop to the alien lizard people that were supporting the Third Reich.
His grandmother's ship crashed in the final confrontation with the aliens, stranding her on earth until the repair systems completed repairs. The Genetic changes she had made shortened her lifespan to that of a human; without access to her advanced technology she died several years ago.
Kane is a major geek, and wants to be a space adventurer. Unsure of what to do, Kane has started unlocking the secrets of his new ship, toured the solar system, and made his way back to New York to figure out what to do next.

ROLE: Capt. Cosmic is a cliche space-hero with advanced sci-fi equipment that is created by his ship. I am expecting he will be able to use blasters, sensors and force shields, but all powers come from the equipment. The ship is on the small side, for a space ship, roughly runabout or Milenium falcon sized able to hold several people, and will be able to teleport people aboard, cloak and perform many support and travel functions, like advanced healing and can be armed or not as appropriate.
The equipment generated by the ship all seems to work, but it bears a strong similarity to existing earth Sci-fi. It is unclear if it is actually alien tech, or some extension of his own desires. The ship seems intelligent and sentient, but there is no actual proof it is from outer-space. If examined, the ship does not work using any principles of science we understand.

I am open to filling other roles on a super-team, or completely changing concepts to better fit a mood or backstory. These are the ideas that have me most excited right now.

In both cases, they could bear the "mark" of the team if it goes that way. I like the idea that Barnstormer did not have the mark, but right before the fateful confrontation with evil that sent her to the future, she got a Tatoo, based on something she saw in a dream.
For Cosmic, the mark could be on the spaceship as well.

How do aliens fit into this world? Has there been any alien attacks?

I'm interested.

I have a few superhero ideas, depending on how the world ends up taking shape.

Pardon me for sticking my nose in, but I used to play GURPS special forces.

One of the suggestions they had for a military structure in RPG setting is to discuss what is going on before hand out of character, and have the team leader make the "right" decision for the team in character. Also, have players be clear in advance if they are being insubordinate, so that they are clear there will be consequences in game, and everything is still cool out of game.

It seems to me that you are doing a really good job of keeping the chain of command issues out in the open. They can get wonky quickly if the chain of command expectations don't get discussed.

P.S. Watching this unfold is one of my favorite things to do each day.


Interested. Dotting so I can find this after work.

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S to the I to the M to the P...
Squirrels In My Pants...

@Eben: If you liked the first one, the others follow the same lines. Good light-hearted romps.

@E.E.L.: Yes, I have most of the various Traveller versions, I think GURPS is my favorite. I have even forced younger friends to play Traveller.
But I really do think that all of the reincarnations have more to do with "Gamers of a Certain Age"(TM) being in a position to write the checks and make the deals that bring back games with little to no audience. So if you are a FAN, generally speaking, you can remember the late 70's.
Point of interest: In the pilot of Firefly, at some point Mal makes a general announcement where he refers to the audience of that announcement as "Travelers" always made me wonder if that was a little shout out to an influence on the show.

@Eben: Thanks! I would love to take the alternate spot. Even happy to jump in as an NPC or helping to make Villains or NPCs.
Don't worry about spoilers... the players won't hear that Arum secretly comes from the gills of the Allsoul's fish-man storm-troopers from me. No sir.

@E.E.L.: Yes, being a Traveller fan suggests that you are a gamer of... ahem... a certain age.

@Callum: Thank you Sir, A good hat is all a man needs in this world.

On the reread of the thread, I see the reply to Bilbo on page 1. So enjoy the skies. I will just follow along.

Um, I'm a fan of both Firefly and I have read the whole Ketty Jay series, and I'm also a fan of Traveller actually. I have actually played a Vargr Spacer in a game.
Would love to join in, but I am happy to just dot and follow along if that's how it works out.

I clicked on the thread because the thread title smelled of Firefly, or possibly Airship Steam-Punk. Either one is worth a read.

@gyrfalcon: She is built with the storm druid and storm sorcerer archetypes. Using the storm druid archetype I found, She lost an animal companion, but kept the wild-shape. I was thinking she can and does Wildshape, but I intend to avoid it as a character choice.
I saw the wis based sorcerer archetype, but it seemed too focused on religion, the storm sorcerer archetype blasts +1CL lightning bolts.

@Spooky: I get where you are coming from. I will take advantage of your advice. I didn't want to overstep on my first try. Casting everything off of wiz will help a lot. I will get time later in the week to update.

Is recruitment closed on this? I LOVE this series...

@Spooky: Yes, that's exactly right. I should have been more clear in my first post. The only place I am finding problems is flying. I like the idea of flying via a spell to represent her powers. However, without dumping the levels of rogue, I only have one 3rd level sorcerer spell known, so it's lightning bolt or fly, not both.

I have a couple of solutions:

- Refluff transforming into a medium sized bird, along with taking the cast spells in animal form feat.
- Not refluff the transformation, and make peace with spending time in other forms. Keeping to the spirit of Storm in the Pathfinder setting, rather than the exact duplication of her powers.
- Spend gp on an additional known spell item.
- Take it as a Race Point ability.

Oh, thought of another one... Cast both levitate and glide. That is a more accurate depiction of her powers anyway. (Yeah... thinking as ya type...)

@Spooky: There is less of a "Feared and Hated" situation for the mutants then?

For the Storm build, I was thinking of making her Asimar and really playing up the Nature Goddess aspect of the character, but for some reason I thought Asimar are not acceptable. Currently building as Druid 8|Rogue 2/Sorcerer 6

Spooky, I'm thinking of working up Storm as a Druid/cleric or Druid/sorcerer. Do you have any thoughts about how "mutants" work into the Golarion setting, or how Professor X fits in?

Interested, but i'm new to PbP. I have been playing 3.5 and PF for a long time. Thinking about a Superhero to throw in the ring.