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DM here, I've got a player who wants to play a Magical Child Vigilante (basically as a magical girl who will avoid the first 5 rounds of combat by initiating Transformation Sequence to change from social to combat form), however, they don't know, and I can't find what happens if the character is attacked while switching identities.

To be brief, I know that conceptually (anime), you don't attack while the transformation is going on, but I don't think a raging bugbear is going to just wait half a minute for the show to end, but what's the rules-based result of him charging in while magic and lights are going off?

Krackne wrote:
I'm working out an encounter where both the PC's and the BBEG have access to maze, so I'm trying to think of contingencies both parties will likely use. So far I've come up with having a solid Int score, the fortune hex, and preemptively casting dimensional anchor. Any other ideas/thoughts?

See, I thought this was going to be about finding a way to use maze on a contingency spell for a wizard to maze himself for free buff time when combat starts since he'd probably be able to get out of it easily enough.

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Oh man, just got an update from the kickstarter.

Was pretty glad it wasn't an announcement of surrender on the project.

Stuff in the works looks amazing as usual, just hope it's not another few months between this and the next update.

Just going to throw out there, that this would have been much eaiser from the wizards perspective to just create a simulacrum of a succubus and acquire profane gifts that way.

revaar wrote:

If you only get 1 level 9 spell, it should always be Wish. Read the first line of the spell description:

Wish is the mightiest spell a wizard or sorcerer can cast. By simply speaking aloud, you can alter reality to better suit you.

How can you do better?

Maybe with a spell that doesn't have a 25,000gp price tag to cast it at all?

EDIT: Price tag ninja'd, I'd go with Time Stop every time.

Not sure about this so I thought I'd ask it here since it's the first book it comes up in. Also not sure if it's spoilery enough, but to be on the safe side...

Regarding Amulets:
Just how much power does having a creatures true name give you over it in the end? Is it just like "Well you know my true name, guess I have to serve you until... Wait when am I freed from this?" sort of thing? I specifically ask regarding the Daemons Hexor and Vexor, once you have their amulets and can command them, does that basically mean that for the rest of the campaign (barring specific interruption) they will be on the party's minion roster? It may just be because of the level they're at, but two greater ceustodaemons with their at will dimension door that also are essentially unkillable on the long-term seems a little... overwhelming for minion usefulness.

Gotta go with Magic Items. No matter how many there are, there are always niche markets that could stand to be populated with cheap but randomly effectual magic items, or hordes that would be better served by something just -different- and new. I say this as someone who plays with people who pretty much have the general "standard list" of magic items down pat, and so something to spice that up (without letting them make up their own game-breaking items) would be delightful.

Put me in for clerics if this opinion is valid enough.

Basically, is it possible without getting them to 0hp, then chasing them down to their own plane and murdering them there?

I figure trap the soul would do the job well enough, but if there is a lower-level alternative to getting it done I can't find it.

An item that allows the user to become a dragon once a day.

Basically I figure it'd be a command word base, giving it CLxSLx1800.

Looking at the maximum dragon-ness here, we'll say Form of the Dragon III, an 8th level spell, which wizards cannot cast until 15th level.

Leaving us with 15x8x1800, or 216,000 gp.

We then make it a charges per day item (1), and divide that number by 5 for it following the formula, leaving us with a cost of 43,200 gp.

But there might be a similar item I'm not aware of to compare the pricing to. Does this seem right to you guys?

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Awkward title I know, but it's the best way I could think of to describe it.

Basically, I want to know how effects that decrease movement speed stack with one another.

In this case, Slow (Halves Moment speed among other things), Entangled (Also halves movement speed among other things), and the Solid Fog spell (Also also halves movement speed among other things).

For example, assuming we begin with a creature with a 30ft movement speed, would it look something like this.

Creature is affected by slow (Speed drops to 15ft/rnd).

Then the creature is entangled (Speed drops to 7.5ft/rnd, rounds down to 5) <--- This is the step I begin to be unsure I was right

After that, a party member throws a Solid Fog on the same creature, further reducing it's movement speed to 2.5/rnd, or rounded down to 0.

At least that's how I thought it should go, it ended up not mattering since the thing's turn didn't come up, but I was wondering if I interpreted how it should work correctly with those effects stacking.

Thank you!

Is it possible to acquire either of them through any means other then a class feature?

That is to say, would there be any possible way for a class that does not acquire either by levels or archetype (Say a vanilla Fighter for example) to make the acquisition without taking levels in a class that provides it?

For my own inscrutable purposes I find myself in need of one and will not be permitted by my fellow game-players to convert one myself.

I thank you heartily in advance.

Semi-related question: Can you have more then one person filling a single leadership slot?

For example, having preserved Auchs and Akiros, having them function together as General, Using Auchs's superior stat for the rank, but keeping Akiros as a handler for him or some such or to accommodate in case he ends up assassinated so as to not suffer a vacancy penalty.