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Do my eyes deceive me? Am I really seeing a revival of the Diskwars game system from the mid-90s?

Looks like Ptolus...in the FUTURE.... (cue Star Trek music)

carborundum wrote:

My daughter is almost two an dloves jumping up and down. I think she'd love being copied by an avatar and have a great time playing stuff like that Double Fine game where you jump around bursting balloons.

Does anyone have any experence of this? And do you know if I can buy a second-hand one, or are they all registered and non-transferable or whatever?

Thanks folks :-)

I wouldn't buy a Kinect for a toddlers. The skeleton-detection on the Kinect is pretty iffy with full-sized adults...it will lose track of fast-moving children very quickly. And believe me, it's not fun convincing your child to stand still so the Kinect can confirm the detection.

Endzeitgeist wrote:
Reviewed here and sent to GMS magazine.

What do you consider a "printer-friendly" version? A B&W export? A version with no background art?

Are you looking across the river? Maybe you're seeing Windsor.

Erik Mona wrote:

If we have any left when you guys come by, I will just give you one of these as thanks for helping us out at PAX.

+1 Awesome for Erik and Paizo!

The Earl of Sandwich wrote:

If you're a Canadian resident, click on the link below

I'll do it - just post the link!

If this were true, I'd be all over it. I work with iPads at a video-game production house, and I've always found them to be just slightly too large to be truly portable and useful.

I was surprised by the wholesale rejection of the Bloc in Quebec. That's very good news for the country as a whole.

I'm disappointed by the Harper majority - the contempt of Parliament conviction and the Bev Oda scandal are very important to me - but I'm heartened that the NDP can oppose every little details without running into the minority Parliament brinksmanship that Harper excels at.

As for the Liberals being crushed...well, we saw the PCs reduced to two seats in 1993 and then rise again after a merger with the righter-wing (remember, US readers, our most right-wing politician is still somewhat to the left of Bernie Saunders by your reckoning [grin]) Reform Party...so the Grits will return.

Interesting times...especially with all the neophyte NDP MPs. My riding elected a freshly graduated high school teacher. Let's see what she can do!

GregH wrote:
avidreader514 wrote:
My riding will probably remain Liberal red, but I'm curious about how many of my neighbours turn orange.

My riding (South Shore of Montrel) has been Bloc since '96, I think. 308.com is projecting the Bloc incumbent with a 1.3% projected win. That's close enough to wonder if he'll actually lose it. Going to be an interesting night...


There's orange everywhere! And yet, west of Quebec, it's looking mighty blue...

GregH wrote:

Voted on my way home from work.

Let's see what's in store for the local Bloc MP. This should be interesting.


My riding will probably remain Liberal red, but I'm curious about how many of my neighbours turn orange.

It's Federal Election Day! We've had four minority governments in a row...is this the election where we have a party in the majority, or will we have a new flavour of minority Parliament.

No matter which party you support, in a race this tight, your vote matters (if nothing else, it's worth 2 bucks in federal campaign funding to your party for the next election).

Polls close in four hours (EST)...I'm looking forward to a night of watching the results!

This is the best Erik Mona day EVER!

pres man wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:
pres man wrote:
In order to have breastfeeding allowed, we must also allow random people swing their secondary sex characteristics in people's faces.
Dude, did you watch the video? I've seen more "inappropriate" dresses in church.

Is your church, The Church of Body Modification, by any chance? :D

EDIT: If you truly believe her dress is appropriate for that video, then are you supportive of parents dressing their 5 and 6 year old daughters in similar attire?

It's a glorified Tinkerbell outfit, not a thong. My daughter wears stuff like that all the time.

Crystal Frasier wrote:
I can't believe that no one mentioned Paizo's very own production specialist, Crystal Frasier, did the entire layout and design for this gorgeous tome!

Gorgeous is right! The chapter intros are fantastic!


Kevin Mack wrote:
Wolverines son turned him into dog food but dont worry he got better (if being a frankinstine style monster can be classed as better) Ironicly this makes me prefer the character a lot more.

Wolverine has a son? Norman Osborne isn't dead?

Kidz these days with their crazy comics. They're destroying the fabric of our society! I'm going back to my cave and wait for Jim Shooter's latest revamp of Magnus Robot Fighter and Solar, Man of the Atom.

I'm booked for Erik's Planet Stories talk at GenCon - can't wait!

I haven't subscribed, but I've ordered every non-Gygax title on the list through my local comic book/book shop. All the books are sitting neatly on my shelf, waiting to be read - this venture deserves support!

fray wrote:
I'm curious to see what people think of these books.

I wrote lengthy reviews of them for the d20zines site, and eventually cross-posted the links in my reviews of books in the Paizo store.

Here's the link to my review of the fourth volume, which contains links to the earlier three books:

Warlords of the Accordlands: The Campaign Adventure

In short, I loved 'em (because I'm a huge fan of the CCG setting). Mechanically, it's on the thin edge between wonky-cool and wonky-broken.

I've pretended to be a Paizo employee...worked surprisingly well!

To allow fellow Paizonians of the Canuck persuasion, and even those who just like Canadian beer, Happy Canada Day!

I'm taking the kids to Ottawa to enjoy some festivities, but I'll end up missing the fireworks, unfortunately.

Montalve wrote:
avidreader514 wrote:
Isn't the bigger issue the fact that this existential gaming crisis conversation is taking place in the Customer Service section?

their fault :P

I was just going to cancel a preorder :P
then it become interesting :P

This is the most oddly compelling thread I've followed on Paizo in ages!

I guess I should thank you! (and them!)

KaeYoss wrote:
Keep 4e discussions in the 4e boards, please.

It's the Board Police! [/snerk]

Isn't the bigger issue the fact that this existential gaming crisis conversation is taking place in the Customer Service section?

I just finished layout on some promo material that Wolfgang is going to show off at PaizoCon...and I won't be there!

(donald duck) Wauuugggh! (/donald duck)

The heck with Amazon - I'm going to my first GenCon specifically to pick this hefty tome in person!

Gary Teter wrote:
We've just updated the product description with what I think is the actual cover. (Or at least a close mockup.)

That's a much-improved cover and interior layout. Kudos!

I'm building up a set of free quickstart/demo RPG products for a project, and this is a great addition.

I work on the theory that the heart of the game is what can be summarized in the quickstart - it'll be interesting to see what WotC considers the heart of 4e...and then to compare the quickstart rules here with those in the Starter Set (who knows, maybe they're identical).

The Painted Oryx wrote:
Shelbrune88 wrote:
The Painted Oryx wrote:
Hey, anyone know where I can buy Pathfinder products in Vancouver, BC?
I've seen a pretty good selection at the Comic Shop on W 4th at Arbutus.
Thanks! I went down there today to check and apparently the Dungeon is closed down due to lack of interest or something...so no Pathfinder for me :(

Really? I was there at the beginning of March, and the walls were full of stuff!

That's disppointing. I'm from Montreal, and I only get out West every couple of years, but the Comic Shop is one of my regular stops.

It's never too late to join this chorus - Thank You!

Erik Mona wrote:

Everyone who wants religious and political discussion on paizo.com banned by Friday afternoon:

By all means, keep slinging around insults and acting pissy.

I promise you will accomplish your goal.

Really, you could use the banhammer on these topics right now and I'd be thrilled. I'm tired of the same dozen or posters unwilling to change their mind and unable to change the subject.

d13 wrote:


The problem is not that George Clooney tells you what he thinks. The problem is that 21st century American culture seems to put so much stock in his answer.

Or seems to at least. When it comes down to it, I hope that most people realize the difference between the evening news and Entertainment Tonight.



Andrew Turner wrote:
As bad as us recycling British TV ideas is the fact that we don't tend to publicize the fact--I wouldn't be surprised to learn that most Americans have no idea The Office is a BBC clone; and most of us would probably think you stole it from Hollywood. We're very Chekovian that way...

Heck, Three's Company was a remake of a British show...it's been going on for a long time.

Arcmagik wrote:
I am glad that I didn't sign up then because I would have hated for my money to go to a 4e project that is now only going to be a conversion from the OGL project.

You would have gotten a refund.

James Keegan wrote:
I do believe I've been given an art credit that I didn't deserve; I'm listed as an interior artist, but I don't see anything that I produced in the pdf.

You WERE in the Gazetteer, and then I ended up moving your piece to Tales of Zobeck without updating the credits. Mea Culpa!

Old Man Jenkins wrote:

I wouldn't think it would, but I want to verify.

Stoneskin protects against weapon damage, including blunt weapons.

But it would not mitigate falling damage would it?

Skip Williams is taking rules questions like this at the Kobold Quarterly site.

Varl wrote:
Nope. It airs the same time as my weekly Sarah Connors fix.

I tape one and watch the other. I will not choose!

Grey Cup tomorrow night in Montreal! The Alouettes are going to do something unspeakable to the Calgary Stampeders!

I hope there's another round. RPG Superstar is what got me hooked on these boards.

Arnwyn wrote:
"What do you mean I can't get all the older products that previously came out?"

The exclusivity aspect has always been controversial. I've always thought "the more, the merrier" when it comes to letting new patrons access old works, since all the heavy creative lifting has already been done prior to publication. They're buying a product, not buying into a project, as it were. Besides, more money to the creators encourages more patronage projects.

On the other hand, exclusivity has a certain cachet to it - my inner Smaug is perfectly happy to treat the OD books like treasures in the hoard - and patrons do generally feel pride in their ownership of the finished work. It's nice to know that the work is always going to be a rarity - and it's a good way to entice patrons to buy in.

As business models go, there's certainly a trade-off between guaranteed, though limited, patron sales, versus potentially unlimited, though vastly uncertain, general public sales.

hogarth wrote:
The idea is interesting, but it's definitely not for me. I like to see a finished product for myself and/or see positive reviews before I buy anything. For instance, I wouldn't even buy a Paizo adventure path until all of the modules were published and I could get them all at once (yay for the Shackled City hardcover!).

On the other hand, you can guide the direction of the project before it's published by participating in the polls and forum discussions. If you sign up at the basic patron levels (I know OD offers one, and so does Rite Publishing), you pay a lower price that reduces the financial risk of disappointment.

That's what I did for the first Open Design - I signed up for the lowest possible level, saw how the project evolved, loved the finished product, and then kept up my membership ever since.

(DISCLOSURE - I'm the regular layout kobold on the OD projects, and have been ever since I got my hands on the elusive Steam & Brass).

Crimson Jester wrote:
Just out of curiosity how many people on the boards here, parlez le français couramment?

Parlez français? Mais oui! Ecrire en français? Mille fois non!

Sharoth wrote:
Celine Dion is actually from Quebec, so in a way she isn't a Canadian. ~grins and runs~

In a way, she's a true CANADIEN!

Go Habs!

(You'd better run! [grin])

Craig Shackleton wrote:

So I have this theory about the races in the Malazan books.

** spoiler omitted **
Hmmm. I tried to do nested spoilers, but it didn't work

You're right - Erikson is a gamer. The whole Malazan series is his homebrew campaign setting, along with writing partner/fellow gamer Ian Cameron Esselmont.

The books are all extraordinarily bewildering and good. I'm on volume 7 right now - Reaper's Gale - with volume 8 - Toll the Hounds - sitting on my bookshelf. And I just saw Cameron's prequel, the Crimson Guard, at a store.

I need more time!

I'm rooting for the Dillon Panthers - Clear eyes! Full Hearts! Can't Lose!

(I loves me some Friday Night Lights...)

Daigle wrote:
I use AVG.

I second that. I've never had any problems, and it's saved my files on a couple of occasions.

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