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It's Federal Election Day! We've had four minority governments in a row...is this the election where we have a party in the majority, or will we have a new flavour of minority Parliament.

No matter which party you support, in a race this tight, your vote matters (if nothing else, it's worth 2 bucks in federal campaign funding to your party for the next election).

Polls close in four hours (EST)...I'm looking forward to a night of watching the results!

To allow fellow Paizonians of the Canuck persuasion, and even those who just like Canadian beer, Happy Canada Day!

I'm taking the kids to Ottawa to enjoy some festivities, but I'll end up missing the fireworks, unfortunately.

I picked up the 4e D&D Starter Set at my FLGS this afternoon, flipped over the box to read the contents...and saw a new d20 logo on the back!

I didn't know they'd keep using that trademark, especially since the books with the 3.5 version of the d20 logo aren't at all compatible...but, there you go.

I think that's neat.

The winners of the 2008 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming were announced last night. The co-winners are Jason Morningstar for the Grey Ranks RPG, and Paizonian Wolfgang Baur, for the Open Design concept that produced the ENnie-nominated Castle Shadowcrag, Empire of the Ghouls and Six Arabian Nights adventures, as well the just-released Blood of the Gorgon.

Congratulations to the winners - and especially to Wolfgang and the patrons at Open Design! Observing and participating in the design process has expanded my interest in the hobby.

avidreader514 wrote:

I've started fundraising in earnest for the Blogathon on Saturday, July 26th. I'll be blogging new and old comics reviews for 24 hours straight to raise money for autism research at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

If you want to see what I'm writing and leave a few comments of support, check out www.steve-blogathon.com.

If you want to sponsor me, the Top 5 donors will win a free TPB graciously provided by Boom!Studios.


The Blogathon is over...and it raised over $1800 for autism research. Thanks to everyone who donated, visited, sent comments & good vibes, etc.

The posts are always available at: www.steve-blogathon.com

I'm participating in the Blogathon this year to raise money for my favourite charity. Are there any other blogging Paizonians who are planning to participate?

The rules of the Blogathon are simple: on July 26th, you promise to publish an original article on your blog every 30 minutes. Readers sponsor your efforts with donations to your charity.

You can read more about the Blogathon at Day of Blogs. There's also a LiveJournal community.

This is my second time participating in the Blogathon. I'll follow the format from last year: I'll be posting new and old comic book reviews in support of the autism clinic at the Montreal Children's Hospital. Click here to check out my previous Blogathon posts.

The Blogathon is one of those activities that improves with a larger number of participants. I participated in the Blogathon last year for the first time, and I enjoyed spending the early hours of the morning reading other blogs and chatting with other bloggers (anything to keep me from falling asleep at the keyboard!).

If you're planning to take part, let me know and I'll check out your blog on the big day! Let's stay up late and make a difference!

I always need something new to collect. My latest project is picking up print and PDF versions of demo/intro/quickstart/fastplay RPG rules, and I'm looking for leads.

For the purposes of this collection, I'm looking for condensed versions of larger rulesets that are in print. I'm not looking for homebrew or PDF-only stuff.

In print, I've found Castles & Crusades, Tunnels & Trolls, Shadowrun (3rd), Septimus (d6), Alternity (the flip book version), Spycraft v1, Call of Cthulhu, Battlestar Galactica, Silver Age Sentinels and Marvel Universe.

In PDF, I've found Blue Rose, Harp Lite, Rolemaster Express, True20, Lejendary Adventures, the revised World of Darkness pamphlets from White Wolf (Vampire Requiem, Werewolf Forsaken, Promethean, Changeling, Storyteller, Mage, Scion)and, of course, Pathfinder Alpha.

What else do you recommend?

Thanks for the assist!

I buy the Planet Stories from my local comic shop. I give them a list of titles when I see the book listed as available on this site, and then the store checks with Diamond and places the order for me.

I asked about Almuric, but my shop couldn't find any mention of it on Diamond's system. They did find Northwest of Earth and the next of the Moorcocks, so they're taken care of.

Is Almuric going to be available through Diamond? Is this just a blip in the system?