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You can find info about in in Lost Kingdoms, page 2.

"When the Azlanti leaders grew prideful and began to think of themselves as superior to the aboleths who had raised them of of barbarism, the sea-dwelling aberrations punished the humans for their humans for their hubris by summoning the Starstone and causing Earthfall, utterly destroying Azlant and bring bout the Age of Darkness."

Sorry I do not know how to make a spoiler to hid this info.

85 Asmodeus pops in with a contract for you to sign.

86 Every animal for miles around want to be next to you.

87 Town want to throw a party for you of the necktie type.

88 Triplets problems, who can tell one from the others. you can't seem to get the right name to the right person. Now they want to claw your eyes out.

89 The inn you were staying at just got up and walked away.

The only ways I can think of right now to make the Bandages of Recovery permanent, if your DM allows it in game is to either cast Permanency spell on it in the making and at a cost of around 20,000 gp or use of a wish spell to make that one item permanent during the making of it.

This would cover only one bandage. So to make more of them would cost somewhere around 20,200 gp per bandage.

Note: They would still be able to be destroyed if someone used a dispell magic spell on you.

One idea for ammo would be mixing Black Blood with cold iron for Fey + cold damage (say 1d4 or less range.}

On thinking about it, magic crafters in the one to three skill level range needs way to be able to learn how to start crafing the wonderous items at skill level four and craft other type skills at skill level five.

What I have been thinking about is being able to use the zero level spells to make weak one use magical items that the magic will leak out of and become useless within a set period of time (not more than a month at the max)if not used before then.

Item sell would be very low on the order of one to two copper for a +1 temp hp band-aid to max of 25 gold for a patch to put on a person to stablize them when you have no heal on hand to do it.

I feel this would be in keeping with the current core rules as none of the item could be made to last. Crafting/spellcraft check would still be required at the end of crafting to see if you were able to make the item.

Some things I would like to see expanded in the new rules.

1. One-shot/use magic items. How to make them, cost, use, and how long they last before the magic runs out of them from the time they are made.

Ideas I am thinking about are things like a band-aid that gives one point of healing using the zero level cleric spell Virtue.

If your healer or other party member is down and out, a patch you can put on the forehead that uses Stablize to keep them from dying till you can find the time and/or help to heal them.

For wars/traps one shot landmines that use fire or ice spell damage.

2. Info on the metal that is made using black blood that was only one of two lines in one of the new books. What is it? How is it made? Cost of the metal and how it can be used to make magical items?

3. Not a part of the rules you are working on. But some time down the road how about new magic items we can use around the home, such as cookiing to flavor, color the food. Also along with this would be magical items to that would help with non-magic npc/pc on the job work.

Thanks to everyone above me for asking many of the other questions that I had about making magic items.

A deadly little trap used for those the must cast detect magic while checking for traps and disbelive everylittle thing.

At bottom of stars is a 10x10 open pit trap with stakes in it. Over the top of it is a illusion of the same thing.

Detect for magic. Yes there is magic there. Ok will try to disbelive it. Sorry it is still there. Ok will walk across it. Ouch!

Had a Leprechaun once use invisibility and ventriloquism on party tank to convince him that his sword was magical and alive. He had to pour wine down the blade at least once a day where the Leprechaun would lay and drink it before it hit the ground. If the fighter would try to use the sword without pouring the wine everyday the sword would turn into a dead fish. It went on for a couple of months before the fighter figured it out.

Another was of Leprechaun running through a dark doorway with fighter after him and said fighter running full tilt into the wall from use of a major image.

As an party member in a evil game with a black-blooded oracle. I feel that I am getting into quicksand on the use of her blood by the alchemist and other spell casters in the party.

The side bar on page 33 of the Inner Sea Magic saying "Although black blood isn't itself inherently evil, a pint of black blood can be used as unholy water. A spellcaster who consumes a dose of black blood casts all necromantic spells at +1 caster level for the next 10 minutes, but takes 3d6 points of cold damage and 1 point of Constitution damage by drinking the stuff. Normall, a dose of black blood becomes inert an hour after being harvested from the source in the Land of Black Blood, losing all mystgical properties. Gentle repose can preserve up to 1 gallon of black blood's magical properties for increased lengths of time, but no other method of stabilizing the stuff has yet been developed. The blood of a black-blooded oracle is diluted and does not have the properties of full-strength black blood."

As part of the Black Blood Revelations (Black Blood Spray) on page 32 of the same book. Her blood deals 1d8 points of cold damage + 1 point per 2 oracle levels she possesses.

So my question deals with what effect would her blood have on the spells, potions, mutagens of the party members that make use of it?

Also to keep any type of blood usefull for long periods of time would be up to 1 gallons containers made using gentle repose and permanenticy spells cast on it?

"May everything you drink be worst than the drags of the rottenist brew ever made."

"The only thing you can get drunk on is water!"

"Cayden's curse apon you for fouling this drink!"

Oh sir, I like to take very manly bites.

One thing I would like to see from the days of the old SSI game Realms is an out of the way, very hard to reach grave yard with tomestone names of every toon perma-banded in game. Plus a jail for those who are on lesser bands to sit in an jail cell till the band time is up.

Here are a couple more ideas for helping keep the cost and art work times down.

Once you have selected the game engine you are going to use. Check about using/buying ddls of game objects already made by other companies that are also using that engine. I think this would be cheaper than paying someone to draw the needed object and code it for use in the game.

Also if the engine maker has a kit that those of use that would like to help out could rent/buy to design objects, adventures. Then send them to you for review and maybe use in the game. With the under standing that they are doing this for free!

For me, I would like to see the level of art work of Guild Wars at very start of game before the land was destroyed at a min.

I am thinking that support for dx9,10,and 11 along with 3d support will be very important in the long tearm with the ever increasing power of CPUs and new video cards in the next couple of years.

The way I would like to see crafting done in game. Say wanted something made.

First you would buy the base things metal/wood/hide/gems/or what ever you need to a part of the finished item from a person that collects what you need or buy it from a merchant.

Then take it to a crafter that can make the item normal or master crafted if going for a magical item.

Next, if going to a mage(s) that can enchant the item with the spell(s) that you want on it.

This in some ways would be like SWG crafting but would take two or more steps to make it.

I must vote for relistic art work over the cartoon type art work seen in World of Warcraft and Starwars the Old republic.

Some tech side things I would like to see built into the game engine would be able to be viewed in 3d, and dx11, full multithread suport for cpu/gpus along with SLI/crossfire.

One last thing I would love to see build into the game is the xyz axis for flight spells, flying mounts, and others like dragon attacks.

So far I like what I have read about Pathfinder Online project and hope you can pull it off with a major AAA game.