Cursing in the Name of the Drunken Lord?


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Looking for some good curses for a follower of Cayden Cailean to belt out in tough situations.
Things like: Bitter brew! Broken tankard! Froth and foam! and other such ridiculous comments that aren't actually curses.

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By Cayden's Codpiece!
This'll be the Last Call!
We're down to the last barrel here.

Cayden's beer goggles!

May all the hangovers of all the drunks in Absolom be upon you!

"Cayden's hangover!"
"It's raining so hard you'd think Cayden finally decided to break the seal!"
"By Cayden's coinpurse!"

"May everything you drink be worst than the drags of the rottenist brew ever made."

"The only thing you can get drunk on is water!"

"Cayden's curse apon you for fouling this drink!"

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