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Freehold DM wrote:
103) Your rather innocuous implant knows when you are getting aroused or are near someone you find attractive for carnal purposes. It attempts to help you by emitting random mating calls.

103a) Or what it thinks is appropriate mood music. Regrettably, this is rarely for the appropriate race/gender/social class.

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Spacecaptain Pillbug Lebowski wrote:
Set wrote:

97. The Shirren who last owned this cyberlimb knew she was about to die, and snuck her larvae into the 'smugglers compartment' where one usually hides contraband. Fortunately it's only been a couple of days since the limb was 'creatively acquired' and resold to you, so the larvae remains healthy. Congratulations! You're a parent, ish, to a bug! <Cigar not included. Do not smoke around children.>

97a. The larvae shirren is aware of your surroundings and interactions. When you enter combat, the excited larvae telepathically urges you to launch your fist/foot at the enemy.

Edit: 97b. The larvae has reconfigured the wiring in your cyberlimb, allowing it to 1) tap into broadcasts of vintage trideo shows (especially ones involving giant mechs) every chance it gets, and 2) keep your limb refrigerated to a constant 7.2°C. It also "speaks" at length to any who will listen about the evils of the god Weydan, although it consistently mispronounces it as "WHEE dun." ;)

97c. Quite to your surprise, the larva have unionized and now demand particular concessions from you. But don't worry, this means you can also cast summon swarm 1/day. Remember: when it comes to shirren larva swarm, it's not a bug, it's a feature.

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captain yesterday wrote:

Hot Wheels now makes die cast star ships for Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Wars, they even come with clear plastic bases to put them on.

All for about a dollar each.

Easily found at Toys R Us.

It's a shame Toys R Us is going bankrupt and closing stores, then.

andreww wrote:

Acrobatics now requires you make a check for each individually threatened square you move through, with the DC increasing by 2 each time.

The DC is also based on the CR of the opposition, meaning you may end up having to recalculate the DC with each square of movement.

Why they chose to complicate things like this is beyond me.

That's really not different from Pathfinder's CRB.

CRB, p 87 wrote:
... you can move through a threatened square without provoking an attack of opportunity from an enemy by using Acrobatics. (snip) Move through a threatened area DC and avoid AoO = Opponent's CMD. This DC increases by 2 for each additional opponent avoided in 1 round.

As Starfinder no longer uses Combat Maneuver Bonus or Combat Maneuver Defense, this change is absolutely logical.

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54. You're reasonably sure the former owner of this cyberarm either got hit with a horrific curse or really angered an especially talented hacker. Either way, every time you speak a word starting with the letter "P" it starts slapping you on the forehead and blares out five words starting with the letter "V" via a bass-enhanced internal speaker.

That, or the implant tech has a really twisted sense of humor, and you need to have a extensive discussion with them. Maybe one involving energy weapons.

"All right, we need to do this as stealthily as we can. I'll take point and--"

"VAINGLORIOUS! VIRGIN! VENAL! VAGABOND! VAGINA!" *slap slap slap slap slap*

"-- oh gods damnit, not again."

Sword Art Online (Gun Gale Online segment of season 2)

Kazuto Kirigawa / Kirito - Human Solarian (Icon), Solar Weapon, Photon-mode as primary

Shino Asada / Sinon / Hecate - Human Soldier (Mercenary), DEX-focused, Sharpshoot fighting style

"Death Gun" - Human Operative (Bounty Hunter)

However - isn't there that penalty for soft cover if someone is between you and your target? That is, +4 to the target's AC?

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bookrat wrote:
You could use it to implant ideas into someone's head, or try to drive a conspiracy theorist insane.

"This is Zon-Kuthon, Kent. And you've been a very naughty boy." *wicked grin*

Here's another terrifying option: casting Shrink Item (preferably with Reach Spell) on a big patch of green slime, changing the composition to "cloth-like" and then carrying it about like a cloak. Green slime is a hazard rather than a creature, after all, just as a burning fire and its fuel would be.

Optionally, you can also change its now shrunken composition to a cloth-like one. Objects changed by a shrink item spell can be returned to normal composition and size merely by tossing them onto any solid surface or by a word of command from the original caster. Even a burning fire and its fuel can be shrunk by this spell. Restoring the shrunken object to its normal size and composition ends the spell.

Boom. Instant area-effect green slime, over a 15' to 45' square area. Usable either by being tossed, or by leaving the cloth (which merely radiates faint transmutation magic, after all, being only a 3rd level spell) out as a ambush-bait by word of command.

Or a disruptive Bestow Curse. Yick.

Another interesting thought would be to have a magus use disruptive with a multiple-use spell like Elemental Touch. Get hit by the weapon, take the extra elemental damage, take the secondary effect, and get whacked by the disruptive spell metamagics. Not a bad choice for a magus trying to duel another spellcaster, all in all.

In my campaign, way back when, I added a "random" encounter of a lizardfolk raiding party part-way along the path to the garrison tower. In said encounter, which included a lizardfolk druid with a venomous snake animal companion, Allustan ended up bitten and poisoned. He managed to down a potion of delay poison before things progressed too far, but upon seeing the forces massed in close proximity realized that the chances of getting through before the potion wore off were slim.

He handed off some useful expendable one-shot items to the party, then opened up his scroll of teleport and made a quick retreat to Diamond Lake.

Oddly enough, my players really liked that. It gave Allustan a reasonably good motivation for retreating.

You know, truth is you might consider going Oracle instead of Sorcerer. Battle Oracle, perhaps? Combine it with that 18 STR and you'd have one hell of a scrapper on your hands. Additionally, Oracle will allow you to continue wearing your light (barbarian-approved) armor.

... but that kind of hijacks from the question of how to roleplay him. *grin*

For some reason I'm picturing Mr. Furious from Mystery Men, now. Clearly there's a Ben Stiller vibe going through this thread. :)

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Domestichauscat wrote:
A character with low wis and int, but high cha? Sounds like Derek Zoolander to me. Should be hilarious!

I was going to recommend Jayne Cobb of Firefly, myself. "If I wanted schoolin' I woulda gone to school!"

Komoda wrote:
C) This rule has been argued a few times to no clear resolution. I agree that you run out of movement and you fall.

That makes little sense, though.

For example, let's say I have an 11th level human rogue who has a 28 DEX (not unreasonable, given level adjustment and items by that level) with boots of striding and springing, who maxed her Acrobatics ranks and took the rogue talent of major magic and applied it to the spell jump. That would provide:

+10 (Acrobatics skill ranks)
+3 (class skill)
+9 (DEX)
+5 (competence bonus from boots)
+4 (bonus from additional 10' of base speed from boots)
+30 (enhancement bonus from jump)

A total bonus of +61 to any Acrobatic checks for long jumps. At a minimum, rolling a 1, she can leap 62' with a 10' running start, and her leap maxes out around 80'. However, having moved 10' for that running start, and since her base move is 40', by the aforementioned rule she can only jump 70' (via a double-move or charge).

If we're talking about a size-small rogue, the numbers make even less sense. Base move would then be 30', for a total Acrobatics long jump bonus of +57. The minimum leap would then be around 60', but with the character's base speed that far exceeds what any double-move would be. ("I rolled an 18! That means I can jump 75'!" "Uh. No. Only 50'." "But... but... 18!" "Doesn't matter. You already moved 10' and your base speed is 30.")

See what I mean about it making little sense?