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As the title states, I would like all of my subscriptions canceled for the time being. My Financial situation makes difficult to continue to support on a monthly basis at least until things improve.

It seems that for my order #4515025, for some reason one of the books sent as one package, but the other does not seem to be being sent with it, according to the email. I was wondering if there was a reason for this?

Ahh so that's what happened. Thanks for the help.

It seems like there might be an error with my order. It looks like it's trying to send me 2 copies of starfinder when I only ordered 1, possibly because I preordered it forever ago. I'd like to get that fixed if possible.

Good day. I would like to have my Pathfind er RPG line subscription canceled for the time being. I'll likely resume it in the future, but there are a few too many things coming out next month, so I had to cut something out. And villain codex seems like the appropriate thing to cut. Thanks.

Just recieved this particular Paizo order, which was supposed to include AP#107, Spymaster and Path of the Hellknight, and noticed that the Beginner Box (which was supposed to be donated) was inside as well.

I wasn't expecting it to be coming along with my subscriptions and thought that the mention of it being shipped in my confirmation meant that it was being handed off to the donations pile. I'm wondering if theres anyway still to fix this?

David knott 242 wrote:

The problem I noted for this product line seems to extend to the subscription page and future products of every product line I have checked so far.

Yeah it's probably happening for most people, or maybe it's just us unlucky few. Now if only my stuff would ship...

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Rednal wrote:
...I didn't realize until you said that how much I want a magical girl representative of Aucturn. XD Let me see, how could I do this...
I was gonna suggest something for this build, but I couldn't find it on Archives of Nethys. Then I realized that's because it's in Horror Adventures.

You're teasing us Mark. Now I'm looking forward to Horror Adventures even more.

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For Shield Styles:


Mobile Bulwark Style, Mobile Fortress, Mobile Stronghold. Shield Gauntlet Style, Shield Gauntlet Attack, Shield Gauntlet Master. Upsetting Shield Style, Upsetting Strike, Upsetting Vengeance. Vanguard Style, Vanguard Ward, Vanguard Hustle.

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Sorry for stealing your thunder Skeld, but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity =p.

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GM Rednal wrote:
I believe I saw a request for a Table of Contents...

Your wish is my command.

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Armor Masters of the Inner Sea 4
Armor Tricks 8
Armor Fighting Styles 10
Shield Fighting Styles 12
Advanced Armor Training 14
Armor Mastery Feats 16
Shield Mastery Feats 18
Armored Combat Tricks 20
Spellscribed Armor 22
Magic Light Armor 24
Magic Medium Armor 26
Magic Heavy Armor 28
Magic Shields 30

I'm not quite sure how I managed it, but I got my shipping email already and my pdf in hand~

Hugo Rune wrote:
magispitt wrote:

Say I'm GMing Kingmaker (or well, I am) and I roll a random encounter of 5 wolves in the hills. I know that I should roll a random starting distance for hills based on the environmental rules, but after that I'm lost.

Does the random starting distance indicate when both sides can see each other or are perception checks still needed?

If they are needed what is the DC for perception checks - I know it's -1 to the roll for every 10ft of distance, but I don't know the base DC


The way I run it, is unless one side has made an effort to hide itself, (e.g. the party is explicitly moving stealthily over a long distance or the creatures are waiting to ambush what ever comes by) then the encounter distance is when both sides initially spot each other.

Base DC is assumed to be 0, though there isn't really a hard/fast way to determine when an encounter starts. You can have everyone roll for initiative when the PC's and enemies spot one another or one spots the other. In the case of wolves, when the hunting call is sounded is another option (basically the players get one round to prepare while the wolves run to close the distance). Or you can design an ambush. Or when one side approaches the other in a threatening manner/draws weapons/starts doing an obviously aggressive action (for intillegent enemies casting any kind of spell can be construed as aggressive especially if one side lacks spellcasters). Etc.

Also not all random encounters have to even be combats (especially if a way above their CR encounter gets rolled). They can just as easily be used to show details about the enviroment, or how dangerous Creature X is and not to mess with creature X who happens to also live in this area.

Example 1: Party is entering an area that has been blighted by an evil witch/necromancer/Demon Lord/Gygax. Those wolves could be described as malnurished and sick. Rather than fighting the party, they could whimper and go right on past them as if they were fleeing the area.

Example 2: The Ubernaughtilus lives in this forest. The encounter mostly involves the thunder of its footsteps, the sound of falling trees, and maybe the screams of nearby a nearby animal after every other animal has gone quiet.

But I digress.

You as the DM decide how this encounter unfolds. It can be as generic or as interesting as you make it.

If you want the wolves to sneak up on the party, they can sneak up (Perception vs Stealth).
If you want the wolves to trail the party, fleeing if approached, as they try to run the party down. You can do that too (Perception/Survival vs Wolves Stealth/Track DC to get the drop on them).
If you want the encounter on an open field at noon (Decide distance and if you want the party to have a chance to miss the oncoming danger).
If you want it at night as they are resting (Decide Party's Night Watch rotation and Percept vs Stealth).
If you want the wolves to rain down from the sky, (Fly to determine how well the falling wolf-missiles approach their mark, vs Perception to notice falling wolves). Etc.

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My initial reading was that since they become an Improved familiar in the future, they would not be eligible for archetypes that trade out Speak with others of Kind.

My second reading, after a few nights rest, was more in line with @Claxon's. Though I can also see it applying to all forms because like the OP and @VampByDay said, it changes into the form of an Improved Familiar but you don't actually gain the feat or its restrictions.

[The Improved Familiar feat’s alignment restrictions apply to this ability, but only the magical child’s vigilante identity needs to have an alignment that fulfills the alignment requirements of the improved familiar.]

It makes no mention otherwise other than restriction in level and alignment for variable choices and doesn't bring in the text about removing the ability to speak with other animals of its kind. Additionally, considering the Magical Child's lack of Specialized Talents only it can get, I don't find this Vig-archetype having the unique ability to have an Improved Familiar with any familiar archetype to be broken. Having this choice available makes their familiar super unique in that regard. And the archetype needs something to help it stand out a little more from the other magical vigilante archetypes.

Either way, FAQing.

I'm in the same boat as you guys. With any luck I'll get that lovely notification tomorrow though.

Thank you for all of your help. The re-sent confirmation email looks good. Now I just need to pray that my subscription comes sooner rather than later, can't wait to see how intriguing the new books are.

Any chance I could please get a response for this? Thanks.

@Steve: I do believe it was mentioned that the 96-page Inner Sea Faiths was a testing of waters, and at the same time necessary to do the book justice. There was a semi-big discussion (Possibly in the product comments or a separate thread, I forget which) where one of the designers was discussing things with the community on it. Mostly the logistics cost of getting it done. Let me see if I can find that thread before someone ninjas me.

Either way, if Inner Sea Faiths does well, its very possible they might do a 96 page campaign setting book / No Player companion release again sometime. Or test some other weird combinations.

Edit: Yeah it's in the product discussion.

Just got my Authorization for the March Subscriptions, and noticed on it that the Pathfinder Beginner Box is supposed to ship to me with a shipping fee of $12.87. However, when I put the order through I had changed the address to the one provided in the Beginner Box Donations thread (to Paizo itself) and on March 2nd had gotten confirmation of no shipping charge on it/etc.

I was wondering if there was some kind of error with the order? And if so if it could get fixed. Thanks in advance.

Ooo. Very nice. Glad to see another Iconic tied in too. Now if only Ultimate intrigue would ship sooner....

Submitted mine as well. Worked exactly as you mentioned, didn't encounter any problems. Thanks again for the swift work on getting this all figured out.

Eagerly anticipating what you guys find out. I certainly wouldn't mind donating my physical beginner box either.

Liz Courts wrote:
Zerri wrote:
Liz, that link leads to a 404 error, just so ya know~
Does it? ;)

Not anymore~

Nice car. Now we just need the Red Raven to drive around in it.

What would we even call it? The Red Ravenmobile sounds kind of eh. Maybe The Wings of Freedom? (I would have suggested Wings of Liberty but I didn't want Blizzard's army of undead lawyers coming after me, all out of channel energy for the day).

Liz, that link leads to a 404 error, just so ya know~

Looking forward to maybe making a Vigilante when Intrigue comes out next month. I eagerly await my subscription PDF.

For the third one: In the appendices of the Rotrl Anniversary Edition there is a char for keeping track of something like that. As for what happens with the corruption itself, you could always impose penalties on the player equal to their corruption (or corruption /2 rounded up/down/whatever whenever something aligned where their corruption affects them.

Additionally, you could have a good side version of it too for the virtuous, where they instead get bonuses vs those corrupting influences. If Dark-side = profane, Good-side = Sacred maybe?.

For example, a Wrathful Person might have to make a check to not kill an enemy they have a grudge instead of capturing them. And to resist Rage-related effects.

A Lustful person might have to make a check vs charismatic people of their type/subtype to not have an urge to get into bed with them. And penalties vs spells like Unnatural Lust/etc.

And so on and So on. All sorts of things you can do with it that way.

Alrighty, thank you for getting that through for me. I'll keep that in mind if I want to snag any more of the card decks that are on sale. And sorry for the trouble.

As the title would suggest, I am also having trouble placing an order for both of the Chase Card decks. Whenever I try to place the order it simply refreshes the page and asks me to place it again. I've seen a few others posting about similar problems in the Customer Service section, so thought it would be best to ask here for help in solving it. Thank you in advance.

Hopefully some pathfinders will squash that nasty bug soon though.

Alexander Augunas wrote:

I don't know if we need to blow out stock, but I think its worth remembering that we went over a year between Blood of the Elements and Blood of Shadow, and I'm willing to bet that the lukewarm (if not downright hostile) reaction to Blood of the Elements had something to do with that.

This is most likely true, yes. But good sales for Blood of Shadows certainly won't hurt our chances of a Blood of the Coven(?) or Blood of Whatever Those Forked-tongue Guys Should Be Called book coming sooner rather than later.

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Mmmm, if changelings were to get their own "Blood of" book, I do think there might be more than enough questions for 32 pages to cover it.

- Expanding on each of the Hag Heritages. Personality/varying physical traits of changelings of each heritage. Where is each heritage likely to be encountered on Golarion? How do the people of those areas view them? (Maybe even a Tiefling bloodline for the night hag)
- A small section on Hags, an Occult Ritual for the Calling.
- New feats/archetypes (alternatively bundled in with the heritages like Kaliandra suggested)

After taking a look at Blood of Fiends/Angels I think it would be quite possible for such a book.

A book focused on Nagaji and Vishkanya (Possibly lizardfolk too or just those two) is also one i'm looking forward to. Specifically Vishkanya since they're so interesting but there's not much I can find on them.

And as Matrix mentioned, a Kitsune book could easily be called Blood of Spirits.

Of course, for any of these books to happen, we need to blow out Paizo's stock on Blood of Shadows first.

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Inb4 the party is still between levels 1-3 with loot of a level 8 party, when all the enemies and bosses from all the dungeons they have looted come after them in one big group.

Remember folks, You need to actually deal with the encounters to gain exp, stealing their clothes and running off doesn't quite cut it.

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Hmmm, am I dedicated yet?

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Feat: Coordinated Charge

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Now I want to create a villain named "Stinkfinger", who wields a very stinky handgun. And maybe some sickeningly horrible smelling armor....

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I'm surprised mine made it through, but happy at the same time. Perhaps people found they liked it? Though I still think half the things in the snark thread are bashing it. Just like 99% of my rivals no doubt.

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I wonder how many times I've voted.... hmm... Though more than one a year does sound cool.

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Still trying to figure out which item everyone need's an adult after seeing.... *mumble mumble*

And you, I can't help the feeling i've seen your name on a different kind of item before.

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 9

I've noticed that too actually. Still none of them are my item though...

Dedicated Voter Season 7, Star Voter Season 9

Next year we should have a drink whenever we encounter a Alcoholic item.

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Clearly the voting system is telling me I should get some alcohol in my system. Two alcohol themed items paired up.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
...that's a trap, not a wondrous item.

"IT'S A TRAP!" - Admiral Ackbar

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Wait, WHAT is this called? As thematic as this might be, you had to call it 'that'? The name is enough to dissuade me from ever using it.

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chaoseffect wrote:
Jeff Lee wrote:
READ *headdesk* THE *headdesk* RULES *headdeskheaddeskheaddesk*
"The rules are more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules." - The creators of a distressing number of things I've read today.

Where's Captain Teague when we need him. Gotta punish those filthy applicants that can't stick to the Superstara Codex. The Code is the law after all.

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I saw one of those as well Frumple. I was equally surprised.

And that item has a very suggestive name, oh my!

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I've noticed that too PA. and I think I saw one of those earlier Russ.

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Yeah, I noticed two errors in mine as well. Sad day.

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I'm seeing lots of items with a roll-your-own-effect theme.

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Huh, I wonder a whole lot of things about this item...

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I've been thinking about creating a thread where we come up with cursed versions of the items we're seeing, but I'll definitely hold off until voting starts. :P

I could enjoy a thread like that. I'll make sure to prepare some tea before getting to work on cursing the submissions I see.

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Rabbitball wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Anything that can go blue, will go blue. That's Murfy's Law for you.
So what color do you turn when choked? ;)

All the shades of Purple.

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Oh look at the time. It's murfing time!

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