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blackbloodtroll wrote:
Is this is your first tabletop gaming experience?

Well, if you mean my first time playing a board game, the answer is no (I've played several board games as a kid). If you mean a Pathfinder-type game (like Dungeons and Dragons), then yes.

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I have a character already made (a male half-elf wizard named Vyranos).

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Well, it's a Pathfinder event in Iowa City (I don't live there, just close) that's in a gameshop that holds Pathfinder events on the third Saturday of every month...it's called Critical Hits. I don't know anyone that is going, for apparently I'm the only person in my area that plays Pathfinder.

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Well, tomorrow, I'm gonna play Pathfinder for the first time...and I'm nervous. I feel like I'm gonna make a big mistake, and look like an idiot...
Any advice on what to do to avoid making this mistake?

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Gonna try this again (I felt that the other one didn't make sense to me):


92--->Construct-based Humanoid (wildcard)




Weird...I'm thinking some kind of post-Apocalyptic world...maybe

Here's what I'm thinking of:

Movie plot spoiler:
Basically the orcs and the humans, dwarves, and elves have battled each other to the point of extinction. Now the world is open to other creatures left behind by these no lost legacies.

Gargoyle: The gargoyles were one lifeless beings, until dwarves used ancient magic to use them against the orcish enemies. Now with their Dwarven creators gone, they roam the planet with hope of their own civilization. (Kind of an exiled race theme)

Arconitan (Construct-based humanoid): These machines, fueled by arcane crystals and made by the now-extinct gnomes, might seem emotionless, but they are loyal to whoever they see as their rightful masters...if they can find one. (An android-like theme)

Goblin: Considered pests to the humans and slaves to the hobgoblins, these tiny, big headed, big appetite humanoids now spread around like rats, looking for new hunting grounds.
(Somewhat of a savages theme)

Nixie: Once struggling to defend their homes from human encroachment and orcish attacks, the swamp-living Nixies now must defend their homes from new threats. (A "lost civilization" theme)

Nagaji: The hand-made servants to the once powerful Naga, these reptilian humanoids now strive to keep the names of their now dead masters alive for all generations...even if it means sacrificing their own faith. (An Atlantian-like theme)

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Xexyz wrote:
Yukom wrote:
I have a question/idea: Could it be possible that I use 3 sets of 5 races (for a total of 15 races)? The reason why I'm asking is because...I want flexibility in choices for character creation. I would downplay the stats of some of the more "powerful" choices, so that everyone's equal.
Um, if you're the GM you can have any amount of races you want in your campaign. I don't really understand your question.

Well, you basically answered my question...I was asking if there was a limit that GM's could put into the number of playable races.

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I have a question/idea: Could it be possible that I use 3 sets of 5 races (for a total of 15 races)? The reason why I'm asking is because...I want flexibility in choices for character creation. I would downplay the stats of some of the more "powerful" choices, so that everyone's equal.

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I have a question/idea: Could it be possible that I use 3 sets of 5 races (for a total of 15 races)? The reason why I'm asking is because...I want flexibility in choices for character creation. I would downplay the stats of some of the more "powerful" choices, so that everyone's equal.

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Ok I've figured out what my campaign would be. It would be something along the lines of 50 years after the orcs, ogres, goblinoids, and trolls are eliminated, a tyrant by the name of Vormars tries to "cleanse the world of the filth of life" by performing a mass genocide on several of the original races (dwarves, elves, gnomes, etc) and by using forbidden Titan weapons to "kill" several Gods that were worshiped by these races.

The Wyrmorogs (my Dragon-Based humanoid wildcard) are one of the races that were discovered during the Genocide Era; they are a small, almost dinosaurian-like race (they resemble humanoid T-Rexes with relatively long arms) that are as tall as halflings. They are related to the now extinct kobolds, but unlike their relatives, who loathe those who are stronger, Wyrmorogs actually praise anyone who bests them in combat like a war-hero. They were almost eradicated because Vormars claimed them to be dragon worshipers (which they don't; they praise dragons for their strength).

That's as far as I've gotten.

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Here's what I got:


93-Dragon-based humanoid


99-Mul (Half human/half dwarf hybrid)

52 Harpy

Wow. I need a moment to make my campaign. Be right back...

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Mortuum: Well, I couldn't think of a better named than the Oppressors, but I'll change it. Also, thanks for the tips.

Harrison: I think so.

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Luna_Silvertear wrote:
Wow...you've just come to the forum for EVERYTHING, haven't you? Not that that is a bad thing, but we of the forums can't do all the work for you. You should draw ideas from games you like. That's a great place to start as far as settings go.

Sorry if it seems like I don't know what I'm doing...I mean, I know certain things about the game, but-yeah, sorry if it seems like I came to the forum for everything about the game.

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Here's an idea for a campaign that I call "Nature's Knights" (I can change it to something else if you guys find a name that's better). This is basically what the campaign is:

In an alternate world, a human cult called "the Oppressors" have done one of the most savage things possible-they have slain the Nature God Erastil in the name of their "natural goal" to conquer the world and all that live in it. Now several races who are not only enraged by the death of their God, but also see the consequences of destroying nature, have left the shadows of isolation and now join those who disagree with the Oppressors.

RACES: Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Gripplis, Armaka (armadillo-folk), Dromaeon (velociratpor-folk), Momahk (tapir-folk), and Florisa (dryad-like people)

This is all I have down. It may not be enough, but remember, I'm still working on it.

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hmm....well, my best bet would be the "death of a God" thing. I'll think about it.

Now, where would one on this site post their campaign to show the players?

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Basically, I need help making my own campaign. I already have ideas for the races, but I need some help creating the world that the races live in. Any ideas?

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Okay then here is the tapir folk:

Name: Momahk (Combination of Chinese word for tapir [mo] and Korean word for tapir [mahk])

This tapir-like race are known to see the "magic" that lurks inside all creatures of the forest, and can sense people's goals and fears through their dreams.

RACIAL SCORE MODIFIERS: +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: Momahk are stiff and have great senses, yet are shy.

LANGUAGES: ( [Standard: Common and Momahk] Draconic, Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, Halfling, Sylvan, and Terran

Type: Humanoid (momahk)
Size: Medium
Speed: Normal (30 ft)
Darkvision 60 ft
Mountain-Born (+2 on Acrobatics checks made to cross narrow ledges and on saving throws against altitude fatigue and sickness)
Camouflage (+4 bonus on Stealth checks while in Forest terrain)
Dreamspeaker (+1 on saving throws of schools of the divination school and spells that produce sleep effects. Can also use DREAM once per day as a spell-like ability if Charisma score is 15 or higher)
Swim (10 ft)
Bite (1d3)
Scent (Gain the SCENT ability)

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Maulium wrote:

Tapir folk sounds awesome =D

If you're not convinced bout mole folk I will eventually do them myself. I mean, think about it, improved claw attack, improved burrow, blind fight, and the lore of the people of the underground, eating gargantuan worms and insects as much as cultivating carrots an potatoes with which they make the best cidre of the land bellow. They may also be slow at movement, but not vulnerable to bright sunlight (moles have skin over there tiny eyes, they literally don't need em).

I'm eventually doing that, and bug folk. Four armed fighter? Yes please =D

Ok then, I'll start working on the tapir folk. And as for the mole folk it's your choice if you want to do them or if I should (heck you're the one that suggested them).

As for bug people-I've seen a couple of people already make some races based off of a humanoid mantis, so how about a beetle folk?

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mole-folk huh? sure I'll do that.

Also, how about a tapir-folk? I know it sounds a little weird, but still, what do you think?

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Maulium wrote:

I think the title is pretty self explicatory, but just to clarify; I mean to do a campaing where the PCs are dragons. From little whyrmlings to great wyrms and maybe beyond. The monster manual presents many statistics that allready help with this motive, but there is a problem. The CR rating between different dragons varies widely (for example, the red dragon is 3 CR above the black dragon). Needless to say, this presents a problem. I've been trying to solve this via hit die fixes and abillity nerfs, but the balnce is so delicate.

I would really love some light on this matter. Thanx on advance =D

Well, I have a playable dragon race on the Pathfinder Database-go to the site and look up "Lungatama". That should give you a basis on how to create your own dragon.

Also, be creative, and good luck!

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Maulium wrote:
I might use both races on my prehistoric campaign =D full credits to you my friend!

You like them both that much? Awesome! Is there anything you like about them? Also, do you need me to send you the full info on these races?

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Here's some ideas for hybrid races.






How do you guys think they will work?

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clff rice wrote:
Oh o mess-read it >.> armadillo makes sense.

That's alright. But which one do you think is better-raptor folk or armadillo folk?

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clff rice wrote:
I don't know the fluff behind the ankilosaurus folks but why the stonecunning? Just curious it does make the mind wander.

Ankylosaurus? You mean the Armaka? That's an armadillo folk, not an ankylosaurus folk. I figured that they needed stone cunning because, well, they're adapted to sensing things underground.

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The name speaks for itself-I'm trying to find anyone who plays Pathfinder in this area.

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Dromaeon (the raptor dinosaur people)-a race of cunning and swiftness, the Dromaeon hunt the plains of Savetharah (the continent), using their speed, numbers, and knowledge to take down even formidable prey.

RACIAL SCORE MODIFIERS: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom: Dromaeon are agile and crafty, yet are not spiritual.

LANGUAGES: ( [Standard: Common and Draconic] Aquan, Dwarven, Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, and Goblin]


Type: Humanoid (reptilian)
Size: Medium
Normal Speed (30 ft)
Low-Light Vision
Fearless (+2 on saving throws against fear effects)
Sneaky (+4 on Stealth checks)
Fast (+10 to Base Speed)
Weapon Familiarity (Longspear, Short Swords, and Bolas)
Armaka (armadillo folk)-this shamanistic race views the world through the eyes of the plants and rocks, as they believe that all of the planet's objects hold spirits.

RACIAL SCORE MODIFIERS: +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, -2 Dexterity: Armaka are sturdy and open to allies, yet are slow in body and mind.

LANGUAGES: ( [Standard: Common and Armaka) Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, and Terran]


Type: Humanoid (armaka)
Size: Medium
Slow Speed (20 ft)
Darkvision 60 ft
Hardy (+2 on saving throws against Poison, Spells, and Spell-Like Abilities)
Stonecunning (+2 on Perception checks to notice unusual stonework, like traps and hidden doors. Also receives a check to notice those features when they are 10 ft of the stonework)
Spell-Like Ability (Antiplant Shield)
Claws (1d4 points of damage)

NOTE: These may not seem perfect, so please be gentle if you are giving reviews.

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Bwang wrote:

Nice bunny folk! Mine are much the same (well kinda: -2 Str rather than Con, no weapons, Xenophobic language, and I totally missed 'Quick Reactions', DOH!), but I made them Small (hence the -2 Str). Okay, a superficial resemblance at best: they both have ears!

What is your Fluff? Mine is still under repair, but they are a 'stone age' race of Fey touched hares, craven cowards and terrified of outsiders. They are a young race, few and small in a dangerous world.

Well, if you're talking to me, then the Rabbitfolk are a race that are either cautious or bold. Either way, they always see tricks and jinks as the best "tools" for escape. They would rather flee than fight if the enemy is too powerful, but some Rabbitfolk groups are trained to fight to the death.

Also, I was thinking on other animals that can be the basis for other custom-made races that I want to do. Here's the ideas:

A dromaeosaur (raptor dinosaur) people
A boar people (not like wereboars)
A weasel/otter people

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Indagare wrote:
Dank Grimwolf wrote:
And ze turtle people?
Likely they're all teenage mutant ninjas. Or aliens.

They're more like Master Oogway from Kung-Fu Panda...only more turtle-like and less tortoise-like.

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Luna_Silvertear wrote:

Also, the race isn't based on a suggestion, Yukom. I gave you that race, stats and all. Please give credit where it is due. I don't mind sharing any of my ideas, but the wording makes it sound like it was entirely your creation.

Link to thread where race was originally posted.

Sorry, Luna...I ment to say that it was your idea, but like you said, I worded it wrong. I'll change it.

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Here are two races that I'm creating for my GM Training.

Name: Rabbitfolk (Lepori in their native tongue)

Description: Like humanoid hares, with tall ears that make up for half of their height (which is a total of 4-5 feet). Their skin color ranges from deep red to golden brown.

RACIAL SCORE MODIFIER: +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution: Rabbitfolk are agile and clever, but are fragile.

SIZE: Medium

LANGUAGES: [ (Standard-Common and Lepori) Aklo, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, &

SPEED: 30 ft

TYPE: Humanoid (Lepori)


-Skilled (+2 Perception, +2 Acrobatics)
-Quick Reactions (Improve Initiative as Bonus Feat)
-Fast (+10 to Speed)
-Jumper (Always considered to have a running start when making Acrobatic checks to jump)
-Weapon Familiarity (Bows, Rapier, Scimitar, and Longsword)
-Low-Light Vision

NOTE: Based on the suggestion by Luna Silvertear.
Name: Turtlefolk (Archelor in their native tongue)

Description: Like humanoid turtles/tortoises, with long tails, snapping turtle-like heads, and tortoise-like shells.

RACIAL SCORE MODIFIER: +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, -2 Dexterity: Turtlefolk are thick and friendly, but are slow in speed and mind.

SIZE: Medium

LANGUAGES: [ (Standard-Common and Draconic) Aquan, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Halfling, and Lepori

SPEED: 20 feet

TYPE: Humanoid (reptilian)


-Natural Armor
-Darkvision 60 ft
-Swim (30 ft)
-Slapping Tail


So...what do you guys think?

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Luna_Silvertear wrote:

I've got a race you can use. I created it using the race generator. It's based on the Viera, a race from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. You can just call them rabbitfolk.



Type Humanoid [Subtype: Viera] (0 rp)

Size Medium (0 rp)

Speed Normal Speed [30ft] (0 rp) {+ 10ft Fast trait = 40 ft}

Ability Score Modifier [Standard - +2 DEX +2 WIS -2 CON] (0 rp)

Language [Standard - {Common, Viera} Sylvan, Elven, Aklo, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Dwarven] (0 rp)


Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Skill Bonus [ +2 Perception +2 Acrobatics] (4 rp)

Quick Reactions [ Improve Inititive as a Bonus Feat] (2 rp)

Movement Racial Traits

Fast [+10ft to Base Speed] (1 rp)

Jumper [Always considered to have a running start when making Acrobatic checks to jump] (2 rp)

Offense Racial Traits

Weapon Familiarity [Bows, Rapier, Scimitar, Longsword] (2 rp)

Senses Racial Traits

Low-light Vision (1 rp)

RP Total: 12 RP

I tried to get them as close to their video game counterparts as possible. If anyone wanted to play a male, the roll d% 1-10 since males are hardly ever seen.

A rabbitfolk, huh? Interesting, I'll think about it.

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Evil Lincoln...WOW! That's some pretty awesome advice (My favorite's the one that says, "Act like you're angry at them for winning, but allow them to do so")! I will take your advice (along with the advice of everyone else) to the fullest.


I have been looking up if there are any playing groups in the area that I live in, but I have yet to find one...any suggestions?
(I know that question was a little off-topic, but I just wanted to ask, since, well, without players, I can't be a GM)

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Following my post about being a GM, I want to create playable races that do not exist in the Race Creator nor in the Bestiaries (for example, I'm having Catfolk and Tengus as playable races, with my permission, but I want another race or two based on other animals). Any ideas or tips?

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Wow! Lots of advice! Thanks so much, guys!
I have some kind of idea for a plot...it's kinda basic (characters against an army of orcs and goblinoids with their tamed monsters) with some sort of twist. What the twist is, I have yet to find out.

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The title basically asks the question: how do I become a good (at least decent) GM?

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I have visited a website called "pathguy" that is easy to follow in creating my character...but is there an even better site that I can go to to learn how to create my character(s)?

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Hello there. I've been reading about Pathfinder for about 4 months, and I still do not fully understand the game. I know how to create a character (I have already done this), but I don't know how to play the game.

Can someone help me?