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"Cosmic...concepts? I am sorry. I do not understand. Is this a common reference among your people? I understand magic at the conceptual level, but are you saying you were...constructed? Out of...constituent matter?"

Yu regards Fieri. "...Thank you! I am learning. There is so much to learn."

For the record, those weird belches of binary info that Yu is doing sound like this.

"01100010 01100001 01100100 01000011 01010010 01000011 01100011 01101111 01110010 01110010 01110101 01110000 01110100 01110011 01100011 01100001 01100110 01100110 01101111 01101100 01100100"


"Er...'excuse me'...?"

Yu is watching Roland with great interest, now completely ignoring everyone else at the table. Seemingly unable to contain himself any longer, he blurts out. "Hello, friend Roland if-I-may-call-you-a-friend. I was wondering, if I may ask -- I request permission as I do not wish to anger anyone and it was pointed out with I believe high accuracy that presuming an excess of unwarranted familiarity with people such as attend this facility may lead to unwanted conflict -- how were you made?" Yu's face is still a mask of neutral sophistication and a sort of uniquely cosmopolitan arrogance, but he does seem genuinely interested in Roland's answer.

Yu watches the exchange between Ephebe, Krays, and Dylen with great interest and focus.

Yu arches one perfectly-plucked, elegant eyebrow, and makes a face like he's impressed, but remains quiet.

Yu smiles at Roland as he approaches and sits, but says nothing. He continues to sit and not drink his water.

Yu's eyebrows shoot up, but he does not appear to be upset. "Ah. I apologize. I am sorry. There is...machine in me, you have guessed correctly! I do not wish to cause to anger. I can be silent if you wish. I have so much to learn." He nods deferentially to Fieri, and promptly clams up, though he continues to smile at anyone who looks his way, including passersby. A couple of younger kids walk by and are obviously creeped out by this.

"Jim" Rivets wrote:
Jim bends down to inspect it. It would certainly be interesting to be able to make these, but it seems to take parts of your body to do so, and besides, there are more important things at hand. For starters, how do you know of my flight? I don't think I've ever done so in front of you.

"Oh, can you fly? I did not know! Hah! Hah! I guessed correctly. I am happy. This was simply a thing I thought would be helpful for a tiny version of you to have."

Yu looks blankly at Jim for a second, then laughs. "Hahahahaaa! No, I am fine. Things are fine. One of my powers is regeneration, but my mind goes blank and I kind of lose muscle control when it happens! When I was young, I would even poop in my pants! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! So that is one reason why Father sent me here, so things wouldn't get worse. So I could learn to control things and not make messes. I did not make one right now, if you were wondering. Anyway you would smell it if I had. I had tacos! Earlier!" The well-dressed youngster laughs as if he had just told the funniest joke in the multiverse.

"Well, friend, you do not have to tell me about your Powers. I understand. I am sorry if I was too c- if I was nosey. That was not my goal. I will say, though, that maybe one of my Powers could help with yours! For example!"

Yu's right pants leg suddenly goes limp from about the knee down, and to everyone's horror, his foot and calf come crawling out from under the table on 5 mismatched spider-like legs, clacking and clawing sightlessly towards Jim. Long before it gets to him, though, the thing dissolves into a quicksilver-ish fluid (or is it?), and then slowly out of this puddle an exact replica of Jim begins to form. Feet first, then the powerful, broad legs and articulated core. Up through the torso, arms, and neck and head. In the end, it is only about 6" tall, and looks in every way identical to the Champion of Creation. It flies up onto the table on little jets that come out of its shoulder and salutes Jim.

"reporting for duty, boss!" the thing says, and its voice even sounds eerily like Jim's. This construct's movements are fast and liquid and strong. It appears by all accounts to be another life form. In some ways, it seems more alive than Yu himself.

Yu grins at Jim in what it's clear he thinks is a friendly way. "A gift! To you! For friends! I can make this thing. I can show you how to make these sometime, if you'd like. Just ask!" The wealthy merchant's son looks amiably around the table and settles his eyes back on Dylen. "So! You! Friend. We were discussing your imagination. What things does it make! How do they appear! Deific Entity, like Krays?!"

Krays wrote:
"Some of my power is innate, some of it is granted by a deific being. What manner of being are you?"

Oh, just a friend. Just a...just a merchant's son. My father is involved with the feed of supplies to this school. That food you're eating, right there? Some of that came out of our supply chain. Probably not all of it, though. When I began to manifest Powers, he wanted me to come here to learn how to 011000100110000101100100010000110101001001000011 since he already knew this establishment was top-grade. So I am here! To learn about powers, now!"

He turns to Jim: "Hello, friend! You are...mechanic. Operator. Engineer. Maker. Yes? What Powers do you have! How do they manifest! How is it you make. As in these large duplicates of yourself." He indicates the homunculi with his stump.

Yu turns to face Krays and smiles warmly at him, but it's the smile of a politician seeking election, or a salesman seeking your money. "Thank you, friend! You are Krays, correct? I ha- 01100010 0110000101100100010000110101001001000011011100100110010100101101 011010010110111001101001011101000110110101100101011011010111001101101100 011011110111010000110000011110000011000000110000 0011000000110010 -ve seen some of your powers! But only some! Things that are no longer alive, you can control, yes? When did this manifest! 011000100110000101100100 0010000001110111011100100110100101110100011001010010000001101001 0110111000100000001100000111100000110111001110000011011100111000 How do you...do your power?!"

Yu continues to not drink his water. He hasn't even opened it. Perhaps he's saving it for later.

Yu grins broadly at Dylen and replies eagerly; "That is excellent! What do you imagine! How does your Power manifest!"

An extremely handsome asian kid in a perfectly-tailored and obnoxiously expensive suit strides confidently around the corner to the cafeteria. Spotting Dylen and Ephebe and Krays and the others, he snags a bottle of water and comes over to the table. His voice has a strange glitch to it, and his left hand is missing, the cuffs of his shirt and suit flapping limply over the abrupt stump of his wrist.

"Hello friends! Mind if I 011001010111001001110010011011110111001000110101 0011001001100011011011110110111001110110011001010111001001110100 011100110111010101101101 join you?" The garbled blast of machinespeak in the middle of his sentence sounds like a protracted metallic belch and bears stark contrast to his otherwise-flawless appearance.

Without waiting for a reply, Yu sits down and emits another metallic grinding sound from low in his sternum. "011000100110000101100100010000110101001001000011" He then announces to no one in particular; "That's one of my powers. That I've got. That I do. Here. I'm learning to control it with help. Here." He smiles winningly and does not drink his water.

To anyone with 'scanners' or scanners up:
Yu's alignment comes across as a giant mishmosh of all the possible alignment types; a giant scrambled glob of impressions. He gives off no magical aura whatsoever. Anyone attempting to read his mind or communicate telepathically receives an extremely painful blast of telepathic "static" -- white noise on steroids -- as a response. Yu seems to be completely unaware of any of these kinds of checks as they're going on, and doesn't appear to be actively thwarting them.

"So! I'm still new. What are everyone's powers? Can any of you do magic powers? Or machine powers? Guns? Books? Weather? Metal? Really curious! I am really curious."

Yu stands there as Jim closes the door in his face.

010101000110100001100001011101000010000001110111011000010111001100100000011 101010110111001100101011110000111000001100101011000110111010001100101011001 0000101110 he thinks, then turns and starts walking down the hall.

010101000110100001100001011101000010000001101111011011100110010100100000011 010010111001100100000011101110110000101110100011000110110100001101001011011 100110011100100000011101010111001100101100001000000111010001101000011000010 111010000100000011011110110111001100101001000000110000101101100011100110110 111100100000011010110110111001101111011101110111001100100000011101010111001 100101110001000000100010001100001011011100110011101100101011100100010000001 110100011010000110010101110010011001010010110000100000011000010111001100100 000011101110110010101101100011011000010111000100000010100000111001001101111 011000110110010101110011011100110110100101101110011001110010111000101110001 011100000110100001010001011100010111000101110000011010000101000101110001011 100010111000001101000010100100010001101111011011100110010100101110001000000 101001001100101011101000111010101110010011011100010000001110100011011110010 000001101100011000010110001000101100001000000110001101100001011011100110111 001101111011101000010000001110011011001010110010101101101001000000110111001 101111011011100010110101101110011011110111001001101101011000010110110000101 110

Yu steps out of the bathroom, looking spotlessly clean and immaculate once again, and watches as Aananda bounds away. One of his quicksilver pupils rotates and clicks behind his sunglasses as she runs.

001011100010111000101110011100100110010101100011011011110111001001100100011 010010110111001100111001011100010111000101110000011010000101000101110001011 100010111001100001011011100110000101101100011110010111101001101001011011100 110011100101110001011100010111000001101000010100010111000101110001011100110 001101110010011011110111001101110011001011010111001001100101011001100110010 101110010011001010110111001100011011010010110111001100111001011100010111000 101110000011010000101000101110001011100010111001100100011011110110111001100 10100101110

He then strides calmly back to the lab and raps on the door again, fully expecting Jim to answer. If the pounding vibrations in the ground bother him at all, he gives no indication of this.

Yu ducks into the boys' room. After taking a moment to ensure it is empty, he heads over to one of the stalls. Once there, he enters and closes it. A weird hissing noise starts, along with a faint pop. There is a beep, then Yu steps back out, his suit and skin and shades now all perfectly, immaculately clean once again. He smiles at his reflection, and takes a moment to think.

010000010110100000101110001000000101001101101111001000000110110101110101011 000110110100000100000011000100110010101110100011101000110010101110010001011 100010000001010001011101010110010101110011011101000110100101101111011011100 011101100100000011101000110111100100000011100100110010101110100011101010111 001001101110001000000110000101100111011000010110100101101110001000000110100 101101101011011010110010101100100011010010110000101110100011001010110110001 111001001011000010000001101111011100100010000001110111011000010110100101110 100001111110010000001010111011001010010000001101011011011100110111101110111 001000000111010001101000011000010111010000100000011011110110111001100101001 011000010000001101001011101000010000001101001011100110010000001100100011000 010110111001100111011001010111001001101111011101010111001100100000011101000 110111100100000011000100110010100100000011010010110111000100000011010000110 100101110011001000000111000001110010011001010111001101100101011011100110001 10110010100101110

Yu looks at Jim, takes off his sunglasses, and then looks at them. His eyes get big. "TA! MA! DE!" He swears. "So sorry! Haha! Another student, a very tall and strong one who is called 'Enre', was demonstrating his Powers to me. He can make holes in himself and close them, which not many others can do. He can also do this with great pressure, such that many objects could not withstand said pressure. He was unable to demonstrate this latter Power. But he demonstrated the first one, which is what must have caused this. Oh! This is embarrassing."

There is a long pause.

"I should...go to the bathroom...and clean up. I will return! Pardon me. So sorry to interrupt." He bows again and turns to walk away up the hall, towards the bathrooms.

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Yu smiles warmly up at Jim, and bows politely. "Hello, friend. I am Yu-Nyin. New student, taking a tour, just got here from off-world. I am scheduled for an introductory mechamagical engineering course here, thought I would make sure I knew where everything was. You are...the professor? Yes? Honored to make your acquaintance." He bows again. He does not attempt to enter the lab, another show of manners.

Jim can't help but note that there is a spray of mostly-dried blood all over this guy's suit, face, and sunglasses.

Man, Jim has quite the blind spot for Yu. :-p

Yu frowns.

010000100110100101101111011011000110111101100111011010010110001101100001011 011000010000001101100011010010110011001100101011001100110111101110010011011 010111001100100000011001000110010101110100011001010110001101110100011001010 110010000101100001000000110000101110010011000110110000101101110011000010010 110101100101011011100110100001100001011011100110001101100101011001000010000 001101101011000010110001101101000011010010110111001100101001000000110110001 101001011001100110010101100110011011110111001001101101011100110010000001100 100011001010111010001100101011000110111010001100101011001000010111000100000 010100000111001001100101011100110110010101101110011000110110010100100000011 000110110111101101110011001100110100101110010011011010110010101100100001011 100010000001010000011100100110111101110100011011110110001101101111011011000 010000001100100011010010110001101110100011000010111010001100101011100110010 000001110010011001010111001101110000011011110110111001110011011001010010111 000100000010100100110010101110000011001010110000101110100001000000110101101 10111001101111011000110110101100101110

...he thinks to himself. He makes a subtle adjustment in his knuckle, and knocks again. "Hello?" he calls out tentatively.

Yu makes his way to the Creation lab. Again, he does this as if he has been at the school for years. He stops in front of the door and straightens his suit, then knocks.

Not getting any further reply from Enre or his family, Yu stands. "Well, it has been nice speaking with you, and informative. I will see what else I can learn about 'Powers' from others. Thank you, friend!" He looks slowly around the cafeteria, then utters a short "a-HA!" under his breath and departs, headed upstairs to the labs.

He leaves without having ever taken a drink of his water.

"Mother?" Yu looks baffled for a moment. "Oh! Mother! Your...creator...no, progenitor! Source of genetic material from which traits are gained. I see. Your mother could...create...powers in me? Truly? Would I have to be born? Er, again?"

Yu raises an eyebrow quizzically. "Practice? I know this word. No. It is simply how I am. I did not practice, I was ma-..." He cuts himself off and frowns. "My apologies. That line of conversation will not be well-received. Better option: I have control of myself because I am only myself. I have no powers, as you do, and cannot exert pressure other beings cannot stand. I can only...I am only myself. This idea of 'Powers' excites me. Intrigues me. Fascinates me. Interests me. How do you and your fellow-beings get these powers? Where can they be obtained? What other kinds are there? I have a great deal of currency at my disposal, so exchange rate, price, cost, is not an issue."

Enre wrote:
Enre looks at Yu-Nyin oddly again before saying "So far I just have used it to hit the things that have attacked me. As for a demonstration that is a very bad idea. It is difficult to control because most people and objects cannot withstand it. I also seemed to get it over night I did not just go into it. What do you mean by factors?"

"Why is it difficult to control? What parameters (factors) combine to inhibit your attempted exertion of control over your...powers? Are they external? Or are some of your internal...delete that. Is it a problem with you? Or would the powers be hard for anyone to control? I think this is all very fascinating, as I do not have these...powers and have complete control over my...self. The idea of an internal...process(?) that is autonomous is fascinating and...'frightening'. To me."

Yu-Nyin looks straight at Enre for a long moment, his face is completely blank and neutral. He then breaks into a smooth laugh and pats his hand on his forehead, smearing blood on it. "Of course! I know that word. How foolish. Begging your pardon, sir. Your odd power is you healed within .15538 seconds of removal of the final micron of the blade from your tissue, as opposed to the days or weeks it might take another...being. I hope my initial incomprehension did not offend you, sir." He somehow manages a small, polite bow, even while sitting.

"You say you have massive amounts of strength. To what use is this put? Are you permitted to demonstrate? Why is it difficult to control? What factors contribute to this?"

Enre wrote:
He going to get blood all over his face lol.

@Enre: A fine spray of blood splatters Yu's face and incredibly expensive suit and sunglasses, but he doesn't flinch or even move, for that matter. If he is at all perturbed by this, it's impossible to tell. As you stab yourself and then close the wound, Yu continues to look expectantly at you, as if still waiting for something. After your explanation, Yu nods as if he understands, but it's clear he does not.

"So the...knife...goes...right through you? That's a...'power'? Or is the power when you unmake the hole you made in your extremity? Whichever one it is, it's really neat! That's very great! Haha!" The handsome asian claps briefly at Enre's display, then finally opens his water, but still does not drink it.

"So, many students can make holes in themselves? How does that assist them in the defeat of...attackers? You say many cannot control their powers, do they make the holes too big, or perhaps too small, whereas one such as yourself can more precisely control the making and unmaking?" Yu's question appears to be genuine; he honestly doesn't get it.

He also seems to either not care or not realize that he is still covered in your blood.

Yu raises an eyebrow and smiles at Enre's evasiveness. "...yyyyessss? Do go on, sir. I take it you do not agree with my evaluation of the students here as being 'just children'...?"

He is yet to open his bottle of water, much less drink from it.

Enre wrote:
Yu-Nyin Bahs wrote:
Yu frowns. "'Attack'? Why would 'things' want to attack a...school? Place of learning? Do you have...secrets here? Power? What is here for them to attack?" Yu looks between the two non-speaking parties at the table, clearly not understanding the silent exchange that's happening.
Enre shrugs "Most of the time I have no idea, I just stop them. Though it seems a few of the times it was a student screwing around with something they should not have."

"Uh-huh. I see! Like, what kind of things? What could the students possibly do that could threaten a whole place like this? Aren't they just...children?"

Yu frowns. "'Attack'? Why would 'things' want to attack a...school? Place of learning? Do you have...secrets here? Power? What is here for them to attack?" Yu looks between the two non-speaking parties at the table, clearly not understanding the silent exchange that's happening.

Enre wrote:
Enre turns to look at the man who just spoke to him "Yes we are students.I am Enre, this is Eri and Artōrius" Eri looks at the man with the same look she has been given to everyone while Artōrius just eats his food.

"Well hello there! Hello to all of you. How do you like it here? Fun place?" Yu continues to scan around, though it is impossible to see exactly where he's looking as long as he has those ridiculous sunglasses on.

Vai Emkar wrote:
Talking Cat cute reflex overrides the oh-he-must-be-someone-special reflex. I believe we're still waiting on a response from Jen right?

LOL! I cannot argue with that. =^_^= Totally forgot that bit was still going on. Nonetheless, Yu wouldn't be any more interested in a kitty than in anyone else, so I'll leave his actions as stated.

Yu strides confidently into the cafeteria, the very picture of a powerful scion of a wealthy corporate family. He looks around the room, then walks over and purchases bottled water from a vending machine. He strolls up to the table where Enre and his relatives are sitting.

"Hello, friends. I'm Yu-Nyin. Just got here. Are you all students as well?"

Several other students turn to eye the newcomer, his appearance so perfectly polished and speaking voice so warm and clear it makes him virtually impossible to ignore.

Who all is in the cafeteria right now? Yu is headed that way and is looking to chat.

Yu begins to whistle.

Yu makes his way confidently down the hall, heading for the cafeteria. En route, he passes Aananda and Jim. He gives them both a polite nod. His eyes are once again hidden behind his obscenely expensive sunglasses, but he smiles warmly. "Hello friends!" He says, and keeps walking.

"No, Headmaster; no questions. Thank you." Yu politely waits for you to stand first, then stands and gives a polite -- if shallow -- bow. "I greatly look forward to beginning my studies."

1d20 + 30 ⇒ (2) + 30 = 32

DC32 Perception:
You could swear you saw Yu's right pupil rotate, just the tiniest fraction. His gaze lingers just a bit too long on some of the tech in the room.

"I will see myself out." With that, Yu turns and departs.

Aight. Does that sound legit to you? It wouldn't be anything major, I mean, this can be the Agartha equivalent of a company that sells beakers and bunsen burners or something. I just imagine that some outside supplies have to come in eventually.

Gotcha. Just invented a connection, but perhaps there's a better one? Any other ways an ultra hi-tech and basically peaceful world might have come across y'all?

Headmaster Ryo wrote:

{i]Ryo does a check for the records and finds something a bit odd about them.[/i]

"I guess my first question would be how you and your family found out about Agartha. Not many from off-planet know about it."

"Ah, yes. My...family is very thorough and wished for me to be able to study in peace, and in a place that is far away and very protected. Certain of your parts are built on my planet, if what Father tells me is correct. Things used in science classrooms and the like, just little things, but enough that he became aware of you."

He smiles again, flashing those teeth. "As I said, my family is very thorough, and Father most of all." Yu's seated posture is uncannily similar to a high-level, high-powered executive; crossed leg, rigid back, alternatingly folded and relaxed hands, attentive but not attending head angle and facial expression.

"Oh, ah, I should say; your...reputation...is quite good. Speaks very well of this facility."

Oh, and let me know if I'm overreaching with the whole "distant planet" silliness. I'll retcon as necessary. I'm just still pretty fuzzy on the whole multiversal situation in this game, but I needed him to be from Someplace Far Away, without taking undue liberties.

@Ryo: Yu smiles broadly, revealing decorated teeth; one upper incisor is gold, and another appears to be encrusted with diamonds. He removes his sunglasses, revealing strange, silver-colored eyes. So very exotic.

"Greetings, headmaster! I am Yu-Nyin. I believe my...father has registered me already here for some classes. I am to take over the...family business, and he wishes me to be in further command of my powers and knowledge. Thus, I am here humbly to submit myself to the learning regimens as put forth by you and the other instructors. I expect my registration and schedule is in order?" Yu shakes hands with Ryo, and his grip is sure and strong and dry; confident and not overbearing. He enters the office per Ryo's invitation as he speaks. His speaking voice is clear and affectless, and very easily heard and understood.

If Ryo checks, he will find that Yu has indeed been registered for a fairly typical -- if a bit heavy -- load of first-year classes, including Sifu Daiyu's Meditation 101 and Aananda's PE 101. He has parent names and contact info on file, and hails from a far planet known for being a meritocratic technocracy. Kinda cybertron-y, but with carbon-based lifeforms.

Headmaster Ryo wrote:
How unfortunate that I am about to hit the road. This seems like it could be interesting enough for me to think about on the way.

No worries. This particular plot is not time-sensitive at all, so if Ryo isn't around, Yu will find other ways to keep busy in the meantime. Really he's only even visiting you as a formality.

An extremely attractive and well-dressed human of asian descent strides confidently through the halls of the school. He is dressed in an impeccably tailored Amosu suit with perfect, subtle pinstriping. His black hair is oh-so-perfectly ruffled, and has a single silvery-grey streak running through it. The tortoise-shell coloring of his Moss Lipow sunglasses matches his hair, his suit, and the tips of the laces on his shiny Berluti shoes.

He is wearing a faint smile on his face as he approaches the Headmaster's office. Unlike most students, he seems to know exactly where he is going.

He knocks politely on Ryo's door, just three times, then stands at-ease, his stance relaxed but ready, his trim and strong body a paragon of form and beauty.