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There are currently at least 800 years that have notable events attributed to them: see the Pathfinder wiki Years category for all of the ones we have documented.

I know I'm a little late to the party, but you also can look at Pathfinderwiki Start by searching for a page you want to build off of, and click through the Blue links to find other realted pages.... watch the "references" section to see what books the information is taken from, if you see one book being referenced over and over again, put that on your short list.

There are some good resources for you out there:

  • The Pathfinder Iconics for PFS. These each have a column or so on their backstory.
  • The Comics. This is the main way we learn about the iconic. they are the characters that the story follows. The 'origins' story each issue tells about 2 characters backstories. the other 40+ issues the Iconics are the main protagonists (and antaginists in one storyline)
  • The Pathfinderwiki iconics category. These links will bring you to pages based on each of the iconics, which clickable links so that you can learn more about the places and objects mentioned.

David knott 242 wrote:
Gnoll Bard wrote:
It may also be worthwhile perusing the categories on Pathfinderwiki corresponding to each ethnicity, as the list of "inhabitants" for each gives a fair sample of names in most cases.

That is a good idea on its own, but it could also be regarded as a list of names not to use -- especially for the more notable or high ranking NPCs.

There is a entire category for pages about families found Here Some of these families may be big names, as you suggest. Others are just A merchent and his wife/children in town in the back of a module. They were mentioned, but didn't have enough information for their own pages, so got grouped into a family page.

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Tacticslion wrote:

... and, speaking of, "heresies" or "legends" or something: that is, redacted or defunct information (retcons from older material). While those retcons are no longer true, it would be helpful if any apparent contradictions are noted somewhere, so that the wiki does not appear incomplete, and the retcon is easily referenced and known, so those trying to keep up with canon don't slip something in that is contradicted by later material. Even if you don't want it cluttering up the specific article page, you could add a link to a "ancient falsehoods" page or something, and just have a compiled list of "NOPE" organized by area or person (ex: "lies about Tar-Baphon" or "false/slanderous histories about Taldor" or something).

While only a little bit of what you are asking here, I feel this is a good spot to highlight our Canon Conflicts category any time we find conflicting information on a subject the conflict icon (the little assci cross) is added to the page, this category is added, and a link to a meta [pagename]/conflicts page is set up describing both points of the conflict and why one was chosen over the other in the wiki article.

As the automaton notes, we try to note prices when the sources provide them on the 'list of works' page he linked. That is also a good page to print to have book titles and authors on hand when needed. There are a couple more from the new novel Bloodbound (somewhere in chapters 10-13, I'm listening to the audio version so not sure exactly where) that we need to add once I get the book from my subscription.

Also, anyone who loves Kitsune who might have a bit of time free is also more than welcome to create a profile on pathfinderwiki and update the Kitsune page

Ridge wrote:

It's a great setting and and a good book. I would love to see maps of some of the cities some time. I have a particular fascination with Carpenden. It's populace sounds lovably insane.... setting a historical dispute by bombarding each other with over ripe melons just for the honor of wearing a red hat?

Fun! :)

Hi Ridge, while there isn't a map I'm aware of, according to the wiki article on Carpenden there are 3 other books with at least some information on it. Feel free to add any information missing from Birthplace of Freedom

The wiki is working on that, kind of, we are working on getting indexes of every Golarion term used in each book linked to its product page. This will allow you to click on the "What links here" tab and see what mentions the page you are on. It is a monumental task that we have really just begun.

Here is the first complete index which is the bottom of the reign of stars page

you can also look around the Sandpoint wiki page and click any blue links to get more information. Also feel free to make and account and help updating any out of date pages you find in your research!

Generic Villain wrote:

I have an obsessively-updated list of various treasures from years of Pathfinder, and Dungeon Magazine before it. Relevant:

-Bottle of 4663-vintage wine from the Terverius Wineries of Southern Cheliax (300 gp)
-Bottle of fine elven wine (65 gp)
-Mendevian icewine (250 gp)
-Century-old elven spirit wine (175 gp)
-Bottle of fey wine (50 gp)
-119 bottles representing 48 separate vintages, including Taldan fire-brandy, hard liquor from Andoran, and even delicate berry wines out of the elven land of Kyonin (6,000 gp)
-Bottle of Korvosan wine (20 gp)
-Bottle of an excellent vintage of Corentyn red or white wine (50 gp)
-Bottle of fine wine from Ustalav (500 gp)

Also check out the wiki section on wines

I'd say start on the Wardstone Wiki page and click any blue links that interest you. Also there's a worldwound pathfinder chronicles book, 2 novels (worldwound gambit and King of Chaos) and at least one web fiction (Certainty) based there

W E Ray wrote:
The Pathfinder Wiki is faaaar superior to The Inner Sea Guide which has one paragraph of info on a location for every ten (or 12) locations. The Wiki will have (at least) one paragraph on 9 out of every 10 locations.

thanks for the glowing review !

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Set wrote:

There's a tiny bit of flavor (and more can be extrapolated from the mechanics) in Paths of Prestige, in the Magaambyan Arcanist PrC write up.

Looks Like Jatembe's wiki page has some data from Humans of Golarion, p. 5. as well

Something else to think about - you can browse The Wiki and find some subjects that you like, then look at the bottom of the page to see which books reference that subject, and make a list from there

Corrected the link for you, you provided the outdated version on the wiki that hasn't been actively updated in over 3 years. http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Janderhoff is the correct one

Grudrak wrote:

You have a ton of options...

From a story perspective, Janderhoff in the Mindspin mountains is "mostly" underground and you have a lot of opportunity for threats from below. http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Janderhoff

Pathfinder has a source book on the "Darklands" (subterranean adventures) http://paizo.com/products/btpy85ej

And a player companion just for the dwarves of Golarion.

If you wanted to get crazy Pathfinder has a product called "Adventure Paths" which are basically 5 or so modules that will carry your characters to level 20. They have a path based on Drow and the "Darklands" http://paizo.com/products/btpy84em?Pathfinder-13-Second-Darkness-Chapter-1- Shadow-in-the-Sky

At the end of the day you can look up just about anything you want from a story perspective at the Pathfinderwiki: http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Darklands

Hope this helps!


if you have a specific topic in mind, the wiki is a good idea too


If you're speaking about doing fan artwork for NPCs or something, you can upload it to the wiki and link it to the page of the NPC in question.

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Can we get one of these art blogs for every product?

We are working on getting the clockworks to add a template to each page they change, explaining the need with the above that Zaister points out, allowing the change to be more transparent.


Chris Mortika wrote:
Try The Wiki

Fixed the link for you, the active version of the Ennie award winning wiki hasn't been on wikia for over a year

Also if you are able to listen to podcasts at work, the "Chronicles pathfinder podcast" posted up a bunch of the panels from gencon as 2 podcasts, 4 hours each... the first one has some of the "GMing 101" session, that can help you with ideas on how to get through some troubled situations


And of course you should follow @PathfinderWiki too

Note, most of those pronunciations are in the ennie award winning Pathfinder wiki


Evil Lincoln, the link you posted is the old wiki, the main contributors have moved to www.pathfinderwiki.com over a year ago

wraithstrike wrote:

The Inner Sea Guide is an overview of the main part of the setting.

The is also a golarion-wiki that you can google.

wiki url

There's also a good amount on the wiki page

Varthanna wrote:

As there are probably 100 organizations on the wiki, I'd print out a list and just roll a d100 to see what organization my character blames. Or maybe give bigger/vendetta'd orgs more percentile.

115 actually

gbonehead wrote:

All the above is true, but the strict answer is that the Core Rulebook is all that's needed. A list of all the Golarion deities is on page 43, along with their domains, portfolio, alignment and favored weapon.

If you want more, then yeah, you're looking at additional books. But there's always the wiki.

Since a number of people have mentioned the wiki, but not linked to it, I'll take this opportunity to do that This is the 'Religion' portal and This is the main page of the wiki


Sunshine Rat! wrote:

Check out Gods and Magic too. And here.

you beat me to it!

Liz Courts wrote:
Check out PathfinderWiki for a great (and free) intro to the world setting. After that, I would recommend the Inner Sea World Guide and the Inner Sea Primer.

+1 and thanks for the plug


Andrew Eakett wrote:

If you wanted to, you could show your love by donating a dollar or two to the Pathfinder Wiki (pathfinderwiki.com)... no pressure, just saying.

yup that's right.... we're pimping out the admins

Waldham wrote:

I fixed your link. For this particular article the only difference is a picture, but many of the most active members moved to the ad free www.pathfinderwiki.com address. It has almost 1,000 more articles and hundreds more that have been updated than the wikia one.

R. Doyle wrote:

Out comes the Inner Sea guide… and I discover that the place has lots of big towers… and web-like rope connections between them that the residents live in, and that it is a very dangerous place.

you could also use the wiki link to Hyrantam article with information from original campaign setting the get that info quickly in a game.

And we're more than happy to accept more contributors into our ranks! We're about to start an initiative to get all of the information from the Inner Sea Guide in as quickly as possible.

Not Hank Woon wrote:
Nice work Jeff.

Please feel free to use the Wiki article on the Empire. Also Feel free to update this page with the above information

Bull is Neutral good... only a shop owner though.

Calisro Benarry seems to be true neutral,and a little closer to what you want..

Imrijka, the iconic inquisitor is listed as NG on the wiki

Gorvi the trash collector in Sandpoint is also CN

Those are the only examples I can find offhand on the wiki

TheChozyn I'll try to get a wiki article up with all of the information we know about whatever location is picked early next week (I'm away this weekend) unless someone beats me to it.....

Spahrep wrote:
silverhair2008 wrote:

I believe in Seekers of Secrets there is a listing of the main Pathfinder Lodges and the associated Venture-Captains.

Just my 2 cp.

Perfect, i didnt even realize that existed :P

THe wiki also has A category listing pathfinder members that have articles and a second one for venture-captains and even a third one Combining the two

yoda8myhead wrote:
On March 9, PathfinderWiki celebrates its second anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, we are running a month-long editing giveaway. Check out the rules here, but basically for every ten edits a logged-in contributor makes to the project, you get one chance to win one of three great prizes including Paizo.com gift cards and a set of the three Reaper Pathfinder minis from the Core Rulebook cover. So stop by and enter yourself to win. What have you got to lose?

Also of note - the winner of the core rulebook set will have the option of getting them as soon as the dragon gets to me, or waiting a little while and getting a set painted by Runelord's minis Perfect for those of you who want painted versions of the minis, but don't feel like you can paint yourselves!

Sara Marie wrote:

For a good product list, I think I would suggest the fan built Pathfinder Wiki. Here's a link to the Pathfinder**** source books by year: http://pathfinder.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Sourcebooks_by_year

Thanks for the plug Sara Marie the sourcebooks there should all be either

  • Paizo books
  • Books referenced in the OGL statements of Paizo books

    This link has a few other ways to sort the sourcebook lists

  • Renraku wrote:
    I apparently have a lot more reading to do on this AP,I am just getting into Golarion as a setting and Pathfinder in general (although a long 3.5 player). thank you for all the information.

    Also, to get you started, Pathfinder wiki can help, Here is the Brevoy article, the nation Niel suggests starting in above,Here is the river Kingdoms, where the adventure path takes place.

    Ken.stubbs wrote:
    Hello, perhaps its user error, but could you implement a feature that would sort your truly incredible amount of modules by level? My group converted a high level game over to Pathfinder and we are looking for specific levels of content. Am I missing a sort function for modules? Thank you for any help.

    The wiki has you covered

    Sean K Reynolds wrote:

    Note that the Pathfinder wiki has basic info on all the gods, and tells you where you can find more info on them, such as Gods and Magic and a writeup in Pathfinder (if one exists).


    and here's a Link to the Desna page of the wiki

    reveal wrote:
    I just finished running Crypt of the Everflame for my group (great module, btw). The next module, Masks of the Living God, will contain information on the city of Tamran. Unfortunately, I can't wait until December and I want to send them to Tamran now. Is there any more information out there on Tamran other than the single paragraph in the Chronicles book?

    The Wiki has the information from the campaign setting....

    NaNoWriMo , For those that don't know, is National Novel Writing month. Where in month of November people try to write 50,000 words (the equivalent of a 175 page novel). It has a page to keep track, and weekly 'pep talk' emails.

    The Pathfinder Wiki is a wiki on the world of Golarion, written like an in-world encyclopedia (so no crunch, all fluff) Which is currently working on getting pages written for every single noun in the campaign setting.

    As my NaNoWriMo writing, I am going to keep a copy of my new articles and sections from the wiki in a separate file after finishing them on the wiki, and submit them for my Nano word count. I challenge everyone to join my quest and sign up. Lets get 50,000 words a piece into the wiki in November! The past 2 years I have tried to write a novel, and didn't have the time, now that I have time already invested into the wiki, I hope to actually get 50,000 words written out. Let's see if anyone can get to 50,000 words before me in Nov.

    Even if you don't know how to do the wiki-links, we have a good community over there that can help you. Feel free to browse the Tutorial and the Help help section. Before November first to get a feel for wiki editing. Even if you put just the plain text in the pages, someone else can come behind you and clean up links (but please put reference book and page numbers to make it easier for these people to clean articles up)

    Who will race with me?

    Aaron Bitman wrote:

    But if no such list exists, I wonder if someone could tell me of adventures set in - or Pathfinder Chronicles / Companion books (besides the Campaign Setting book, of course) that elaborate on - some of the more distant, but interesting locales? Such as...




    Druma (which is technically not remote, but still interesting)?

    Thank you in advance for whatever help you can give me.

    For adventures the wiki can help you Adventures by location... For none-adventure references, you can also search the Wiki for a location and look at the references, not all of the articles are finished, (of the ones you list, Druma is the most complete, adding the guide to darkmoon vale to your list of sources) When I get home tonight (which won't be until about 11pm EST) I'll run the others through a PDF search and see which other PDFs they are mentioned in. Most of the location you list havn't really had any adventures or chronicles books set in them yet, so all of the printed information might be in the Campaign Setting and Gazeteer.

    Bob Hopp wrote:
    Larcifer wrote:
    stuff about a place
    joela wrote:

    +1 on those thanks, Larcifer. Jason also did a post about that spot:

    ** spoiler omitted **

    Also The Wiki page on the town is a decent size. It's not fully finished yet (see the red links to articles not done yet) but it is a free resource, and is getting completed more and more every day!

    ElyasRavenwood wrote:

    Hello I have some questions about shiver. What real world drug might shiver be analogous to? In general for how long does it put you under for your vivid dreams? And how difficult and unpleasant are the withdrawal symptoms when you are coming down off of your high? Do they last for several hours? Are you shaking uncontrollably?

    Is it extremely addictive?
    I’m curious thank you.

    The Wiki has all of the information on shiver in an easy to read format.

    Wiki Ad wrote:

    As jreyst says PathfinderWiki is available, but is all about canon histories, and is written as if it were an encyclopedia that was found in the world. This means that there are no 'crunchy' data from traits, feats, races, ect. Is mostly telling you about the world's contents and history. Feel free to ask about pathfinder wiki here, on the wiki's forums, or on any of the contributor's talk pages.

    The one thing I wanted to point out from Charles' post: while Yoda8myhead is the most active Chronicler (contributor), he is but one of the 2(current) administrators, all policies and deletion requests are left open for the community to decide before being put into effect. We are always recruiting more chroniclers, so feel free to sign up and help us!

    correction - we now have 3 administrators

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