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Hello! I'm relatively new to the Pathfinder campaign setting. My group has been running various adventures, each by a different GM, but we've never really delved into the nitty gritty of the setting before. I'm about to start a Wrath of the Righteous campaign, and I'm having trouble pulling out details of certain things. For example, the wardstones.

How many wardstones are there... or rather, were there, before the events in WoR? Is there any indication of where they were located? Also, one reference I found said they were placed in forts between the worldwound and Mendev... but what about the other kingdoms? Do they not have any protective barriers like the wardstones?

I know I have a lot of reading to do, and the next thing on my list is to dig through the history of the worldwound, but any advice about where I can go to find specific details other than just dates and events would be great. Specifically, I'm trying to understand all the things that my player characters would either know or be able to easily find out during the adventure. I always feel bad when I should know the answer to a stupid question (like "where is the next closest wardstone?") and I don't.

According to James Jacobs there are "probably dozens" - see here. There are a couple of location references (e.g. Icerift Castle), but for the most part they haven't been nailed down.

I'd say start on the Wardstone Wiki page and click any blue links that interest you. Also there's a worldwound pathfinder chronicles book, 2 novels (worldwound gambit and King of Chaos) and at least one web fiction (Certainty) based there

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