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Hello Paizo,

I recently got the Forest Starter Set and Forest Perils Expansion for the Flip-Tiles line. I’m super impressed with the Starter Set, however I’m wondering if the Forest Perils Expansion takes place at night? All the tiles are extremely dark and there’s also a strange blue/green smear on the bottom of the tiles if I look closely. When placed beside the Starter Set tiles they look completely out of place. I was wondering if I can send a photo for you guys to take a look at and if there was anything that can be done about it.

Thank you for your time,

Howdy Paizo!

As an ardent supporter of your Pathfinder Pawns line (I own every set released to date), I picked up the Strange Aeons Pawn Collection yesterday and to my horror the second sheet (Doctor Oathday to Ib Shade) is so far misaligned that it's at least an inch off to the left, making it entirely unusable.

I hope your fantastic customer service team can help me. And if nothing can be done, I'd still want to submit an image for your QA team to look at.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Hello Paizo!

Just picked up the Hell's Rebels Pawn Collection yesterday and noticed that one sheet was misaligned (The second sheet, with Devil, Erinyes to Disciple of Shax on the top row, and ending with Hei-Fen to Barzillai the Bone Devil on the bottom row). Everything on the page is shifted upwards, leaving at least 4 pawns lobotomized. (Their foreheads are cut off).

Hopefully your fantastic Customer Service team can help me, and if not, I hope I can submit an image for your QA team.

Thanks for your time.

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One of my players wants to create an oracle that abuses Moonlight Bridge. I've read a few threads, but there's no conclusive answers. No developer has addressed this ability.

I don't want to see it used as a level 1 wall of force, but RAW is way too ambiguous. How do you guys usually rule this?

Moonlight Bridge (Su): You summon a bridge of shimmering moonlight. The 10-foot-wide span touches the ground at a point adjacent to your position. From this point it can extend in any direction for 10 feet per oracle level. The path persists until you have crossed over the bridge or for 24 hours, whichever is shorter. You may summon a moonlight bridge a number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus. Should the bridge be attacked, treat it as a wall of force.

I was checking out PFSRD and noticed the Eldritch Guardian archetype can gain a familiar. I'm planning to create a wildblooded Sorcerer but still wanted to grab a familiar so it looked like an interesting dip to also pick up some weapon proficiencies.

The per-requisites for Improved Familiar simply state:
Prerequisites: Ability to acquire a new familiar, compatible alignment, sufficiently high level (see below).

Then it lists Arcane Spellcaster Levels.

If Eldritch Guardian satisfies "Ability to acquire a new familiar", would Sorc levels count for meeting the Arcane Spellcaster level?

RAW seems so.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Hi everybody. My group and I started playing PF after I picked up the Beginner Box in January this year. We moved to Core after the first session because my players immediately wanted more options. Our group (including me as GM) were all completely new to tabletop but have had the benefit of playing computer RPG's (including D&D ones such as Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, Temple of Elemental Evil), so everyone quickly picked up on the familiar concepts.

However, I'm planning to take out the BB for another run. Since it's summer soon, I'll have more time to spend with my gf and I want to teach her PF. Since I understand her personality very well (been together 4 years), I'm going to have to do things much differently than with my first group of guy friends. Reasons being:

#1. She's got no idea what tabletop even is. Nor does she play any video games. So I'll need to teach basic concepts such as hitpoints etc.
#2. She loves pop culture, mainly movies and music. She enjoys the Harry Potter and Hobbit movies (closest examples of magic and fantasy adventure that she's enthusiastic about) and always wants to be like the strong female heroines she sees (ie. Hunger Games).
#3. She doesn't like to read, doesn't like math, but is very energetic, playful, and loves to act. Easily excitable.
#4. She's a bit simple with a relatively short attention span. We're both in our 20s, but she's rather childish. I find it endearing though.
#5. She's studying music, specifically voice, in university right now. Passionate about music and songwrites/composes. WILL burst into song spontaneously when prompted. (Would probably like the idea of Bards)

I'm thinking of teaching her in a solo one-on-one session by letting her jump right in with a Pre-gen, while being fast and loose with the rules. Only adding them in slowly at a time. I'll probably give her a GM-PC to hand hold her through the introductory adventure. I know first impressions are super important so I want to grab her attention right away and make it entertaining for her. I also think PF would be a great way to increase her vocabulary and math skills (Edutainment! The horrors!)

(Teaching her solo because my current group includes power gamers/meta-gamers and tacticians, who love to spend an hour strategizing in combat and optimizing all their characters. I know that sort of information overload would bore her)

She's never seen a game played before (as of this moment she doesn't even know of the existence of Pathfinder), but loves to roll the d20. She always gets anxious over little things (how she did on a exam, etc.), so I gave her a d20 and told her the higher the number the better success she has. Obviously she knows it's not true, but loves rolling the dice anyway.

I apologize for the long post, but hopefully the above information can help you understand my questions better:

1) Good way to introduce her to Pathfinder and Roleplaying Games in general?

2) Anyone with experience dealing with players with personalities resembling my gf?

3) Any general suggestions on my planned approach to teaching her the game? Or complete disagreements?

4) Anyone have any experience with One-on-One sessions that can give me some tips?

5) Advice on using GM-PC's? (Never done it before, heard many negative things about them, but I don't think it'd be good idea to let her solo Black Fang's Lair)

6) If I do get her hooked on PF, would it even be possible to get her into my main group? (In addition to BB/Core differences, the play-styles seem too different and I don't want to be "That GM") Should I just start a new group on the side with more like-minded casual players instead?

7) Any and all general advice is appreciated.

Thanks for taking your time reading this, I look forward for any responses.

Hi everybody. I'm creating a thread for anyone who also has an insatiable urge to buy every single Pathfinder Pawn collection published.

I'm a Pathfinder Pawn addict. There's something about sheets of cardboard with fantastic art on them that gives me that "gotta catch em' all" feeling.

Here's the accessories I have so far: http://i.imgur.com/6xKdNbp.jpg (Apologies if outside links are not allowed)

I'm going to finish off with Wrath of the Righteous/Iron Gods Pawn collections in May, and will get ready for the new releases in June.

Now a general question:

How do you store your boxes? Not storing the actual pawns, as there's plenty of threads for that. My books go in the bookshelf, but I'm not sure how to store the boxes/AP collections. Part of me wants to show them off, but they take up much more room than I like, so I just keep them in a drawer. I'm also running out of drawers to fill, so I'm not sure where to put them next.

Anyone got any suggestions?

I also welcome any questions regarding any of the pawn sets, and I'll try to give a non-biased review of them.

Otherwise feel free to share your collections and/or comments.

Hi Paizo!

After getting Bestiary 2 Box and Bestiary 3 Box last month, I decided to finish up my collection with the Bestiary 4 Box. Once again, I have to reiterate what an awesome product your pawn boxes are. Boxes 2 and 3 were flawless, but unfortunately Bestiary 4 box had one sheet with most of the top half shifted to the left. (The first sheet, starting with Aoandon, Blood Hag, Changeling, etc. and ending with Ankou)

Normally if nothing important was cut off I wouldn't mind, but Clockwork Mages with half a hand and Dinosaur, Dimorphodon missing a D triggered my OCD. I checked unboxing videos on youtube to double check, and sure enough it's just me with the misaligned sheet.

I'm hoping that your awesome customer support team can help me once again, if not, then I hope I can submit an image anyways for your QA team.

Thanks again Paizo!

Since Paizo customer service is so awesome and I got the replacement today for a misaligned sheet in the Inner Sea Box; I want to finish getting the pawn boxes that I don't have yet. Namely Bestiary 2, 3, 4.

I'll get the book as well as the pawn box but my gaming budget for the next few months will only allow me to get one of the above for now.

So I was just wondering, whats the general consensus on which Bestiary is the next best after the first?

It'd be awesome if you guys could give me a ranking of the Bestiaries (other than the 1st) in terms of usefulness, art value, general cool factor, or any other measures which you guys rate on.

Otherwise should I just go in order and get 2 then 3 then 4?


I posted in the Paizo Products subforum and a helpful member told me to post here instead. (Original thread here: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2s0rm?Misaligned-Pawn-sheet)

In summary, one of the sheets for the Inner Sea Pawn Box I got is misaligned. All the text and images are shifted to the upper left corner. It's the sheet starting with Mendevan Crusader, then Molthuni Soldier, and ending with Order of the Godclaw Hellknights and Alain on Donahan.

Since I picked it up at a local retailer, I'm not sure what can be done about it. If it can be replaced, that would be wonderful. If not, then I hope I can send you an image so your team can make sure it doesn't happen to future customers.

Thank you for your time.

I just got into Pathfinder two months ago after picking up the Beginner Box. Since my friends and I had such a good time, we picked up the Core Rulebook and I binged on Pathfinder Pawns. I got three boxes from my local game store: the Bestiary Box, NPC Codex Box, and the newly released Inner Sea Pawn Box. Everything was in good condition except one sheet in the Inner Sea Pawn Box which is misaligned. All the images and names are shifted to the upper left, and I'm curious if this happened to anyone else. Can I link a photo or something or is that not allowed? I know I'll probably just have to deal with that one misaligned sheet, but I'm hoping that your team can fix this issue for future purchasers.

Other than that one issue, I must commend Paizo. Your team has done an excellent job luring in new players.

I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section.