Pathfinder Pawns Anonymous (and general acessories related discussion)


Hi everybody. I'm creating a thread for anyone who also has an insatiable urge to buy every single Pathfinder Pawn collection published.

I'm a Pathfinder Pawn addict. There's something about sheets of cardboard with fantastic art on them that gives me that "gotta catch em' all" feeling.

Here's the accessories I have so far: (Apologies if outside links are not allowed)

I'm going to finish off with Wrath of the Righteous/Iron Gods Pawn collections in May, and will get ready for the new releases in June.

Now a general question:

How do you store your boxes? Not storing the actual pawns, as there's plenty of threads for that. My books go in the bookshelf, but I'm not sure how to store the boxes/AP collections. Part of me wants to show them off, but they take up much more room than I like, so I just keep them in a drawer. I'm also running out of drawers to fill, so I'm not sure where to put them next.

Anyone got any suggestions?

I also welcome any questions regarding any of the pawn sets, and I'll try to give a non-biased review of them.

Otherwise feel free to share your collections and/or comments.

I too am a Pathfinder Pawn addict. I love buying them and flipping through the sheets one by one and then lovingly punching out the pawns to sort into the boxes.

I store my boxes on my RPG bookshelf. I just make room to add them in amongst the books because they look awesome alongside them.

What I find most appealing is that the pawn sets are like interactive art books.

You get pages of great art, and you can pop them out anytime to use in your game.

But I think I'm at around 2000+ pawns now, so looking through them to find what I need is much more challenging than before.

My only issue is with the small sized pawns. There's a of detail packed into such a small space. Have to look at it real close to actually see what the illustration is.

I'm waiting for the Pawn list of the Summon Monster set. I hope it's mostly brand new illustrations and unique creatures we don't already have available.

I wonder if Paizo can give us a teaser. :P

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