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I just got into Pathfinder two months ago after picking up the Beginner Box. Since my friends and I had such a good time, we picked up the Core Rulebook and I binged on Pathfinder Pawns. I got three boxes from my local game store: the Bestiary Box, NPC Codex Box, and the newly released Inner Sea Pawn Box. Everything was in good condition except one sheet in the Inner Sea Pawn Box which is misaligned. All the images and names are shifted to the upper left, and I'm curious if this happened to anyone else. Can I link a photo or something or is that not allowed? I know I'll probably just have to deal with that one misaligned sheet, but I'm hoping that your team can fix this issue for future purchasers.

Other than that one issue, I must commend Paizo. Your team has done an excellent job luring in new players.

I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section.

This happened to me with my recent Inner Sea Pawn box and I mentioned it in my review. It really sucks because the Alkenstar Shieldmarshals are essentially ruined.

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Post that in the Customer Service section of the board, or email them a photo. You'll both likely get the misaligned sheets exchanged.

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Please email us some pictures of the misaligned sheets (so we can pass those along to quality control) and we'll see what we can do to get you guys taken care of from there. Our email address is customer.service@paizo.com


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