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Tacticslion wrote:

I have friends!

(Finally met up with them!)

I wish I had friends.

Oh yay. It's another alias blitz.

Celestial Healer wrote:
Saturday I am playing piano at a "garden party" held annually at John's nursery. I hope I got lots of tips!

Do lepers work at the nursery?

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Confuse-Us wrote:
lucky7 wrote:
What is your Favored Weapon?
Betting it's Acerbic Wit

More like Asserbic Wit...

I might as well finish this blitz. Yay me.

Stop using insulting facts. Geez!

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TOZ, that lesson took less than 8 hours. I want my money back.

I believe the first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one.

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My dreams aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be.

Aberzombie wrote:
I believe that some pathetic little trolls aren't content to let other people have some fun.

Did you ever think that you were spoiling the trolls' fun? They have feelings too.

RPG Superstar 2012

Oh, look at me. I'm the RPG Superstar.

Icyshadow wrote:

Huh, the forum's various topics have suddenly increased their levels of snark, stealth insults and propaganda.

I thought Friday was the day when everyone's happy about the weekend and partying instead of being passive-aggressive.

A lot you know...

Cheapy wrote:

Death of the game...

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You're not going to lock this thread, too, are you?

The Minis Maniac wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Found out last night that when the bedroom temp is over 90 degrees F, the cool cement basement floor turns out to be amazingly comfortable!
And this is why I love my air conditioner!

You should marry it.

Celestial Healer wrote:
That alias has very limited applications, but I suppose you found the right avatar for it :)

The badger isn't really known for his alias-making skills.

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Someone just proved someone else's point.

Rusty the Poodle wrote:

Do we really want to start ThuMo nuclear war?


Celestial Healer wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:

Ugh. Women gymnastics? Is it 1948 and you are hyperventilating over a NationAl Geographic pictorial of tribal women? Srsly? Trampolines? Here's a clueby: Google the word 'nude' and I'll see you in three days. Sheesh

Where's taig's wet blanket alias when you need it?

Dude, I've been so busy in RPG Superstar, I don't have time to play here.

Moorluck wrote:
What, no Superbowl Play by Play from Taig?

Taig has taken his (foot)ball and gone elsewhere.

Geesh. This thread is like an aborted PbP.

Where did you go Spankay?

Kaidan Booster wrote:
Did I come off as too enthusiastic in PIE? I did, didn't I?


Now someone is going to come along and tell me how I ruined this fun thread.

Professor Paladin wrote:
Prof Chaos wrote:
The OTD forum not interesting? That is simply unpossible.
Govern thy grammar in keeping with the Law, Prof Chaos, or prepare to be smitten!

Lawful, not anal.


I see that I've been replaced...

Patrick Curtin wrote:
I believe that it is a lovely day and I am going to go squeeze every bit of fun out of it

I hope the echoes from your high horse don't bother you.

Aberzombie wrote:

Taig will just have to deal with being redundant. At best.

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So, this is what happens from inhaling too much helium. Interesting...

You're just phoning it in now, aren't you?

It's funny because...

No, I retract that.

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
taig wrote:

Off to NC. Have a great weekend, everyone. I might make it back to the boards tomorrow or Sunday.

My buddy (former chair) just got back from NC, where he has a 2nd home somewhere near Ashville and he was showing off his summer pictures. Man, it's beautiful there.

Taig doesn't go to Ashville. It gives him hives.

Actually, yes it is beautiful.

Aberzombie wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
Lifetime Network? Again?
Oh, then it was definitely taig.

Damn that Badger!!!

shakes fist

He ate all your popcorn too.

Taig doesn't eat popcorn. It makes him gassy.

Callous Jack wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
Lifetime Network? Again?
Oh, then it was definitely taig.

Taig's more of an Oxygen badger.

It's amazing how one can say something out of one side of one's mouth and completely contradict it with the other.

Just sayin'.

Gark the Goblin wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
Huzzah! Another one for the FAWTL table!!
I am likely to attend, but I know some people here don't like me.

I don't like anybody because they don't like me.

Dr. Double Honors, Ph.D. wrote:

So here's a fun little habit you might want to lose before becoming a Religion professor at a non-sectarian, public institution of higher learning.

** spoiler omitted **

What can you do?

Ross Byers wrote:
I removed some posts. Be nice to one another. It isn't hard. Really.

You missed some...

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
Can we have a "is stuff evil" section?

Great minds think alike...

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Redundancy is part of a complete redundant breakfast.

Jeranimus Rex wrote:
Wet Blanket wrote:

What's up with Debbie Downer, and can I get some?

I heard they had a sale at Wal*Mart a couple days back.

Yeah, but I've heard that shopping at Wal-Mart is evil. Someone should start a thread to find out if this is the case.

What's up with Debbie Downer, and can I get some?

For a while it seemed like I ruined this fun thread too.

Wet Blanket wrote:

I want to be Admiral Wet Blanket.

By lack of decree, I am Admiral Wet Blanket. Look, I've even got the stars.

I want to be Admiral Wet Blanket.

Well, you really don't want to be his arch supporter.

Mouthy Upstart wrote:
I think what ProfCirno is trying to say is 4e's competition is D&D!

I smell new Mouthy Upstart fiction.

Celestial Healer wrote:
We need Taig's "wet blanket" alias.

Wow. That's just sad.


I'm going to have to unfriend you now, BT.

Merlin Porkins wrote:
Sebastian wrote:

The problem is that everyone thinks Lincoln is a great president, while completely ignoring the many achievements of Ben Franklin, the nation's greatest president.

Also, Lincoln had a b*~#+in' luxury car. Or so I hear.

Franklin did indeed do many cool things, but he was never President of the United States.

Edit: Just sayin'

Shamed pony is shamed.

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