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Ok, so maybe a little background is needed to help people see my issue.

When we started this AP I made a character modeled in part by the Assassin's creed 3 character + a little of Daniel Day-Lewis's character from Last of the Mohicans. I had taken the Ex-Sczarni trait, so I started with a lvl in Rogue then a level in Ranger. At 3rd I took a lvl of Fighter ,4th was Ranger again. The party was made up of me an Inquisitor of Gorum, a Cleric(evangelist archetype)of Gorum, a Shoati Barbarian(now rage prophet), and a Sorcerer more interested in her good looks than anything else. Some how my guy got put in charge of the group, but when I started telling the three great sword wielding members of the party that we should not just kill everything we meet, well lets just say that the Gorumites didn't kill me....but they didn't help me in the last fight ether. After much talking the surviving party members agreed that none of them had it in them to be a new party leader. So they once again look to me to make a character that can shore up the party week points and provide leadership that they wont listen to and or argue with. So my plan was to make a character that would instill the fear that if he is put in charge he will have no problems killing any one of them, morally or other wise. I know this seems harsh but even the GM has noticed that, every one in the party complained about the choices I made as leader....put none of them wanted the job. So he told go ahead and that type of character.


  • Str:14
  • Dex:18
  • Con:12
  • int:15
  • Wis:17
  • Cha:11

Level 4th (as the party is about to finish book one of the AP), So my starting cash would be for a 4th lvl character as well.

I was thinking of taking this character into the Red Mantis Assassin PrC so I would need enough levels to get the feat and BaB to get there. To answer master marshmallow....yes i like multiclassing, it's a fault of mine....I never seem to be able to settle with just one class.

Ok....so my ranger/rogue that I'm playing in a Shattered Star game died, and i was thinking of(and cleared by the GM) replacing it with a Inquisitor(of Achaekek)/Rogue. So I'm calling out for help with a build that will strike fear into the hearts of the Great sword wielding party that let my ranger die.


Diametrically Opposed

Two points directly opposite each other on a circle or sphere. More formally, two points are diametrically opposed if they are on opposite ends of a diameter.

So then could you not say point A on the floor and make point B directly opposite it and that count? If not then I see it being more like a wall having to be stretched across a hallway or between two columns, and how do you catch people in its area of effect then?

@ cheapy: True for a while but my GM already cleared the use of some 3rd party material and I found this

Enruned Great Weapon (Su)
Benefit: The magus may expend two points from his arcane pool to scribe a rune of power on a 2-handed weapon with which the magus is proficient. While the rune is in place, when the magus is holding that weapon with two hands, he can use one of the two hands holding the weapon to complete somatic components of magus spells he casts, and it is considered to have one hand free for purposes of spell combat. The rune lasts 10 minutes per level.

After I take that things should be fine.

Well after looking at the thread cheapy linked I can see it's a moot point to ask why they did it & why they then went on to make weapons themselves that get to do really good stuff or can be made to be just as broken as they thought the Spike chain was with just a few feats.

So I'll just have to see if my GM will let me make my character a Magus/ Ninja that uses Kusarigama.

Looking at the Style feats I see a few that I have been told represent Uechi-ryu. So my next thought is to do a Fighter(Unarmed fighter archetype)/ Monk(Flowing Monk archetype), then trying to keep the levels about as close to even as I can. Is there a reason why this would not work out how I see it working in my head?

did paizo just shift what was cool about the spike chain in 3.5D&D to the Meteor Hammer. I could have sworn the in 3.5 that the Spike chain could be switched between a reach weapon or a double weapon, or I'm I wrong. If they did nerf it, why?

I only ask because I was thinking of making a Magus/ Rogue that used one as a weapon.

ok, so if my first character dies before we finish the first book in the adventure my GM is running I was thinking of making a Monk. But I want him to use the martial arts styles that i have started to take classes in RL. I have started learning Uechi-ryū & Tai chi, and I was wondering how I could mimic those styles with a monk in pathfinder.

The player I was thinking of using it on has gender beended before so I don't see how changing his characters gender would be a curse......he would just see it as another role playing opportunity.

I was thinking of it being the result of the party not killing the BBEG at the end of the first book of the AP I'm running & some how he has managed to short change the rest of the party out of there shares of party loot and was planning on using his extra gp to get a greater hat of disguise.

If the intended item was to be a Hat of Disguise, what would a cursed version do?

They might have adjusted the rule so that if the party gets Spivey & Koya & the player Cleric casting that spell they would never have to buy food...ever. As written it makes the PC's think about rations and the survival of the caravan more, something I feel gets missed in almost every adventure because most DM's just hand wave the party having enough food to live on while trekking across the country side or through a dungeon for weeks at a time.

Well....that just seems weird

I was thinking of trying to work the price off a hand of glory as that item gives you and extra ring slot and only cost 8,000gp. But nothing in that items description states whats used to give the extra slot. So I would need to figure out how they used the rule to make a hand of glory and then subtract the spells used to give the character the ability to use daylight & see invisibility once per day to get a cost for the extra slot.

Any ideas as to how to work that one out?

Ok here is my question I would like to give one of my players a magic item from a 3.0 Dragon Magazine.
the thing is it's a bit pricey for there current level, I was trying to use the PFCRB to get a feel if that price would stay the same, but I just can't figure it out. So here is what I'm looking at.

Bracers of Wands
Each bracer hold three thin leather tube big enough to hold a standard magical wand. Bracers of Wands can be "attuned" to different wands. immediately after placing a wand in one of the slots of the bracer, a single charge is harmlessly drain from the wand. The wand is then attuned to the slot and remains so until removed. Wands in a bracer slot can be used without the need to draw them and without the need to hold the wad in a hand.
Wands can be removed and replaced from their slots in a bracer of wands, but each time a wand is attuned to a slot on a bracer it losses another charge. Both bracers must be worn for the Bracers of Wands to function.
Wands in the bracers of wands can be attacked and broken, and characters the bracers can be disarmed of wands. In such cases, treat the wands as though were held by the wearer.
The bracers of wands do not grant the ability to use a wand if the character is not normally able to do so. Rogues attempting to use a wand in a bracers of wands with their Use Magic Device skill must first make a skill check to use the bracers(DC 20) then make a second check to use the wand.
Caster level: 12th Prerequisites: Craft wondrous Items
Market Price: 60,000gp Cost to Create: 30,000+2,400 xp Weight: 1lbs

the above it pretty much how the item appears in Dragon Magazine #291 on pg 51, minus all the Gnomish flavor text.

Any help in how i would figure a new price or if that would still be the price in PFRPG would be great.

Then I offer up a fun little exercise for you look through the Bestiary's once and mark down all the creatures that have dark vision, then all the creatures that can cast darkness as a spell like ability. And tell me how you feel later.

the sentence that is missing from the 3.5 version of the spell is the one that states that creatures with dark vision still suffer the miss chances imposed by the spell. that missing sentence means that darkness is a useless spell-like ability for not only Drow but teiflings, and a number of other creatures that have it.

this would mean that if you are planning on running the second darkness AP every Drow in that book that the players face is a Drow noble or you are replacing key combat feats for racial feats for Over 100,000 Drow that the players could face. I call sananagins

Then as stated in a post about a similar topic, then why was the Drow spell-like ability never changed to compensate. As it stands their iconic fighting tactic of using darkness to disorient their opponent is no longer a viable tactic. And their spell-like abilities should have been changed to make up for that.

All of this is moot, as Darkness as written in PFRPG is missing a key sentence from the old 3.5 version of the spell. Because of that missing sentence creatures with dark vision can see right through the spell and do not suffer the 20% to 50% miss chances imposed by the spell.

And as 85% of the bestiary are creatures with dark vision the spell is a waste of space in any spell book.

SO what you'er saying is that it holds just as much as a standard backpack?

I the Seekers of Secrets book, there is an item called the adventurer's sash and it is listed as weighing 3 lbs but it does not say how much it can hold. Does any one know?

Thanks for the heads up

Any more suggestions out there?

Ok the adventurer's sash showed up in Pathfinder Chronicles: Seekers of Secrets.

It states that it weighs 3 lbs. but I don't see anything that list how much it can hold. Does any one know?

Thomas "Tommy" Donnelly( yes name taken from a T.V. show)Half Elf, L.G. Inquisitor of Iomedae. I'm planning on multiclassing in a few levels of rogue to reflect his Ex-Sczarni trait. I'm trying to get a Connor from Assassin's Creed 3 feel for this character.

My friend is going to start running the Shattered Star Ap, and I was planning on making an Inquisitor/Rogue modeled after Connor from Assassin's creed. I have my first level as Inquisitor. I was wondering if anybody had any idea as to how I should progress after that.

I have a player in my game playing a rogue the two-weapon fights, so I want to be clear on how many of his attack in one round gain the benefit of sneak attack.

1) rogue wins initiative,can reach a target with a 5ft step. Does he get sneak attack with both weapons?

2) rogue flanks with another party member, uses full attack action & gets two attacks with main hand & one with off hand. Does he get sneak attack with all 3 attacks?

3) rouge uses bluff to feint target, causing it to lose its DEX bonus, next round full attack action with 3 attacks from main hand & one from off hand. Does he get sneak attack for all of his attacks.

you do realize that the PDF's of the AP now have interactive maps. allowing you to print the maps you need without room tags and secret doors given away to players.

and as I use that to make maps for minis, I find the new set up 1000 times more useful.

well as this will be munchkin attempt #37 I don't think he is leaving.

the thing is the player wants to be able to strap a bunch of extra stuff to the outside of the HH, and use the masterwork backpack bonus to his carrying carrying capacity.

Ok, one of my players asked me this question.

If an item needs to be master work to be enchanted than doesn't a Hand Haversack also provide the same benefits on top of what it states in the description?

Backpack, Masterwork

Source Adventurer's Armory

This backpack has numerous pockets for storing various items that might be needed while adventuring. Hooks are included for attaching items such as canteens, pouches, other small bags, or even a rolled-up blanket. It has padded bands that strap across the chest and the waist to distribute its weight more evenly. Like a common backpack, it can hold about 2 cubic feet of materials in its main container. When wearing a masterwork backpack, treat your Strength score as +1 higher than normal when calculating your carrying capacity.

Empty Weight: 2 lb.*1 Capacity: 1 cubic ft./60 lb.*1

1 When made for Medium characters. Weighs one-quarter the normal amount when made for Small characters. Weighs twice the normal amount when made for Large characters. Containers carry one-quarter the normal amount when made for Small characters.

Bag, Handy Haversack
Aura moderate conjuration; CL 9th

Slot —; Price 2,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.

A backpack of this sort appears to be well made, well used, and quite ordinary. It is constructed of finely tanned leather, and the straps have brass hardware and buckles. It has two side pouches, each of which appears large enough to hold about a quart of material. In fact, each is like a bag of holding and can actually hold material of as much as 2 cubic feet in volume or 20 pounds in weight. The large central portion of the pack can contain up to 8 cubic feet or 80 pounds of material. Even when so filled, the backpack always weighs only 5 pounds.

While such storage is useful enough, the pack has an even greater power. When the wearer reaches into it for a specific item, that item is always on top. Thus, no digging around and fumbling is ever necessary to find what a haversack contains. Retrieving any specific item from a haversack is a move action, but it does not provoke the attacks of opportunity that retrieving a stored item usually does.

Editor's Note: Handy Haversack does not indicate the sort of space inside it other than to say it is "like a bag of holding" which is described as opening to a "non-dimensional space" whereas the rules on extradimensional spaces explicitly refer to bags of holding and handy haversacks as examples of extradimensional spaces.

Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, secret chest; Cost 1,000 gp

Now I'm inclined to say that as written that the player is wrong it would seem that a Handy Haversack is an enchanted normal pack back. If that's the case I know that the player will then ask how much a masterwork backpack enchanted to be a Handy Haversack would cost, I can figure out that part.....my next question is how do i deal with this player as he seems to make it his life goal to find every small loop hole in the rules and pushes them to the point of breaking.

I saw that, looked really good. My problem is I have 6 players in the game so I had to do some tweeking of the original wagons to make sure they could move, and i have incorporated some third party rules that the Excel spreadsheet does not have.A form fill-able would just make it so I don't have to read some of my players chicken scratch writing.

Thanks for the help though.

Any one know if a form fill-able caravan sheet has been done. If so where?

point taken .....then any ideas for good feat to take as my 3rd lvl feat for my Ninja(2)/Inquisitor(1).

His feats so for are

    Alertness{human bonus feat}*Dodge{1st lvl feat}*Improved unarmed strike{ninja trick feat}

So far I have tried my best to play him like Garak from Deep Space Nine, I have used the line several times now that I'm just a simple tailor. We are playing in the Jade Regent adventure path.

cool thanks I just wanted the feed back....this means my first lvl spells known list will now include True strike, along with the already chosen disguise self & cure light wounds.

So I was looking over the feat thinking it would be a good way for me to add a spell to my Ninja/Inquisitor's spells know at first level. Imagine my shock when I saw that Inquisitor is not listed the rest of the spontaneous caster.

Is this right?, has there been an errata I missed?, or was it just an over site?

pH unbalanced wrote:
Am I the only one whose first thought was a dancing bear filling an entertainer slot?

Now all you need is a ferret that walks a tight rope that's 2ft of the ground and a dog that walks on its front paws and you have an animal circus. 2cp for a ticket to the show.

@ TwiceBorn both those books where the starting ground for my thought process with the story line. They are great books I had a half gnoll in one of my Second Darkness AP's that was the half brother to the half elf in the game. I was mainly look to get some feels from others about dropping the Charisma penalty, as that character already has a charisma of 7. That -4 would hurt him a ton.

Thanks to all for the feed back.

Ok, so I have a player that is playing a half orc Magus in one of the games i'm running. He has left is origin story open for me to play with and create some plots with. He has mentioned that he would like to at some point meet his orc father, but he left out any thing dealing with his mothers blood line. So here is what I was thinking.

Father: Orc war chief conquers a dwarven strong hold, leaves strong hold to one of his many orc sons has he moves on to the next conquest in building his empire.

Mother: Dwarf queen ravaged by the chief during the taking of the strong hold, escapes and flees to near by city and gives birth to said PC.

I was thinking of dropping the dwarf thing on him soon and giving him clues to the strong holds location, leading to a fight with his newly found half brother, then goes after his father. I was thinking of working the Axe of Dwarvish Lords into the story as well, but that imparts a -4 charisma penalty to any non dwarf that wields the axe. If he is half orc / half dwarf ...could i not just half the penalty?

Cool Ideas thanks...I have also been looking through the old 3.5 & 2nd edition stuff for ideas as well.

Ok, so maybe my sister-in-law is rubbing of on me but I got to thinking as the PC's picked up horses from a party members ranch (long adventure hook, not going to go into it). Not all horses are the same, I know it is easier to just break them down into riding horses, war horses, and draft horses. Certainly some breeds of riding horses are faster than others, and some draft horses can pull a heavier load than others.

Any one have any ideas as to how I can reflect this in game?

There is a 3rd party book that has a skill challenge system for pathfinder, I can't remember the name. Once I find it I'll post it here so you can look for it and give it a look.

Does anyone know a good spell list generator,I need to make a spell list for a 7th level bard / 8th wizard.

any body know a good one.

Ok maybe I didn't come off as clear as I thought....I didn't want to do the Witchblade as a class. I wanted to make it as a magic item....given what it can do from the few comics I have read and the T.V. show it would have to be at least Minor Artifact level. I'm just not sure as to how to go about it.

Here is what I know I want it to do.
1)Gantlet that can change form into some form of jewlary /(glove slot)

2)extend/create a weapon the wearer is proficient in

3)protect the wearer. (just no sure how, ie as ring of pro, or bracer of armor)

4)give the wearer energy resistance.(just not sure how high)

Ok this might not be the spot for this but, I was thinking of making the Witchblade from the comic book/ T.V. snow. I just need some help, I was thinking of some sort of gauntlet that can extend part of its self to make a weapon the wielder is proficient with. Then may be give it the ability like a ring of protection. Make it intelligent as well. Does it seem like I'm on the right track?

I'm planning on linking The Witch war Legacy module to the end of the Jade Regent adventure path that the group is playing in now.
I have already had her familiar drop a few hints that she is tied to a greater plan, but to the players credit she is playing it up that her character has let those hints go right over her head as she is to geeked that she can now use magic.

I started doing that in a game that had 10 players...3 of whom where college party boys. The game was every other Friday night, after like a month they started missing games and i was stuck running there characters.
So after informing them of the new rule only one of them started returning to game on a regular fashion. The others slowly stopped coming, and it was a much smother game.

As for the unforeseen stuff like being sick, and emergencies, I gave a pass. Its not like I'm a heartless monster

Should i generate a special spell list for him to teach her from? If so what lvl would be ok as a start point....I was thinking 17th, or is that to high?

Ok so I have this player in my Jade Regent game that took her first lvl in witch the last time they leveled up. I made the call to use her familiar as a future plot tool. So right now her familiar has not done anything super over the top, but what I was thinking of doing was have her familiar be something like a cross between Puck from a Midsummers Night Dream & Bob from The Dresden Files.

Now right now her familiar is a poison dart frog and I have had him talk to her in her dreams, But I want to do more with it any Ideas.

I kind of quick read through the other post, but i will offer up this idea. This was how I handled XP awards for the games I ran and thinking of reinstating. Now this really only works if your game is on a schedule day every week or every other week( or something to that manner).

full XP to all players that showed up

1/4 XP to any player that had there character played by someone else at the table

0 XP if you have your character run by the GM

This may seem a bit harsh but when you think of the time that the GM has to put into reading and or planning the adventure, the time away from other things like family, school work, or any of the 100's of things gamers put off for game. I think its fare.

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