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Would you believe there's a Romulan version out there too?

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Not everything has to make sense, friggin' morons.

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Candy grams? Friggin' ridiculous, and friggin' illogical.

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Hanging out in space is illogical...friggin' morons.

I got nuthin'.



This thread is illogical.

I concur.

This one cracks me up. Why someone would make a elf using Don Rickles as inspiration, I'll never know, but damn it's funny.

Hey, bugface, infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

That is logical...

I agree.

Err, wait...

It's only logical you have a temple...

None of this is logical.


Stéphane Le Roux wrote:
Brutalitops wrote:

caster-martial disparity thread is that way


True. This thread is the monk-martial disparity thread.

Anyway, someone in the C-M D thread is arguing that melee druids aren't full caster. I can probably argue that bards aren't caster at all.

That is not logical...