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This is looking like some kind of Bard with maybe a dash of Rogue or something like it.

I'm loving the thought of using Fighting Fans, but not sure how to make those work. I feel like going deep enough into Rogue would gimp the whole Bard side, and I've never even played a Bard to begin with.

I think what I'm really going for with the Bard thing is the whole Bardic Performance thing, and spells. I might just dip Bard and go mostly Rogue. Somehow every character I build inevitably ends up "Mostly Rogue."

I love the thought of Charm/Enchantment-based crowd control of some kind, like the Fascinate Bardic Performance. Might be there's some way to achieve similar effects without the Bard side, I don't know.


I have a mighty need to make a character focused on dancing, but I've never played or even built anything even remotely Bard-y or Charm-y or whatever else a dancer might be good for.

Perform (Dance). What is it good for? Is there anything else dance-centric fluff-wise (that isn't Dervish Dancer?)?


Some kind of Fighter or Barbarian, I imagine. Barbs can instagib most anything early, and Fighters are always solid.


On one hand, neat! I've already brewed up a Kitsune fighter aimed at the full nine-tailed experience. Still haven't found anything interesting to do with Nagaji or Wayang, but, hey, I didn't even know the whole nine-tailed feat even existed until now. A net win, in my book.

My first PFS character was an Aasimar Inquisitor. He was beaten to death by a giant druid after getting a log through the chest. Now I've got a Tiefling waiting in the wings, soaking up GM credit. My half-elf ranger/sorcerer is level six. (Though I'm not sure how much farther she'll make it, considering she's a right mess, build-wise.)

Good on you, opening up some new races. Gives me hope that one day I'll have a Sky Druid after all.


I actually did build her as an Unarmed Fighter first, but the Unarmed Fighter archetype is so boring. So she's a Lore Warden now.

TBH the main reasons she's not a full monk is because I've already done a Master of Many Styles, I like how many feats Fighters get, and at some point I want her to light herself on fire and bust through a wall Kool-Aid Man style and that doesn't sound very Lawful.


That won't be a problem. Natural weapons, yo.


I just spent like three hours reading /tg/ storytimes and having a good time. Then I spent three minutes browsing a thread about heteronormativity and sexualization in Pathfinder and now I just kind of want to punch people except not really.

I don't want to end my day like this, Paizo. Tell me a bed time story.


Encouraging words all. Thank you!

I just noticed only the third act of the Wormwood Mutiny is PFS legal, so I feel more confident I'll be able to do it in an evening. I'll ask my players if they'd prefer it split, I guess.

I'll have to tie it all into the Pathfinder Society, right? Start out shipwrecked on the way to Bloodcove or something rather than pressganged swabbies.




Welcome to the Society, Walter! C:

Your character starts with a free outfit that can be worth up to 10GP.

You have two traits, and you can choose one from your faction.


roll4initiative wrote:
Violinist wrote:
The cheap ones that give +1 Competence bonuses instead of +5 or +2 to a stat etc.
Ah, ok. What book can I find those in?

Seekers of Secrets! C:


Taja the Barbarian wrote:


Violinist, if you are thinking of using a Mithril Chain Shirt, you might want to consider Darkleaf Cloth Lamellar (Leather) instead (if you have the Ultimate Equipment Guide or another appropriate book): Just a tad cheaper (810 gp. vs 1100 gp) and just as good if you don't have an 18+ dexterity.

That being said, either option is a fairly expensive price (at low level, at least) to eliminate a 1 point Armor Check Penalty: It's really a personal call on your part, but you might want to put some thought into what you might want to buy in the next couple of sessions and whether or not it might help to have some extra gold on hand at that time.

That's perfect!

TBH it would be Dragonhide for the flavor, but I just really dislike penalties. Heck, it might still be Dragonhide. Dragonhide Shirt, maybe? I don't know, I don't even know when I'll get a chance to play this lady.

Smite Makes Right wrote:
A brooch has a variable price with no lower or upper limit. I always assume one is included in outfits (but I always take the explorer's outfit). Perhaps if we knew what you were looking for in a brooch, we could be of more help.

Mostly I just want to be able to add "Lamplighter Brooch" to her inventory and not be asked things like "Did you pay for that?" or "What book is that from?" Eh, I'll just put it in there. It's not like anyone but me will ever notice.


So, I have a level 2 character that hasn't played yet.

Would it be legal for her to start as a Chaotic Good Monk 1/Fighter 1, and just assume she's an ex-Monk?

I know a Martial Artist Monk can be non-lawful but it doesn't mesh with Master of Many Styles, and I need a free Dragon Style.


Hello, community! Newbie GM here!

I'm going to be running something next Sunday, and I'm looking at Modules and Adventure Paths. I've got some questions.

On one hand, marathon sessions are exhausting. On the other hand, locking a character up for however long it takes to do enough sessions to get the Chronicle doesn't sound fun for anyone involved either. What's the best way to organize these things? How long can I expect something like, say, The Wormwood Mutiny to take?

Does one part of an Adventure Path count as a module? Are the EXP/PP rewards the same?


Alex McGuire wrote:
Violinist wrote:
Those aren't Always Available, though, aren't they?
Check your chronicles; they are pretty common. As for chain shirt, it makes a good early game armor but an unimpressive endgame armor. What's your dex? Do you intend to improve it?

No cloaks on my chronicles, alas.

She's Dex 11 right now, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to at least put the 4th level stat point towards bringing it up to 12 for the modifier.

It could be argued that I'm shooting myself in the foot by giving up Medium and Heavy armor proficiency just to get Feral Combat Training one level sooner, but I've never claimed to be good at this game.

GM Lamplighter wrote:
You can't upgrade to special materials, you have to buy them new. So, you'll have to sell the MW chain shirt and by a adamantine one.

I haven't played her yet, so that's not a problem. C:

BTW y'all wouldn't happen to know the price of a brooch, would you?


Smite Makes Right wrote:
If you are committing to a chain shirt, are there any special materials you want? For example, mithral would be +1,000 and include the masterwork cost so if you already paid for masterwork, it's actually on +850 gp. (I assume you have already paid the +150 for the masterwork version if you are considering enchanting it with 1,033 gp.)

That is perfect! I hadn't even considered that. Goodbye, armor check penalty!


The cheap ones that give +1 Competence bonuses instead of +5 or +2 to a stat etc.


Those aren't Always Available, though, aren't they?


Thanks to GM credit, my Natural Weapons Unarmed Fighter gets to start with a whole heap of gold and 6 fame at level 2.

I've spent a bunch of it on general equipment, but I'm left with a lump sum of 1033GP that I'm not entirely sure how to spend.

I've got two options in mind so far:

1. I could upgrade her Chain Shirt to a +1 Chain Shirt.

2. I could buy a heap of cracked Ioun Stones to help compensate for her tiny baby Fighter skillset with a bunch of tiny baby Competence bonuses.

Choosing is hard. Any tips?




Is that a thing we can do?


Have: Nothing

Would kill for: Sylph


Yeah, Alchemist is another option. Lots of extra limbs, but mutagens seem to be basically 1/scenario powers.

Mostly I'm a big dumb picky baby. Fighter is the most consistent option, considering I can't actually decide on anything.

Starting to think you're right about Unarmed Fighter, though. I guess it comes down to if I'll be able to apply those two GM credits I forgot to report (and forgot when they happened, and who was there) so she can start with the Monk dip. Otherwise Unarmed Fighter means I don't have to dip into Monk at all.

idk I'm bad at this game and I've never made a natural weapons character before


Arachnofiend wrote:

Uhh... Is there any reason why this character isn't a Barbarian? A Tiefling with Dragon Totem is a pretty good fit for your flavor. Pick Kitsune and you don't even have to give up pounce to do it!

By the way, I'd argue against the Fighter being flexible. Feats do little other than modify hitting things with a stick. Rage Powers give you a loooot more options.

Mostly because of how late Dragon Totem comes into it. I don't like the thought of having to survive 18 sessions just to start having fun.


It's an efficiency thing, mostly. Fighters get more feats faster so there's more flexibility etc which is good for PFS.

I'll probably dip into Rogue or Ranger or Bloodrager or something for more class skills + a spell list + an excuse to get magic tattoos.

Mostly it's just the dragon-y natural weapons frontliner core concept I'm going for.

Then again, I could also dip into Master of Many Styles. Damn, I hadn't thought of that.

argh so many choices


Dragon-y Natural Weapons frontliner. Unarmed Fighter is the best option for it I can find, since she'll be rocking Dragon Style and Feral Combat Training at level 3.


Hoping against hope that I'd missed some way of grabbing Lore Warden or Tactician, I guess. :P


Are there any Fighter archetypes compatible with Unarmed Fighter?


Thanks a bunch for the input, folks! It's looking like I'm going with Unarmed Fighter. Puts me just a level or two away from Feral Combat Training, with all the Style feats open from the start! I just gotta find some way to compensate for no rage, no DR, and no magic.



I'm getting back into PFS with a Natural Weapons Barbarian, but I'm running into the problem where I just have too many options!

Right now I'm looking at Maw-and-Claw Tiefling Invulnerable Rager Urban Barbarian going into the Dragon Totem tree, but Fighters get more feats, so a Natural Weapons Fighter could get better, faster? But they get so few skill points! (That, and they don't get DR, I guess, but there's probably ways around that).

But I also like magic, and the Tattooed Sorcerer is basically the coolest possible class archetype IMHO. So many options! Cool tattoos! Mostly the tattoos, really.

I guess Lore Warden is a thing. Natural Weapons Lore Warden? Or I could just be a Ranger in denial.

Feral Combat Training is a definite must. Opens up Style feats, which are awesome.

Then there's the part where Natural Weapons don't get iterative attacks. How do you even get more limbs in PFS?

You see my problem. So much to do so much to see so much to cram into two four-hour sessions a month.

What are some cool ways to do Natural Weapons characters?


I'm coming back to PFS after a long absence, and I'm having a bit of an existential problem.

With different players, different DMs, and different adventures every time you sit down, how do you keep a consistent character?

What are some tips and tricks to making PFS more than just sitting down with strangers and tossing some dice? How do you keep a coherent narrative over incoherent play if nothing can carry over from one session to the next?


I've been toying with this for a while now. Thinking about getting my currently unarmed sorcerer a dagger in homage to Grendel's Claw.


Nah, I was just asking 'cause I have some Newfie friends I wanted to point towards the Society. Thanks for the reply, though.


For a gishy sorcerer/ranger, which would be a better investment for magic natural weapons - Amulet of Mighty Fists or feats like Arcane Strike, Eldritch Claws, etc?

Probably depends on what you want more, right? More feats or more gold?

Problem with the Amulet is that it's all kinds of hella expensive. Maybe a mix of the two would work?


Finlanderboy wrote:

I am against opening anymore races freely. These have great potential for power creep. Why invite more?

I think conventions are important for the health of the gaming community and con boons are a very good way of keeping this alive.

I like the idea of rare race boons/ archetype boons. I would love to see more of the later. Maybe not more of them, but used more(I love the idea of one assassin boon)

Opening these con only races I think takes from the reward of cons.

Now I have gotten race boons for cons I have DMed at. I freely give them away to people that actually want them(I have had a person try to sell for money what I am giving away). I KNOW I am not the only one that does this. So the arguement that you NEED to go to a con is silly. There are races boons out there for people if you are polite and show interest for it.

If having an ifrit would really make someone love the game more I would happily give them mine.

You wouldn't happen to have a Sylph, would you?


Tactical Monkey wrote:


Yeah I could get behind this.

Or at least parts of this. I get that race boons have a big bragging rights thing behind them. Though something else could be cooked up for convention boons, maybe. Or have some races in rotation and some of them boon-only. Exclusivity would take care of the rest.


My undying gratitude
Goods and/or services

Hit me up, yo.


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I can't settle on a new character because nothing I think of is even remotely as cool as the Sky Druid living in my head.

Not everyone can make it to Gen/Comi/WhateverCon. Hell, in my region the only boons we see are the holiday boons. Us foreigners could use some love, yo.


Can you take these if you qualify for them? Improved Natural Attack, for example. Or Multiattack.


Jeffrey Fox wrote:
Violinist wrote:

I'm throwing my lot in with any camp that lets me play a Sky Druid.

So, yes. Yes.

Please, for the love of all that is remotely holy, let me play a Sylph.

I am begging you.

I'm hoping that becomes one of the GM Convention Boons in the future.

Since we're doing an age count I'll say 33.

I live in Iceland. No conventions here, and no boons to trade. :(

Though at this rate I'll end up going to GenCon or something like it in the hope of getting one.

RE Age Count: 20


I'm throwing my lot in with any camp that lets me play a Sky Druid.

So, yes. Yes.

Please, for the love of all that is remotely holy, let me play a Sylph.

I am begging you.


Current build:

Half Elf Rogue 2/Linnorm Tattooed Sorcerer 3

STR 12
DEX 16
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 13

AC 16 (10 + Dex + 1 Natural Armor + 2 Enchanted Silken Ceremonial Armor)

Skill Focus (Bluff) (Elf racial feat)
Rapid Reload (Heavy Crossbow) (Level 1 feat)
Two-Weapon Fighting (Combat Trick rogue talent)
Point Blank Shot (Level 3 feat)
Varisian Tattoo (Illusion) (Tattooed Sorcerer bonus)
False Focus (Level 5 feat)

Started out going for a sniper rogue, changed my mind. Going to start by retraining the rogue levels into ranger for Aspect of the Beast. That'll give me claws, and use up pretty much all the Prestige I have. From there I intend to pick up levels in Tattooed Mystic until Blistering Bands turn out to be not as useful as I hope they are or a spectacularly bad idea like they probably are, interspersed with a few levels of Dragon Disciple.

Now, given that I'm the kind of person who will shoot himself in the foot for the sake of flavor (Bladebound Kapenia Dancer, anyone? Diminished Spellcasting AND late arcana!) and I also get unreasonably invested in things (250$ illustration of a character that's a mechanical mess just crossing into high tier play), I figured I'd look into proper gishing. Unfortunately all I can find falls into either "Take 10 levels of Eldritch Knight" or "Play a Magus".

I want to stick to the tattooed sorcerer thing and also the dragon thing. I figure I can deliver touch spells with the natural attacks as a kind of jury-rigged spellstrike.

Any tips, community? Feats I should take? Levels I should dip? Spells I should go for? Items I should buy?


Can you wear a Mnemonic Vestment and enchanted armor at the same time?


So I'm looking into a Tiefling Tactician/(Sorcerer or Cleric) centered around Nightmare Fist and natural weapons.

It occurs to me that Walking around with 20 feet of darkness on all sides might mess some stuff up for the rest of the party.

Any advice on how to alleviate this? Some way of granting communal darkvision or blindfighting? Marking enemies in the darkness, maybe?


Is there a PFS group in Newfoundland?


Personally I tend to lean towards things outside the box, things that have impressive effects, things that are mechanically flavorful, or some combination of the three.

Straight up summoners are boring. Blackfire Adept sounds like something you could spraypaint on the side of a van or see on a heavy metal album cover.

Everyone and their grandmother has a barbarian. A barbarian who can consistently use that one rage power to hit people with other people is right up my alley.

Druids are sorta interesting, but I can't play Sky Druid and Dragon Shaman is only tangentially related to actual dragons, so...

I've got a Bladebound Kapenia Dancer Magus brewing, waiting on enough GM credit to start playing at level 3.

Got some good fluff in mind for a cleric of Zon Kuthon, just not entirely sure what to build her crunch around.

Would probably enjoy playing some kind of Batman/007 type thing but all the neat wondrous items are prohibitively expensive and being primarily consumable-based would probably send the complexity out the wazoo even for me. :(


I'm looking to make some new characters for PFS.

Problem is, everything looks dull and straightforward. Anything else (Blackfire Adept caught my eye) is banned.

So I come to the community. Anybody got some juicy builds? Fun concepts? Neat spells? Some obscure or rare bit of trickery? Something that doesn't take 8 levels to get interesting, maybe?


Can a Linnorm Sorcerer take levels in Dragon Disciple?


I'm thinking about giving my Half Elf Rogue/Linnorm Tattooed Sorcerer a pair of claws.

Is there a way to do this without multiclassing? Or at least without taking more than one level in another class?


Hrm. A Bag of Holding would be very cool, but I keep coming back to Hat of Disguise.

Anybody got any opinions on which is the better investment? My spell DC is kinda crappy (12 for level 1 spells), so Hat of Disguise might not work so often.

But with the amount of equipment I have I'm three pounds away from lugging around a heavy load.

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