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Have you tried buying them dinner?

Froth Maw wrote:
Was playing a suicidally brave human fighter/barbarian named Ulf Helsmasher. DM split the party for two separate final fights and I wound up fighting a summoner who had been a member of our party before he got swayed to the dark side. I had a super OP magic sword so the DM expected me to stand there and bang it out sword against eidolon. The summoner somehow had no CMD even with his eidolon so instead I just tackled him and beat him to death with my bare hands. It took forever to punch him out, but it was one of the most anti-climactic things ever. My battle cry through the whole campaign had been "NO ONE OUT GRAPPLES ULF HELMSMASHER!" (lots of little spider-like construct suicide bombers had been trying to latch on to me through the whole game, so it came up pretty often) and it held up all the way to the end.

Ulf Helsmasher sounds so friggin' Metal, man!

I would prefer that the guns were more advanced, like revolvers and carbine rifles and stuff.

Also, you know who the Gunslinger class always reminded me of, despite his not using guns? Zorro.

Man, you're hitting this thing out of the park.

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Why can't he just piss while fighting? I can't see that a typical Half-Orc Barbarian would care.

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Vampires can create vampire minions that only have one hitpoint. But reducing them to zero just knocks them out if you don't use a wooden stake or spear to the heart, or fire, or cutting their heads off.

Same thing with zombies, but only decapitation or called shots to the head kill them. Furthermore, most zombies fall under True Neutral, basically undead animals.

Werewolves can only be knocked out if you don't use silver weapons. Full stop.

Strength, because I like physically removing a commoner's entrails for yelling at me for disrespecting his wife. I'm the hero, dammit, you don't even look at me little peasant man.

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Every player must pay me ten dollars.

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Sure, and that makes sense, too. The original Hebrew Golem was activated by putting a scroll inside its mouth, so you've got shades of that with the phylactery.

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The players are knights of Camelot, and King Arthur has just been slain by his nephew. The game spans years and shows the slow, inevitable decay of his kingdom as they grow older and more bitter, losing sight of themselves as they turn more to drink and concubines, and the game finally concludes when the characters are on their deathbeds, their grand achievements in life trivialized by relatives who don't appreciate them, forgotten by the world that has moved on, a world that no longer cares, a world in which they are well and truly irrelevant.

That's a game I'd want to play in.

What about The Arena? Where the players are in a tournament or are slaves forced to fight, or whatever?

Two Barbarians, this party is Rage-happy.

Two Invulnerable Ragers, in fact. Ha ha ha.

Hilde, I'm having some trouble seeing that profile. It prevents me from loading it correctly.

I also like Dhampirs.

I don't know about growing up on the streets together, but they could have definitely run in the same circles. Like, they had each other's back when they ran into each other. Totally.

I think Raphael is really cool. Him and Ripper could totally pull a Double Dragon in a fight.

Oh my god, I'm correct in something and I didn't derail a thread with a joke.

I feel dirty.

Hey, do you add your strength bonus to the Vampiric Offense abilities?

Uhh, I think you have to look at what things they replace. Like, alright, say you've got the Rogue, and one of his abilities is Trapsense, or whatever it is. If two Archetypes both replace the same Trapsense ability, they can't be used in conjunction with each other.

So it's Wednesday for you right now?

And, I'm really excited. Thank you for doing this, Helaman.


Helaman wrote:
Vamptastic wrote:

Anybody interested in running this? I'm not an experienced DM, gaming with me would probably be a bumpy ride.
Can you give me control of the thread and open the discussion thread - thx

How do I do that? I'm not seeing where to do that.

Name: Ripper. The name he grew up, however, was Frances Herbert Blake. After about the eighth consecutive stomping by the local street kids, Frances tried to adopt various 'tough' street names. Ripper is just the one that stuck, and what he goes by these days.

Race: Dhampir. Duh.

Class: Fighter, Brawler Archetype

History: Ripper has no idea who his father is or was, and doesn't much care at this point. Grew up in an urban sprawl and was basically raised by the streets, has a chip on his shoulder as a result. Made his living betting on himself in bar brawls and prizefights, and built up a reputation as being good at his "job". 'Nuff said.

Hey, I'm slowly building this guy, but I want to clarify what your rules say for a moment.

Rynjin wrote this: "While in Vampiric Form the Dhampir gains a number of vampiric qualities, chosen from the following list. He may choose up to two vampiric qualities, no two from the same category."

Your campaign feat says this: "New Campaign feat: Additional Vampiric Qualities.
Choose another 2. Same as before - no two from the same category."

So we can basically choose four powers, but there are only three categories. How do we pick four abilities without overlap between the categories?

I'm loving the sound of all this more and more and more. Hela, man, you're doing everything I wanted to see in this game anyway. Thank you.

Also, not Anime, but I always loved Alucard, from Symphony of the Night.

I assume we roll for wealth, and do it three times?

I like it. I like it a lot. :D

And, he probably doesn't want Kinslayer because it might make things too easy, and plus, we're kind of all "kin slayers" in a way.

Anyway, I'm probably gonna make my character for this tonight or tomorrow.

The Negative Energy thing will never be clarified, ever. There will always be dozens of different camps that insist it means this or that.

Obviously, it's the Stem Cell Golem.

So, Helaman, we got bites. You wanna do this, man? Or should I try my hand at it?

Yeah, I could see that. I could see it working, either or.

Low level, definitely. We're not running around scalping Wendigos and biting the Terrasque just yet, y'know?

Isn't it just the greatest?

Yeah, that is a possibility, but I don't want to be That Guy, y'know? If I had a DMPC, he'd have to be horribly, horribly murdered at some point, just so that the players could actually, you know, be adventurers.

That is true, he did take a few hammer shots from Olaf. He should have his own Archetype which is just about being hit and not dying. Not 'toughing it out', just not dying from it.

Really, Xander is a Fighter? I'd put him as a Commoner or Warrior at best.

So, after this thread, in which Rynjin basically made the Dhampir that I'd always wanted to see, I started thinking about a possible game or campaign in which all Dhampirs are recruited for whatever reason. Maybe some high ranking mayor or priest needs a vampire slain, or they need someone to go into a haunted mansion or castle, so they hire powerful adventurers who they also see as expendable. And it's perfect, because including that variant that Rynjin made, there are so many different kinds of Dhampir, so you'd get a little bit of everything.

Unfortunately, I really want to play in this sucker and not just run it. So, let me ask some questions.

Anybody interested in playing this?

Anybody interested in running this? I'm not an experienced DM, gaming with me would probably be a bumpy ride.

If I were going to run this thing, I'd probably make things slightly on the Gothic side of fantasy, just for the flavor.

So, yeah. Who's with me?

I'm diggin' it.

Now I want to find a DM who'll let me play this.

Angel is a 5th or even 7th level Fighter with the Vampire-With-A-Soul Template. He's got the Unarmed Fighter archetype, although he probably still has a few feats in various forms of swordplay.

Buffy is an Urban Ranger with the Slayer Template. Her level depends on which season we're in.

Reading over this again, because I practically want to marry it.

"Ability Scores: -2 Con, +2 Cha [+2 Dex and Str, -2 Cha]*"

Does this mean that they don't take a hit to Constitution when in their Vampiric Form? I'd rule that they always keep that particular negative, personally.

Also, do they choose one of the Racial Weaknesses, or do they have all three? Do they only apply in Vampiric Form, or are they constant?

I love the Running Water aversion bit, man. That's excellent stuff, man.

I just don't like the Girdle. Stay away from my character, DM. Stay over there across the room and don't change his gender.

Bob, can I play? I want to play that game.

I'm with ya, buddy. I'm with ya.

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It's funny, because I also find it offensive, but for close-minded old fashioned reasons. So, there's something for everybody here.

Well I'm with you in that I don't really understand LA or CR, so I can't help you with the math. But, you know they have a Dhampir race.

And if you're going to convert something and not really care about it being "canon", check out this awesome variant Rynjin did:

Make a pitbull.

Oh, wow. I love that answer. Good job.

I don't know what Bullseye would be, but he'd have a DEX of 20. Possibly Gunslinger, mixed with like a knife-specialist Rogue or something like that. Maybe a Ranger with Humans as a favored enemy.

No, that's alright but it's superficial. Keep going. Who -is- he?

Vamptastic wrote:

My BBEG is going to be a Half-Celestial Aasimar who's a Paladin multiclassed with an Antipaladin, who's sheer confidence and self belief prevents him from falling, and this is slowly undoing the fabric of reality. The PCs will be on a race against time to get strong enough to take this sucker down.

Kinda got shades of Dogma going on.

There ya go.

I want to see you go for it just because your strength is seven, and I wanna see that.

Don't listen to these guys, go ahead and make your character.

But who -is- your character? Why do they have this combination? What is the story behind it?

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