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New Star Wars Roleplaying Game from Fantasy Flight Games!

Get ready for a whole new era of roleplaying games set in the Star Wars universe!

The Republic is gone, the Jedi are dead—only the Empire remains. In Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game, you'll be introduced to a whole new galaxy of gaming! Perfect for players just beginning to look at Star Wars beyond what you've seen in the movies, this boxed set contains everything you need to get started on this exciting new take from Fantasy Flight Games! An introductory adventure helps you learn the system as you go, starting in the city of Mos Shuuta as one of the four available pre-generated characters! Twi'lek, human, droid, or wookie, the choice is yours as you roll the included custom dice to determine your success (or failure) in the system's exciting narrative style of gameplay! Stuffed to the gills with tokens, a double-sided fold-out map, rulebooks, and more, this will get you started playing as your very own nerf-herding scoundrel, or jumping into the pilot's seat as a game master in Edge of the Empire Beginner Game!

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I haven't played this version. i'm sure it's a quality product, coming from FFG.

Speaking of quality products, I really enjoyed the d20 version and had a blast with multiple home campaigns and with The Living Force organized play.

Thanks Lisa and anyone else responsible for that game who could be reading this!


Meh,not too sure how much I like the re-skinned WHFRP approach this seems to be taking.

I feel the same way, but the price is low enuff that there is little risk. I was not a fan of SWSE for multiple reasons and think this one warrants a playtest.

I wish they would have chosen to use the mechanics from Deathwatch instead . The dice are cool in their own right, but it just seems that they are a little too gimmicky in this industry. Makes me feel like they are looking for a way to skim a few more dollars off their customers, not to mention Fantasy Flight's stuff, while often nicely rendered, is overpriced compared to their competition. At least they will be less likely to recycle art from past editions of the game the way they did with WHFRP. DnL, if you get your hands on this, let us know what you think about the product.

Well, I went to The Compleat Strategist in NYC and had a good, hard look at this. Unfortunately, I did not feel confident enough to buy it.


1. The box does not come with actual rules!
2. The components look great, but they are clearly aiming this for a very wide/Barnes & Noble type of sell through. It is being sold as a stand-alone game for 3-5 players.
3. As we all know, replaying a module is dodgy at best, so in the end you are paying $30 for the only reusable piece in the box: the dice.
4. This costs just as much as the $30 Beta Rules book, which is about 250-300 pages long. Why not just get the Beta Rules and have the Beginner stuff available for free download, like Paizo does with their BB stuff?
5. It is unclear whether the Beginner Game is using the Beta rules, therefore making them obsolete when the finished rules come out. From that standpoint, it's really a dead-end product, made for single or very limited use, and to be replaced by the finished game when the rules are finalised.

I've played the beta, and definitely think that the "re-skinned WHFRP approach" works for the game. Better than it did for WHFRP, in my opinion.

That said, I think the Beginner Box was published, like, halfway through the beta test so there's a lot of changes that may or may not have made it in. I'm also not sure what exactly is in the beginner box, so I'll personally wait for the finished book to come out.

Just got this yesterday and it is a lot of fun to play. While beginner boxes are limited in scope, it is a great way to learn the game. The dice mechanics are fun and add a lot of story telling and chance elements. The adventure is nothing special but it covers all the bases and at the end you feel like you learned the game and can delve into more complicated aspects. You also get a nice two sided map which ups the value. The map is of a Mellinium Falcon type transport and the key areas of the Tatooine town of Mos Shuuta. You also get some tokens and the gorgeous characters sheets that are easy to read and use. Also, FFG has a free expansion adventure that builds off of what you have already done, which adds to the value of the maps and creates a great campaign starting, multiple session scenario.

While the core rules are very light most everything you need to run a "light" game is there. There isn't any information on character creation but the core mechanics are thoroughly explained.

For me, the value comes from an easy system to teach the game and get new players into playing something a little different. Plus, it can be used over with other new players if needed. All in all, I enjoy it and am glad I spent the money. I will definitely get the Main Core book when it comes out. I wasn't sold on this game before but now I am. If your group is interested in playing the game, wait for the main rules and skip this. If you have people that are on the fence or new to roleplaying than this is a good buy.

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I liked Star Wars SAGA Edition. Although getting this isn't an option since I'll be pushing my campaign into realism. I just realized something discussing SW:TOR with a player. 2d6 points of damage isn't cool -- it turns the lightsaber into a glowing baseball bat. :D

Bye 2d6 points of damage, hello SpaceMaster's Blaster Law and the Robotics Manual! :) That said, if I get this, I'll probably do the same with the combat mechanics.

I too enjoyed the SAGA edition, actually I even liked the old d6 version but people are such snobs anymore (talking primarily about my game group) and many turn their noses up at d20. I friend of mine that hates star wars and d20 actually looked at Edge of the Empire due to the dice mechanics and no miniature use.

As a side note, I noted that FFG added two more pregens for use with the starter box. I'm hoping they continue to add a little more content. I was disappointed that Paizo didn't support their starter with updates. But that's like being disappointed you got 39 presents for Christmas and not 40.

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Oozi McOoze wrote:
I was disappointed that Paizo didn't support their starter with updates. But that's like being disappointed you got 39 presents for Christmas and not 40.

You are aware of the extra free releases (barbarian class, more feats/spells/equipment, extra adventures, etc.) Paizo released by PDF for the Beginner Box, right?

There's also a few 3PP adventures for the Beginner Box ruleset.

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I bought this and and the beta book both the rule in the beginer box are a bit light but it is supposed to be a learn as you go. The dice are neat but take a bit of getting used to esp. for long term d20 gamers. All in all I felt it was worth the 30 bucks.

My gaming group tried this out yesterday. I have to admit I wasn't too sure about this version of Star Wars. However, we all had fun with the new mechanics. The system is engaging, and encourages thought. Our GM was very happy running it,

I think Fanstasy Flight has hit on a innovative game system here, and I for one look forward to it's full release.

Good to hear that this FFG has a bit going for it with this one.

I snatched up all the free downloads and stuff for the pathfinder starter but had hoped there would have been more down the road, but it all dried up. I even got the 3pp stuff.

I am happy to hear more people are enjoying this game.

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Upshot, I bought this and I like this a lot.

More specifically:

I tried the new Warhammer Fantasy RPG, and got partway through one of their campaign boxes (The Gathering Storm). My group thought the mechanics were interesting, the dice took some getting used to but elegantly packed in a lot of storytelling options into one roll, and there was something curiously refreshing about playing an entire RPG session (complete with combats) and never having to add numbers or pick up a pencil.

Unfortunately, the number of fiddly bits in Warhammer Fantasy was too extreme for my group's taste (the power cards, stance tracking, different piles of counters, unusual dice, etc.) and we left off the Warhammer Fantasy campaign.

Now comes the new Star Wars RPG just about the time I'm looking to dust of my Dark Stryder materials and take that campaign for a spin at last. This new RPG has:

* substantially less fiddly bits than the Warhammer Fantasy RPG (just the dice and dark side/light side tokens, I think), which my group will definitely appreciate.

* an emphasis on fringer-y scoundrels rather than high jedi politics, which fit the campaign I want to run.

On top of that, this game turns the typical "learn a new RPG method" on its head. Instead of learning the rules then running an adventure, there's an adventure to run before you even crack open the rulebook. The adventure contains sidebars for the rules you need at the time. First encounter: everyone learns how to make a skill check with the fiddly dice. Second encounter: an easy fight. Third encounter: a negotiation introducing opposed rolls. And so on until the last encounter, which presents the ship-to-ship fighting rules. After you've finished the adventure, *then* you're told to read the rulebook in detail.

I wish I'd known about this earlier, as I would've bought three or four copies for Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews.

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