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And any opinions, negative or positive, are welcomed. I do need to finish smoothing this out and detailing it so keep that in mind. xD And I'll
probably be updating this later or remaking the majority of it to work better.

LazarX wrote:

My favorite wandering desert mages are hands down, the Wanderers of Ashann from Talislanta, the last survivors of the desert kingdom of the same name.

They wander the desert, never speaking of their enigmatic aims. They are swaddled from head to toe in flowing desert robes covering everything, even their faces, so no one is exactly sure what they look like.

What they all have in common are staves which are topped with a single eye. It is rumored that the staves besides being implements of power are their main means of perception

Never heard of them :o link to some information?

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195. An infestation of rabbits (Like hundreds of rabbits) ravages the vegetables of the market!

Madclaw wrote:
The vendor screams, "MY CABBAGES!"

Later the PCs can hear two merchants speaking about a magically Bunnicorn (Rabbit with a horn) that leads the rabbits.

196. A drunken Half-Orc stumbles out of the tavern, muttering something about Goblins in his shoes before shouting at the PCs, "Who are you calling crazy you spotted Goblins!?" Followed by a quick punch to a random PC's jaw, the swing sending the drunk Half-Or off balance and stumbling to the ground where he proceeds to pass out.

The Lestari are remarkably similar to humans in appearance, with almost all of their physical traits matching humans exactly. The only few differences are their glowing eyes, which can be any shade of red, blue, green, or yellow and any color in between them. All Lestari recieve a set of tattos at the age of 15, makring them as adults, which stretch along the full length of their body. These tattos are not only a mark of adulthood but they enhance the natural abilities of the indiviual, making certain magics more powerful and easier to control. Before recieving their tattos they choose which magic type to enhance, this chanmges how the tattoo design will look, with each type having its own tattoo style

The Lestari are a nomadic people who roam the deserts of their homeworld, Noslor. With their homeworld being less than 10% water, there are very few cities, most of the inhabitants of Noslor being either nomadic or dwelling underground. Magical barriers protect the Lestari as they sleep, a few members of the tribe staying awake to maintain the barrier and to watch for any potential threats. the abrrier serves a dual purpose, protectign the Lestari from wild animals or other Lestari tribes and shielding the mfrom the harsh sandstorms that frequently occur. Gender plays little role in deciding what a Lestari will learn, but general males larn more offensive magic while women learn more defensive and healing magic, though they are free to learn what they wish. At the age of 15, and after recieving their tattoos, Lestari are allowed to leave the saftey of their tribe to travel on their own, either to start their own tribe or to simply wander the deserts.

The Lestari are physically very weak, being so magically adept by nature they do not rely on brute force to attain their goals, unlike humans who rely heavily both their strength and skill, the Lestari rely fully on their intelligence and magically prowess. The Lestari are naturally able to control all forms of magic, allowing them to learn any magic type they wish, they are fast learners and excell at learning any magic if it is taught to them. The Lestari are capable of using all forms of elemental magic, some even going so far as coming two or more elements to create their own, and healing magic some even learn how to use necromancy and summoning magic.

The Lestari worship the Floating Mountains, a floating landmass that hovers in the skys of their homeworld. The Lestari believe that when they died their souls are taken to the paradise that resides there, where water and food is plentiful. Though none have ever seen what lies on the landmass most believe it to be a fertile jungle, given that al lthe water that is present on their homeworld flows down in waterfalls from the Floating Mountains. Burials for the Lestari is a very public act, involving every member of the tribe, the oldest of which are directly involved with embalming and wrapping the body in gilded clothes, leaving only the eyes and top of the head exposed. Afterwards the body is placed on a small raft, decorated with flowers and charms collected/given from the tribes members, and set afloat in on of the many pools of water created by the waterfalls of the Floating Mountains. The eyes are left open in the hopes that the soul my glimpse the Floating Mountains as it leaves the body. And, as the tribes mourns for the deceased, the deceased's eldest child or spouse will set the raft a blaze, cremating the body.

Marriage for the Lestari is a something done out of the pride for ones race, not for love, though there are some that go against tradition and seek out a marriage of love but they are often met with disdain and hatred from their respective families. Being nomadic makes long term courtship rather difficult, and with the members of a tribe usually being close family it means that two tribes must come togethe for their age appropriate members to meet and hopefully marry. When two tribes come together, those who wish to marry are put up against each other ina contest to prove who is the most magically skilled and intelligent. Two winners are selected from each tribe, a young man and a young woman, and they are paired together with their spouses. The couples are then given gifts, typically of dried foods and a tent to sleep in, and sent out on their own to start their own tribes.

Magic Crafting:
A strange and curious thing that has all but been perfected by the Lestari. Using their natural magical talents they can merdge two or more elements together to create something completely unique, at the same time they perform this service for anyone who wishes to have a spell that is uniquely theirs. Some Lestari have been known to craft massive golemns out of nothing but sand, using their magic to breath life into it and control it like a puppet which can be summoned at anytime to do their bidding. Others mix two opposing elements, like fire and water, to create a new element that is even mroe powerful than the sum of its parts. Though this is a skill that has to be learned and experimented with, those with little experience with it can be met with deadly results that often kill the person.

First off let me say that yes I did come up with all of this and as such I do own it, not to say I don't want people including it in their sessions but I don't want credit stealers either and this is posted on an other site so good luck to you credit stealers if you think you can steal it xD. Second I'd like to ask if anyone would help me convert this to convert this over to a Pathfinder or D&D format, you will get credit for the conversion and be in the credits list (though who tries to take credit for conversions?) and third, enjoy my peeps! :D

And, depending on what schools of magic Pathfinder has I may add a new school along with some new spells along with the fact that this character race does not need a spell book/tome/wand/staff to use its magic ... I need to name that <.< But this race would also make a great monster race to fight against in my opinion. So plenty of options here. Magic crafting could also add a new skill, and if anyone would like to help I'd be happy creating the entire world for use in Pathfinder.

Samurai might be interesting seeing as the whole art of Bushido is based around discipline would also show half-orcs aren't just brutes. But I think I'm going to go with the barbarian, monk, ranger, and sorcerer but I could use help setting up the character sheets (my printer wont print so its a bit confusing to write down on paper c.c)

Whoa, this sparked a conversation when i slept but according to James Jacob as long as I don't sell it I can write it and as I never intended to write it I don't see any issues with going through with the fan fiction.

@Terquem Some of us do it for the enjoyment of the reader, not the checks and fame. My skills are a bit rough but I think I do well enough to write something on a game I draw inspiration from.

@Ellis Mirari I had thought of that and I only label this as fan fiction as it uses things someone else made. I've made worlds before and its really not too difficult (Desert world ftw <3) but I just want to see what I can do with Pathfinder, slaying dragons should be an interesting read eh?

I think Twilight is already bad enough, and anything I write could only improve it seeing as my vampires are psychopaths who don't sparkle and murder people for entertainment. Did I mention they don't sparkle?

Its a very long movie, has an intermission and everything but in all honesty its worth the time and subtitles.

But I think I have all I need, will start working on the character sheets! Im thinking maybe level 10 - 12

Not to be "that guy" but you could do something like the Seven Samurai/The Magnificent Seven~ it had a similar theme (minus the captured bandit leader)with bandits raiding a small village. They fortified the village and when the bandits came on horse back they were met with swords. it was really a amazing movie so to see it in a session would be a mind blower for who ever caught it. xD

That would be the barbarian of the group. he takes an arrow to his axe arm and just laughs. c.c Love me some half-orcs. But I agree but for what I wanted a cleric just felt a bit too good for a half-orc. I can always have them patch each other up afterwards, you know..once the rage and blood soaked fury dies off. personally how else would a typically half-orc behave? The one I made for DnD was particularly viscious..even for a pure orc. Level 30 (but that was so I could use him to his fullest in text based roleplay, all his stats are however legit) fighter with the battlerager build, ravager paragon path and demigod epic destiny (never used that demigod bit in the roleplay though xD)

I'd rather steer clear of brute strength for the ranger and magic class, mainly because the goal of the group is to prove to all corners of the world that Half-Orcs are every bit as useful as their human cousins. For something other than their strength. ^, ^ But loving all of these suggestions!

Good thing I took the time to read up on orcs, which I think is the best damned thing I have ever read to date (next to Cell by Stephen King). So anything an orc or Human can use along those lines goes for Half-Orcs as well? Well I wanted the Half-Orc magic user to mroe resemble his human half so I could focus more on human magic capabilites rather than the Orcs abilities. And for the monk I wanted to avoid an other person using melee weapons, just to keep the nice variation going and I like the ranger suggestion!

and it just feels like it goes against their nature. "Healing? Only the weak need to be healed in the heat of battle." Something I think a half-orc would say to that but then again all I play is violent half-orcs so it may be me. and I may go for sorcery, I like the blasty blasty and explosions.

The Headless Horseman has always felt like a good monster and horror theme for me. Maybe a Mounted Headless Deathknight? No sure what you could do for a reason behind having to kill it but graveyards and zombies/undead come to mind. And it screeeams halloween in my opinion. xD

Subject line says it all, I'm trying to work on a homebrew rival group with only half-orcs (which may be used in my fan fiction once i find out if I need permission/get permission) and I am stuck when it comes to the magical classes. I am thinking of having a barbarian, a monk, a ranger, but after that I can't decide what type of magic the last half-orc should use. Cleric just sounds silly for a half-orc and summoner is not in my tastes (but I will use it) so any ideas? I will post the character sheets when I make them for feedback (mainly on the monk, ranger, and magic class. I've used barbarians before xD)

Argh, thus is the plight of many a writer! Well, shouldn't bee too hard to their permission...well aside from trying to glorify the Half-Orcs in a game where they are one of the less popular races. But who would I go to to ask for such permissions? And I'll probably use almost all of the info Pathfinder has one Half-Orcs, just love the history of Orcs too much to not use it somewhere.

So this may sound odd but I was wondering if I could post a text based roleplay based around Pathfinder. It would be just me doing it and controlling an adventuring party as they travel through dungeons, wilderness, and even take on a few odd jobs. The party would consist of all Half-Orcs seeking fame as a way to prove to the parts of the world ravaged by Orcs that Half-Orcs are much more than monsters and that they deserve more than begrudging respect. This would not have any impact o nthe Pathfinder world outside of the roleplay/story. OS I was just wondering if it would be ok for me to post the roleplay/story here as i write it? I'm just curious if it would be interesting enough xD