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You find yourself in a small town known as Fentonville, population 727 in northern Nirmathas. The town is bustling with activity as another caravan has arrived from Lastwall. This small town has been ravaged by a war with undead hordes and demons. Thousands of the most vile creatures emerged from the deadliest dungeon ever unearthed: Rappan Athuk, sent by it's master - The Prince of Undead, Orcus.

The northern reaches of this wilderness kingdom, with all of the caravan activity, fertile land, plentiful game and nearby seaport has been vigilant at defending it's self and lawlessness is no longer tolerated. This is an unfortunate recent development for pirate Sea Captain Jack who was captured.

"Here ye, here ye! It's Execution DAY!"

Those that can hear Kalim's speech begin to bash their weapon against shield or butt the ground. "AS ONE!"

The group eventually makes it back to the docks and your ship a couple berths away. Your crew is bustling about on deck but there are quite a few looking at the water. There's a crowd of townies looking at the water. You pass a few vendors hawking wares. One shouts, "Po..teck yerself missies from the sharks." He motions towards the water where you can see an assortment of sharks on feeding frenzy. You can tell these are "normal" sharks that include a few hammerheads. It's as if they sense the blood to come.

As you walk the docks you see a group on onlookers gathered. The speaker's eyes quaver and his lips tremble as he launches into
his tale:

“We’s a ways out. Making hard time. The wind was against us see, and we’d just passed Beacon Island by the bloody settlin’ in o’ dusk. That’s when the sloop gave a mighty lurch. We hit something, so the captain thought at first, but no... it felt like somethin’, well, like somethin’ hit us. Then the sloop rocked again and the cap’n feared we’d run upon the shoals, but before he could snap an order somethin’ slammed our port side hard. The captain lost his footin’ and tumbled into the deep. That’s when I saw it, I did. Blacker than the darkness,
blacker than the night’s water around us...”

“Ain’t no such thing...as a black shark!” A young man on the edge of the crowd snaps.

“Night black it were! These eyes been at crow’s nest for thirty years!” The old man snarls in retort.

“Thirty years ago t’were sharp is sure, but not so now you old sea dog. Sun on the water burned out your eyes years ago.” A few laughs answer this retort, but no real mirth flows from them.

“Batten yer hatch. What’s a guppy like yerself know from sharks? It were blacker than the heart of midnight.”

“There be no such thing!” insists the youngster.

"Chapt'r house just 'ploded...BOOM!" He scratches his head.

Throughout the week there are a few snickers and giggles when Grimm is around, although nobody is brave enough to say anything to spikey dwarf's face. "they sez he's a princess."

"To grrrrrreatness!!"

"How 'bout some grog or rummy fer me tummy."

Another person mentions, "Someone bought up all the alchemist’s fire from every alchemist in Silk. They warned the Alchemist’s Guild to keep their mouths shut, and the guild’s pretty shaken up. I heard the Ring was involved."

Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

The half-elf starts chatting with some of the old salts, making conversation. "I heard a map to Garr Bloodbane's treasure has been found... perhaps truthfully, this time. Where was a map that sought-after hiding all this time?"

"yeah, yeah, the ol' dog's treasure may be found this time, heard some map was found in th'sewers and they sent Commander Perin out. Damn sewers contain lotsa good stuff, probably whys they outlawed sewer divin'"

He looks at the extended hand and shakes his head with deep exhale. Then I shakes it. "Ifyawanta job lookmeup." He glances back at his crew, Yous sonofaseawhore git t'work."

Cireladwen wrote:

Cireladwen waits a moment to let her foreman's circulation return to normal. Kane, as competent as he is, makes an impressive impression of a dark fruit when he feels the need to yell.

The elf approaches quietly and then clears her throat.
"Mr. Kane, I need a minute." she interjects docilely.
"I have returned from an adventurous holiday... I'm afraid Lunis in the dockyard was right about the wilderness having an effect on me."

She scratches the back of her head. "I'm going to join a crew of adventurers."
Well, she hears it as a graceful second, but it comes out rapidly.

"Now whatchagoneand do dat fer? I needyahere workin', yeh had halfabrain to keep them straight." Mr. Kane motions to the dockhands.

As Cireladwen approaches her foreman he hears his gruff voice, "You sorry, black-spotted, nattering wretches git those crates off my docks, ain't payin' yeh to work at half-arse speed."

"Missy th't'll be 10 gold pieces fer the guud stuff, 5 if y'like a little cheaper kind."

the bartender looks at Torgue, "Seen y' fight once," He frowns, "lost a few silver shoulda bet on you, 2 silver fer a gallon jug."

The shop keeper glares at the interruption until he hears "Pay for the eggs." He snarls one last time at the tulitan "Three silver pieces and I don't mind if you keep him, he's fired!" He holds his greedy palm out waiting for the coin.

The two men take the silver and test it with their teeth. Both nod, "Bett'r than the coppers we were gonna pay. Money left ov'r." They walk away with only one glance back chuckling.

He eyes Bri and Astri, "got 8 copper burnin' a 'ole in me pocket if one of y' want go a round." He motions to the tight gap between the houses.

When you're done with the man Zalen leads you without further incident to the shack of Hatchet's saltwife. It looks like all the others, mostly rotten wood and packed mud that barely separates the inside from the outside. When you get there there are two guys, both badly in need of bath, tossing bones outside the door. One has wood stick on his side the other has paring knife and dagger.

The greasy one with the stick chuckles, "line b'gins 'ere. brother she's gonna be tired."