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Rysky wrote:
Shenmen horror AP would be glorious.

Looks like someone at Paizo was listening, with the new Season of Guosts AP starting in October 2023!

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25speedforseaweedleshy wrote:
keftiu wrote:

I think the issue is that Ninjas and Samurai aren’t even universally Asian - they specifically come from one nation, Japan, which has a disproportionate reach in Western pop culture.

Things get a little dicey when that leads, as it did in 1e Tian materials, to the whole continent being full of Samurai. That’s a little tacky… but quickly rises to being outright offensive when you’re making Fantasy Korean and Fantasy Filipino characters into “Samurai,” or saying that any fighting traditions of any other culture there doesn’t deserve a full class treatment while Japan apparently earns two. Tian Xia already has three Japanese nations (Jinin, Minkai, and Shokuro) - enshrining that favoritism in the mechanics, too, is not the move.

If any classes should be “paired” with the continent, it’s the upcoming Kineticist and a reworked 2e Shaman, not “Japanese Fighter” and “Japanese Rogue.”

jinin is not a japan name

so that might change in 2e

Whilst “Jinin” may or may not be a Japanese name, the two syllables are Japanese. ‘ji” can have many meanings in Japanese depending on the kanji used. But the most likely in this case is 地 which means land, earth, ground, soil. ‘nin” is almost certainly from the kanji 人 which means people or person when used in a compound word of this sort. So Jinin likely means people of the land or people of the ground which could relate to elves connection to nature or their emergence from below the ground. At least that’s one explanation, but only the writers would know the true root of the name for this country in Tian Xia.

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This is an adventure I have longed to see. I will 100% buy this adventure path and can’t wait to see the first instalment. Shenmen has been the one country in Tian Xia I’ve most wanted to run an adventure in. I lived in Japan for a number of years and Japanese ghost stories and indeed chinese ghost stories too, have a flavour all their own. I know Shenmen is not supposed to be Japan or China, but its going to be a fantastic place for a horror adventure, rainy, overcast, forested and full of ghosts, evil fey, spiders and Jorogumo…….what could be better!

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This is really exciting, my two groups have both been keen to play a Tian Xia based adventure for the last three years. Really pleased to see the adventure path will be based in Shenmen, I love a good Asian ghost story! After all the recent fuss over OGL, etc its good to know Paizo is just getting on and producing material for the whole community to enjoy.

Will rage of elements have rules for genie eidolons?

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Is the price an error - splint mail and half plate are both cheaper (13gp and 18gp, respectively). That seems very odd - I am wondering if its supposed to be 20sp (ie 2gp) which would be more in line with other light armor?

I backed the kickstarter - where do I get the “codes” referred to in the blog?


So there seem to be several problems with this archtype which need errata.
1. The dedication feat is stated to be level 4, but the next feat (basic captivator spellcasting) is also level 4. As the dedication feat gives cantrips, I think it should be level 2 to be in line with other spellcasting archtypes and to make sense of the next feat being level 4
2. The third feat in the progression (captivating intensity) is stated to be available at level 6, but at that level it makes no sense! It allows you to cast all the spells you gained from basic captivator spellcasting twice (except the two highest level spells). But under basic captivator spellcasting, you would only have a 1st and a 2nd level captivator spell, so you would gain nothing taking the captivating intensity feat at level 6!. It seems to me that perhaps the captivating intensity feat ought to be level 8
Has there been an official errata to deal with this?

Quoting the first line of the Create Food spell it states: “ You create enough food to feed six Medium creatures for a day. This food is bland and unappealing, but it is nourishing.”

Quick question - if a vampire archetype player (Book of the Dead) casts create food, would it create blood? The spell simply states that it creates enough food for six medium creatures, so on an RAW basis, it would seem to allow a vampire character to sustain themselves without the need to drink the blood of living creatures. The second sentence of the spell description (about the food being bland, unappealing but nourishing) might imply from a vampire’s perspective, that the food is like drinking animal blood rather than humanoid blood. - any thoughts?

Many thanks, that makes good sense to me


This may have been asked previously, but I can’t find a thread.

At 1st level a bard chooses a muse and gains a first level spell for their repertoire as a result of their muse choice. Under the spell repertoire section of the rules, it states that a 1st level bard gets two 1st level spells. I can’t see any reference to whether the muse spell is in addition to the two under spell repertoire. It would seem logical, otherwise the spell choice at 1st level is insanely limited. But I wondered if anyone could guide me to the correct approach



Will the summoner class archtype give an eidolon at 2nd level (like the Witch class archetype gives a familiar to 2nd level)?

Can we see a preview? I have ordered this already, but have big plans and would love to see a preview to help prepare for its arrival next month. Thanks

I’m pretty sure that’s Jirelle not Lady Jamandi, but I could be wrong!

In the art piece for corruptions reach, is that “bear with purple tufts” a god callers eidolon? Does that imply we might be getting rules for summoners in 2e?

Would a group of LE heretics who buy into the idea of Socothbenoth switching allegiance to Hell receive spells from the Silken Sin in the same way Nocticula's heretical followers did prior to her ascension? If so, what domains would he offer such heretics given Asmodeus is the god of pride - I assume any domains Socothbenoth might offer such heretics would have to veer towards his other "interests"? Thanks and I hope that counts as one question.

Fantastic - more monsters to inflict on my players!! Can't wait to see whats in volume 2.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

[unofficial]He's part of a fiendpunk movement among younger drow to mark themselves with the symbols of demon lords they don't worship, as a way to thumb their eyes at their opponents and prove they fear nothing."[/unofficial]

[unofficial]He is part of a minor house with a different demonic patron cult that was acquired by Zeizerer as part of a.... hostile takeover.[/unofficial]

[unofficial]He made a high-stakes power play to become a major manager within Zeizerer... and lost. He was marked with that demonic sigil to ensure he'd never rise any higher. Which is why he's a contact between the House and the Starfinder Society.[/unofficial]

Many thanks Mr Stephens, any one of those would work, and that's why we'll miss you so much!! Good luck for the future by the way.

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Pantshandshake wrote:
None of my tattoos have anything to do with my job, either.

but do you work for a drow noble house overseen by a demon lord......or perhaps its best not to ask!! :)

Ceobarn Zeizerer is the interface between the Starfinder Society in Starfinder Society adventure 01-06 "A Night in Nightarch". The portrait of this character on page 6 shows him with a face tattoo which is the symbol of the demon lord Socothbenoth. But the adventure makes clear that the demon lord which acts as patron of House Zeizerer is Abraxas. It seems odd that a senior representative of the House would openly sport a tattoo on his cheek of another demon lord. Does anyone have a sensible explanation which I could use if the issue comes up at the table?

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I think this is a brilliant approach, we already have settings guides for many of the individual countries, so by moving to 10 regions, they can write updating guides which cover far more countries, allowing us to get updates much more quickly. It also means that smaller countries will get covered. It’s a sensible evolution given where the Pathfinder world sits at this stage at the end of version 1.0 of the game.

Can’t wait to read about these new regions because every one contains at least on country I love!

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Might also be worth remembering that a copper coin is rarely (even in ancient times) made of copper - they were usually alloys.

Silver coins were also generally alloyed - certainly one of the "hidden" reasons for the decline of the Roman empire after about 150AD was that the imperial mint systematically reduced the silver content in coins.

In fairness, gold was generally gold, but not always.

So direct comparisons of the value of copper to silver to gold are probably not necessary.

I too like the idea of 100 cp to 1 sp

Generally, I'm happy with 10 sp to 1 gp, but 100 sp to 1 gp might be more explainable if you assume the coins are alloys.

I never bother with platinum coins - I don't feel the medieval fantasy World would have the technology to extract platinum.

Like most everyone on this thread, I am delighted that the basis for the PF 2e system is silver - way more believable when you consider that the total amount of gold (above ground) in the modern World is estimated to be able to fit in a cube just 20 metres by 20 metres by 20 metres!!

So it seems (from various comments at Gencon and the entry on deities in the Players guide for this AP) that Nocticula is on the verge of ascending to Godhood (or should that be Goddesshood?) as a Chaotic Neutral - redeemed at last, but by whom......I'm assuming that this is a tale that draws from the book God's Demon and that someone has helped Nocticula on her path to redemption......maybe Shamira was sent by Sarenrae......??

super excited about this scenario - more information on Apostae and its arms dealing rulers!! Just how much mayhem can a group of adventurers cause in 24 hours with diplomatic immunity.......I'm drooling at the prospect :o)

Luke Spencer wrote:
All NPCs in Starfinder are built with a completely separate set of rules to PCs. The rules themselves aren't currently available and won't become so until Alien Archive launches in October, but it's said to be similar to Pathfinder's unchained monster creation rules.

Thanks so much for that explanation - it now makes sense (sort of) and I guess everything will be crystal clear when the Alien Archive arrives

Cheers (at least I wasn't just being dumb!!)

Maybe I am being really dumb, but pg 240 of the Core Rule Book states that EAC and KAC are calculated as 10 + relevant armor bonus + Dex modifier.

The Space Pirate Crew Member on pg 15 of First Contact is listed with second skin armor and a Dex modifier of +4 - so by my calculation its EAC should be 15 (10 plus 1 for second skin and 4 for Dex) and KAC should be 16 (10 plus 2 for second skin and 4 for Dex).

However, the stat block lists the EAC as 11 and KAC as 13 - why?

The same question arises with many of the NPCs in Incident at Absalom Station. Just trying to work out how these NPC armor classes are being calculated.

Anyone out there able to help me - I'm sure I'm just being really obtuse.

or it could be a hala demon?

Is there an evil equivalent of the Angelic Aspect spells? If so, what is it called and where can the rules be found?

Flynn Walker wrote:
Sleeves of Many Garments wrote:

These translucent cloth tubes easily fit over their wearer’s arms.

The wearer of these sleeves can, when she slips them on, choose to transform her current garments into any other non-magical set of clothing. These new clothes fit her perfectly and are always clean and mended unless she specifically designates otherwise. When she removes the sleeves, her clothes revert to their original form.

Two questions about this useful little item, somewhat related. I've been using them in PFS and had mixed reactions from GMs, so I'd like some clarity if possible.

Firstly, do the clothes actually change or only appear to change? It seems to me that the word "transform," and the lack of any will save to disbelieve, means that there is an actual physical transformation of the clothes.

Secondly, what are the limits of what the sleeves can do? I've tried to use them to avoid having to buy cold weather gear, for example, and had a GM shoot it down as not working. Taking a more extreme example, could it change clothes into a Swarm Suit? Arguably yes RAW, given that it's a non-magical set of clothing, though some might quibble about the lack of a hat in that particular example.

The description of this magic item is quite clear, they "transform THE APPEARANCE of her current garments" - so its the appearance of the wearers garments (note plural) that changes. That is why the aura is faint illusion and the spell to create them is an illusion spell (disguise self). So the wearers garments do not change or transform, just the appearance of those garments - and you can change the appearance of all your "garments" - ie your whole outfit to the extent its clothing.

deuxhero wrote: es-of-many-garments

The aura is of illusion and it requires an illusion spell, but the verbage seems to have more in common with a transmutation effect: It uses "transform" while all illusion effects I can find say something about appearance or looking like/as though while all uses of "transform" are physical changes. The requirement the new clothing be "mundane" is also weird for an illusion but standard for transmutation.

This is important because a lot of clothing has mundane bonuses (such as weather appropriate clothing).

If you read the description of sleeves of many garments it is quite clear the effect is an illusion - the text reads "transforms THE APPEARANCE of her current garments" so its THE APPEARANCE that transforms, not the actual garments. As pointed out, that's why the aura is faint illusion and the creation requires an illusion spell (disguise self). You clothing doesn't change whilst wearing the sleeves, just the appearance of your clothing. Hope that helps.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

So, we are trying to saying it produces real sets of clothing, but gain no benefit from them, like normal clothing?

We are also saying, that a set of clothing, is only considered a set of clothing, if it is listed in a very specific location in the book?

I am following so far?

Sleeves of many garments "transform THE APPEARANCE of her current garments", they do not actually change one set of clothing into a different set of clothing, they only change THE APPEARANCE of your clothing - its an illusion - which is why they have a faint illusion aura and the spell to create them is "disguise self" (an illusion spell). If they actually changed one set of clothing into another the text would read "transform her current garments". Hope that helps.

Hi Chris
Can you update the artwork for this flipmat yet?

James Jacobs wrote:
Rysky wrote:
It is mentioned that Nocticula and Socothbenoth are siblings, were they siblings when they were mortals or did it occur after they became demons? And now would the second happen? Larvae Litters?
They were not siblings before they became demons. As to how this happened... they were both born from the same mother. We have not revealed who that mother was yet... but chances are VERY GOOD that it was Lamashtu.

Hi James

Given that Nurgal is also alleged to be a half brother of Socothbenoth, would i be correct to assume his mother is Lamashtu, in which case he is presumably also a half brother of Nocticula?

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This sounds like a really useful system and one which could well be transferable to other hierarchical societies - I am thinking drow cities for example. A really useful addition to the rule set for those who enjoy roleplaying and sociela intrigue. Thanks so much.

Hi James, so sad to hear that Joe Dever (author of the Lone Wolf books) has died - were you a fan?

James Jacobs wrote:
Timothy Ferdinand wrote:

Hi James,

On pg 395 of the new release "curse of the crimson throne" updated version, I noticed some new wording not in the original part 6 "crown of fangs"! It states in the section on continuing the campaign that "Runelord Sorshen is an incredibly dangerous foes, one of the most powerful wizards to have ever ruled on Golarion, and facing her might require heroes of mythic power. In fact, she may feature in a prominent role in an upcoming Pathfinder product, so if you'd rather hold off on the return of the Runelord of Lust in your game until then, using her vampiric minions......"

So does this mean that Paizo are preparing some new module or adventure path involving the mythic rules and Sorshen and if so will you give any further details - like when we might look forward to seeing this?

Very excited by the prospect


Interesting tidbit, eh? All I have to say about that at this point is what I put in print there on page 395. Make of it as you will.

you tease, you!

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Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Timothy Ferdinand wrote:
On pg 395 of the new release "curse of the crimson throne" updated version,
How the heck did he get that book so soon? :P O_O O_x

He paid for it and the nice folks at Paizo delivered it with their usual efficiency - its not far from Seattle to the UK!! That's how :o)



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Hi James,

On pg 395 of the new release "curse of the crimson throne" updated version, I noticed some new wording not in the original part 6 "crown of fangs"! It states in the section on continuing the campaign that "Runelord Sorshen is an incredibly dangerous foes, one of the most powerful wizards to have ever ruled on Golarion, and facing her might require heroes of mythic power. In fact, she may feature in a prominent role in an upcoming Pathfinder product, so if you'd rather hold off on the return of the Runelord of Lust in your game until then, using her vampiric minions......"

So does this mean that Paizo are preparing some new module or adventure path involving the mythic rules and Sorshen and if so will you give any further details - like when we might look forward to seeing this?

Very excited by the prospect


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I like this a lot because it hasn't been "spoiled" with a lot of dungeon decor that requires you to work it into the story. A relatively blank dungeon map allows the GM to go to work with no limitations imposed by strange coloured pools, or markings which imply a particular deity. More like this please. I'll definitely buy this one.

that's very helpful, thank you

1. Do NPC classes grant the character a favoured class bonus - for example would a ratfolk expert be able to take expert as his/her favoured class and either add one skill rank or one hit point?
2. Do NPC classes give the right to take full hit points for the first hit dice or is that just player classes?

Hey Chris, when do we get to see the final product image, description, and sample images! :o)

Hi James, I know this is more of a question for Wes, but he doesn't answer questions posted on his equivalent of this messageboard, so I thought you might have a view.

Devils are all about temptation and using temptation to corrupt souls. But of all the devils listed in the various Pathfinder products, there is no devil focused on the greatest temptation of them devil focused on sexual temptation......I know hell is misogynistic in the extreme, but I would have thought that Ardad Lili would have created some devils to seduce and make fools of men at the very least. Or have I misunderstood hell or missed the relevant devil type?

I'm up to my neck in Cheliax right now running the latest adventure path, but needed a "temptation devil" for a side adventure to bring the party up to the next level and couldn;t find one.

Apologies if this has been asked before


If, for example, a drow in Sekamina casts "Mount" what animal would appear? The spell specifies a horse or pony, but as neither has darkvision that seems wrong underground, however, it seems equally wrong that the spell is useless underground. Any thoughts? Is there an "undeground" version of the spell?

I am sure I recall seeing rules in a Paizo product for a magic item which is a covered wagon or cart or varisian caravan that is Larger on the inside, etc ( as in tiny hut or secure shelter) but after a fairly extensive search trhough my pdf library i cannot seem to locate it, can someone point me to the relevant publication?

Hi there, i have received email notification of shipment of my three subscription products this month : hells bright shadow, occult bestiary and dirty tactics tool box. The last two have appeared in pdf form in my downloads, but mysteriously, hells bright shadow has NOT appeared........could you check this out please? Thanks. Tim

Hi Wes, the infernal duke Lorcan has as his unholy symbol a "bloody bassinet". This may be a very stupid question, but does that mean a bassinet in the sense of a helmet or in the sense of a baby's cot.....given his link to vampires, i suppose it could be either. Thanks for your thoughts. Tim

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None of the above, its a conflagration!

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