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Figured I'd get the ball rolling on the GM thread for this as I did not see one already out there.

This looks like it's going to be great fun, but there are a few hiccups I'm finding:

There are two encounters described in this module (A1 and D) which both mention having creatures which normally do not have the ability to verbally communicate engaging in verbal communication. For a non-PFS game, for A1, I'd probably just increase the Int to 5 or 6 and give it a rank or two of Linguistics and the ability to understand Common and Varisian and do something similar for D, but I'm not sure what to do for this for a PFS game day.

For Encounter F, the speed penalty from the breath weapon is specified as cumulative and can result in a 0 speed. I am not seeing any way to free a trapped creature. Again, for home games this wouldn't be an issue, I'd probably just treat it as a slightly more resilient tanglefoot bag, but this is for PFS.

Finally, can we advise the players about the conditions for the 2nd point of prestige so that they can make an intelligent choice about which character to apply this to, or is that too reminiscent of "chronicle fishing"?


I wasn't sure where else this would fit, so have started a new thread.
With the introduction of 2E, there will be org play needs for 1E Core PFS, 1E Standard PFS, 2E PFS (and perhaps eventually CORE 2E), Adventure Card Game Society, and SFS.

A single V* might easily feel overwhelmed with trying to organize that much.

Will the OOP organization of VA->VL->VC->RVC->Paizo Org Play Leader be looked at or the plan to continue as-is?

Is there a chance that Paizo may split off their Org Play foundation or may otherwise support 1E PF beyond the end of 1E via 3rd party or would that be too much "competing against themselves" ala some of Vic's posts about the differing settings from old TRS/WotC days?

Scarab Sages 3/5

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First they took Shadow Lodge from me, but that was ok, I was fairly new and joined Osirian.
Then they took Osirian from me, but that was mostly ok, because the Scarab Sages seemed like an interesting long-term commitment...
...and now... I'd protest, but I'm a tiefling, so it's not like we have the numbers for a vote even if we were like Liberty's Edge.

... this must be my karma for the use of the misfortune hex

Hey, I don't want to seem impatient or anything, but...

... it's been a bit and I just ordered something to go along with that order # and I'm a bit concerned given when I placed the other order.

Can someone kick things for me and maybe get it out?




I noticed a reference in the Pathfinder / Starfinder Society Guides to Org Play that seemed to indicate that PFS/SFS is transitioning to a 3rd party nonprofit, the Organized Play Foundation (which I'm assuming is Paizo's way of either dodging for-profit volunteer complications or a way to write off all of the free digitial copies they give away to volunteers or both).

Did I miss something or is this one of those "you should have sold a kidney (because no one wants your liver at this point) to get to GenCon" sort of things that's not been formally announced yet?

scenario summary wrote:
commandeering an airship

Aha! I see, and now look forward to seeing your idea plan unfold.

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James Sutter wrote:

Hey everybody! I'm really glad folks are excited about the book. I'm just as excited to finally have it out in the world. :)

One request: In the future, please don't post your own previews from our books on the boards. We try really hard to make our books the sort of things you'd buy even if you already knew every detail from them, but the truth is that the excitement of the unknown is part of what drives our sales. We're selling you the answers to things like "What's the Green Mother's obedience? What's the secret history of the gnomes?" And if folks get a bunch of that on the messageboards, it can dampen the excitement, the same way reading a plot synopsis on wikipedia might dampen your excitement to see a movie. And that excitement translated into sales is what keeps us at Paizo eating food, sleeping indoors, and maintaining messageboard servers. :)

Anyway, no harm, no foul, I just wanted to put that perspective out there. Thanks again, everyone!

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Hey folks, let's take the discussion of previews in our product threads to Website Feedback. This particular thread revolves around The First World, Realm of the Fey, and isn't an appropriate venue for this topic.
Mark Moreland wrote:
Questions about acceptable sharing of information from a product are better addressed to the Website Feedback forum. Ultimately, it is a fuzzy line, and thus everyone benefits from more clarity around what is and isn't acceptable or even preferred. Rather than rehash this in every product thread where someone requests readers to not spill all the details in a book, let's discuss it on its own thread. Moving the discussion elsewhere has been requested above; please honor this request.

Per request from the 3 staff member's above, creating a new thread for discussing this.

Hey, awesome Paizo CS-folks.

If you would, please cancel all three of my subscriptions (AP, maps, and modules).

Thanks much!



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FYI - a lot of the artwork isn't showing - only the Season of the Stolen Storm sigil (which looks like a stargate with a LOT of chevrons to lock).

The Sun Orchard Scheme sounds very interesting. I look forward to playing it.

First off, very interesting and thematic ability - definitely one way to combat the "scry & fry" tactics so often lamented on the boards.

A few thoughts:
1. You may want to consider a way to extend the ability to cover any familiars (such as that gained by the Warlock Talent) or animal companions, otherwise it's not much of a defense if a smart opponent can just scry on your familiar rather than you.

2. You may want to address how other classes from multi-classing affect or interact with the social vs. vigilante classes, especially for classes with alignment restrictions or codes, such as a paladin.
(Because yet another reason for "the paladin falls" threads is probably not what you're looking for. Well, OK, maybe Stephen-the-anti-paladin-designer, but everyone else...)



Looking forward to running this on Saturday!


For some reason the "show all scenarios" option now seems to be disabled for me and is no longer giving me a drop-down list.

I'm trying to edit a game reported under 62037 as I apparently reported it under -18 rather than -08.



For those of you who may be looking to evade loved ones, the masses at the malls, or because your online game is stalled while your guild friends are off shopping before Cyber Monday, GA PFS has a solution* for your post-Turkey Day blues - a PFS game day. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions either here or on the GA PFS forums.

November 28, 2014: Black Friday PFS Game Day at FCB in Alpharetta, GA.

We will be running three slots on five tables from 10am to midnight, with an additional table dedicated to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game &/or Silverhex Chronicles.


Venue Information:

FCB Cards and Games
9850 Nesbitt Ferry Road, Suite 21
Alpharetta GA, 30045
(770) 993-6955

GA PFS is not responsible for geographic challenges for this solution, please note that this poster also does not speak for GA PFS and is in-fact, only a store organizer. We now return you to your regularly scheduled legalese. Some restrictions apply. Hail Hydra. Not valid when not valid.


Trying to make sure I'm understanding this chronicle correctly.

In order to qualify for the Occult Leader Chronicle (9 sessions), you would have to 19 games with the same single-classed, occult-adventures classes only character between today (10/28/14) and the end of the playtest, scheduled for 11/25/14. That's effectively requiring one PFS game every other day if you start today, all assigned to one character/ class.

Am I reading that correctly or does the boon continue beyond the scope of the scheduled playtest if you activate the Occult Dabbler boon?


P.S. I wasn't certain where this would be most appropriate - under the Occult Adventures Playtest area or under the PFS playtest area - as it is very specific for PFS I put it there.

Apologies if it is in the wrong area.


Very much looking forward to Halls of the Flesh Eaters and seeing what the playtest brings.

As always, thanks for the update!


Does anyone know if there have been any new Void Spells added since the Dragon Empires Primer was released?

I'm looking for additional school spells for a PFS Void/Shadow Wizard and it appears that the list for that school has not been updated since the school was released, but I'm hoping that may have just missed some additional resources.


Good evening,

Please cancel both my maps subscription and my AP subscription.



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Very cool. Love the Shelyn & Zon-Kuthon one.


Not sure if this is a web issue and belongs here (in the Website Feedback area) or somewhere else…

I ordered a few figs several months ago from the Paizo site, but made by Bombshell minis and I was pondering ordering a few more, but now the page that they were on is just coming up blank and the figs aren’t showing even under a “no longer available” area.

Looking for the Raptor Hatchling & Monkey First Mate figs.

Is this a Paizo-site thing, something going on with Bombshell or something else?



I was working on a character that I hope to play at some point in PFS whose family originates from Sarkoris and venerates Pulura due to family tradition. Trying to figure out of a lay worshipper of Pulura would be legal in PFS.

I have zero real experience yet with PFS and seem to recall reading that some deities could be taken for flavor as long as you aren't trying to play a divine caster (which this would definately not be).

Thanks in advance for any insights offered.


I believe Paizo is sending Jason B. again, but I'm curious if any of the 3rd Party Publishers are planning on being there and pushing their stuff.

I know it's not GenCon or PaizoCon, but 50,000+ people is a pretty decent sized party :)


Curious if the Locate Weakness spell from Ultimate Combat works with the damage from spells channeled through a Magus' Spellstrike ability...

Looks like it does, but thought I'd check with those who have more practice as Pathfinder Rules-Fu than I...

Locate Weakness:
You can sense your foes’ weak points, granting you greater damage with critical hits. Whenever you score a critical hit, roll the attack’s damage dice (but not extra or precision damage dice) twice and take the highest result.

At 2nd level, whenever a magus casts a spell with a range of “touch” from the magus spell list, he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack. Instead of the free melee touch attack normally allowed to deliver the spell, a magus can make one free melee attack with his weapon (at his highest base attack bonus) as part of casting this spell. If successful, this melee attack deals its normal damage as well as the effects of the spell. If the magus makes this attack in concert with spell combat, this melee attack takes all the penalties accrued by spell combat melee attacks. This attack uses the weapon’s critical range (20, 19–20, or 18–20 and modified by the keen weapon property or similar effects), but the spell effect only deals ×2 damage on a successful critical hit, while the weapon damage uses its own critical modifier.