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more zany goblin shenanigans


If you've been a fan of the prior iterations of the WBG series, this is an extremely fun continuation (if you're not, this mod is not going to make you happy either).

The potential for over-the-top goblin shenanigans is at its peak in this free rpg day mod and continues the prior adventures of the goblin foursome of destruction.

That said, there are a few holes in this scenario with some interactions that will require GM adjudication or clarification (many of which have already been addressed in the GM forums for PFS) and at least one missing statblock needed for the PCs for Poog's animal companion, Mr. Licks.

Sadly, when I GM'd my dice hated me and my PCs failed to ID the most interestingly hilarious item that was found, so I didn't get a chance to do a few of the fun reveals. That said, the game ran in under the allotted amount of time and was seemingly fun for all, so there's not a lot more I can ask of a free module.

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most fun PFS scenario I've played


Played this one on Saturday.
The last encounter is what cemented this to be the most fun PFS scenario I've ever played.

play style note:

We did a minimal combat route, however, so those who prefer more grar and looting to rp & laughter may have a very different play experience. This one seems much like Library of the Lion in that it seems you could likely go through the entire scenario without ANY combat.

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Great compsognathus familiar mini


If you're looking for a great fig for a compsy, I highly recommend this fig.

Great price, great fig. I've got two of them and will likely get more.