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The realism of fantasy armour is not the hill I want to die on.

Tradition is why Pathfinder exists.

Studded leather isn't going anywhere.

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I don't see how *almost* immunity to death makes any sense though: 3 hp left, hit for 150, now dying 1. Healed for 1 hp, now you're not dying, hit for 150, dying 1, healed for 1 hp... Etc.

There is a reason high levels are rare...it's dangerous!

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I'm not against dying being easier.

But a guy with 8 con should die faster than one with 18. Given the same maximum HP, the guy with more con should be better off.

And why an "important" guy can kill you deader than an unimportant one???

What about a crit from an important one? Will that auto kill?

It feels like an unnecessary change, I have not seen the major complaints about dying?

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Yeah, because no one ever exaggerates on forums. Ever. Also, we all know it was an exaggeration, so let's not all be snowflakes and attack me.

Rather than just complain about my choice of exaggeration, why not add something useful to the conversation? Half the posts here add nothing to the topic.

I am very strongly against the change and thus used an extreme analogy.

The rule change doesn't improve anything, why wouldn't you be able to get up and back into the fight after ! MAGIC ! has completely restored you to 100%?

Why would you after taking 300 HP damage from 1-50 sword hits be 3 bad rolls away from death? Yes, that could happen before but was less likely.

In combat healing has always been a bad choice, maybe that is changing, but it's even worse now if that after you heal someone they are still out of the fight...

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Tectorman wrote:

Speaking of pipedreams, here's a big one. Please follow Starfinder's shining example and make alignment a completely optional part of the game, such that players that simply don't buy into the notion that being lawful or chaotic or some other specific combination as being integral or even peripherally related to having a character who has abilities best represented by the Monk or Barbarian or Paladin classes don't have to fight an uphill battle to play their heroic characters alongside other Pathfinder players.

Spending a Saturday afternoon playing a fantasy RPG simply shouldn't be an exercise in exiling other players for badwrongfun character concepts any longer (it never needed to be the case in the first place, but here's an opportunity to nip that awful practice in the bud once and for all).

Please don't do this.

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For me it's important that it's still on the pathfinder /3.5 chassis.. if not it's not the same game, which will be disappointing.

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I think I like the old one. :)

Your math work is appreciated.

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He's just a guy. And he uses a bow and arrow against Marines... And wins.

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I can't even fathom how this is an argument....

Power attack works with non lethal... Period.

If I am unarmed and don't have improved unarmed strike I can only deal non lethal... I most definitely can power attack with my fist.

I'm dumbfounded by what I've read in this thread trying to prove otherwise.

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And failing a will save is not willingness .

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That is the correct answer.
Honestly the "willfully" applies to the entire code of conduct. The paladin was not written by a team of rule lawyers and language experts. Parsing the RAW in such a way that it's okay to murder lawful good baby angels when mind controlled (an evil act) doesn't make you fall but using poison when mind controlled (not an evil act) makes you fall is absolutely ludicrous.

Falling happens when the player knowingly and willingly goes against the code. And by knowingly means the GM says in advance "that will make you fall".

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Philo Pharynx wrote:

Back in the 80's, space gamer magazine had a column Murphy's Rules. It highlighted these kinds of game effects. Every game has these effects. A game with 1,000 volumes of rules would have something.

Accept it and move on.

Not really sure why you even bothered to post here, we are merely discussing the quasi-physics of pathfinder, we have all accepted it and we are not complaining, just enjoying each other's anecdotes. If you're not interested don't read the posts, there is no need to come in on your high horse and make declarations.

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^that's pretty good. :)

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As a barbarian I never stay down. 1 hp? Charge. -10 HP ? Charge. -20 hp ? Charge. You die a lot that way but it is glorious.

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In real life, darkvision.
In game, scent.

I would have no need to pinpoint someone who is invisible in real life and I can already smell enough gross things.

The ability to see in the dark would be really quite amazing and useful.

Too many light spells and abilities to worry about darkness in game.

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Jurassic Pratt wrote:

It actually does remove all the mechanical need for sleep though. All lack of sleep does mechanically is make you fatigued and then exhausted if you were still fatigued.

Adding anything else is a houserule. Which is fine, but we're in the rules forum right now.


The penalty for not sleeping is removed via the spell. It doesn't get worse the next night because there _is nothing_ to get worse. Just the same fatigue, which can be removed again.

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It's a 60 ft cone. And in 1 round it just gives a yes or no. 2nd round would give numbers. You can change the direction of the cone while concentrating to check all around you.

Like detect evil:

Each round, you can turn to detect evil in a new area. The spell can penetrate barriers, but 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, a thin sheet of lead, or 3 feet of wood or dirt blocks it.

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Population of 1240, 1/4 children, 1/4 old. 620 left. 1/4 of that stay at homemakers leaves 465, 10% unemployed. Leaves 419 workers. 200gp/year each with taxes of 10% that's 8380 gp. Let's say half goes to "state" taxes.. 4190gold. Probably collected quarterly so 1047~ go per collection...

On my phone and in my head so forgive any math errors :)

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If he critically failed his jump then he basically just tripped over the side...which means he is within arms reach of the wall he just tried to jump away from....

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Because ruling over everything is a 24/7 job and they'd never be able to prepare any spells.

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It's always barbarian dip day!

You definitely need to be in the thick of things to give the rogue SA opportunities so I wouldn't try anything too "cutesy" a tank type that can hit hard and take a hit is what you'll want. Paladin/barb/fighter unmixed with anything less than d10s.

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I love loopholes and I can't find one that would allow it.

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A dead body is an object not a creature so it cannot be cast on it.

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The wording is poor. The first one scales both.. the wording is better in the normal make whole. The destroy robot has fixed dice and +1 per level.

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Describing what your character is doing is basically what pathfinder is.... How is that metagaming?
I don't see any problems with giving bonuses to people who perform their characters extremely well.

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I wish I had a dog/pony/cat etc.
; Dire wolves, nightmares, lions

I wish I could go back to xxx time when xxx happened and do yyy instead
; Time suddenly starts warping in disastrous ways

I wish my sister/brother was dead
; Town starts dying off or become undead

I wish the sky was purple
; Chaos reigns as "end is near" fanatics run wild

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His items are not unattended, as he has them on his person. They are unaffected.

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This map would be even more red than the current map. Regarding the popular vote you have to remember that in California with millions of people who vote conservatively but know that their vote won't really count probably didn't bother... even 1% or 2% of those voting... just in California would change the popular vote difference. It is interesting that when ones candidate loses suddenly a 200+ Year old system is broken....

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My mistake, use "paper" with a very high hardness.