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Reading/hearing about the new death rules makes me want to kill myself...which with the new rules would be basically impossible.

I don't understand why this had to change, it seems more complicated and less fun.

Why would someone suddenly go unconscious? Just because you are dying doesn't mean you lose consciousness. How would someone know you need healing without yelling for the medic? Maybe you were just tripped, being prone doesn't mean you're dying.

Why wouldn't being fully healed via "heal" automatically grant you consciousness? You still need to "wake up" on your turn?

Honestly I really hope this change gets nixed during playtest because it doesn't feel like pathfinder.

As the Title:
How often are area attacks used against the PC's?

If it varies by level, at what level do area attacks start?

Just curious to know how "worth it" anti-area attack abilities are.

As per the cleric armor and weapon proficiency: "Clerics are also proficient with the favored weapon of their deity."

From AoN :

Lord of the Living
Source Pathfinder #80: Empty Graves pg. 65 (Amazon)
Pathfinder Wiki Osiris
Alignment LG
Pantheon Deities of Ancient Osirion
Areas of Concern Afterlife, fertility, rebirth, resurrection
Domains Good, Healing, Law, Plant, Repose
Favored Weapon Flail

Osiris has the "Flail" as his favored weapon.

There are several types of "Flail": Heavy, Light, Dire, Flailpole, Meteor Hammer, etc.

Is a cleric of Osiris able to choose one of those weapons and gain proficiency? Is the cleric only able to use the standard "Flail", either light or heavy?

Or, is a specific flail referenced somewhere else for a follower of Osiris?

First off here is the text of the feat from AoN :

Contingent Channeling
Source Ultimate Combat pg. 1 (Amazon)
You can imbue others with your healing energy so that they can use it at the moment of greatest need.

Prerequisites: True healer class feature, Selective Channeling.

Benefit: You can use a standard action to touch an ally and expend one of your daily uses of channel energy to create a repository of positive energy within that ally. This repository contains the same number and type of dice as normal for your channel energy feature, and it lasts for 1 minute. An ally who has such a repository can use an immediate action to roll the repository’s dice and regain a number of hit points equal to the result. If an ally who has such a repository is reduced to negative hit points, the repository triggers, allowing the ally to heal without using an action.

The question I have pertains to the Prerequisites: "True healer class feature"

As a Merciful Healer (archetype) Cleric you gain this class feature which I will paste the text here, also from AoN:

True Healer (Su): At 8th level, when a merciful healer channels holy energy, she can choose to apply the benefits of merciful healing or to reroll any 1s when determining how much damage she heals with the holy energy. She must choose which benefit to take before she rolls to see how much damage she heals.

Obviously you have to take selective channeling at some point before taking Contingent Channeling.

Here is my question: As a Merciful Healer cleric you have several class features, and as you can not change your cleric archetype as you gain levels (ignore retraining for this purpose) "True Healer" is a class feature for any Merciful Healer--Do you have to wait until 8th level to take this feat because that is when "True Healer" has an affect? Or, because it is a class feature, can you take it whenever assuming you already have Selective Channeling?

How often does the strength of a PC aura come up in PFS play? There are a few (maybe several?) things that increase the strength ones aura, I am curious if this has any real consequence (or benefit) in a PFS game.

When creating a character for PFS if I want to have mundane, normal, non-magical, tattoos do I need to pay for them? Or can they just be part of my backstory and character description?

I know this may be hard to answer but if not here goes: Of the elemental types that can be resisted, fire, cold, etc. which is most commonly used against Pathfinders?

I am curious if there is a "best" element to have resistance to if one has a choice between several.

Is there any official form of Gorum worship in Absalom? I know it is not one of the popular religions there but is there a temple?

Is there any Gorum worship in Absalom? It isn't listed as a major religion there, but does it exist at all? Officially in any books?

As the title, in PFS what are the top 15 languages to know?

Obviously common/taldane but beyond that which gives the most bang for it's buck?