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"inner marbling and outer layer of self-basting fat"

What ... what happened to the thread?

Its like Gordon Ramsay pulled a Kilgrave on us.

Freehold DM wrote:

Ties can have battle damage?

I thought they just blew up.

Yes TIE blow up when they are hit by Turbo fire, Proton torpedoes, asteroids, Ewok spears, etc, etc.

They take battle damage from an X Wing pilot looking at them.


Does this mean there's actually a small chance we'll get to see you play online Yoda, Mark?

Le bump for notice.

Holiday bump :)

For Todd:

But did you email have the words: 'D20 Blaxplotation', in them ?

: )


San-Chez wrote:
baron arem heshvaun silent it that all it takes to shut Noel up

Ye of little faith. The Baron's Aspect was first to post on this blog.

Oh and SMURF !



What the duce? Why can't I edit my posts? And how come that handsome devil Mikaze is above my post?

So is that pic is a partial homage to a certain Spider ship that one had to enter in the Demonweb pits?

Monster 2 reminds me of the original Styx Devil but it's just the robes I'm sure. This guy looks to benevolent ... and at CR 20+ no less!

I thought you had your email on your profile.

Drizzt clone.


I kid.

House Azrinae rides again !

Le bump.

eh ? there was something wrong with the link ??

hmm I did post on the wrong 'general discussion' area though ...


I just saw this thread, so I got ninja'd by Gorbacz.

Hmm, Polish ninjas ...

This is the wrong place to be a pansy bub.

Monks can use quivering palm once per day (as opposed to once per week)...

ouch, don't get on his bad side.


I appreciate the help Josh and my thanks to the other posters as well.


Er, right then.


Forgive me for pressing the issue in this case Josh, but was that a 'yea' or 'nay' for the level 7 wiz to play that mod with lower level pcs ?

(Again, the above posts are sound advice, I do not want to start a wrong precedent, and was wondering about how this would be ruled.)


But here it is anyway.

I've been wanting to play Hydra's Fang and I have played most mods up to Mod 21. Consequently I now have a level 7 wiz.

Our NY Pathfinder Society is offering the mod (probably for the last time) in two days and there are 4 other players (3 level 1 and one level 2) for a total of 12 character levels (just a LOT of those levels are me, and NO we normally don't tilt tables like that, just got quirky this one week).

The mods tiers are 1 - 2 and 4 - 5.

Am I even allowed to bring my level 7 wiz to the ball game ?

Or does my character invalidate that game. And yes I could bring a level 1 wiz to the game but I wanted to finish out season 0 with this character and properly 'retire' him after Gen Con.

Thanks for the help gang.

By the way, don’t let him fool you, Branding Opportunity is one twisted DM.

I kid, he is one good egg, and has a beautiful voice.


Today will be a day long remembered...

After some confusing rumors and retractions, it has been confirmed by multiple sources that Dave Arneson passed away late on Tuesday, April 7, 2009.

Many of our younger readers may not know who Mr. Arneson was, but he was a pivotal part of the birth of the hobby we all play. By most accounts, he literally invented the very concept of role-playing games. While he would share official credit for the original Dungeons & Dragons rules with the late Mr. Gygax, Mr. Arneson was the first to take the Chainmail wargaming rules and run a game where players controlled a single character, rather than an army, and described that character's actions to a judge who would determine how the environment reacted to them. Pretty much every roleplaying game (and many computer games) can trace their lineage to this single idea. He also invented the first campaign world, Blackmoor, which is hardly surprising considering he invented the concept of campaign worlds in the first place. It is impossible for me to overstate the impact his games had on what would become our mutual hobby.

Sadly, there won't be the outpouring of mainstream condolences for Mr. Arneson that we all saw for Mr. Gygax. There won't be an AP obituary or celebrity commentaries. For better or worse, Mr. Gygax was always identified as the creator of the game in the eyes of the media. But while I never met Mr. Arneson, I hope you will all join me in remembering a man from whose mind sprung the critical innovations that led to the birth of role-playing games. D&D may never have become popular without the work of Mr. Gygax, but it never would have existed at all without that of Mr. Arneson.

Is there an Alliance sale this week ?


That's what happens when you apply the fiendish template to an overworked Editor in Chief.

Picture was taken 3.1 seconds after James see's a certain spelling error on a certain map contained in a certain publications world book.

baron arem heshvaun wrote:

And yes, Marliths are the generals of the Abyss, this one could be 'special' though. Maybe along the lines of an information broker/spy master type; i.e. a wartime Consiglerie/Intelligence Director.

She want's to be Iggwilv's BFF. But the Witch Queen of Perrenland hardly returns her calls anymore *sigh*.

On a more serious note; some item or tome among her belongings may lead Golarion based players to the names "Iggwilv" and even "Greyhawk" - Epic level other world spanning adventure seed.

Hmm could we give her the ability or a device that lets her Gate in a Kelvezu? I think that would be in character with her theme. [checking kelvezu in the srd]

CourtFool wrote:
Needs more Kate Beckinsale.

From your mouth to God's ears.

Vic Wertz wrote:
James Sutter wrote:
A couple of people decided it was cheesecake, and moreover, decided that they don't LIKE cheesecake...
Clearly they haven't tried White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.






Wow, I fly from New York to LA then to San Diego, spend Christmas, fly to New York, fly to South Beach to work New Years and fly back to New York and my little cute thread becomes this ??

You guys are soo adorable. Really. HUGS

Todd Stewart wrote:
[Has nothing on the Lamashtu worshipping gnoll, human, and werehyena sacrificial orgy in the Osirion book. Still surprised that section survived edits, and amazed it got an illustration. I approve. ;)

And how did you let this little morsel go through without comment ?


And Mr. Reynolds, as Stephen Corbert would say, "trully you speak words of truthiness".

I for one applaud your point of view and would like to subscribe to your newsletter [as long as there are naughty pics of you on page 6].